The Enemy (Jack Reacher, #8) by Lee Child

The Enemy (Jack Reacher, #8)

Jack Reacher. Hero. Loner. Soldier. Soldier’s son. An elite military cop, he was one of the army’s brightest stars. But in every cop’s life there is a turning point. One case. One messy, tangled case that can shatter a career. Turn a lawman into a renegade. And make him question words like honor, valor, and duty. For Jack Reacher, this is that case.New Year’s Day, 1990. The Berlin Wall is coming down. The world is changing. And in a North...

Details The Enemy (Jack Reacher, #8)

TitleThe Enemy (Jack Reacher, #8)
Release DateApr 26th, 2005
PublisherDell Publishing Company
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Crime, Action

Reviews The Enemy (Jack Reacher, #8)

  • John
    OK, I will admit it....after not even paying attention to Lee Child's name in the bookstores all these years, I am now a committed Jack Reacher fan. And it even pains me more to reveal that it was the Tom Cruise movie that motivated me to start reading the series! (Ouch...that hurt just to type)But, whether you go to see the movie or just want a fun read, I highly recommend these novels. I have read two now and am on my third. Same engaging chara...
  • Alp
    4.5/5 “You’re wasting your time,” I said. “And you’re making a big mistake. Because you really don’t want to make an enemy out of me.” Absolutely brilliant.You can’t go wrong with anything Lee Child has published. This is my eighth book I’ve read from him, and I can tell you that it totally exceeded my already high expectations. Such a fantastic read!In this installment, Jack Reacher, way back when he was still a Military Police...
  • ✨Susan✨
    I love this fast action, fast moving series. Jack Reacher is a mans man with a tough exterior and a good moral compass. I have not read this series in order but this could be the first. It is the explanation of why Jack opts out of his military career. The storyline moves along smartly with good characters who are likable and believable. I love when any of these come up as a Daily Deal. Dick Hill is not always my favorite narrator but Reacher is ...
  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    The Enemy (Jack Reacher #8), Lee ChildThe Prequel, The Enemy, is the eighth book in the Jack Reacher series written by Lee Child. It is narrated in the first person. In the last hours of 1989, Major Gen. Kenneth Kramer dies of a heart attack in a seedy North Carolina motel. Jack Reacher investigates and comes to the conclusion that the woman Kramer was with stole his briefcase. Reacher's superior, Col. Leon Garber, orders him to deliver news of t...
  • Kathy Davie
    First in the Jack Reacher thriller series (and technically eighth) revolving around an ex-military policeman out to see the world. And save it. This story takes place at Fort Bird in North Carolina.My TakeI just love how Reacher's mind works. It's fascinating to read how he pulls the clues together, how he puts himself into the killer's mind. I do like the post pathologist. He's as interested in truth as Reacher and they dance around the evidence...
  • William
    Superb, 5 Stars! Child's best-ever writing, especially Reacher's personal life with brother Joe and his dying mother, poignant, honest and true. A gem. For the first time, after 8 books and 8 years of Reacher, Child produces pathos and real honour. Well done. Welcome to my favourite writers club. And all this is wrapped in a deliciously complex military conspiracy. Wonderful. As usual with my reviews, please first read the publisher’s blurb/s...
  • Mike (the Paladin)
    I tend to read Jack Reacher (or simply Reacher as everyone calls our hero) in "batches". I've got to say I like the books but after a while the logical flaws begin to bother me a bit and I lay them aside until I can beef up my "suspension of reality" muscles again. You know jack travels around with no change of clothes, sometimes no money and meets extremely, unbelievably, impossibly beautiful women who all fall helplessly in love with him...oooo...
  • Tim
    I previously listed this 3 stars although I had no memory of this story. Upon re-read (listen), I rate this story 5 of 10 stars.
  • Michael
    One of the better Jack Reacher books--an interesting look at Reacher's earlier military career.
  • Abram
    My Rating: 3.8/5The first thing I loved about enemy is the first person perspective. The story is well thought and detailed. Characters are well written in terms of how interesting they are. The prose goes down a skid in some places and you can actually guess a lot of the twists around the path but The enemy is a thrilling ride. It's a lot of fun. We even get to know a lot more about Reacher. Overall it's a good readI'm waiting to read the next b...
  • Eddie Owens
    I love the character of Jack Reacher, but sometimes the author makes the plots a little too convoluted.This isn't my favourite book in the series and at 540 pages it could have been two hundred pages shorter.It seemed that the plot was engineered to take Reacher to lots of locations, and ultimately it was getting a bit boring.This was one of the earlier novels, and I think the author has now grown into the character and spends more time with Reac...
  • Jane Stewart
    Weak 3 stars. It wasn’t as fun or engaging as other Reacher stories. A long drawn out mystery with a tell-all at the end.STORY BRIEF:A general was meeting someone for sex in a motel and dies of a heart attack. His briefcase with confidential documents is missing. Someone kills his wife the same day. Someone kills a Delta force soldier in the woods a day or so later. Reacher’s boss is transferred out and replaced by Willard who tells Reacher n...
  • Trudy
    This is one of my favorite Lee Child books - and that says a lot as I would say he IS my favorite author! This book is a bit of a departure as it follows Jack Reacher while he is still in the military instead of Reacher, the ex military hobo. He is removed from his post in Panama and stationed in North Carolina on New Year's Eve. A strategic relocation by someone that still has yet to be identified... While "celebrating" the new year in the MP of...
  • Hossein
    در واقع 3.5خب بازم عمو ریچر اما اینبار در تاریخاین کتاب جک ریچر فلش بکی به قبل از کتاب اول بود که یکی از ماجراهای قبل از بیرون اومدنش از ارتش رو تعریف میکنه و برعکس کتابای قبل با یه جک ریچر خارج شده از ارتش طرف نیستیم چیزی که یکمی اذیتم کرد اصطلاحات زیا...
  • Rob
    Number 8 in the Jack Reacher series.This took me by surprise. Number 8 in the series and it's back to 1990 and Jack is still in the army. For all that it is still a great read. Jack is still the same "mess with me and you will regret it" guy.There is dead soldiers all over the place. Jack is being threatened by his CO to do a cover up on the deaths but Jack is not buying it. There is something very wrong going on in the US Army and Jack will brea...
  • Sharon Mccall
    I really wish I could love Jack Reacher books more. In theory they are everything I should enjoy in a story but in reality I find them a bit of a trudge through treacle and always about a hundred pages or so too long.This one was interesting in that it took you back to perhaps a light bulb moment in Jack Reacher's army career and life and shows you a little more of his personal life. The isolated relationship he has with his family - even his mot...
  • Alexa ❤️
    I was in the army, and I was always where someone else told me to be. (Reacher page 559) 4 Stars The Enemy takes us back to Reacher's army days as an MP. At the beginning of a new decade Reacher is suddenly transferred from Panama to Little Bird then a two star general is found dead and very much naked in a motel room. His briefcase is the only thing that's missing. Reacher enlists the help of Lieutenant Summer to unravel the mystery which proves...
  • Sarah
    This one just hit all the right notes. A crime novel with an MP thumbing his nose at authority and solving multiple murders.But why was everyone 6'5" or 6'6"? That was a bit weird. And the lone woman in it weighed 90 pounds?Okay, so a lot of it was some sort of bizarre wish fulfillment by the author but as long as you don't care about the research being top notch...Well, I'm going to shut up now and just saw that I liked this very much despite my...
  • Maureen DeLuca
    Number 8 in the series and still going strong! Looking forward to reading number 9 - !
  • James
    Prequel time. Rather than Reacher the wandering loner, The Enemy gives us Reacher the army man; Reacher the Major; Reacher the Military Policeman. Long before the events of the previous seven novels (and referred to obliquely in at least one of them) Reacher got involved in something while he was an MP Major and had to take a demotion as a 'punishment'. This is the story of that something.Reacher has been transferred back from Panama to a nowhe...
  • Jane
    This is a Jack Reacher novel. He gets into trouble, he gets into more trouble, then there is a fight or something gets blown up, then everything works out, and Reacher moves on. Good stuff, but he is not Tom Cruise!
  • Michale
    A nice trip back in time to Jack Reacher as an MP. Get to meet his family. Although I figured out one clue right away, Child still managed to throw in surprises at the end.Amazing scene with Reacher and his brother taking leave of their dying mother in Paris:Then she revisited another old family ritual. She did something she had done ten thousand times before, all through our lives, since we were first old enough to have individuality of our own....
  • Belinda
    4,25 stars - English paperback- I have dyslexia.This book takes us back to the army days of our main character.As an MP. Great plotting again. Aldo I my head I have a Jack Reacher of my own when I read the pages.
  • Siobhan
    I say this every time, but Lee Child is more of a guilty pleasure read than anything else. I enjoy the Jack Reacher stories yet I’m less sure about the story telling. Nevertheless, I mostly enjoy the books – some more than others.As always, the writing left me feeling somewhat iffy. Whenever I have time away from the Jack Reacher books, it takes me a while to get back into Lee Child’s way of writing. Fortunately, this story was an interesti...
  • Benjamin
    Didn't really do it for me...Weakest of all the Lee Child books I have read.
  • Okuta Otherside
    This is the first book from Lee Child that I read and I really love it! Aku suka dengan karakter Jack Reacher, Summer dan juga karakter-karakter lain seperti sang sersan yang memiliki anak laki-laki. Yang sampai akhir bahkan ga disebutkan namanya 😆Aku suka settingnya, dunia militer digambarkan dengan cukup jelas. Mulai dari suasananya, pangkat dan kewenangannya, hingga ke prosedur-prosedur dalam kehidupan militer. Terdengar ruwet tapi ternyata...
  • Terri Lynn
    This particular book is a prequel to the other books in Lee Child's Jack Reacher series but he has said he thinks it will have more emotional impact if read after the first 7 and before the books that follow and he is right about that.When we first met Jack Reacher in Killing Floor , he had spent 13 years as a military cop and had retired from the Army. He was living a weird life which continued through the next books where he kept getting caught...
  • Dlora
    Here I was thinking that the Jack Reacher novels were all action and fast-paced movement with lots of interesting settings in the macho worlds of military/police/criminals. I was amazed to find that The Enemy kept me pondering and thinking long after I was done reading it. I got thinking about all the "enemies" in the story that drove the plot. I assumed that the enemy referred to in the title was the murderer that Reacher was tracking down. But ...
  • Harry
    I'm going to add the same review for all of the Reacher series, so if you've read this one, you've read 'em all. If you feel a certain affinity for the lone hero, a man of principle, of unwavering knowledge and assent as to his own actions, than Jack Reacher's your kinda guy. Lee Child has created an unforgettable and unique character in his creation of Jack Reacher. Jack seems to implicitly understand that he is a unique animal/human running aro...
  • Mountain18
    i like this book