Somewhere Inside of Happy by Anna McPartlin

Somewhere Inside of Happy

'And just like that my boy was gone.'Maisie Brennan is standing on a podium on the twentieth anniversary of the death of her son, trying to find the first breath that will help her start talking to a room full of strangers. A daunting task at the best of times, but she's also menopausal and one hot flush away from totally losing it.But as Maisie begins her story, she soon relaxes and word by word disappears into her past, back to 1st January 1995...

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TitleSomewhere Inside of Happy
Release DateNov 5th, 2015
PublisherTransworld Ireland
GenreFiction, Contemporary

Reviews Somewhere Inside of Happy

  • Trish at Between My Lines
    This review was originally posted on [Between My Lines]Green Giants is my feature where I share some of my favourite books by Irish Authors.   I’m passionate about Irish Authors, they supply us with an entertaining and exciting mix of books, hopefully you will find something new to try.  Today I’m featuring Anna McPartlin who mixes up funny and heartfelt with aplomb.   It has been a few years since I read a book by Anna McPartlin and I ...
  • Anne
    There are some books that take some time to really engage with, you need to learn a little about the characters and the plot before you can fully immerse yourself into the story. There are other books that totally embrace you immediately. Somewhere Inside of Happy is one of those books. I read the prologue and was instantly a fan of the lead character Maisie Bean Brennan. Those few opening pages are exquisite, they are the hook that snares you, a...
  • Book.Journalism
    Ich weiß gar nicht was ich sagen soll, außer das ich geheult habe wie ein Schlosshund.Das Schicksal von Maisie und Jeremy ist unglaublich und es macht mich wütend, weil ich weiß, dass es in der Realität oft genau so ist.Oft werden Schwule verteufelt und das ohne Grund. Egal ob schwul, lesbisch, bi oder hetero... wir sind alle Menschen. Vielleicht sollte dieses Buch mal in Schulen durchgesprochen werden um die Augen zu öffnen.Ich werde es au...
  • Tracy Fenton
    Another wonderful book by Anna McPartlin. She writes with such humour and warmth that you feel all the emotions the wonderful Bean family are going through. Full of fabulous characters with a storyline etched in sadness and a thought provoking message.
  • Emma Crowley
    Ten years ago when I read Anna McPartlin's début novel Pack Up the Moon I remember thinking here is an author with real talent with plenty of excellent books to come in the future. This was clearly shown with Anna's remarkable release last year The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes. When I started that book I was extremely wary as I thought the book was going to be a very hard read full of doom and gloom considering the subject matter. In fact it turned...
  • Rebecca
    Originally reviewed on Becca's Books.Wow. Right now, that's all I can think to say. Wow. This was absolutely stunning.I was blown away by Anna McPartlin's The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes. I'm talking huge, gulping sobs that lasted for what seemed like an eternity. So, when I was offered the chance to read an eBook of her latest novel, Somewhere Inside of Happy, I couldn't say yes quick enough. The blurb reeled me in right away and I just adored the...
  • Aishling Murphy
    Somewhere inside of Happy was a very enjoyable read,some funny moments but also a lot of sad ones. A heart wrenching story about Maisie Bean a mother of two who has survived so much from her abusive husband, And just as things start to feel somewhat normal to Maisie her son of sixteen goes missing and like all mothers she fights to the end. This book takes you on a journey of hope and heartbreak but it's a book well worth reading.. I so enjoyed i...
  • Lucie
    Those feels, oh, those feels! Anna McPartlin created characters you simply have to love - they're so real, full of life and they struggle with hardships with all their might. I couldn't believe how well the author managed to balance all the levels of this story - it's touching, sad, romantic, bitter, hilarious all at once. And the prose is so readable and feels so effortless! I guarantee you won't regret reading this gem.
  • Lainy
    Time taken to read - 2 daysPages - 427Publisher - Black SwanBlurb from GoodreadsMaisie Bean is a fighter. A survivor. Seventeen years ago, she went on a first date that went so badly it was enough to put the girl off chips. The marriage that followed was hell but it gave her two children: funny, caring Jeremy and bullish but brilliant Valerie.Just as it seems everything might finally start going right, sixteen-year-old Jeremy goes missing. The po...
  • Sandra Danby
    Yet again, Irish author Anna McPartlin tackles difficult issues. Grief - as in the superb ‘The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes’ - dementia and homophobia. And there is laughter and tears. It is a thoughtful book with strongly drawn characters, Irish humour and a fair amount of ripe language. It is the story of Maisie Bean, a single mother who has fought bravely to escape a violent husband and raise her two children, Jeremy and Valerie. The story st...
  • Sharon
    This was a strange one. If there was a 3 1/2 stars then I would have probably chosen it! I upped it to 4 purely for the ending! We meet Maisie who is looking after her two children and her old mother who suffers from Alzheimers. She was a battered wife many years ago until she plucked up the courage to leave her husband. Maisie's life is hard. She struggles to bring up her children on her own and care for her mother. Her elder son Jeremy helps he...
  • Les lectures de Dobby
    Juste : WAHOU.Je crois que je ne pourrais jamais être déçue par Anna McPartlin. Ce roman est totalement différent de ses autres écrits, pour son côté thriller. Qu'est ce que c'est addictif ! Je l'ai fini en quelques heures, totalement transportée par l'histoire des personnages et le suspens juste insoutenable.Et, le meilleur, la morale de l'histoire qui est juste magnifique. Je ne m'y attendais pas et c'est le genre de sujet qui me touche...
  • Annika
    4,5 Sterne 🌟
  • Agi
    The first book that I read in 2015 was Anna McPartlin’s „The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes” and believe me, I have never forgotten this novel. It made such an impression on me that I couldn’t stop talking about it every time when I had a chance, and I kept my eyes peeled for Anna’s next release. When my review copy of „Somewhere Inside of Happy” arrived I couldn’t stop admiring this book’s cover – it’s in a rather unusual yellow...
  • Sina
    Maisie Bean hat eine schreckliche Ehe hinter sich. Gewalt und Demütigung lag an der Tagesordnung. Doch sie konnte sich aus der Ehe retten und führt nun zusammen mit ihren beiden Kinder Jeremy und Valerie sowie ihrer demenzkranken Mutter Bridie ein neues Leben. Maisie müht sich ab, die Familie mit zwei Jobs und der Pflege der Mutter am Laufen zu halten. Sie hat Hilfe durch ihren Sohn Jeremy, der mit seinen 16 Jahren schon sehr erwachsen zu sein...
  • Ela
    Nach dem emotionalen Buch „Die letzten Tage von Rabbit Hayes“ habe ich mich sehr auf den neuen Roman der irischen Autorin Anna McPartlin gefreut. Der Prolog des aktuellen Buches nimmt gleich das eigentliche Ende vorweg, sodass die Geschichte von Maisie und ihren Kindern quasi von hinten aufgerollt wird. Nach dem Prolog springt die Geschichte 20 Jahre zurück ins Jahr 1995 und Maisie Bean erzählt ihre Lebensgeschichte. Mittelpunkt ist dabei d...
  • Suze Lavender
    Maisie met an awful man who found a way to stay in her life for many years. Her two wonderful children are the only good thing she's got out of the relationship. Jeremey is sensitive, responsible and kind and Valerie is smart and outspoken. When her husband went too far Maisie finally left him and moved in with her mother. They had some really good years until Maisie's mother started to forget things. The dementia is now taking over her life and ...
  • Alba
    Originally posted on: start this story already knowing the ending: Maisie's son died in 1995. What we don't know is who he was or why he died. So thanks to multiple points of view, we learn about Maisie and her family back then. She was a single mother with two teenagers and a mother with dementia to take care of. And all I can say is that theirs is a story really worth reading.Let's go back to 1995: Mai...
  • Steffi
    Thanks to netgalley and Random House UK for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.This is my third book by Anna McPartlin, one I liked and one I didn't like that much, so my expectations were high and low at the same time.Unfortunately "Somewhere inside of happy" is another of her books which I didnt't like.First, the language in this book was very annoying for me. Expressions like "me da" instead of "my dad" and several others just were gramm...
  • Book-shelf Shelf
    A book based in Ireland in 1990's. Massie has two children, Valerie and Jeremy. She had been in an abusive relations hip with their father for years but had got out when Jeremy's arm had been broken. The story tells of the family, which also includes Massie's mom, who has debenture. As Maise's life starts to open to new possibilities, the worst thing happens and Jeremy goes missing!! Maisie believes this is her fault as she was with her new male ...
  • Céline
    Un merveilleux livre, tellement bien écrit et tellement humain... Cette auteure, au talent fou, arrive à mettre du positif, de l’espoir et du « feel good » au sein des pires tragédies... un roman que l’on referme les larmes aux yeux et le sourire aux lèvres... un roman à l’image de la vie: une succession d’épreuves entrecoupées de moments de bonheur dont il faut profiter au maximum!! À lire absolument!!
  • Anja
    Ein bewegendes Buch, dass unvermeidlich auf ein tragisches Ende zusteuert. Mitunter hat es einige Längen und kommt nicht an "Die letzten Tage von Rabbit Hayes" heran - es spricht aber wichtige gesellschaftliche Themen wie körperliche und psychische Gewalt in der Familie, Verwahrlosung und die weiterhin weit verbreitete Tabuisierung von Homosexualität an.
  • Angelique Simonsen
    oh this was awesome read. got lost in it keep thinking about it
  • Carolyn Evans
    I've just discovered a wonderful new (for me) author and now I have 6 more books on my "want to read shelf." Brilliant! Thank you Anna.
  • Lesli Crighton
    I loved this book, Anna McPartlin is one of my favourite authors and I devour any of her books I pick up. This book stays with you long after you've read the last page.
  • Irena
    Actual rating: 3,5
  • Sarah
    Also published on my blog.Audible version, narrated by Aoife McMahonThis book wrecked me. For the last 30 minutes or so I was legit bawling my eyes out. Some of this while in the train. I think that when I’m really into a book I lose awareness of my surroundings. Fortunately the train was mostly empty.This is the story of the last day of Jeremy Bean’s life. I knew going in that it was going to be about a teenage boy who died, so I wasn’t ex...
  • Marie Ledoux
    1995 Dublin:Maisie Bean kümmert sich um ihre zwei Kinder, Jeremy und Valerie. Gemeinsam wachen sie über Großmutter Bridie, die an Alzheimer erkrankt ist. Gleich zwei Jobs hat Maisie, um die Familie über Wasser zu halten. Dates und Verabredungen hat sie keine, denn die Erinnerungen an ihre Ehe mit Danny lasten immer noch schwer auf ihr. Erst als sie nur knapp dem Tod entronnen ist, konnte sie den gewalttätigen Mann verlassen. Als sich ihr cha...
  • Britsbookworld
    DIESES BUCH WAR GROßARTIG !!!! :) <3Ihr Lieben, wie versprochen gibt es heute ENDLICH die Rezension zu dem Buch "Irgendwo im Glück" von Anna McPartlin :) Und das Buch bekommt von mir 5 von 5 Sterne. 🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟Bisher kannte ich von der Autorin nur das Buch "Die letzten Tage der Rabbit Hayes". Dieses konnte mich damals schon begeistern. Jetzt bekam "Irgendwo im Glück" die Chance von mir gelesen zu werden und wer bei dem Cover und dem Tit...
  • Joan
    Maisie Bean Brennan has had a very hard life. Her marriage was practically forced upon her when she found herself pregnant whilst living in a small rural village in Ireland. She gave birth to a son whom she called Jeremy and later on followed a sister for Jeremy, called Valerie. She loved her children dearly and they became her main focus in life. But her marriage was increasingly violently abusive, with Maisie often needing urgent hospitalisatio...