The Price of Valour (The Shadow Campaigns, #3) by Django Wexler

The Price of Valour (The Shadow Campaigns, #3)

In the latest Shadow Campaigns novel, Django Wexler continues his “epic fantasy of military might and magical conflict”* following The Shadow Throne and The Thousand Names, as the realm of Vordan faces imminent threats from without and within.In the wake of the King’s death, war has come to Vordan.The Deputies-General has precarious control of the city, but it is led by a zealot who sees traitors in every shadow. Executions have become a gr...

Details The Price of Valour (The Shadow Campaigns, #3)

TitleThe Price of Valour (The Shadow Campaigns, #3)
Release DateJul 9th, 2015
PublisherDel Rey
GenreFantasy, Epic Fantasy, Fiction, War, Military Fiction

Reviews The Price of Valour (The Shadow Campaigns, #3)

  • Petrik
    4.5/5 StarsDjango Wexler brings balance to the force.In the acknowledgments section of the book, Django stated that this is the first book that he wrote after having heard the response to his previous volumes; contrary to The Shadow Throne, which was almost completed already before The Thousand Names publication. This is also why this book is another great addition to the series.The Price of Valor is a wonderful balance that resulted from the sto...
  • Mary ~Ravager of Tomes~
    WHEW!What. A. Ride.Well, I think it's safe to say this is turning out to be one of my all-time favorite series.I'm 10000% engaged with every single aspect of The Shadow Campaigns. The politics are intriguing & elaborate with elements that continuously surprise me. The characters are teeming with individuality & complexity; they seem so real that at times I'm taken aback by how acutely I feel my emotions for them.The perspectives seamlessly interl...
  • Django Wexler
    It's the day before the release, so I feel like I should put something here! I hope everyone has as much fun reading the book as I had writing it.
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Price of Valor is the third book of The Shadow Campaigns, of which five books have been planned so we are officially now past the half-way point. An epic fantasy series is often at its most precarious when we get to this tricky place between the introduction and the ending, where arguably the best action and excitement is usually packed. However, it appears Django Wex...
  • Haïfa
    You can find this review and more at Booksprens.The Price of Valor finally achieved what its predecessors failed to attain: the perfect balance between military and politics. Some loose threads are being tied up at last and found their place in the bigger picture. That being said, I sadly struggled during at least the first third of the book. TPoV started with a battle. Given the minimalistic context and an ever growing number of new battalions a...
  • Jody
    "The perfect victory is the battle that is decided before it is even fought, and therefore never needs to be fought at all." The Price of Valor is the third book in Django Wexler's The Shadow Campaigns series, and my favorite book so far. Everything that the first two books have been leading up to is finally in full swing. I was so close to giving books 1 and 2 the full five stars, but there were minor issues that kept me from placing them on th...
  • Rob
    Executive Summary: This book combines the excellent military action of the first book with the political intrigue of the second book, making it the best book yet.Audio book: Richard Poe once again does an excellent job. He makes waiting the few extra days for Audible/Recorded Books to get their act together so I can buy it worth it. :) Full Review My review for The Shadow Throne is easily my best, and most popular. I'll likely never top it. Thank...
  • Aristea
    I just loved it. Reading this book around women's day helps in celebrating women; and I just loved it. I wanted to be part of the Girl's Own right there! I cannot wait to start book 4!
  • Daniel
    3.5/5Što se stila pisanja, akcije, likova kao i samog tempa priče tiče sve je na nivou prethodnih knjiga. Znači na vrhinskom nivou. Lagano štivo koje prosto vuče za dalje čitanje bez dosadnih delova ili nepotrebne ekspozicije.Ono što mi baš nije leglo prosto osećaj da se gosn. Veksler suviše opustio u ovom svetu pošto generalno slabo šta novog se desilu u ovoj knjizi sem u poslednjih 50 do 100 strana. Mislim ima većih događaja i na...
  • Manju
    I was disappointed in book 2 but this book has restored my faith in this series and Mr. Wexler. Unlike second book which concentrated on politics of Vordan, this book was a perfect blend of battle, magic and politics. And I enjoyed every moment of it.Marcus and Raesinia stay back in Vordan while Winter is once again on the war front with Janus. She has her own regiment now and she is promoted to a new rank. She wins some great battles and respect...
  • Dan
    This book felt like the nerve-wrecking pay off for the oft-slow second book and oh my, what a pay off it was! I believe this one was even better than the first book, everything just came together in the best kind of ways. It felt, in many ways, like the conclusion of a big part of this story, putting all the characters in the right place for the explosive next part of it. I believe the stakes will feel bigger from now on and it's completely earne...
  • Michael Fletcher
    This series just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait for The Guns of Empire!
  • Freakout
    Excellent!!! This books just keeps getting better and better. Highly recommended !!!
  • Mark
    I think the 5stars, says it all.
  • Jenna Kathleen
    I finally got my guillotine in the form of a "merciful" spike to the heart!The action of The Price of Valour starts much faster than the second book and we are right away thrown into the action. I loved that we got the best of both settings of book one and two: a military campaign led by the ever mysterious Janus, and political conflict with Raesinia and Marcus forming a fantastic partnership.I hated Jane. I was really hoping (view spoiler)[she w...
  • Jack +Books & Bourbon+
    Been a long time since I've written a GR review, but this book warrants one. Seriously, I'm glad to see the number of positive reviews out there, because at times I think that Mr. Wexler is writing this series just for me...Let me caveat that statement. I was weaned on fantasy at a young age, first with Tolkien (naturally), and then branching out into the myriad options that were available in the 80's and 90's. And while I have an ingrained appre...
  • Stefan Bach
    Zašto šah nikada nije izgledao ovako zabavno? Treća knjiga u serijalu i Vekslerova "Oluja Mačeva", "Republika Lopova" ili njegov "Sunčani Rat"; dakle najbolja knjiga u još-uvek-nezavršenom kvintetu. Spoj krvave militaristike iz prve knjige i politike, intriga i špijunaže iz drugog dela. Da nisam toliko pristrasan i zaljubljen u "Hroniku o Kraljoubici" rekao bih da je Rotfusov debi serijal inferioran u odnosu na Vekslerov, ali strpiću se...
  • Skylar Phelps
    4.0 Stars :)A definite improvement from book two. I hesitate to say it’s as good as The Thousand Names but there was a lot to like about this one.Muskets and magic, what an explosively fun combo!
  • Geoff
    The 3rd entry in The Shadow Campaigns is back to the quality of the first book, in my opinion. I'm pretty sure every review mentions this, but Wexler really nailed the mix between the military campaign (with Winter & Janus) and the Vordan political situation (with Marcus & Raes) in The Price of Valor.I really like Winter's devotion to her regiment, her friends and the campaign. I think there are a lot of ways that Winter could be a bad character,...
  • Scott
    Damn, this series just continues to amaze and entertain. This was probably the best of the three so far, but it definitely could have benefited from more editing (or just a better editor.) For such an amazing story, it was frustrating to get taken out of it by mistakes. Other than that, I have absolutely no complaints. I continue to love watching Winter make her way through this world and she came across some interesting challenges. The enigma of...
  • Kristobelle
    It's 5am and I just finished The Price of Valour .. So, you work it out.. I rarely read for 6 hours straight, so Wexler must've been doing something right! I'd review this a little more succinctly but, being 5 am and all.. I have the eye strength of a 2 hour old kitten... So, this is what you get:If you love flintlock fantasy that has fully rendered characters with continuous development, relationships that ring true (cause unless there is a sens...
  • Tani
    I am completely in love with this series. I will admit that right from the start. I love all of the amazing women that Django Wexler writes in his books. I love the complex moral situations. I love the magic of demons, and I love the creepy power of the Penitent Damned. I love the battles and the strategy and how I can follow it with just as much interest as I do the characters. I love Winter and Raesinia and Cyte and Abby and Jane and even Marcu...
  • Liviu
    weakest of the 3 installments so far as it is a clear transition books covering needed events and bringing only relatively little new - though the ending is excellent and promises much for the last 2 volumes - but the main characters (Winter, Marcus, Raesinia) still shine, Janus is still mysterious and the bad guys are as before, while the writing kept me turning the pages till the endoverall - while not quite as good as the first two, still very...
  • Suzanne
    This was really an enjoyable entry in the series, combining the political machinations of the second book with the battles of the first. Oh yeah, and there is magic, specifically demons. I hated some characters (one in particular), loved some, and still am wondering about one. Anyway, a great book and I highly recommend it. I'm excited to see where it will go.
  • Blodeuedd Finland
    Hmm *reading the review of book 2* It seems I have the same issues with this one as I had with book 2. There I wanted it to be all war and camp, and yes the good parts here were war and camp. That is what he does best.The parts with Winter were the best parts. She were leading the troops, marching, camping, dealing with issues since they now have the Girl's Own company and that brings out a lot of tensions. There are skirmishes and battles along ...
  • Nico
    The third book in The Shadow Campaigns was more to my liking than the second book, where the political intrigues in the capital were the main story. Now we finally get back to the great battles I liked from the first books. Very well described and action packed fights. As a back story a small detective plot to get a glimpse of what's happening in Vordan city, though I kind of didn't really care about the Marcus/Raesinia storyline it was quite enj...
  • Scott Hitchcock
    Another good book in the series. It did bog down a lot between after a good opening in the first half. A lot of the climaxes also seemed rushed and finished up in a couple of paragraphs. The ending was quite satisfying and not rushed with a good twist in the epilogue to setup future events.
  • Daniel Millard
    Ok, I think I'm done with this series, for better or for worse.I made it about a third of the way through The Price of Valor as a dedicated, line-for-line read, before I got irritated enough to switch to skimming and relying on synopses to guide me through what I wanted to read.My high level view of this series is that it falls frustratingly short of what I wanted it to be. Wexler's knowledge and appreciation of warfare in the age of musketry is ...
  • Jaclyn
    The Price of Valor is the third book in Wexler’s Shadow Campaigns series and it doesn’t disappoint. In fact, I’m left wondering how a book that is so long (512 pages) can leave me with so many questions and have me anxiously awaiting the next book. It is absolutely masterful how the author creates and sustains an action-packed plot and balances it will truly compelling characters.The Price of Valor picks up directly after the events of The...