Hidden by Vannetta Chapman


Hidden—A Christian romantic suspense Home is where our story begins ... DANA JACOBS would rather forget the night of tragedy and violence that marred her childhood. She is now supervisor in charge of the Department of Homeland Security in Taos, New Mexico. Her team is prepared to handle any threat—biological, chemical, conventional, cyber, even nuclear. BENJAMIN MARSHALL is newly assigned to Dana’s office. Straight from a six year military ...

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Release DateSep 18th, 2014
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
GenreChristian Fiction, Christian, Romance, Contemporary, Suspense, Fiction

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  • Staci
    This novel was one of extremes for me.The main characters Dana and Ben were likable. Their backgrounds added to the story line. Dana's spiritual journey was credible and I enjoyed watching it unfold. The criminal and criminal acts were solid.My main concern is the romance between Dana and Ben while ultimately believable, was not so initially. Dana was Ben's boss. He was near to declaring his love for her when they first met which was when he repo...
  • Gabriellyn
    This was okay writing wise, nowhere near as good as the first book of the 'Remnant Series'. Character development and pacing was wacky-not done well at all! Dana was annoying, and Ben, while I wanted to like him, was WAY too pushy about having a relationship with Dana! I mean, seriously! Ben has this INSTANT attraction to her, like CRAZY INSTANT! Then he's all like, "yeah, well, I have a feeling she's supposed to be part of my life so I am gonna ...
  • Carole Jarvis
    Reviewed at The Power of Words: http://tinyurl.com/lrvzozfHave you ever picked up a book where the characters, steadily developing romance, plot, and setting all came together in such a way that you wanted to prolong the reading experience? That perfectly describes the way I felt about Vannetta Chapman's first romantic suspense novel, Hidden. I have long enjoyed Vannetta's Amish stories, and I'm not much of a suspense fan - so I literally found m...
  • Jaycee Weaver
    Wonderful suspense with a side of romanceAs a New Mexico girl myself, I was ecstatic to find a romantic suspense set in my home state. I haven’t spent a lot of time in the Taos area, but I knew enough about the areas she referenced that it felt familiar. The suspense itself was well written, note about the action, suspense, and finding their guy than identifying him, once he was revealed fairly quickly in. I enjoyed the push and pull between Be...
  • Vera Godley
    Favorite author, Vannetta Chapman, has now dipped her pen in the inkwell of contemporary fiction. Leaving Amish buggies behind in a cloud of New Mexico dust, she has woven a tale that moves with fascinating speed and intrigue in the dangerous world of Homeland Security.A deranged man who has brooded for decades over a perceived wrong done his family when he was a teen has created a target that has eluded the team of professionals who secure our l...
  • Nancee
    Dana Jacobs is supervisor in charge of the local Homeland Security office in Taos, New Mexico. Benjamin Marshall is the new guy in town, assigned to Dana's office after a 6-year military deployment. His charming personality rankles Dana to the core in spite of his brilliance as an explosives expert. His attraction to Dana sets her on edge, and is unwelcome. As dangerous events challenge Dana's best trained team she is forced to accept Ben's exper...
  • Sarah Ruut
    (This review was originally published at sarahruut.com.)The perfect blend of gripping suspense, tender romance and patient faith.Dana and Ben find themselves in the midst of an investigation that not only endangers their entire team and their community, but also threatens to undermine everything they have just begun. Will they be able to catch the perpetrator without losing what they hold most dear in the process? With short chapters, it should b...
  • Judy
    Wow! No Other Words Necessary!I have read all of author Vannetta Chapman’s Amish fiction books. I sit here amazed at the talent this author has. Yes, her Amish fiction books have been good but this story simply blew me away! I hated every minute that I had to put this book down. This is by far the best book I have read in a long time when it comes to suspense.Where do I start? The characters were real and vivid. The scenery that this author pai...
  • Iola
    In Hidden, Dana Jacobs manages the Taos office of the Department of Homeland Security. Her newest employee is Ben Marshall, an ex-Army explosives expert . . . which comes in handy when there’s a bomb scare at the local high school.Ben senses an immediate connection with his new boss, a knowledge that God has brought him here for a reason. That alone makes this a step above most Christian romance—the acknowledgement that God guides His childre...
  • D.J.
    Inspirational… Romantic… Suspense…Wow! That pretty much sums it up!I wish I knew how Vannetta creates and describes her characters – they’re so full of life, so bigger than life!I had barely made it into Chapter three when the descriptions I had been reading about fully enabled me to see, in my mind’s eye, the characters, office, even the file Dana was holding.Vannetta has such a marvelous way with words that it is a pleasure reading ...
  • Britney
    Vannetta Chapman wowed me with this romantic suspense! Superb imagery and intricate details pulled me right into the story and gripping suspense kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved Dana Jacobs and Ben Marshall, as well as the wonderful cast of secondary characters. A captivating storyline, coupled with heartfelt, tender romance, make Hidden a must read! I am screaming for more in the Jacobs Family Series! I received a complimentary copy of th...
  • Rachel
    This story was an abrupt change from Vannetta's Amish romances and I wasn't sure about it when I started reading. But then I was drawn into the plot of Homeland Security and the threat to Dana's life. As an animal lover, I could have done without the graphic descriptions of the bad guy slaughtering animals to leave a trail, but other than that, it was a pretty good read. I also quickly tired of Ben calling Dana 'sweetheart', I found it condescend...
  • Debbie
    Vannetta Chapman has outdone herself again!This book hit so close to home; I could relate so well to Dana's feelings about her faith status and all the questions of why. Vannetta has a wonderful ability to be able to associate to everyone's different levels of their faith and with such clarity and accuracy and does it while encompassing a great plot line.I have read every book that Vannetta Chapman has released and I will look forward to her futu...
  • Connie
    Just finished reading "Hidden" today, and it surely was different from the other books I've read by this author. Chapman does a credible job in this first book of her new series, "The Jacobs Family". The story line is full of action, and moves along quickly.I always love how she develops her characters, and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.
  • Sherry Cross
    Trouble in TaosHidden is the first in the Jacobs Family series. The storyline is plenty suspenseful but as a whole the book could have used some proofing. It appeared the author had a love affair with commas. Also there were some time lapse errors. Overall the book was well worth reading.
  • Kelly
    Brilliantly written... until the very, very end. While it was decently written and wrapped up the story nicely, it was too much of the easy way out that many Christian writers take. I definitely recommend it as a Christian suspense. I like how the mystery comes to light and if the story had ended right after they finish with the villain, I wouldn’t have felt the need to add a caveat to my first comment. I probably would’ve preferred that the ...
  • Ruth
    Attention GripingAn amazing book. True to how we feel today regarding assurance in our faith and the same questions we ask when in moments of doubt. Great thriller.
  • Holly
    Good mystery that held my interest. Christian but not preachy. Got a little tense at one point but didn't drag it out.
  • Clara M
    HiddenA very interesting storyline, in a location setting I am very familiar with, having lived, worked, and played, in New Mexico, in the same areas, for 20 years! I look forward to reading more of this series!
  • Julie Patterson
    Good bookI enjoyed this book and would like to read the rest of the series. This has a lot of suspense in the book.
  • Zebrongwing1yahoo.com
    BeautifulImpossible scenario? Vanetta Chapman made it realistic. She turned the characters into real people. I had to force myself to put this book down at night & to put it out of my thoughts during the day so I could do the things I needed to! Excellent book & the message of faith was beautifully told.
  • Karen Hutchinson
    Hard to put down!Really well written Christian romantic suspense novel. I think this was my first time to read a book by this author, but I now want to read the next in the series. Especially liked the short chapters and how the action was continuous. Would recommend to anyone who loves this genre.
  • Margaret A Register
    CompellingGreat character development and a compelling storyline drive this story straight into your heart. True romance and true suspense-- I couldn't put it down.
  • Elisabeth Turner
    Fun, Fast, FaithfilledA Christian mystery at its best--exciting, fast-paced, and suspenseful action along with spiritual insights and growth. This is a new author for me. I can't wait to read more.
  • Kim
    I received this free e-book from Amazon and I am voluntarily writing a review. Dana is the head of Homeland Security in Taos, New Mexico and Ben is the Army vet with expertise in explosives that has been assigned to their team. There is a call from the high school of a suspicious backpack left in the hallway and the team is called to action. The findings are alarming.
  • Shana
    Couldn’t put the book down!The leading characters have their own personal baggage to overcome while solving a complex terrorism. A fantastic delight. Who knew Homeland solves such intriguing mysteries?
  • roger tucker
    Suspense & Christian RomanceThis book has realistic characters & real life situations. This suspense shows team work when finding the criminal. It has a happy ending with Dana coming back to a relationship with her heavenly father and a new relationship with Ben.
  • Beth
    Good, exciting read. The ending was a bit anti-climatic, they were talking about God and ended up wishing on the stars. Hidden was very hard to put down.Good, exciting read. The ending was a bit anti-climatic, they were talking about God and ended up wishing on the stars. Hidden was very hard to put down.
  • Pam Resner
    A very fun readThe story starts off with a bang and just keeps going from there. Hard to put down and even harder to keep from picking right back up again. Loved it!
  • Trudi Robbins
    Fun, easy readI enjoyed reading this book which takes place in Northern New Mexico because that's where I live. The characters were quite believable and the plot was a good one.