The Immune System (Dewey Decimal #3) by Nathan Larson

The Immune System (Dewey Decimal #3)

The Immune System is the explosive final installment in the Dewey Decimal trilogy. Picking up months after the events of The Nervous System, Dewey finds himself running dirty operations for the crooked Senator Howard. When Dewey is tasked with disrupting unrest from a growing group of outcast civilians, and simultaneously given the assignment of protecting a pair of Saudi royals, he is forced to look within and make some impossible choices. Ultim...

Details The Immune System (Dewey Decimal #3)

TitleThe Immune System (Dewey Decimal #3)
Release DateMay 5th, 2015
PublisherAkashic Books
GenreFiction, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Thriller, Mystery, Noir

Reviews The Immune System (Dewey Decimal #3)

  • Douglas Lord
    Author Larson’s distinct, choppy style takes some getting used to, but it befits his spooky, semi-disturbed narrator, Dewey. With some sort of governmental implant in his neck, Dewey is all “[d]ark chocolate flesh pulled tight, shrouded in a trim suit, coat, and hat, Auschwitz skinny, surgical gloves, procedure mask, etc., anywhere from thirty-five to fifty….” Despite, or maybe due to, his former life as a black-ops type, Dewey is as “m...
  • Tuck
    third installment of dewey decimal, hired enforcer for a corrupt politico, lives in nypl (after the shit goes down) main branch and is re-classing all the books during his spare time, defender of the downtrodden. i think readers familiar with nyc probably can get the most from these gritty urban dystopian mystery thrillers, as author minutely describes the buildings, neighborhoods and streets of the future, wrecked, but re-building manhattan and ...
  • Killer Nashville
    I love dystopian fiction. The Handmaid’s Tale, I Am Legend, Divergent, it’s all good stuff. The Immune System by Nathan Larson provides the creepiest image of a fallen society out of everything I’ve read of the genre to date: the main branch of the New York Public Library with its “damp marble stairs”, “dead computer monitors”, its bathroom sinks “overflowing with musty river water.” Larson’s main character, Dewey Decimal, can...
  • David Ketelsen
    I received a free copy of this book from LibraryThing.Nathan Larson does an amazing job of creating an original noir detective character, the self-named Dewey Decimal, in a future dystopian setting. Dewey is a former soldier that was recruited for a private paramilitary force that later opted out---and survived, against all odds. Now he's a low level and somewhat disposable fixer for a NYC politician and he tidies up the NYC library as a hobby to...
  • Jim
    Dewey Decimal, the hero of The Immune System is a stone-cold killer with a soft spot for people in a jam. He’s OCD, prone to seizures and lives in a secret chamber in the New York Public Library…. two years after the Valentine Occurrence wiped out all but one of Manhattan’s bridges and turned the island into a feudal war zone. Part Warriors part Third Man, The Immune System is fast-paced novel with a hero whose lips are always a step ahead ...
  • Jeff Miller
    Solid series set in dystopian New York. Larson’s version of NY is dynamic and interesting. The “hero” of the series has too many issues to list. I really liked how he was developed. Definitely recommend this series. Larson keeps the action intense until the very end. Well done.
  • Nikki
    Got bored, too much of the same thing over and over. But the last third of the book was good and I really like how it ended
  • Teresa
    THE IMMUNE SYSTEM is the third in the Dewey Decimal series by Nthan Larson. For those of you who've never read this series before, I have to warn ou there is cussing with a few racial slurs throughout the story. That being said, I enjoyed reading this story and although I'd never read the rest of the series, had no trouble following this one. The one thing I really didn't care for is the ending. Dewey Decimal lives in a library spending his time...
  • Sally J.
    My first impression of the third installment of the Dewey Decimal series by Nathan Larson gives me a feel like the classic A Clockwork Orange. The main character Dewey is fighting a battle between being controlled and being independent. Larson's brilliant, inventive writing takes the reader on a wonderful adventure. Detective Dewey Decimal is a multi-dimensional character who is intriguing at first and then grows to be considered a hero with a he...
  • Bryan Hall
    A strong ending to the trilogy, filling in some of Dewey Decimal's backstory that he himself hadn't been able to remember. In all, the series provides a suitable noir hero for the 21st century, carrying on the traditions of Hammett's and Chandler's great detectives but with a modern feel and sensibility.
  • BlackOxford
    Dystopian noir at its best.
  • Electric
    Satisfying conclusion to the series but a less satisfying stand-alone story than the other two books in the series.