GANGSTA. 6【限定版】 (Gangsta., #6 Limited Edition) by Kohske

GANGSTA. 6【限定版】 (Gangsta., #6 Limited Edition)


Details GANGSTA. 6【限定版】 (Gangsta., #6 Limited Edition)

TitleGANGSTA. 6【限定版】 (Gangsta., #6 Limited Edition)
Release DateJul 9th, 2014
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Seinen, Graphic Novels, Comics

Reviews GANGSTA. 6【限定版】 (Gangsta., #6 Limited Edition)

  • David Schaafsma
    Well, I had forgotten about this series, after having read five volumes, so after two years picked it up again. I had four-starred each of the previous volumes, primarily because of the great art and relationships. It’s an elaborate gang story with too many characters to keep track of, even after reviewing what happened in the previous volumes, but as it turns out this is a big, splashy, dramatic volume. This is seinen manga, for teens and adul...
  • Liza
    How am I supposed to survive with a cliffhanger like that!?After finishing the anime, I had to catch up on the manga due to cosplaying Nic next weekend to an event. Why did I do that. T_T There's so much stuff still going on and Volume 7's English release nowhere in sight. I don't even want to think of what will happen after Volume 7's release since the author is in the hospital and hasn't written too much for it.Oh right, an actual review.Lots o...
  • Jamie
    DNF I keep trying but this series just kept going downhill for me. and then I find out the author has discontinued the series. Not going to fret and be confused reading a series when the creator can't even finish it.
  • Selena
    Holy crap.Just. Holy crap.
  • Chad Jordahl
    I only wish there was more plot
  • Caroline
    OH MY GOD, DELICO AND YANG, I AM NOT OKAY.THERE'S NO ENGLISH LANGUAGE RELEASE DATE FOR VOLUME 7, I AM DEFINITELY NOT OKAY.I guess any manga volume that reduces me to capslock gets 5 stars.
  • Vernieda
    Everything hurts and nothing is okay.
  • Madison
    While I still love the plot twists and developing relationships between characters, as well as Kohske's awesome art style, the books are drifting closer to "being unhappy all the time" than I would like. I'm not good at sticking to a series with so few moments of levity between horrible and depressing scenes. I'm a reader who needs a break every once in a while so that I can see how the characters are processing events and how they've been affect...
  • Maisie Dickson(SleepyWiredStudios)
    I fear I will need therapy after what happened in this volume. DelicoNicWorrickTheo...Besides the betrayal and reveals I felt the plot twist was overdone and outta the blue.
  • Westley
    getting really bloody. which is saying something
  • Michael Schmid
    Warum müssen diese Manga immer einen so fiesen Cliffhanger haben q_____q und ich hab noch nicht mal Band 7 Q__Q
  • Amanda
    Excellent tome ! Il y a eu plusieurs coups de théâtre et je n'ai rien vu venir.
  • Online Eccentric Librarian
    More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog Gangsta truly is one of the best manga out there right now. From its nuanced, intricate, and brutal storyline to the clean artwork and imaginative panel layouts, it's hard to believe that this is Kohske's debut series. Even after 6 volumes, the story still has so many surprises, reveals, and plot twists. But at its heart, it's still very much about relationships - and perh...
  • Misa Niranon
    Ohhh... Last volume is definitely when the anime adapation finished. We learn that the tags have something else added to them other than that the tags keep track of the individual's vital signs. Galahad just slipped the tag into his phone and this cute video of Doug and Nicolas appeared. My heart. I wonder just how close they were. I'm still not that far into the volume--Called it. Mannn... I don't know what to make of this all. Delico, Ian, and ...
  • SJ
    Without going into too much spoilerific derail, I was disappointed by the main twist/reveal in this volume. It seemed unlikely to me and just didn't feel "right"/believable.On the other hand, there were still some good "Gangsta" characteristics at work in the volume. Other storylines in the series are being realized in satisfying ways, it's definitely an emotional roller coaster, and it's still raising new questions all the time. And the art-- as...
  • Allyson Tuggle
    When you start feeling a certain way to a 'bad guy' and oh my god with that new discovery... I'm broken. My love knows no bounds for this series. Also, I'm almost caught up and will be crying about it.
  • Amy
    Tragedy upon tragedy, betrayal, loyalty...Very sad...
  • Lona Hill
    Gangsta continues to get better!
  • Sarah
    G O D.That is all.(I mean, that's not actually all, but that's about all that I can coherently get across at the moment, because I just want to yell, really. GOD.)
  • Latoya
    This story has progressively gotten darker, and this volume is no exception! The war is heating up and motives are being revealed. I am both dreading and anticipating whatever happens next!
  • Morgan
    Still reading.
  • Lilivette
    This manga hurts so much!!!
  • Barbara
    Giving this one 5-stars instead of the usual 4 (or 4.5, if Goodreads let you give half-star ratings) since it got a few tears out of me
  • Aleksandra
    The manga keeps on going strong. The plot is intense and surprising. Visually, the story has gotten even more beautiful. Can't wait to read the next volume.
  • Ella
  • Lizzy