The Dark Tower by Robin Furth

The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower saga begins again...on Earth! If you thought the badlands of Mid-World were dangerous, just wait until you experience Brooklyn in the 1960s! Meet Eddie Dean, a troubled young man gifted with the ability to open doors to other worlds. Can he survive family tragedy, haunting addiction, and the deadly forces that conspire to stop him from growing up to challenge the Man in Black? So far Eddie has survived to see his 10th birthday. But...

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TitleThe Dark Tower
Release DateMar 10th, 2015
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Horror, Comics, Superheroes, Marvel, Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics, Comics Manga, Comic Book, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic

Reviews The Dark Tower

  • Becky
    True story. It's been a long time since I've reviewed anything... So, I figured that it was only fitting to effect my return to the realm of Goodreads reviewing with something short, familiar (how many times have I read The Dark Tower series? No, seriously, I'm asking because I've lost count.), but still new to me. So I picked the first in the newest Dark Tower graphic novel set based on The Drawing of the Three. Side note: I am seriously disappo...
  • Trudi
    Here we go again: The Drawing of The Three: The Prisoner marks Marvel's third iteration of its ongoing, ambitious adaptation of King's Dark Tower magnum opus. The results have been mixed for me. I started out in a fangirl tizzy, but my excitement soon waned for quite a stretch (in which I stopped reading altogether), then it peaked again like a firecracker going off, only to dampen and fizzle once more at the conclusion of the last two volumes. S...
  • Chad
    The tale of Eddie Dean's childhood up until the point where he meets Roland. It's interesting to see Walter O'Dim's influence throughout his life. There's a spark that seems to be missing from these Drawing of the Three adaptations. Maybe it's that they are told in a linear manner instead of skipping back and forth in time? The art and coloring are a pale shell of themselves compared to the Gunslinger volumes. They are definitely lacking with the...
  • Alondra
    4 StarsJust a little backstory on our friend Eddie. 2nd member of Rolands Ka-Tet. Some changes in how he came to the door, but I think the shootout will still happen based on the convo between the two characters. I cannot wait!
  • Janice
    The Dark Tower series is one of- if not **the**- best series I have ever read. The early DT comics really painted a world that was rich and true to the original.Eddie Dean, an important member of Roland's Ka-Tet, recounts his early years and leads us to his first encounter with the last gunslinger. Ah, Eddie, the junkie from Brooklyn who becomes one of the most important people in all universes. A truly fascinating character, if there ever was on...
  • Gary Butler
    23rd book read in 2016.Number 95 out of 516 on my all time book list.Review Pending:
  • Mike
    I enjoyed the adaptations and expansions of The Dark Tower novels early on, when it was centered on Roland's youth, and on tales usually told in reminisences in the text series. Then, a few graphic novels back, we entered "the present", and began examining tales told already in The Gunslinger or The Wastelands, and I was not as pleased.But my discomfort is due to the conflict between my vision of the novels, and the graphic* differences between t...
  • Bryce
    The story of Eddie Dean's childhood, descent into addiction and how he came to join The Gunslinger. This plot is nothing new for those that have read Stephen King's opus, but it's nice to see a bit more of Eddie's childhood and his relationship with his brother. What is intriguing is how far back ka's influence went, leading to the death of Eddie's little sister and his addiction. Walter O'Dim tried very hard to make sure Roland never formed his ...
  • Michelle Morrell
    Drawing of the Three is where I finally became invested in the Dark Tower stories, so I was excited to see that not only was there a graphic adaptation, but there are quite a few volumes out already. I got a lump of them from the library all at once and had a quite lovely Sunday morning.This isn't a retelling of the book, instead it's a companion (so far). We get to see the stories of our ka tet from when their stories began ... this one is Eddie...
  • Michael Benavidez
    I'm torn...see I like this because Eddie Dean (the character they introduce) is my favorite character King has written. However, this isn't King writing, this is someone writing new work from King's. They're inventing things, they're building up with it. which I like, I do. I always felt like King just skipped too much on the death of Dean's sister. so that going into play is nice.However, the art is different. Which would normally be good, but i...
  • Cale
    Written from Eddie's perspective, this is an interesting approach to adapting the Drawing of the Three. Almost nothing in this book actually happens in that one -instead it's a collection of Eddie's Pre-Roland days, which it manages to tie into the larger Dark Tower series in some surprising and effective ways. We get young Eddie and his brother Henry and glimpses into the larger story bleeding in from the edges (and the villains). All told, it d...
  • Ryan Loughran
    I really enjoy the mixture of adaptation/sequel/prequel? this entire series of comics can be. The past few story arcs were more straight adaptation, which can get a little boring. With the deep dive into Eddie's backstory, we get a little more of the filling the the blanks that we got with some of Roland's early life, which is where the series really shines for me. I don't know that I like the idea of Balazar being conscious of the bigger picture...
  • Ahdom
    I really love these adaptations of The Dark Tower. This one was one of my favorite so far. It really stuck to the novel and provided amazing illustrations of the story. It's a great way to re-live the adventure. I'm ready for the next one!
  • Kane Mason
    It was fun to find out a little more about Eddie and his brother, Henry. And it was wonderful to to see Eddie, Henry and other characters brought to such vivid life by the artists. Wish it had of of been all the issues in one though. It’s quite short.
  • Rob
    There is a lot of original material here but it flows well with the tower series, I liked it very much, Great Art. This was a Good Read.
  • Paul Young
    One of the best Dark Tower collections I've read. I liked the art and the pacing of the story.
  • Diana
    One of Uncle Stevie's best books, still working my way through this epic journey
  • Jonas Lee
    Short and sweet rendition of Eddie before meeting the Gunslinger
  • Cameron
    The series has reached a cross-roads where I will continue on or depart and stick with the Dark Tower as I saw it through Stephen King's writing. Like most readers who have stuck this far with the comic adaption, I did so because I love the original books - it is my favourite and most loved book series after 25 years of reading / waiting / re-reading.The good - the story is well told and engaging - a lot more so than "The Man in Black" or "Last S...
  • Scott Lee
    Excellent volume of extra backstory on Eddie from the Dark Tower series. Roland barely figures, and what changes there are to the strict presentation of the actual events in The Drawing of the Three were unnoticeable, at least to this reader. The art is nicely realistic, missing some of the more surreal aspects of the Jae Lee headed work on The Gunslinger the first series of Dark Tower adaptations. But this story takes place mostly in our world, ...
  • Adam Smith
    Growing up in the poorer streets of Co-op City, Brooklyn is a boy with a very special future. There are those who would wish to prevent that future. This is the story of the man who became the prisoner of a demon named Heroin.Enter Drawing of the Three.Drawing of the Three is one of my favourite Dark Tower books. Especially Eddie Dean's part. This volume is focused on the unseen history of Eddie's past. Surprisingly effective additions to the sto...
  • Cindy
    Thank you, Sai Stephen King. And the rest of you who conceive and flesh put these windows that look deeper into corners of Roland's world - In this instance, specifically looking at the drawing of his ka-tet. It's one of the most fascinating parts of the gunslingers story. Welcome to roughly 1980 - enjoy your stay - but beware of the low men.The review above is for the first comic only.
  • Bruno Kulić
    It started off great because the new artists really does NY and children perfectly, but then we got to the actual plot of the novel and he made Roland and Eddie look about 14 so that all went to hell. And I kinda understand the reasoning behind implementing a lot of The Waste Lands flashbacks here but it meant cramming the first 100 pages of the novel into one issue so all subtlety was lost.
  • Rick
    After many disappointments I was seriously considering giving on these "adaptations" from Marvel. I'm glad I decided to give it one more chance. This is probably the best David/Furth adaptation/expansion to the Dark Tower series yet. I sincerely hope they can at least maintain this level of quality of interaction with the original material. If so, I'm in for e long haul.
  • Benjamin Barham
    I was not into this, and I love the Dark Tower series. Writing was kind of awful. No subtlety to any of the dialog.I've been picking up The Dark Tower as a monthly comic since the first run of The Gunslinger Born in 2007. I may drop the title after this. Disappointing.
  • Hans
    3.75 stars - I waited long enough to grab the "Last Shots" collection from Marvel's first Dark Tower series, that they actually started things up again. I'm glad that the Dark Tower graphic novel series is continuing, though there is certainly a long road to travel.
  • Kevin
    An excellent book that only enhances the DT novels.
  • Kevin Milner
    Nicely captures the feel of Eddie Dean from the book