Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht

Leave Your Mark

Aliza Licht is a social media superstar. A global fashion communications executive, she is the voice behind the wildly popular @DKNY PR GIRL twitter feed that now boasts over half a million followers. Known for her chatty and intimate tone, she has also become beloved for her top-notch career advice and her enthusiasm for mentoring. Thousands of online conversations have led to many a coffee, mentoring strangers. But who can have coffee with ever...

Details Leave Your Mark

TitleLeave Your Mark
Release DateMay 5th, 2015
PublisherGrand Central Publishing (U.S.) & Little, Brown & Company (U.K.)
GenreNonfiction, Business, Self Help, Couture, Fashion

Reviews Leave Your Mark

  • Deea (Andreea)
    Exactly what I needed to read right now. Just what the doctor ordered. For everyone.But most importantly, for everyone who wants to make it in their career. Everyone who needs a bit of inspiration and motivation, who needs a change, doesn't know where to go next, gets lost in the every day routine of work-run errands-solve problems-eat-sleep-repeat etc. Life should be more than that. And there's nothing like the power of example! Just keep pushin...
  • Satkar Ulama
    Before reading this book, I thought it would:1. Be suitable only for female readers.2. Be applicable only in fashion industry, and3. Be full of it's-all-about-me stories.And, here are what I found.1. This book is apparently suitable for both male and female readers, despite its girly cover. Aliza's sassy writing style is very likable, making this a hard-to-put-down book. I thought she would talk a lot about women just like other recent bestsellin...
  • Jessica Gadziala
    Okay. This book is like a go-to read for anyone who works in, well, any line of work except indie writer lol. You get really clear and easy-to-follow advice on how to land internships/jobs/ raises/ etc. I mean if you ever need to write a resume or respond to a professional email- this is your book.That being said, I picked it up because of the "rock social media" aspect, wanting to expand my reach. This, though, was the weakest part of the book i...
  • Clara Cuevas
    Todo iba bien hasta el cierre... súper chafa y apresurado en el sentido de todos los secretos revelados para hacer de tu persona tu propia marca, es imposible no sentirte inspirado por las palabras y la experiencia de la autora.Pero cerrar/concluir con el ejemplo de Malala, que aclaro no tengo nada en contra de ella, me decepcionó, esperaba más profundidad, algo que me dijera ¡LEVÁNTATE Y HAZLO REALIDAD!No sé, me quedo sólo con las primera...
  • Kayla Hollatz
    My review of this book has more to do with where I'm currently at at the time of reading it than the actual book itself. I remember being starry eyed about the world of fashion journalism and PR in my youth and really admire everything that Aliza Licht has done in her career. That being said, her voice is a bit harsh and cold at times and there's nothing in the book that isn't said in the classroom (I think we all know not to spell the name of th...
  • jay Dey
    meh if someone needs to tell you to not use 'textspeak' in an advice book you probably need more help than an advice book
  • Lorena
    Ever since I heard that Aliza Licht (DKNY PR Girl) was writing a book I’ve been patiently waiting for it's release and the wait was so worth it! This has been one of the best books about career advice, branding, social media, PR & communications & professional etiquette all rolled into one. I’ve never read a book like this. I was absolutely amazed at how much a senior VP of a multi-million dollar brand like Donna Karan was willing to spill ab...
  • Maddie
    This was pretty informative but even though it's only 2 years old I feel like the social media aspect of it is outdated already. This was more about how to social climb in an office setting than using social media to build an independent brand. A little bummed but I really enjoyed Aliza's writing style and the format of this book!
  • Diane
    I really enjoyed this book. Some of it was news to me (I've been out of the traditional work force way too long). Working or not her advice applies to all communications whether paid or volunteer. Social media rules apply to us all. I am setting this aside for the kids who will need it soon enough.
  • Kalyn
    I don't typically enjoy myself when reading a business book, but Aliza Licht's Leave Your Mark was so much fun that I read the whole thing in the space of an afternoon. There were times that Aliza's writing had me laughing out loud and times when I was cringing in sympathy, all while taking in invaluable career advice. The whole tone of Leave Your Mark is what makes it so relatable and easy to read. You feel like you're sitting down with Aliza fo...
  • Kerstinloves
    I honestly have to admit that I did not know about the famous DKNY PR GIRL twitter account before I found out about this book nor am I the biggest fashion geek. However I found myself throughly enjoying this book.In a witty, sarcastic & incredibly sassy way Aliza does not only tell her inspiring story - she also shares various business tipps from how to write the perfect business mail to how to be socially savvy. Her story is incredibly inspiring...
  • Vanessa
    *Many thanks to the publisher for providing an ARC!*A great guide to the contemporary working world. No matter which career you have, this book is for you! Even though some advices might seem a little obvious, a lot of people still make these mistakes. Sometimes we don't even notice them. It's always good to see the perspective of someone who knows both sides of the process. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Aliza!
  • Amie
    I found the writing "voice" a little jarring and I think that this is probably aimed at people a bit younger than me, but I still found it really interesting. I was much more interested in reading anecdotes from her careers than the tips, but I still think it was a pretty cool book and other people might find it more useful than I did - maybe people wanting to get into fashion or a similar role, who are still studying or something.
  • Karenina González
    ¿Por qué no está el mundo entero leyendo este libro?
  • Lisa Lewis
    I don't know how this book got into my queue, and I really don't know why I followed through on getting it from the library and actually reading most of it, when the title made it clear it was not for me! Aliza Licht has a great style of communicating, offering advice for the modern young person starting out in the professional world, and illustrating her advice with semi-entertaining stories from her experience in the fashion industry. The only ...
  • Christina
    I love these girl-power women-in-business motivational tip books, so when I saw that one had been written by the powerhouse behind the @dkny twitter handle, I had to read it. The cover was gorgeous, Aliza is friendly and focused and her career advice would no doubt be invaluable. However, I was slightly disappointed after reading this book. I did enjoy it, don't get me wrong. It gave me a sneaky insider look into the fashion industry - one I'm so...
  • Catherine
    Aliza Licht, SVP of Communications for Donna Karan writes this book in a friendly, witty style and it has a fair amount of useful information. I liked her "insider tip" recommendations and her chapter summaries. She, under the secret guise of twitter handle @DKNYPRGIRL, was one of the first fashion brands to leverage twitter to drive awareness and ultimately revenue for her brand. She also created a following of over 500,000 from scratch before t...
  • Missie
    I have been looking to transition my career in mortgage from the operations side of mortgage, to actual origination. I decided to prepare for my interview and for some general good life advice, I would pick up some books. I started with Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media by Aliza Licht.Likes:Even though I have nothing to do with the fashion industry, Aliza’s advice worked for all careers.I loved the ...
  • Janeen
    I remember being not so crazy about this book because I thought it was a career book written by a 20 something. It's like someone in their 20s or 30s writing a memoir: it seems premature. Happy to report that I was wrong. The social media manager of DKNY is actually a PR Executive!!! Really great "Insider Tips" featured through the book. An excellent read with a younger person (I saw some of my early career mistakes that could have been avoided),...
  • Lucy
    Although I've followed the fashion industry for years now, I hadn't heard of Aliza Licht or DKNY PR Girl before I read this book. I picked this up because I thought it would be similar to #GIRLBOSS and I wasn't disappointed. Although this book if full of tips and tricks to make the most of your career or internship, with a focus on PR, it also included Licht's on experiences in the fashion and PR industry. I found I could really relate to Licht d...
  • Michael Doyle
    This would merit three stars if I were 21 years old and just beginning a career. It's full of useful advice if you have patience for gleaning the advice from the anecdotal structure of the book, everything told in story examples. My ADHD brain likes a much more straightforward approach. Your mileage may vary. I don't think your mileage will vary, though, if you aren't a college student. If you're beyond the beginning of your career, you've read t...
  • Julianne
    This book is a great resource for anybody searching for a mentor but who's still feeling stuck in a rut and trying to climb out of it. Reading this book is exactly like grabbing a cup of coffee with Aliza over a few mentoring sessions — her sensible advice, encouragement, and funny-yet-clear examples of what to do and not to do, as well as some of her personal anecdotes, have given me inspiration and even more motivation to strive for the caree...
  • Gina
    A mixed bag - seeing Licht's career trajectory was interesting, and some of the tips in the first section are very basic but useful for someone reading career advice for the first time. The section on social media is just Licht talking about how successful she is on Twitter and provides little actual content. As depressing as it is that people are commodities, I found the last section on personal branding to be most useful, especially the exercis...
  • Jonathan Rangel
    Me sentí como leyendo "El Diablo Viste a la Moda" pero con una infinidad de consejos excelentes para tu vida profesional, no importa la carrera que elijas. Lo recomiendo mucho para realmente comprender todo lo que has venido haciendo mal hasta ahora y comenzar a hacer las cosas como se deben hacer, finalmente.
  • Rhonda Lomazow
    A wonderful guide for how succeed in the career you want .from connecting through the Twitter world getting your name out there finding a mentor .Aliza Licht who has Dkny as a mentor &discovered her assistant through becoming friends on Twitter this is an inspiring modern day How to succeed in Business.
  • Jana (My Messy Chapters)
    Everything I need for my career and what exactly I need to know right now. LOVED IT.
  • Louisa
    I thought I would be giving this book a higher rating. However, after reading the book, I looked up the author's personal Twitter. The author has 20.4K followers on Twitter. I decided to look up DKNY PR Girl (which she talks about throughout most of the book) and all the tweets were gone as she left the company back in 2015. DKNY (the brand) took over the Twitter and I am unable to tell if they took it over from scratch. But DKNY now has 521K fol...
  • Shelby
    I have a lot of thoughts about this book.First off, I had high expectations (or more accurately, high hopes) because I was at a point in my life where I was second-guessing my career. So I really wanted to love this book.Overall the book was interesting. Aliza had a lot of good tips and memorable quotes. I liked her "insider tips." The part that really bugged me was the inclusion of her personal career story. I found it fascinating at first but t...
  • Louise
    I had far from high expectations for this book, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is a great read for anyone starting out in their field and looking for advice on how to make the most of their career. None of the advice is groundbreaking, but Aliza Licht understands how to tie very specific advice to entertaining stories and lessons learned from her own life. What makes this book a great read is Alizas sweet, intelligent and authentic voice. S...
  • Savannah
    Leave Your Mark is the kind of book I would have absolutely devoured as a fashion-obsessed teenager, and which I still see a lot of usefulness in as an adult. While any detailed writing about social media can seem old, no matter how quickly the turnaround into print publication, Licht did so with comprehensive hindsight and expertise. My favorite elements of the book were her discussions around the concept of personal branding, and how those idea...