The Cityscape Series (The Cityscape, #1-3) by Jessica Hawkins

The Cityscape Series (The Cityscape, #1-3)

The Cityscape Series tells a compelling story of devotion, deception, desire and ultimately, love. Start the trilogy people are calling "gripping," "sexy" and "smart." Now available as a complete set. COME UNDONE Olivia Germaine has already found love. Devoted wife, loyal friend, determined career woman - she's created the life she always envisioned. But when Olivia locks eyes with a handsome stranger across a crowded room, he peers a little too ...

Details The Cityscape Series (The Cityscape, #1-3)

TitleThe Cityscape Series (The Cityscape, #1-3)
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Drama

Reviews The Cityscape Series (The Cityscape, #1-3)

  • Luna Sol
    One of the best series I've read in my life. I never wanted it to end.
  • Vee Paige
    I would really rate this book for David Dylan alone. He is one super possessive (a bit crazy and stalkerish), protective, growly alpha, and did I say crazy? :) I was highly entertained by him. I really did not warm up to Olivia. For almost three books she was wishy-washy. I mean, make up your mind already. I could feel David's frustration. Funny thing is, even if he fought his attraction for Olivia at first, he really thought he was the better ma...
  • ℏṳ❡ṧᾰɴᖱḉ✺✺к!ḙṧ
    So this is my first Jessica Hawkins series/books I’ve ever read of hers and I’m impressed with her already plus I was recommended I read her earlier books and so glad I did. I for one don’t know what it’s like to be married but I know what it’s like when the person you love and trusted cheats on you. I know I was itching to write my own thoughts about this series and wanting to bitch and moan and whine like how cheating is not acceptabl...
  • Jen
    Oh. My. God.I don't think I've been as affected by a series of books (besides Outlander) as I was with The Cityscape Series by Jessica Hawkins. I've read each book twice now, and itching to go back and read through for a third time. Why? Well, let me tell ya. Pour a glass of wine and listen up, because this is for sure one of the best new adult romances out there.In Come Undone, we meet Olivia Germaine, a shy, beautiful and underappreciated edito...
  • Amy
    COME UNDONEI was introduced to Jessica Hawkins' work recently, and I have to admit that after one book I was hooked!"Come Undone" put me through so many emotions (to me that's a good thing... it takes a great book to be able to do that to me). There was humor, angst, sexiness... all done so well.Olivia is going through a lot. I found myself questioning her judgement on many occasions, but as you learn more of her story, you come to understand why...
  • Red Cheeks Reads
    I have had the Cityscape Series on To Be Read list forever so, I was really looking forward to reading them. I had them recommended to me and added them to my TBR blindly. When I knew I was going to be reviewing them for the blog I immediately looked to see what exactly they were about, besides hot sex. I was immediately turned off after reading the synopsis. I do not like books about cheating spouses, usually. ;) These books surprised the hell o...
  • Smitten_Kitten
    I'm such a sucker for these novels. Everything began with the Avoiding series, continued with Kellan Kyle and look at me now. Finishing the Citiscape series, without a clear image of the two main characters (Olivia and David) in my head. I don't know what to say. Overall I'm giving this series a 3 star rating. I will state it over and over again if I have two, but from my POV, protraying weak, spineless and undecided characters is a no-go. Olivia...
  • Kirsty
    I love angsty love triangles. I'm guilty of enjoying seeing a cheating love story unfold, fiction only of course! Olivia & David were scorching.
  • EscapeNBooks
    “For, you see, each day I love you more, today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.”The Cityscape Series was actually my introduction to this author and her work. This series is a taboo, affair set. The start of book one was a bit slow for me, with information that felt superfluous to the meat of the story that I was dying to get to...the affair. Olivia had been living a very run-of-the-mill life. Her dreams, hopes, and aspirations see...
  • Debby
    Good but not my favorite.Jessica Hawkins books started for me with Explicitly yours series, well I think it was called something else when I read it. Wow I loved those books so much. I moved to Slip of the tongue loved it. I couldn't wait for Something in the way, and Someone else's sky. Now I patiently wait for Move the Stars. While I wait I read First Taste and love Andrew one of my favorites. Now I moved to City scape, now don't get me wrong J...
  • Michelle
    I found this quite repetitive, and if it wasn't for the magical 'love at first sight/instant connection' between the two main characters I would have no idea why they wanted to be together. Of course the woman is a total Mary Sue and it was frustrating that in all her internal monologue-ing about the situation, everything was in context of the men and how her choices would affect them - nothing about what she wanted. I found her quite weak and I ...
  • Amanda
    Audio Version-Ughhhhhh!!! This series will rip your heart out and eat it while still beating. Jessica Hawkins really knows how to pull the feels out of you. Then make you contradict all of them. David Dylan isn’t a likable guy. He’s stubborn, possessive, and has a arrogance that’s annoying. There’s no way in HELL I’d fall for a dude like him. Buuutttt... Olivia did and she softened his heart. So it’s ok now for me to think he’s sexy...
  • Nadie
    Didn't enjoy this as much as I expected. I was prepared for the infidelity since that's the subject matter, but this was a frustrating read. It was too instalove for me and I did not really understand what the two of them saw in each other that made them so desperate to be together. Also, he was too jealous and possessive imo, and it felt really uncomfortable. I LOVE jealousy and possessiveness in books and it says something that this toed the li...
  • Ange
    WowAmazing series. Everyone said "you have to meet David Dylan". I didn't believe he would be this swoon worthy... But he totally was. Absolutely loved this series, though Olivia was a bit whiny at times. Her indecisiveness kinda of irked me. But overall, this was a great series.
  • Ashley
    Best thing I've read lately.This story was amazing. I was captivated, it was stunning. Toward the end I found myself re-reading certain parts to keep from finishing because I wanted it to last longer. David Dylan is....its hard to find words to describe amazing he is. Olivia was so real, I could definitely relate. Fan for life.
  • Ami
    Jessica Hawkins narrates another love story, which starts out as a lingering look at the ballet. It's forbidden, treacherous, but married Olivia falls under the spell of David, one of the most eligible bachelors in Chicago. As the plot unfolds, so does Olivia's marriage. There's tears, lots of arguments, and through all the mess blossoms a beautiful relationship.
  • Angie
    5 star goodness This is the 3rd time I have read this series and I love it more each time. Filled with all these feels and well thought out characters. David Dylan is swoon worthy.
  • Joanne Coughlin
    Holy great Series!48 hours of reading minus some adulting that needed to be done. Could not put it down! I felt a connection with Olivia in so many ways. I only wish I have my own David to sweep me off my feet! Excellent series, a definite must read!
  • Michelle Carroll
  • Anna
    What a trilogyThis series is simply a must! It will keep you wanting more. It will keep you turning the pages . The connection between Olivia & David is so strong and powerful it makes you want them to have their HEA. Olivia has to find out what she wants and who she is before she can figure out who she will end up with. Will it be David or Bill? Love all the characters in this book! Especially David Dylan(do men like him really exist?)I love Bri...
  • Fiction Fangirls
    I absolutely fell in LOVE with this series. I started on a Friday evening and finished the entire thing by Sunday evening. I will admit I was afraid of the cheating aspect, sometimes I wonder if I can handle the cheating but let me just say that Ms. Hawkins did a phenomenal job creating a storyline and characters that will hook you in and never let you go. The characters were so well developed that I felt like I was an intruder looking in and whe...
  • Monni
    Like many, I had to read the series before making my review. After reading many novels and I am an avid-reader, I struggle to write a review. However, this one really struck me in more ways than one. I felt compelled. Perhaps, the fact that this novel is so close to reality or that on some level, I can relate to the heroine. This novel is also not your average romance with fantasy with a happily ever after between the hero and heroine. On all lev...
  • Megan
    This may contain spoilers, I apologize.Oh my God, this book. I think I fell in love. I have never read a series so fast in my life. As soon as I picked up the first book I couldn't put it down and as soon as I could I started reading the next book. I felt like when I wasn't reading it I was obsessing about when I could pick it back up and continue reading. It was such an emotional read. It was constantly pulling at those damn heart strings. I rea...
  • A Risque' Affair Book Blog
    Jessica Hawkins is a fabulous author. These book held my attention from the beginning all the way to the end!! I loved how she slowly developed the characters and took the time to make you truly feel what they are feeling. This is not your ordinary romance book, it has everything from cheating, to lies, and HOT Lust!!You have Olivia, the wife and career woman, married to Bill the safe husband who does not ask questions and is so busy wrapped up w...
  • Aubrey
    Jessica Hawkins took over a blog for one of my favorite blogs on FB. Her excerpts made me jump and buy the entire box set without every even reading the 1st book. I was a little hesitant as I am not one for the whole adultery story line, but I absolutely fell in love with Olivia and David. Olivia thinks she has everything she needs and wants: an up and coming career, a good husband who loves her and friends and family she adores. However, when sh...
  • Melanie Martin
    I one clicked these after reading a couple of her more recent ones. Was. Not. Sorry.I didn't want to love a cheating story. It's too close to real life. I read to escape real life, but Olivia and David's journey could not have been written any other way. Any deviation and it would have been a train wreck. Jessica Hawkins is just that good!There comes a time when you see another person and nothing else matters, everything fades away. David is elec...
  • Cathy
    Book #1This idea scared me a little. I typically don't care for books with cheating spouses but, I have to say I loved how this was written. You could feel the inner struggle that Olivia felt as well as David. You knew how life was for both of them before and after. No one seemed to really truly understand or know Olivia and it was so sad that David did after only knowing her a short time. I know her struggles but, I don't think her husband reall...
  • CJ Blake
    I did not like this book. I really wanted to like it, but I found the internal dialogue annoying and the storyline slow. I just did not find her likable and he was not a whole lot better.I totally got why she left Bill...because he was a wimp, but overall I did not see what was appealing about her. She wasn't funny or charming just broken and spineless. As I write this 3 days after finishing the books I can't even remember their names...only Bill...
  • Sarah
    What could be better that Jessica Hawkins Cityscape series? Getting them all together in one box set, of course!And trust me, this series is worth it - each book in the series was on my favorite books of 2013 list! Even if your not a fan of adultery, I encourage you to try this series - the way the author handles this topic is exemplary. In the series, you follow Olivia as she fights against her own desires. Should she stay loyal to Bill who is l...