Rush (Pandemic Sorrow, #2) by Stevie J. Cole

Rush (Pandemic Sorrow, #2)

It’s my job to play music, to make girls wet, and then to screw a select few of them. I’m a professional rocker. I’m rich, I’m famous, I’m one lucky son-of-a-bitch. I have everything - except control.The industry owns me. And the only thing I have a minuscule grain of control with is women, but not that dominate, tie you up and gag you kind of control. No, I want to govern how I make them feel. I need them to feel like a goddess while I...

Details Rush (Pandemic Sorrow, #2)

TitleRush (Pandemic Sorrow, #2)
Release DateDec 13th, 2014
GenreMusic, Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Rush (Pandemic Sorrow, #2)

  • Mojo_Mama
    Some books are just not worth the energy of a review. SG Ladies...avoid, avoid, avoid. The H is so not redeemable on any level. He fucks OW purposefully to hurt the h...pretty much in her face on a nightly basis. And has no real remorse. The only reason anyone would be with the H is for what he could give them or do for them....seriously. There's even an AIDS scare cuz he doesn't wrap up every time :/
  • Jeynna ( The Romance Junkie)
    2.5-3 stars.This is my first book by Stevie j.cole and my second rock star read this year. Well, it is an okay read. Rush is the manwhore,sex crazed bassist for a band called Pandemic Sorrow. He enjoys women ( a lot) , booze and drugs. He swears a lot, curse a lot, got no shame and no filter. Rush was addicted to sex. He uses women to get through his own demon and although most of the women practically throw themselves to him, he is an epic man-w...
  • Gitte TotallyBookedBlog
    'Sex is just part of life; it’s an ingrained physical need that you don’t have to understand. Love-that’s what people should be saving. Love is what can rip you to pieces, or make you complete. It’s what connects you on a whole new level to a person, not sex.’We first met Rush, the dirty mouthed, sex crazed bassist for Pandemic Sorrow in Jag. On the surface he came across as a bit dense though gifted musically, possessing a sexual prowe...
  • Jenny - TotallybookedBlog
    'Sex is just part of life; it’s an ingrained physical need that you don’t have to understand. Love-that’s what people should be saving. Love is what can rip you to pieces, or make you complete. It’s what connects you on a whole new level to a person, not sex.’We first met Rush, the dirty mouthed, sex crazed bassist for Pandemic Sorrow in Jag. On the surface he came across as a bit dense though gifted musically, possessing a sexual prowe...
  • Lorie
    Stevie J Cole writes THE best rock stars! The guys of Pandemic Sorrow are gross disgusting dirty whores, and I LOVE THEM!!! Only Stevie can make you fall in love with a total and utter douche bag. I swear Stevie was a manwhore in her previous life, or she’s hiding a penis underneath her skirt because she nails the crude and uncensored male rocker POV. Did you know there was a rock star code of conduct???? Well, there is:Rush has no problem foll...
  • ~Dawn~TUG
    **copy kindly given to us to read, and review for thanks hooker! Lol **Rush crush...he's an immature rockstar that matures with the love of a good crack! Full review to go with tour...if you haven't read a Stevie J. Cole book you need to...her writing is ah-mazing!ReviewThere are some things that are just known…like rituals of life that take place…no rhyme or reason you can take them for granted and ju...
  • Ellen ✦ Book Bellas ✦
    I absolutely love rock star books. Rush can be read as a standalone but now I plan to read the author’s debut book, Jag, after Cathy raved about it. Rush is gritty, sexy, rough and does not paint such a glamorous picture of the rock star life.Rush and Jules, the manager for his band Pandemic Sorrow’, clearly have an attraction to each other. But Rush can’t stay away from almost every girl he comes in contact with. If he isn’t a sex addict...
  • Heather C
    Re-Release! I read this series back to back so full disclosure, this review is going to be combined for all three books. I will say this, it's been fun going on a ride with these guys and the entire time I kept thinking that I wanted a book for Stone. So when I got the release blitz info and saw that he was getting his own book, I might have squealed a little. Jag is the first book in the series and it focuses on the lead singer of Pandemic Sorr...
  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    ☆☆☆☆.5~ AliStevie Cole delivers yet again with a behind the curtain, gritty story of the life of a rockstar. Written along the same timeline as the first story in this series, Jag, Rush gives readers a different perspective of what is going on in the band Pandemic Sorrow. We follow along with Rush the Bassist who has embraced the life of sex, drugs, and rock & roll to the fullest. As a reader you are torn from wanting to hit him or possib...
  • Lustful Literature
    **JODIE'S REVIEW***3.5 Stars* “I think life has ways of humbling you. It has its moments that knock your feet out from under you, suck the breath out of you, and force you to realize what’s important.” I first met Rush when I read Jag so I was prepared for his dirty mouth and his man whoring self. Seriously I have never met a man who had sex like this man. I felt like I needed sex addiction therapy for him. I am not kidding this man is the ...
  • Tara TUG
    When I read the first book Ms. Cole wrote I thought who the hell thinks like this. Who the hell has this kind of brilliance in their head? Then I had a few conversations with her and realized she does- that’s who. She walks her own path when writing, but the one thing that is for sure, when you finish- you will be left in awe at the crazy ride she just took you on. I have loved being on this journey as Stevie finds her mojo and who she is. She ...
  • Sanne Heremans
    ***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Sanne/Scandalous Book Blog***Rush is the embodyment of a manwhore, never have I ever seen a character quite like this. But be sure he'll get's a MAJOR wake up call at some point that not only involves him but others around him as well.Now putting his manwhore manners aside he does have a certain soft spot for the bands assistent manager Jules who has been with them from pretty much the get go. Th...
  • Philomena Callan Cheekypee
    This is my first read by this author and what a great way to start as I really enjoyed this story. Rush can be read as a standalone although after reading this I'll certainly be going back and reading book one. Rush is a rock star. He's also a man whore who jumps into bed with any woman he meets. The one woman he truly wants is Jules his tour manager. She wants him but is wary as she knows of his bad ways. Can he show her his true self?If you lik...
  • Naughty Mom Story Time
    4 stars for Rush and JulesRush Wilder's experiences with fame were quite similar to Jag's. The easy access to drugs, the constant supply of women. It was all overwhelming and those higher up in the industry only fuel that flame of destruction to maintain their control over the band. Where Jag's addiction numbed his pain, Rush's addictions allied him to feel and Jules was the one that could help him do that without of all the synthetic assistance ...
  • Vickie
    Wow. These Pandemic Sorrow boys really do know how to make me feel torn. On one hand I really want to love them but on the other, they do insist on repeatedly messing everything up and that in turns makes me hate them....And then they do something that makes me go awwww and I'm back to thinking they're maybe not that bad. I found Rush a lot easier to like and connect with compared to the other characters. Even though he's a whore, rude and at tim...
  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    Staying true to the rock star code of conduct...I was looking forward to reading Rush's story. He got my attention in the previous book and I enjoyed his easy going attitude and sense of humor. Yes, he's the ultimate rock star manwhore who takes advantage of his fame and easy access to the groupies. He's cocky and unapologetic regarding his behavior. Actually, rather than being discouraged by his record label, he's being encouraged to draw media ...
  • Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog
    4.5 Stars!This is my first book by this author but I will be going back to read Jag. This is the second book in a new rock star series that will leave your panties wet and you begging for more. While this book is a standalone, for full impact I imagine reading book one prior gives the series more completeness. This book was amazing. It was full of angst, drama, steam, sexy times, and had one bad boy, dirty talking rocker who could make you swoon ...
  • Lindsey Melia
    If You read Jag you will have been dying for this book! Well I was. And Stevie didn't let me down. This was another book by her that sucked me in. I literally read this book in over an hour. Stevie makes speed reading happen, as you will see when you start this book. This book isn't as dark as Jag. Which is good. This book as me and Stevie were saying is about Rush who is Oh so sexy, but not the brightest crayon in the box LOL. But I fell in love...
  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    I adore rock star books, always have. I read Stevie J. Cole's debut book, Jag, a few months ago and was blown away by it. Getting my hands on Rush was just as satisfying. I love that Stevie doesn't shy away from some subjects that seem to either be glossed over or skipped entirely by other books in this genre. There is real grit and substance to her stories.Rush has a thing for Pandemic Sorrow's tour manager, Jules. But he also has a thing for ev...
  • Rob
    Reading this book straight after Jag wasn’t really the best thing to do. I should have left a gap. The reason being is that Jag and Rush are very similar. They both live the typical rockstar life of sex and drugs and rock n roll.Whereas Jag was a total mess with his drug habit, Rush was more responsible with his drugs, if that makes sense! He had a handle on it and used more for recreational reasons. He controlled the drugs, they didn’t contr...
  • Sarah
    if you loved Jag then you are gonna love Rush. Rush is in face, down and gritty story. Rush is your typical manwhore rocker but he has a thing for Jules. Jules thinks that Rush is a disgusting manwhore and wants nothing to do with him. Watch as them come together with fireworks. Rush will soon learn exactly why Jag was so lost. The men of Pandemic Sorrow are going to ruin you for any other rocker.
  • Natalie M
    3.5 stars. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the first book. The majority of the book details Rush's experiences with random groupies and there is not much interaction with him and the heroine, Jules until the last 30-40% or so. I get that this is how his reputation is and he is the famous man-whore rockstar, but it was a bit much. The writing is excellent though and I will be reading more from this author.
  • Sassy Southern
    Rush Wilder is the bassist in Pandemic Sorrow and best friends with lead singer Jag Steele. Like Jag he is a womanizer and uses drugs very frequently. After a visit with a doctor he is told that he is a sex addict and has chronic anxiety. He is living the rock star life but attracted to one woman that he shouldn't be, Jules, the assistant to his manager Jules. Jules is attracted to Rush and one night gives in to her attraction to him but realizes...
  • Books Laid Bare
    3.75 StarsAfter the first book and the journey that Jag took, I was looking forward to this book I thought that Rush would be everything I expected…well I was only half right.He was everything I thought he would be but that was the bad bits, the good bits and they did come, so bear with him were what I hadn’t anticipated.I think it is safe to say that he made no bones about the fact that he enjoyed the company of women, he was a walking embod...
  • Rebecca Austin
    This was another great book in this series. I liked that we got to see another side of Rush a little in this one but it was definitely an eye-opener to see what his life was like.Rush is addicted to sex and it was ironic to see him dealing with an STD and some other things. It was interesting how James was able to exploit every little thing to his advantage to stay in control of the band and how he truly wanted them as bad boys. There was a diffe...
  • Treena Ross - Rockstar Book Muse
    4.5 STARSI loved this book by this wonderful author. Rush is such a great character he has his issues and he is a broken so he is the kind of guy I love to read about!!Rush is a sex crazed over the top dirty talking bassist with the bnd Pandemic Sorrow. This story is full of undesirable activities but how so fun to read. Lots and lots of sex, once again addiction. The Hero is hard to understand unless you have a good understanding of the Rockstar...
  • Shannon
    There is something so ridiculously sweet about a bad**s rock star pining for the one girl he can't have. I mean he could have anyone he wanted but his heart was hopelessly devoted to Jules and that just melted my heart. Of course their love story was no fairytale by any stretch. Rush's story was less dark than Jag's, but still filled with all the typical rock star stereotypes of sex and drugs. There were a couple of twists in the story, and it wa...
  • Di
    Another gemAhhh, Rush, be still my beating heart. Stevie J Cole has an amazing talent of turning her characters from one person, into someone completely different. Rush is another perfect example of this evolution.In Jag' s book, Rush came across as a bit of a douche. However, on this book, you realise there is more to his behaviour, than first imagined. A perfect example of first impressions, and how wrong they can be.On the surface, Rush doesn'...
  • Maria Angie Mendoza
    This is Rush story bassist for Pandemic sorrow and confirmed Manwhore. He too has dark demons that haunt him and his passion for the forbidden have him going after his label handle Jules.Their love hate relationship provided some comic relief to this intense and gritty rock star story that focuses on the ugly parts of rock stardom. Some unexpected changes between Jules and Rush gave the story and added layer of complexity.However, while the writi...