Loving Lucianna (A Hearts in Autumn Romance, #1) by Joyce DiPastena

Loving Lucianna (A Hearts in Autumn Romance, #1)

Sir Balduin de Soler gave up long ago on love. He never had the means to support a wife until an unexpected advancement in his fifties allows him to reassess his future just as the lovely Lucianna enters his life. Lucianna Fabio harbors a secret, painful memory from her past that has kept her unwed, as well. Now in her forties, she thought herself too old to marry until she meets Sir Balduin. Now suddenly their lonely autumn lives feel very much ...

Details Loving Lucianna (A Hearts in Autumn Romance, #1)

TitleLoving Lucianna (A Hearts in Autumn Romance, #1)
Release DateOct 11th, 2014
PublisherSable Tyger Books
GenreRomance, Historical, Historical Fiction, Medieval, Historical Romance, Clean Romance, Fiction

Reviews Loving Lucianna (A Hearts in Autumn Romance, #1)

  • Melinda
    I found Loving Lucianna very refreshing. Yes, it’s a love story but, making this a standout is the fact the couple involved is of a ‘mature’ age – forty’s and fifty’s. The message of the narrative is wonderful too, love is for any age and unconditional love exists.I have an affinity for medieval times, another plus for this novel. The characters are adorable as well. We have a spirited lady and a gentle knight leaving every woman envi...
  • Lisa Annesley
    4.5*sLOVING LUCIANNA is a sweet romance, like a medieval ballad. It stars a heroic knight with courtly manners and his worthy lady.Sir Balduin and Lucianna are middle-aged, and past the time they ever thought they'd be married. But they find each other, fall in love, and become engaged. And then Lucianna's secret past catches up with her. The noble Lucianna feels she must leave Sir Balduin and break their hearts in order to protect him. But Sir B...
  • Julie
    Loving Lucianna by Joyce Di Pastena is a 2014 Tyger books publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Yay!! I have discovered another wonderful medieval historical romance!! But, that's not all... this book tells the story of two people in the “autumn” of their lives finding love. I love stories like this since I have a really hard time finding them in the midst of all the New Adult and Erotica titles an...
  • Kathy Heare Watts
    This is a beautiful story of sacrifice and love even in the "autumn years of life." Sir Balduin de Soler never felt he had the means to support a wife and had worked instead. Being in his fifties he meets and falls in love with Lucianna Fabio who is in her forties. But fate and Lucianna's greedy half brother destroys what should have been her chance for happiness. The story weaves the life and devotion that Lucianna had with her closest friend, E...
  • Yolanda
    Captivating! Joyce DiPastena once again takes us on a journey to medieval times with the story of Lucianna and Sir Balduin. Though they are in the 'autumn of their lives' they find love; not without difficulties. Lucianna has a secret she does not wish exposed, however when someone from her past shows up just before she is to be married her life may change forever. This is a story of sweet romance with a dash of mystery. Once I began to read it I...
  • Wanda Luce
    Another in a line of exceptional books by Joyce DiPastena. I have read all of her books and always know that she will keep me turning the pages. Loving Lucianna was so beautiful and so beautifully written. It is also full of the unexpected. I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves a richly textured, historical romance.
  • Aurora
  • Italo Italophiles
    Loving Lucianna is the first book in the author's Hearts in Autumn medieval romance series that features couples in "the autumn of their years". Lucianna is from the Venetian Republic, and she is proud of her wealthy, powerful, independent city-state. Through the twists of fate she finds herself in southwestern France, but her Venetian heritage is always in her heart.The book's chapters move the reader from Lucianna's present to her past and back...
  • Shree
    Note : This review is up & live @ Readers' Muse A book of this genre is bound to attract adept readers with that mystifying old world grace and charm. This book is no exception.The protagonist Lucianna is a fiery red head who has given up on love owing to tumultuous relationship with her brother and has a dark secret which her brother uses against her. Her secret is so explosive in nature that the man who loved her left her jilted after he heard ...
  • Sarah Reads
    Everyone deserves to fall in love no matter their age and Author Joyce Dipastena tells a beautiful story of just that. She brings the world of Lucianna to life as she tells the story of Lucianna finding love and acceptance when she least expected it. This story is well written and full of character. I had to know what made the snarky heroine Lucianna Fabio running. You cannot read this story without wanting to hug Lucianna and growl at her in the...
  • Sheila
    It's always a treat to run away from my troubles and escape in a lovely romance written by Joyce DiPastena. It makes the journey even better when you can revisit characters that you loved from Joyce's other books. Readers first met Lucianna in Illuminations Of The Heart as she was a minor character in Siri and Triston's love story. Lucianna always intrigued me as I wondered why she acted the way she did. You knew that she had to have had a hard a...
  • Julie
    This is such a wonderful read. Lucianna is flawed but oh so relatable. Her red hair fits her fiery personality. She’s been scorned by love and is fine with the idea of never getting married. When her knight-in-shinning-armor Sir Balduin sweeps her off her feet… ok so maybe he’s graying a little and has a limp from his battle days but he is a knight and he’s desperately in love with her. Lucianna is finally getting married at the age of fo...
  • Katie W
    3.5--I really enjoyed the setting, as well as the story of two people, who assume they are past the age for marrying, finding one another and falling in love. The story was slow for me and it took me while to get into it, but once I did, I really enjoyed it.The story has some humor, as well as a mystery. The reader will learn that Sir Baluin isn't a poet, by any means. When everything came out, Lucianna's reluctance made sense. She has a secret t...
  • Margaret Larsen Turley
    Joyce diPastena had written an ageless tender love story in Loving Lucianna. An older audience will appreciate the author's sensitivity to our sensibilities. Serafino is a perfectly despicable villain, Sir Balduin is a wonderful hero and the reader will love Lucianna with all her charms and faults. Joyce creates her novel with such authenticity it transports the reader into the Medieval era. I highly recommend this book.
  • Sarah
    I liked that the author chose to go with two older leads rather than the regular young bucks and fillies in historical romances. At a time in their lives when most people in the Middle Ages were thinking very strongly about death and how they were going to exit the world, Joyce has created two individuals who are doing the exact opposite and are starting to build a new life for themselves in medieval France. Readers of the past novels by the auth...
  • Nicole
    I had a really hard time getting into Loving Lucianna... given w3hat I know now, I realize it's because there's a lot of back story and things the reader has to know in order for the rest of the story to make sense. Once it picked up, I was able to really enjoy it. I took a few chapters to really get interested in the characters.With that being said, I wanted to slap Lucianna in the face. Many times. Let me start from the beginning...Lucianna is ...
  • Jenny
    I was so glad I got to read this! I had read the two related books published previous to this and was so happy that Lucianna got her own story...I had wondered at her past, and was sad that she didn't have a love of her own. I love this author's writing style and felt it was consistent in this story. She is a patient weaver of her tales and lets you see bits and pieces, waiting until the right moments to disclose everything you're hoping to learn...
  • Alisa
    When Lucianna was a young ward of the convent at 11 years old, she met a friend who would change her life forever. She and Elisabetta became inseparable, and when it came time for Elisabetta to leave the convent she concocted a respectable story about Lucianna so that her father would let her come live with them.The story fast forwards 33 years; Elisabetta has died and Lucianna has been a companion to Elisabetta's daughter Siri, who is now marrie...
  • Tressa (Wishful Endings)
    3.5 StarsThe beginning of Loving Lucianna was a little slow for me. I loved Sir Balduin's character. I loved how Lucianna talks about him and his defense of Siri and how she came to finally accept his suit after he continued to try to earn her love while she was trying to resist falling in love with him. I struggled a little with Lucianna. I thought that she should have had a stronger backbone, if not in the past, then definitely now. She also co...
  • Nadine Keels
    In all, a rather lovely read.I think the most affecting relationship in the novel is the one between Lucianna and her best friend, Elisabetta, which develops from their childhood into their adulthood. The novel has instances of humor, a romantic debacle and a satisfying fistfight, and Lucianna and Sir Balduin's romance is challenged with a measure of human complexity, believable fears.Their romance wasn't the easiest for me to get into. Most of L...
  • Lindsey
    I received a copy of this book from eBooks for Review in exchange for an honest review.Sir Balduin has fallen in love with Lucianna and has asked her to marry him, but Lucianna has a secret that threatens to keep her from happiness. Will she be able to overcome her past and the threats of her brother in order to live happily with Sir Balduin? Loving Lucianna is a very sweet romance that takes place in Venice and France during medieval times, and ...
  • Christine Jensen
    Set in Medieval France, Loving Lucianna is a story of love later in life. Lucianna has been haunted by a secret since the days of her youth and her terrible brother. He continues to threaten to tell others her secret unless she provides him with the means to continue his life of a lazy gambler. Not wanting others to be hurt by her brother she pushes the man she loves away and tries to run back to Italy. But Sir Balduin is determined to marry Luci...
  • Colleen B
    There were so many things I loved about Loving Lucianna. The author did an amazing job of leading you along Lucianna’s story. I felt like I knew Lucianna, through her childhood friendship with Elizabetta in the nunnery… up to her romance with Sir Balduin.I’m not always a big fan of flashbacks or storytelling through memories… but this was so well done. I especially loved the chapters going back to Lucianna’s childhood and first meeting ...
  • Laura
    I will prefice my review by saying I think I would have enjoyed this book more had I read the previous books in this series prior to this one. The characters all seemed so comfortable with each other, I think I would know them better had I read the previous books.It was written in a challenging manner of flashback chapters to remind the reader, or for those like me, who had not started from the beginning, to fill in the details for the reader. I ...
  • Heather Green
    What a fun read! I loved this clean, medieval story of loyal friendship and love. I was so relieved lucianna finally broke free of the blackmailing trap her brother put her in and stood up to him. Set against a beautiful Italian backdrop of castles, knights, and lords. The language is authentic. The author added some extras at the end of the book that made it even more enjoyable. There is a prequel to this book. And though this one can stand alon...
  • Chrissy
    I really like this author. She writes clean, medieval romance. My problem with this one was that it was a tad slow for me and I found myself skimming in some parts. I love the hero but the heroine kind of drove me nuts. She was more mature in years and experience (which I loved!!) so I wish she would have acted more maturely to our hero, Lord Balduin. He loved her so much and was so good to her. He was a great hero. The villian was a good villian...
  • Donna May
    I actually really enjoyed this book. It is a historical romance novel, with a little bit of mystery thrown in. Lucianna is a woman who never expects to get married. She finds love in the most unexpected place with someone she never would have thought of falling in love with. Unfortunately, her past catches up with her and now she doesn’t know what to do – run away or trust the people she loves. Even though this is a historical romance, it rel...
  • Leanora
    Loving Lucianna by Joyce DiPastena is a lovely, charming novel that combines romance (very tastefully done), family history/mystery/intrigue, and an honest look at what life in the medieval times would have been like. I loved all of the Italian names in this book, the fact that the main characters are falling in love in their "autumn," years as DiPastena calls them, and the main characters themselves. Coming it at just under 225 pages, this is a ...
  • Vickie Fisher
    This is the first book I have read by Joyce DiPastena but it won't be the last. The characters were realistic and loveable. Lucianna brother was the perfect villain, charming and evil at the same time. I couldn’t wait for the truth to be revealed. But when it was would Sir Balduin still love Lucianna? Or would he walk away? Very enjoyable read.
  • Karen Bainbridge
    Loving Lucianna is a medieval romance, mystery with a small measure of suspense that held my attention while I read it and I think that I will read it again.Loving Lucianna is set in 1147A.D. at the convent of Santa Caterina in Venice, Italy up until 1180 in Poitou, France.The story begins with 9 year old Lucianna sitting sewing or at least trying to do her embroidery but she cannot concentrate because of the wailing of the new girl at the conven...