First Flight Around the World by Tim Grove

First Flight Around the World

A 2016 YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults Finalist In 1924 the U.S. Army sent eight young men on a bold attempt to be the first to circumnavigate the globe by flight. Men from five other countries—Great Britain, France, Portugal, Italy, and Argentina—had the same goal. The race was on!First Flight Around the World documents the exciting journey of four American planes—the Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, and Seattle—an...

Details First Flight Around the World

TitleFirst Flight Around the World
Release DateApr 7th, 2015
PublisherHarry N. Abrams
GenreNonfiction, History, Childrens, Middle Grade, Adventure, Historical, Aviation, Aeroplanes, North American Hi..., American History, Travel

Reviews First Flight Around the World

  • Carrie
    I read this because it was a finalist for Yalsa's Excellence in Nonfiction award, and because of that, I expected more. While the design is certainly eye-catching (I was not surprised to see the author is a Museum exhibit designer,) the execution was not always user-friendly. The maps were difficult to read and had no captions. There is one confusing graphic on p9 where the photos don't match the names of the pilot/mechanic pairs above it. I woul...
  • Kathy
    Nowadays we hop on a plane and expect to get where we want to go in a few hours without much thought. But who did it first? An American team of 8 men in 4 planes took off from Seattle in a race with other countries to be the first to fly all the way around the world. Amazing stuff: they didn't even carry radios, their cockpits weren't covered, and they had to replace multiple major parts like their engines several times. It took them about 4 mont...
  • Lauren
    This story is available for Ebook online which is very nice. It also is a story suitable for students who are in the intermediate grade levels and into middle school. This story discusses the 8 young U.S. Army men who set out in 1924 to travel the globe by flight and be the first ones to do this. This story discusses the exciting adventure and journey of the four airplanes as they went for a race around the world. Overall, it was an interesting r...
  • Jeannie
    What an amazing story! How far aviation has come in the last 90 years. Grove takes the reader on an amazing journey fraught with disaster, horrendous weather, yet tempered by human ingenuity and perseverance. To think that this team of men flew around the world in small plane with an open cockpit should be an inspiration to all. Grove documents this story with quotes from the pilos, archival photographs, maps and other official papers.
  • Margie
    A terrific adventure story from the very early days of flight, if I knew about this accomplishment I had forgotten. In this day of so much technology it is amazing to consider what these men, and planes, achieved with as much back-up support as could be provided at that time. Readers will learn about geography, different cultures, and weather as well as about the men and planes. Anyone interested in aviation will find this to be entertaining and ...
  • Jennifer Brady
    Tim Grove has the ability to paint vivid images of history for those with varying knowledge levels of an event. In his book First Flight Around the World: The Adventures of the American Fliers Who Won the Race, Grove is able to recreate the danger and excitement the crew faced in a way that engages the target middle school audience without alienating older or younger audiences. Based in part on newspaper articles, photographs and a personal journ...
  • Emily
    Informative and visually appealing non fiction title that tells the story of the American fliers who won the race for the first flight around the world. Interesting details, accounts from the fliers and fun graphics make the book a worthwhile package. Highly recommended for Gr. 4-7
  • Michelle Glatt
    First Flight Around the World by Tim Grove was written in conjunction with the Smithsonian and supplies readers with lots of information and photographs from its archives. It tells the story of the 1924 race to be the first to circumnavigate the earth in an airplane. America sent out four planes, and two of them were successful in completing the mission and ensuring that the United States was the winner. Grove made heavy use of the journal of Fir...
  • Alice
    4.25 stars I recently took a flight to Salt Lake City to Cleveland Ohio, with a layover in Chicago. This flight total took 7 hours (even with delays) . I sat in a comfy seat, climate controlled and pressurized cabin. I was even served a beverage. My flight was 1500 miles one way. I didn't get sunburned knees, pelted with fine sand or get icicles on my nose. I also didn't have to change the engine every few thousands miles.These men were amazing,...
  • Alisha
    This book was recommended to me by a classmate. It was nominated for the YALSA Award Nominee for Excellence in Nonfiction (2016). First Flight Around the World: The Adventures of the American Fliers Who Won the Race is appropriately named- it is about the American pilots and mechanics who became the first ever team to fly around the entire world. This was considered a race because several other countries including Britain and Argentina were also ...
  • Sarah Rusk
    I found "First Flight Around the World: The Adventures of the American Fliers Who Won the Race" by Tim Grove through YALSA Nonfiction Award website as it was a 2016 YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults Finalist. This book told the story of the race between countries (USA, Great Britain, France, Portugal, Italy, Argentina) to be the first to fly around the world. This story followed the American fliers with some descriptions o...
  • Julie Harper
    I have always been intrigued by flying. Nearly every child dreams of growing up and being able to fly through the sky. This book takes the reader on a journey around the world with the men who were the first to go around the world. It is an amazing and insightful read about their journey, the trials and the competition among nations to be the first.
  • Evelyn
    10 year old didn't really get into it. Mom really found it interesting.
  • Jdub Wright
    Great nonfiction text for middle grade readers.
  • Audrey
    Very boring.
  • Brenda Kahn
    Your aviation and/ or history buffs will be all over this appealingly designed account of the race around the world in the early days of aviation.
  • Joan
    Grove uncovers a little known story along with great primary source photos.
  • Barbara
    Six countries--Great Britain, France, Portugal, Argentina, Italy, and the United States--sent flight crews up into the air in 1924 in an attempt to be the first ones to circumnavigate the world aerially. Perhaps because it had never been done before or possibly because the feat occurred right on the heels of WWI, it captured the attention of the world. Although there are brief references to the attempts of the other five nations and their crews, ...
  • Elijah
    Have you ever wished to fly over the whole United States? Well 6 men did and they were in a race to do it. They were racing against the French and the British. Their planes were named after four major American cities. The first plane was the Seattle. The second was the Chicago. The third on was the Boston. Lastly, the fourth one was the New Orleans. Later the Seattle crashed but both men survived and they had to trek over the mountains. The men h...
  • Alicia
    Every now and then it got a little dense with details in this short narrative nonfiction piece about the American military personnel who were the first to fly around the world. But, it was a perfect snapshot of the men and their planes and the hard work that went into getting these men around the world. Who ever thought that there would need to be so many "dress changes" for the planes based on the heat, moisture, and whether they were flying ove...
  • Kimberly
    I wish I could give this book a better review. I certainly understand why it is considered excellent nonfiction for kids...but holy crap, I thought it was so boring. Part of my boredom stemmed from lack of interest in the subject matter, but part of it was because there is zero suspense. The subtitle already tells you who won the race around the world. Maybe some readers would have already known that before picking the book up, but I am not a his...
  • Karen
    2016 YALSA Excellence in Nonfiction FinalistIn 1924, the U.S. Army Air Service sent 4 pilots, 4 mechanics, and 4 planes on a history-making flight around the world. From the subtitle, readers know the outcome up front, so it doesn't read like a suspenseful race between nations. Instead, it's an illustrated adventure for readers to explore photographs, maps, and memorabilia on every page of this slim volume. The fliers were up against unbelievable...
  • Paige Kuhn
    This story is about eight young men who were sent by the U.S. Army in 1924 on an attempt to be the first to circumnavigate the globe by flight. However, men from 5 other countries had the same goal- Argentina, Portugal, Italy, France and Great Britain. This meant the race was officially on between the countries! This book documents the journey of the four planes and their crew members as they experience extreme weather situations, tricky navigati...
  • Lisa
    In April of 1924, four small airplanes left Seattle, Washington beginning the race to make Americans the first to accomplish an around the world flight. Competing against Great Britain, France, Portugal, Argentina, and Italy, this is the story of the 4 pilots and 4 mechanics from the Army Air Corps and their journey of diplomacy, sightseeing, danger and cultural exploration. It was a test of their skill and courage, and not an easy trip, which in...
  • Karen Gedeon
    First Flight Around the World: The Adventure of the American flyers Who Won the Race by Tim Grove – Who knew there was a race going on in the 1920s between several countries to see who could circumnavigate the globe in an airplane the first? This story journeys with the American team of four airplanes and eight crewman, who with the assistance of the US Navy (and many others), made it around the world first. Grove does a nice job keeping the pa...
  • Marsha Green
    This nonfiction read documents the exciting journey of four American planes—the Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, and Seattle—and their crews on a race around the world. The pilots & crews faced many challenges such as extreme weather, tricky navigation, unfamiliar cultures, fragile planes, and few airfields. Much of the story is told from the journal of one of the crew members, Leslie Arnold. There are also newspaper reports and images from the ...
  • Jennifer
    Adventurous non-fiction about the first flight around the world. Four American pilots and four mechanics are sent by the Army to be the first to cross the globe in airplanes. Their journey, which competes with other countries' attempts to be the first, is both exhilarating and scary. They encountered many issues with their delicate plans, challenging weather and other obstacles. They also learned about many other cultures and traditions, and were...
  • Chelsey
    In 1924, aviation was booming worldwide. Six countries (Argentina, France, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, and the United States) began a friendly but dangerous race. The winners would go down in history as the first to fly around the world. This story chronicles the flight of the American team, who won the race.DO NOT READ THIS BOOK AS AN EBOOK. Nonfiction is a genre where page design really matters, and sometimes that does not translate well to...
  • CCPL Staff Picks
    I had never previously payed attention to this bit of history, so I did not know that they circumnavigated the globe so early in the history of the airplane. Airplanes had only even existed for a couple of decades, and no one had ever even managed to make it across the Pacific before when they accomplished this feat!This was one of the finalists for the 2016 YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults, and it's a pretty fascinating ...
  • Kristi Starr
    I knew nothing about the air race to circumnavigate the globe. It was an entertaining, accessible, and informational read. I also enjoyed all the pictures.First Flight Around the World was a finalist for YALSA's Excellence in Nonfiction award. Because it was YASLA, I guess I was expecting something geared to a slightly older audience and higher reading level. While the content is appropriate to and interesting at any age, the style seemed oriente...