Overflow (Carpino, #1) by Brynne Asher

Overflow (Carpino, #1)

Gabrielle Carpino has forced herself to move through the motions of life over the past few years since tragedy touched her family. Closing herself off from living her life and refusing to look in the future has become her norm...that is until one day at a clients home where she's thrown into a tailspin of craziness! Gabby's awakening begins as she is cuffed and patted down by Special Agent Jude Ortiz, with his dark chocolate eyes and a commanding...

Details Overflow (Carpino, #1)

TitleOverflow (Carpino, #1)
Release DateAug 28th, 2014
PublisherBrynne Asher
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

Reviews Overflow (Carpino, #1)

  • Mindy Lou's Book Review
    2nd Read: This was just as good the second time. Man do I love Jude!1st Read: I got a big ol shove to the shoulders to read this book ASAP and now I gotta go say they were right. :) I loved this book! I'm thrilled when I find a book with my type of Hero and Jude was pretty darn perfect in my eyes. He's the strong silent type as well as dominant, bossy and protective. I loved that the author paired him with Gabby. She was very girly, but not in an...
  • Victoria
    4.25+ RATING- I saw some chatter on GR about this book having a Kristen Ashley feel to it and had to give it a shot! Glad I did! I definitely get the KA feel and inspiration but think the book stands on its own as a great, guilty pleasure read and a solid debut! The writing was good, the steamy parts sexy, the characters likable. Sexy ass Jude is going on my best boyfriend list! He is my favorite type of hero, alpha and bossy but kind as well. Di...
  • SamJ ★Needs a HEA★
    Check out this and my other reviews at My Blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and PinterestCopy received by author in exchange for an honest review★Book Basics★ Genre : - Cont Romance Series : - 1st in the series Love triangle? - (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)] Cheating? - (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)] HEA? - (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)] Would I read more by this author/or in this series? - yes Rating - 4 stars★Review★I ha...
  • Sabrina
    NOW LIVE!US: https://amzn.to/2J76DwiUK: https://amzn.to/2pUq5U3
  • NMmomof4
    3 StarsOverall Opinion: This was alright. I get that the h was a decorator, but my gosh I don't need to read paragraph after paragraph of decor descriptions!! That kind of ruined the story for me. It also was a lot going on. The drama kept on coming! I felt like it was part of why they connected so quickly, but I also felt like it was a little OTT at times too. I've read the other 2 books in the series, and I think I've liked the 3rd book the bes...
  • ~Nichole~ Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews
    Sizzling Pages Romance ReviewsNichole's Sizzling Reviews Sizzling Pages @ FacebookSizling Pages on TSU Twitter:@SizzlingpagesEmail: sizzlingpages@gmail.comI'm so happy I went in blind on this. Sometimes the most beautiful gifts are the unexpected ones. I may have passed on this if I had known a few things but in all honesty I'm so very glad I didn't. I loved the writing style, the witty humorous banter and the sweetest sexy romance I've read in ...
  • Barbara➰
    I've been wanting to read this for some time but due to the fact it had one of the things I usually avoid at all costs, I'd been putting it off. I decided to step out of my comfort zone a bit and give it a try.I loved both mc's. Jude was that hot, possessive and bossy hero I love. And Gabby was the sweet heroine I like who, well, gabbed too much. I thought they were great together.This would have been a 5 star read for me but, even though I knew ...
  • Sarah
    4 stars of goodness...Like another reviewer, I'm glad I didn't know certain aspects of this book before I started reading because knowing me, I would have passed on it and missed out on a really good book.I enjoyed Overflow a lot. Yes it was a bit descriptive at times but that was easily overlooked by the wonderful way the author told the story. And what a story! I was gripped from the get-go. I loved all the secondary characters and can not wait...
  • Kate's Corner
    When I first picked this up and read the sample I noticed some similarities with another author so in all honesty I put the book down and thought PANTS, this cannot be happening. So in my mind I had decided to not bother and knowing that I am a bit of an oddball I decided to try again. I have done this with a lot of books and one where I gave it a low rating and I felt really bad so I read it again and ate crow and loved it. Giving it a solid 3.5...
  • Paganalexandria
    Decorator Gabby Carpino and FBI Special Agent Jude Ortiz are introduced in a meet-cute worthy of a Stephanie Plum novel . From the beginning he breaks rules, skips steps to both protect, and get closer this adorable heroine that comes attached with a large Italian family.The Good:1. Fans of the Kristen Ashley formula of supergirly heroines, and the alphas that love them should like this.2. The Carpino family members add instead of distract from ...
  • SB*needs low angst books*
    I read this one a long time ago but I didn't mark it read.The heroine Gabby(Gabrielle) meets the hero Jude when he busts her friend's husband and her friend for some illegal misdeeds. They feel the connection and the Jude wants to pursue a relationship while Gabby is scared to due to a previously bad relationship. There is also the added story of her being caught up in a case he is working on.I will say this isn't a bad book but for me there was ...
  • Val ⚓️ Shameless, Skanky, and B*tchy ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    3-3.5 Stars
  • Raine
    Awesome first book to this series!!!I read this book because there were many reviews of how similar Ms. Asher's writing is to Kristen Ashley, but I think it is more 'KA lite' with a twist of her own flair. If I did base all my reviews off KA books all my other book reviews probably wouldn't make it past 3 stars, but this book had enough of that sexy alpha male, romance, suspense and tragedy that really kept my attention throughout the entire book...
  • Stacey is Sassy
    Loved the characters...I found this story almost perfect for me. My only niggle was that I thought it was way too descriptive in the first quarter of the book. The home renovations and decorations were described a little too thoroughly.Loved all the characters and Gabby's extended family were so loving and supportive. A great connection between Jude and Gabby that didn't feel forced or OTT. Lots of sexy times with a hot and bossy Jude knowing wha...
  • Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews ❤️
    4 Fun Stars! Gabrielle Carpino, an interior decorator is innocently dropping off a thank you gift to her friend and client upon completion of a remodel when the FBI raids the house, and Gabby is handcuffed in the shuffle for questioning. Gabby immediately calls her cousin Tony Carpino (a lawyer), and that’s when we get to know snarky, stubborn, fun, gun toting Gabby. FBI Special Agent Jude Ortiz, who pats her down is treating her….differently...
  • Ivy Deluca
    Gabi meets Jude while she’s visiting her friend/client, whose home is being raided by the FBI. Sparks fly while he frisks her(!) and then, romance.The Good, The Bad and Everything In Between-Kindle Unlimited book: love being able to take advantage of this program and try out new authors.-comfort read: it’s a bit formulaic, but I like this particular formula. Hot alpha male meets spunky yet emotionally fragile heroine and they save each other....
  • Helen
    This book had a nice KA vibe, without being a complete rip off.The heroine meets the Hero, whilst she is seeing a client ( she's a decorator ),and there is a police raid on the house. The Hero is a FBI agent present , and he basically never leaves.Even though dramatic events unfold in the story, it is relatively low angst, which sometimes is a relief. I liked that the Hero just calmly inserted himself into her life , knew what he wanted and consi...
  • Dyndyn
    4-4.5 stars! This was a really enjoyable read. It's true what they say, this has a KA vibe and I liked it a lot. It feels KA inspired but the author still managed to keep her own voice and individuality. It's quite a good debut novel and I'm glad I went for it. Gabby and Jude met under unusual circumstances. He felt her up, patted her down and cuffed her when she was caught up in a raid at a friend's house. Her, being the house decorator and him,...
  • Bev
    I borrowed this through KU after seeing it recommended on the KA group and am so glad I did. It's just like vintage KA, perfect :) THE GOODI really enjoyed it, loved both characters and story with a little suspense. Jude is a hot, bossy alpha without taking it to extremes (the beat his chest and being an arsehole type that he so wasn't). He is just plain yummy. Gabby is how a heroine should be written, strong, balanced, loving, considerate and un...
  • Shannon Gorilla McGee Winston
    I'm giving this a 3 star rating, but if it had had some polishing done to it, it could have been a 4. There were repetitive phrases and more details about chandeliers and countertops than about actual relationship-building between the M/C' s. Also, the author did a lot of "flashback" stuff that made the flow weird. The heroine would be talking to a friend, then internally back the story up a few days, then bring us back to the present conversatio...
  • Jacqueline
    3.5 'supermarket own brand Kristen Ashley vibe' about it stars. The narrative, the warm humour, the kookie yet cute female lead along with a over-protective alpha who needs to rescue his woman from various dramatic situations were all present and really well written. Some of the time, I could've happily convinced myself I was reading an undiscovered Rock Chick or mountain man book. It wasn't quite the same, this was its own story, but the vibe I ...
  • Emily
    Gabrielle Carpino should be reveling in the praise of her newly finished project she did for her best friends laundry room, instead she is frisked, cuffed, and mildly attracted to the man wearing the FBI vest. Agent Jude Ortiz doesn't quite know what to make about the sassy minx who has captured his interest. He knows she had no idea of the illegal activities surrounding her. When Jude finds out that Gabrielle could be the next target, he is by h...
  • Laylaw
    4 solid Gabba Gabba stars! This was a really enjoyable read. There were some issues with editing but nothing to through me off track. The story started off right away and hooks you. As you see in other reviews it does have a KA feel to it, but it has its own legs to stand on. Gabby finds herself at the wrong place and the wrong time getting herself questioned by the FBI/ and ATF during a raid. Gabby throws her attitude and gets herself noticed by...
  • Angie H.
    Great read! I look forward to reading about the other family members.
  • Hollie
    I think this book did have potential, but a few things kept me from really enjoying this book. Here is my breakdown:~2.5 stars~The pros:* It was offered as a kindleulimited* The hero was devoted to the heroine throughout * No cliffhanger and a good epilogueThe cons:* It had a horrible insta-love feel to it - I really wish the relationship between the hero and heroine had been more developed - it just felt way to instantaneous and never really gen...
  • MelissaB
    This was a decent contemporary romance that borrows heavily from Kristen Ashley's writing style but not quite as well as she does it. There heroine came off kind of ditzy when the author was going for feminine and super girly. My biggest issues was all the !!!! exclamation points all through the dialogue and inner thoughts, it came off as overly happy and made the characters sound immature. It was still an enjoyable read overall though, I hope th...
  • KathyB
    This story was entertaining and really easy to enjoy. It starts out with a funny and dramatic meeting between the main characters (Gabby and Jude), and the attraction between the two is hot. Gabby is quirky and beautiful, with just enough sass to hold her own. Jude is awesome, a complete sexy alpha package. He’s bossy and protective, but doesn’t come off like an overbearing ass. There were so many sweet moments and I loved seeing how crazy Ju...
  • Susan
    Oh boy what a bookglad to find this author. her writing reminds me of Kristen Ashley and this is her first book. Can't wait for more. perfect alphabet H and sassy h. if you enjoyed the Rock Chicks give this one a try. contains it all. laughter tears mystery and lots of love.
  • Courtney
    This author is definitely paying homage to Kristen Ashley, I would call this Kristen Ashley light. All and all a low angst sweet romance with a few predictable and quickly resolved dramas thrown in.
  • Jackie Kiwibooknerd
    This book right here.....this is why I read!!!! I cannot believe I had not heard of this author before, because she writes perfectly, and this story after being in a bit of a book slump restored my faith in the written word.I cannot recommend this book enough....The hero Jude was all types of Bossy Alpha. The heroine, was sassy, smart mouthed, kick ass and fantastic. Everything about this book including all the characters in the Carpino family th...