Walking on Her Grave (Rogue River, #4) by Melinda Leigh

Walking on Her Grave (Rogue River, #4)

The electrifying conclusion of the romantic suspense novella series from Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot. The sleepy town of Solitude, Oregon, has turned into ground zero for a turf war between the manufacturers and distributors of a lethal new drug. When a teenage witness disappears, social worker Carly Taylor must find him before he’s silenced permanently.Rogue County investigator Seth Harding wants to keep Carly, his estranged wife, out of h...

Details Walking on Her Grave (Rogue River, #4)

TitleWalking on Her Grave (Rogue River, #4)
Release DateNov 18th, 2014
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreRomance, Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Novella

Reviews Walking on Her Grave (Rogue River, #4)

  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    Well, it's over. It was a solid series of novellas. I wish they would have added 10 to 20 more pages to develop the story better. I thought it was a bit rushed to fit inside a tidy package of 100 pages instead of writing to make the story work. Still is was good and I have no regrets reading.Kate Rudd does a good job as always with narration.
  • Wendy
    The fourth of four thrilling Rogue River novellas, Melinda Leigh gives us "Walking On Her Grave" a page turning romantic suspense.The storyline continues involving C-22 a dangerous killer drug and expands when townspeople are missing and then discovered murdered. Carly and Seth return in this story and work together not only on their relationship but also in trying to find one of Carly's troubled teens who was involved with C-22 and has run away....
  • Jennifer
    2.5 stars.I liked this one. It had some good plot development and the reader was able to find the culprit behind the crime spree in Solitude, OR. We also have some nice relationship development between Carly and Seth. They were realistic characters with believable positive and negative attributes; I couldn't help but admire them. One thing I really do appreciate about the two couples featured in this series is that there is absolutely no OP drama...
  • Ian
    The conclusion of the Rogue River series of novellas. There are four in all, two written by Kendra Elliot and two written by Melinda Leigh. They follow one story arc but from different perspectives. Kendra Elliot's two novellas follow the story of Stevie and Zane while Melinda Leigh's two novellas follow Carly and Seth. There is a little romance, perhaps enough to call these books romantic suspense, but only just. It's pretty good. I picked the v...
  • ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡
    Just letting you know before you start this series, that it REALLY ISN'T a romance. Often publishers bill books as a romance to cross categories to obtain more readers, even if the romance only includes a kiss or dating... Such as this series. This is a conglomeration of two authors writing a continuing saga in novella form about one mystery. Deaths are happening in this small town, because of the intro of a newly manufactured drug. Each author...
  • Paris (kerbytejas)
    I've just finished Walking on Her Grave (Rogue River #4) by Melinda Leigh, and despite all my hope that the series would finish with an exciting conclusion, I was disappointed. Overall I found the series of novellas neither romantic nor suspenseful. There is a main plot that is spread across all four novellas that is tied up in this installment, in a rather quick and superficial way.Out of my 4 major complaints about this series, I think my bigge...
  • Kathy Martin
    The conclusion to the Rogue River novellas was just as intense and fast-paced as the earlier stories. Carly and Seth are tentatively trying to rebuild their marriage while both are involved in trying to stop the drug problem growing in their town. This story starts with a fire. The resort started by the O'Rourkes to add to the economic stability of Solitude catches fire. Seth and Carly were fishing near by and Seth rushes in and manages to save t...
  • ♥Rachel♥
    2.5 StarsCarly and Seth have been separated for several months now over what Carly feels is overprotective behavior on Seth’s part. Carly’s job as a social worker puts her in harm’s way at times, but she wants Seth to have faith in her judgment whether she needs backup or not. Seth is trying to curtail his protective instincts to get his wife and daughter back, but that’s a little hard being a cop, and privy to what can and does go wrong....
  • Nina Silva
    This book came with the audio included on Kindle Unlimited.  I mostly used the audio version.Narrator: Kate RuddListening Length: 3 hours and 1 minuteProgram Type: AudiobookVersion: UnabridgedPublisher: Brilliance AudioNarration:  Very good narration by Kate Rudd for this audiobook.  It seems as though by book 4 the narrator was really in tune with the story and the characters.  Of the four novellas, this is her strongest performance.  The ...
  • Sometime
    A nice conclusion to this 4 part series. The mystery was well done and kept me unsure of the villain until the very end. The romance with Carly and Seth was sweet with them starting to reconcile and make the necessary sacrifices to have a happy marriage and family.
  • Christi Snow
    My Review:oooh, I think this was my favorite installment of the series, but poor Seth...the poor guy makes WAY too many ER visits in this book. But this is the final installment in the series and that means that there is LOTS of action as the suspense storyline...who is bringing drugs into Solitude, OR and killing half the town (it seems)...is finally resolved. And I have to admit, I didn't see that twist coming. This book also has the resolution...
  • Kelly at
    Review will be posted at www.books-n-kisses.com .NUMBER OF HEARTS: 5REVIEW: WOW... I was not expecting that. What you ask? Right like I am going to tell you. Why on earth would I give away anything? I want you to read this book. But if you have not started this series you have to start with book one!! I loved seeing Seth and Carly work together.Oh I am so happy and sad all at the same time. I am happy that the small Oregon town of Solitude (and ...
  • RachelW (BamaGal)
    3.5 Stars. This was a somewhat disappointing ending to an overall good series. Carly and Seth's marriage issues dragged on, and took up far too much book time; leaving the actual mystery of the drugs and murders to be tied up too quickly and not in a particularly suspenseful manner. Just kind of limped to the end. I much preferred the two books written by Kenda Elliot over the two written by Melinda Leigh.
  • Lise
    What a great twist of who done it,,,very good
  • Annette Dahl
    I'm surprised, but I did enjoy this series. Although, I found the way the series was put together different; I really didn't care for it's concept. Each book was an excellently written story. I'm pretty sure the Rogue Vows is a continuation for the Taylor sisters. However, there's not enough romance in these two authors' stories to keep me going onto the rest of the books. Besides, the fact these four novellas could have been written in one book....
  • Karsyn
    Finished ~ Walking on her Grave (Rouge River 03) by Melinda LeighCompleted 11/54 of 5 starsunknown page novellaI received this book from NetGalley for my honest review.Walking on her Grave is the fourth and final book in the new "Rouge River" series by authors Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh, a series of novellas set in small town Solitude, Oregon.My review of the other books in the series ~ On Her Father's Grave by Kendra Elliot ~ 4 starsGone to...
  • Bea Charmed
    I've been enjoying this serial from the first episode and was sad to see it end. Then I was happy to hear that the authors will be returning to this world with a new set of novellas. I like the sisters who are the focus of this series and would really love to see more. As much as I enjoyed the Rogue River books, each novella was both a separate story and part of a larger story arc and the length of the stories meant that some world building and c...
  • Alima Livzletlivz
    It looks like the town of Solitude, Oregon, may finally put the evil lurking in the dark to rest. “Walking On Her Grave” is the fourth installment, in the thrilling and suspenseful Rogue River Series, co-written by Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh.With sleepy Solitude been Ground Zero for a new drug that is taking lives of prominent citizens of the town, Carly and Seth are caught in the crossfires of danger along with Stevie and Zane as they r...
  • Natalie
    There was great satisfaction wrapping up the mystery but it was extremely anticlimatic...and this book was about Carly and Seth. Their relationship still feels unbelievable to me. I will say, though, that Carly was not as annoying as she was in the last book. For cheap little novella's this series wasn't bad. It was entertaining. I just felt like the end was kind of a cop-out. (view spoiler)[Turns out Faye and her foreman (the guy that tried to k...
  • cEe beE
    An excellent ending to an excellent series! I love the two Taylor sisters; Stevie and Carly. Although, I have a softer spot for Carly a social worker has huge empathy for others just like her mother. And as she works on her broken marriage with cop husband Seth, their story arcs connects and resonates more with me than Stevie's and Zane's. Anyway, I highly recommend this series. Great female characters, with sexy alpha male lovers who thankfully ...
  • Kira
    I received a copy of this from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.3 1/2 stars. This was a satisfying conclusion to the series. Carly and Seth were the main characters in this one. They still had relationship issues to work on, but they were getting closer. The mystery was enjoyable. The events from all four novellas were connected. I hadn't figured out who was behind all of the drama in Solitude, but I was happy that it wasn't some random...
  • NV
    GreatWonderful characters and their storyline is very entertaining reading. The series tells of problems they all of us face but maybe in not such close contact.Great conclusion to the story.
  • Debra
    This was the final book in this new series by Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh and I have enjoyed each and every book. Was kept guessing till the end, which is what I like! I received a copy of this ARC through NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.
  • Diane
    The final installment in the Rogue River series - these two authors (Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot) did a bang up job writing this series. The drug issues persist and people are still disappearing.Well worth reading!2 thumbs up and 4 solid stars.
  • Krissy
    Decent series though a bit predictable.
  • Ronald Keeler
    Walking On Her Grave by Melinda Leigh is a novel about a small town appropriately named Solitude set in sparsely populated Rogue County of Southwestern Oregon. The town is economically dominated by the O’Rourke family with their latest venture The O’Rourke Resort. The resort is under construction so there is a lot of work for skilled labor. There are many contracts that must be made with suppliers. The town is totally dependent on the O’Rou...
  • Gwen S.
    Suspicions Confirmed! 4.75*****A rising body count execution style, arson at the O’Rourke Resort, and Alex’s missing son, has led Seth and Carly to search their favorite trails, where they discovered a murdered Mike and the drug suppliers. Surviving a fiery conflict and near drowning, the two schedule a rendezvous that never occurred, which only agitated Patsy’s sixth sense further. Carly and Patsy using Seth’s GPS set out to Katelyn’s ...
  • Cari
    I just finished writing a review for Her Grave Secrets (book three) about a minute ago, so I'm going to jump back on the train of thought I had going on in that review as I sit and try to think of something to say about Walking on her Grave (the fourth and final Rogue River novella). The bottom line is that this series was just okay for me. It held my attention just enough to motivate me to continue to the next book(s) and keep me from falling as...
  • Kelly
    The mystery of who's behind the influx of drugs AND the multitude of murders in Solitude is finally revealed. But more than that, Carly and Seth are finally reaching a point where their relationship seems to be going in the right direction again.Which isn't to say things will be easy (especially with the way one and/or both of them keep ending up injured in the line of duty), but they're making strides and that's important.I guess stopping the ba...
  • N P Sanderson
    I enjoyed this whole series of four short stories and love both authors. The previous three books I read quickly and couldn't put down and was keen to read the final book to reach the conclusions and have the plot solved. However while the book stood quite well on its own and succeeded in most of its aims I found I didn't have the need to read it quickly. I struggled to understand why and can only say this. The swap between the two main couples i...