Gin Tama, Vol. 8 (Gin Tama, #8) by Hideaki Sorachi

Gin Tama, Vol. 8 (Gin Tama, #8)

• An ongoing manga series in Japan—17 volumes released and over 13 million copies sold in Japan to date• Each volume is a top ten selling manga title in Japan upon release.• 2.7 million copies sold in Japan in its first year (2004)--Vol. 1 through 4• Gin Tama anime currently running on TV Tokyo.• Sorachi made his manga debut with the one-shot story DANDELION, which is included in volume 1 of the GIN TAMA graphic novel.• Previewed an...

Details Gin Tama, Vol. 8 (Gin Tama, #8)

TitleGin Tama, Vol. 8 (Gin Tama, #8)
Release DateSep 2nd, 2008
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Shonen

Reviews Gin Tama, Vol. 8 (Gin Tama, #8)

  • David Wei
    A guy on Reddit told me to keep reading this series as it gets better around volume 7/8.Boy, I'm glad I've pushed through! The Umibozou arc was a great ride and wa the first story-arc that felt serious and not just about the main characters goofing around. Considered me conquered. Heard it gets better from here.
  • ngọc ♡
    gintoki's relationship with kagura and shinpachi is the most beautiful thing ever and i'm glad we got to see it being written in dept in this volume. thank you hideaki. also stop making me cry i did Not sign up for this.
  • Anhie Greenish
    its getting more serious and funnier :))
  • Amy
    Kagura reunited with her dad, but will she go home with him? It's quite a heart-warming arc, but after that, just pure comedy. This is just so stupid!!! Haha, their stupid antics just cracked me up all the time!
  • Doremili