Too Close to Me by Dave Pelzer

Too Close to Me

In the blockbuster autobiography "A Child Called It ," Dave Pelzer shared the story of his childhood one of the most dramatic and extreme stories of child abuse ever prosecuted in the state of California. As a child, Pelzer was beaten, starved, and abused both emotionally and physically by his alcoholic and mentally unstable mother. As a man, Pelzer went on to have love, happiness, a fulfilling career, and his own family.To many, Pelzer seemed to...

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TitleToo Close to Me
Release DateSep 1st, 2014
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews Too Close to Me

  • Ubiquitousbastard
    Okay, so I really have mixed feelings on this one. And (I guess in the same vein as the author) I feel bad about some of my thoughts.What stuck out to me the most was the extreme black and white mentality throughout the book. Yes, there are good and bad parts of life but "evil" and "good" are words thrown around like I'm in a comic book. Even when Pelzer describes his Mother (not even going to mention the irritation I accumulated with the constan...
  • Kelley
    As a survivor of child abuse who is now middle-aged, I hoped that this book would give insights to help me continue on my personal journey of continued growth and healing. At first, I wasn't sure I could continue reading this book. Its beginning and middle were extremely frustrating for me, as Dave kept giving more and more to everyone....feeling responsible for everyone's feelings and continuing to place so much of the blame on himself. The end,...
  • Margie
    This is not a book that is pleasant to read. What Dave went through as a child from his mother and having his father ignore what was happening, is terrible. It left him with lasting trauma but it made him into a caring person who wanted to help others, even though it hurt his marriages and parts of his life.
  • Ginae B.
    If you've read, A Child Called "It," then, you want closure. You want to know how author Dave Pelzer fared as an adult, considering the childhood hell that he survived and while there were other Dave Pelzer books between, "It," and Too Close to Me, this is the one that gave us what we needed.However, we had to read the first 16 chapters to get this closure.The last two sentences of chapter 16 read thusly;I shuddered from the realization that all ...
  • Carol
    Pen to paper, revealing one's abused childhood can be cathartic and healing. An act of courage, revealing family secrets and facing repercussions for dragging skeletons out of the closet. Yes, David was horribly abused, but "luckily" was saved/removed from abusers in the 5th grade. His story is not all that unique/shocking, as child abuse is rampant in the US. As an adult he tried to outrun his past by being the best he could become, frantically ...
  • Martha
    I had read many of this author's other works and was curious how he was doing now. As anyone would after his traumatic life, he struggles and has terrible dreams and flashbacks. I was happy to see he has found some peace and happiness. That is all any of us seek and deserve. I am still appalled at his horrible abuse and I can't fathom how he can even have the kindness to pray for those who tortured him. The chapter where he visited the injured Ma...
  • Suzanne
    I won this book from Goodreads for an honest review. This is the fifth book Mr. Pelzer has written. David Pelzer was emotionally and physically abused for years as a child. This abuse took a great toll on his childhood and adult life. Three marriages, two divorces, and one wonderful son. This book is disturbing and gloomy. I wasn't going to finish. I felt much better for Mr. Pelzer's welfare after reading the chapter Reconcile and the Epilogue. M...
  • Gale
    If I rate on my respect forDave Pelzer, there will never be enough stars. I appreciate his self-discovery here and commend him for it, wishing him only the very best of life. Though I gave his other books 5 stars, I did not rate this book as high since I see it's value more as self-worth and self-discovery and how to use what he learned as a middle-aged adult rather than as literature for others.
  • Denise
    An interesting motivational book. Makes me want to read his first book. Not sure I agree with all that he professes, but then it works for him. It shows how we all need to choose our own paths, and ultimately be accountable just to ourselves.
  • Rachel Devlin
    I have read all of Daves other books and must say that this book brings them all together. His struggles, his accomplishments, and finally some sort of peace that will last the remainder of his days. I thank you for your contribution to the world Dave.
  • Tracy Morton
    This book was ok. Some of it seemed rather slow and a few parts a bit repetitive. Towards the end I found myself skimming through pages a bit.
  • Skyler Stamper
    Great Read!This will conclude his other books in a great way! I hope everyone reads these books eventually! God bless everyone!
  • Tracy
    Never going to forget meeting this man, and hope he continues to find peace.
  • Melodi Daniel
    Awesome bookAnother heart wrenching story, hard to put down. As a grown man, he appears to finally conquer his life and relax enough to finally enjoy life.
  • Debbie Sullivan
    How this man is able to function after what he endured is a mystery to me. What an inspiration he is to anyone facing adversity.
  • Yvette Calleiro
    I read the first three books by Dave Pelzer years ago, so when my friend met him and received this book, I immediately stole it from him so that I could read it. This book had more of a reflective feel, which makes perfect sense since Mr. Pelzer is now older and has a better grasp of his life and the actions that he has taken over the past decades. It wasn't as riveting as the other books, but I still felt it was worth the read. Life for Mr. Pelz...
  • Lisa
    I've read most of Pelzer's books, and I've read them all the same way: voraciously--both as a fellow survivor of childhood abuse (but never on the level that he endured) and as a teacher (mandated reporter) of young children. Pelzer not only tells a completely compelling and engrossing true story but has gone on to be an inspiration to others, selflessly (sometimes too selflessly) helping survivors of abuse, inspiring teachers and others to brave...
  • Bobbi
    still reading but like the other books one of the best but wish it would not keep going back to things that you said before in other books. i love the redemption chapter when you went visit our men and women of our great military who served but sadly in medical centers for variety of reasons. i still love your books dave
  • Jennifer Reynolds
    Dave Pelzer and his life never cease to amaze me. Always brought to tears reading of the horrible childhood he had to endure but he is definitely a testament to what God can do in your life. For a person to endure and forgive is a beautiful think. Let me forgive others of their trespasses as you have forgiven me of my trespasses. Keep doing God's work Dave!
  • Liz
    David Pelzer continues to inspire Combining a synopsis of the first 3 books and current events and feelings was a great idea for this story. Told in a way that if you haven't read the first 3 you have a solid idea of his childhood and the others will fall right behind.
  • Renee bonner
    I want to read
  • Kim
    Having read the first two books written by the author, I was excited to receive this book as a prize from a giveaway at Goodreads. Though I was familiar with the author's childhood through his previous works, this book also presented the history of his family and the abuse without reliving the entirety of what he went through as a child. It was revisited in certain sections of the author's story when necessary, but the book wasn't so much about a...