Rose Water and Orange Blossoms by Maureen Abood

Rose Water and Orange Blossoms

Publishers Weekly's Top 10 Cookbooks for Spring 2015Pomegranates and pistachios. Floral waters and cinnamon. Bulgur wheat, lentils, and succulent lamb. These lush flavors of Maureen Abood's childhood, growing up as a Lebanese-American in Michigan, inspired Maureen to launch her award-winning blog, Rose Water & Orange Blossoms. Here she revisits the recipes she was reared on, exploring her heritage through its most-beloved foods and chronicling he...

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TitleRose Water and Orange Blossoms
Release DateApr 28th, 2015
PublisherRunning Press Adult
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction

Reviews Rose Water and Orange Blossoms

  • Dee
    Stories of growing up as a Lebanese immigrant in Michigan, and scouring a parking lot to pick grape vine leaves to stick them into a shoe box in the freezer. A trip to Beirut where, unexpectedly, the most memorable meal is fresh bread picked up in a plastic bag while running errands. Anecdotes about how the author discovers the key to making creamy humus, and descriptions of dry mint, homemade yogurt and other staples found in Lebanese kitchens. ...
  • Elyse Walters
    YUM! YUM! YUMMY DELICIOUS!Maureen Abood begins her book with 'storytelling' about herself and her family. She's been a food blogger, went to Culinary school --moved from Chicago to S.F. Took a journey to Lebanon....It feels warm & cozy reading about Maureen --(she begins to feel like a friend --or at least a person I sure would love to be friends with). Maureen grew up in a large Lebanese family --and as wonderful as it was --she shared about the...
  • Jillyn
    I'm always looking to add new cultures to my culinary repertoire. I don't know much about Lebanese cooking, so I was excited when I found Rose Water and Orange Blossoms. I think this is a great book for a bit more experienced home cook who is interested in adding some more flavor to their meals.This book is sorted by course, which makes it easy to pick what you want to make. There's even chapters on things such as preserving and drinks. I love te...
  • Rhiannon Johnson
    Read my review here: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I received no additional compensation. My Review:Rose Water and Orange Blossoms teaches readers about another culture through mouthwatering photos, stories, and recipes. Ordered by courses (i.e. appetizers, main, dessert, etc.,) each section features family stories of the author's life and Abood is sure to ...
  • Brandy
    I will buy this book. I have been given an advance reader copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for a review. This book is both beautiful and mouthwatering. The recipes are so delicious looking and sounding that I simply must have it. If you enjoy flavorful Mediterranean and Middle Eastern style foods this will be right up your alley. Wonderful dishes for everything from condiments through main course, pickles/relishes to dessert. I can...
  • Lili
    Love, Love, Loved this cookbook! Ok, that was the easy part, so, this book is about a cuisine that there is sadly not enough focus on (in my opinion) because Lebanese cooking is delicious, it tastes so clean and complex. And, out of character for me, I really enjoyed the introduction from the author about her life and family, it gave a great sense of connection and feeling like I was 'in the kitchen' while reading the recipes. I plan on trying a ...
  • Melissa
    This is a really beautiful cookbook. The pictures alone make me want to run out and buy all of the ingredients to make this stuff. I have a shelf of cookbooks of various ethnic cuisines, but I usually get so overwhelmed by the bizarre ingredients and the amount of prep time needed that in the end I order take out instead. This cookbook does a nice job in breaking down steps and explaining the little things (things that us non-Lebanese don't insti...
  • Lynne
    Beautiful stories, delicious recipes! I consumed this book in one day and look forward to making many of the recipes! Fig and anise jam with walnuts, homemade pita, spinach and potato kibbe, chicken rice pilaf with butter toasted almonds, and rose water meringues with oven roasted rhubarb are just some of the recipes I plan to make. There are many vegetarian recipes and delicious meat recipes, too. To accompany the recipes, are delightful stories...
  • Brenda
    I tried a couple of the recipes and they were very good. Made me want to make my own yogurt and I don't even like yogurt:)
  • Fullfaun
    found the Lemonade recipe I have spent 5 years searching for!!!!
  • Kelly
    Love this cookbook and the author’s blog. I have already made her hummus a few times. I have made hummus many times before, but a few of her tips made it much better than before. Just made the tomato mint salad today along with a mint yogurt sauce. Love all of the tips and stories throughout the book.
  • Kelly Martin
    I have read a lot of cookbooks and this was one of the best. The stories she writes about the recipes are fun and full of cultural information about a people that I haven't heard a lot about. The recipes are original yet simple. A great cookbook.
  • Green Cupcake
    It's rare that I read through a cookbook and want to make every recipe. This is one of those times. I can't wait to start cooking.
  • Jeannie Zelos
            Rose Water and Orange Blossoms, Fresh & Classic Recipes from my Lebanese Kitchen, Maureen AboodReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre: non fiction, cookery. I’ve an addiction to cookery books and recipes, so many wonderful different things to create. I love books too like this which feature a snippet of life in another culture, which give an insight into a different daily life. Right now when I’m writing this it’s Janua...
  • Connie Anderson
    I want to thank Maureen Abood for such a delightful and exciting book! I love how she told her story about cooking her family's Lebanese dishes. I have had Lebanese food before (so many times before) and I have helped cook some of the dishes that I could. I would like to add that she attended culinary school in San Francisco, before returning home to Michigan. She is a professional writer and food blogger. I looked for sumac FOREVER. Ms. Abood ha...
  • Janka H.
    This book is all heart! The authoress obviously loves the Lebanese cuisine and she is sharing that love with irresistible charm and warmth.The personal notes and stories are interwoven amongst recipes and they motivate you to try this cuisine, as if with the testing you might be able to experience the warmth of the family hearth - and this is what the shared food is about, right?I like that the recipes don't contain any fancy ingredients (besides...
  • Lizzie
    Finally, the cookbook for which I have been waiting. Every recipe in here is something you would find on the table if your friend's mom was cooking up a storm. The full range is here- mezze, rice, lamb, chicken, eggplant, dessert, coffee, and tea. Nothing, however, is overworked or fancied up unnecessarily. This is worth its weight in gold- even my much loved copy of Tamimi/Ottolenghi's Jerusalem speaks more of restaurant kitchens than mama's tab...
  • Kathleen Flinn
    Sometimes cookbooks are gorgeous but not necessarily accessible. Maureen has the critical traits that makes someone a great food writer: she's savvy at anticipating questions, clearly does her research and offers up solid, impeccably tested recipes. When I first flipped through this gorgeous book, all I could think was that I wanted to immediately make everything in it. My next thought was that I didn't really know as much about Lebanese cuisine ...
  • Sara Thompson
    If you like (love) Mediterranean and/or Middle Eastern foods, this is the book for you. A simple source of instruction to create flavorful foods. While the author calls this Lebanese cooking, I see influences from all over that region. The recipes often have "strange" ingredients but they are ones I often see in local international markets and have no idea how to use them. I love the variety of foods and how accessible they are to even those like...
  • Polly Krize
    So many delicious recipes it makes your mouth water! I wanted to race out to the store and purchase eggplant to make the Eggplant with Lamb, Tomato and Pine Nuts as I was reading. Also Ms. Abood's stories about her family and life in the United States make this irresistible. I recommend this to any adventurous cook out there.
  • Jennifer
    Gorgeous cookbook. I'm really fascinated with middle eastern, and particularly Lebanese cooking. I made a few recipes, the baba ganoush was the best - I don't know why I'd never thought to try to remove the seeds from my eggplant before. I made a bulgur and zuchini dish that was so simple yet so delicious. Perfect cookbook as summer veggies become plentiful and delicious.
  • Cassandra
    A beautiful cookbook! I've never tried Lebanese cuisine but reading this book has me looking up local Lebanese restaurants. The pictures are gorgeous and the author writes so lovingly about her family. Highly recommend!
  • Kate
    such a great look at Lebanese kitchens and culture. I am a Laban addict and I loved how so many recipes included it. The photos are beautiful and the cultural highlights are great. Perfect gift to give to anyone
  • Carol
    Excellent Cookbook.
  • Lauren
    Absolutely fantastic cookbook. Amazing recipes, gorgeous photos, and the best stories.
  • Beka
    Gorgeous! Nothing I wrote down, but that wouldn't stop me from eating it if somebody made it for me.