The Brightest Fell (October Daye, #11) by Seanan McGuire

The Brightest Fell (October Daye, #11)

New York Times-bestselling October Daye series - Hugo Award-winning author Seanan McGuire - "Top of my urban-paranormal series list!" --Felicia DayThings are slow, and October "Toby" Daye couldn't be happier about that. The elf-shot cure has been approved, Arden Windermere is settling into her position as Queen in the Mists, and Toby doesn't have anything demanding her attention except for wedding planning and spending time with her family.Maybe ...

Details The Brightest Fell (October Daye, #11)

TitleThe Brightest Fell (October Daye, #11)
Release DateSep 5th, 2017
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Fairies, Fae, Magic, Paranormal, Fiction

Reviews The Brightest Fell (October Daye, #11)

  • Choko
    *** 4.44 ***A buddy read with the Wednesday UF group @ BB&B, because we LOOOOOVEEEE the Sea Witch!!!Holy Karaoke Evil Amandine!!! WTH is wrong with this woman??? I can't believe any parent can ever be so clueless about her children's well being... I think all of those pure-bloods Fae and most of the First Born need a spanking and to be given a mandatory 2 years of life among humans as regular humans themselves, in order to hopefully learn some de...
  • Bradley
    Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC!Unfortunately for me, I have so much I want to talk about for this novel, and yet almost ALL of it becomes spoiler territory!Ugghh. But! I think this is one of the strongest Daye novels since the battle with Blind Michael and even more interesting in a way or two than Toby's eventual falling in love with the King of Cats. I'm sure I can get away with saying that her mother features very strongly and the consequence...
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    I love that this is one of those series that gets better almost every book. I really had no idea that when I read Rosemary and Rue all those books ago that I was eventually going to fall in love with this series. Part of that is because Rosemary and Rue was a little bleak and depressing for about the first quarter of the book but since book three I’ve been completely hooked.Our story starts off a little on the happy side with one of the funnies...
  • Jo
    4.5 Stars Buddy read with the fantastic UF Wednesday Group over at BB&B. Yay, a new October Day book!!!!!!! ….monsters were made from the best of intentions…. Oh how wonderful it was being back in this fantastic world Seanan McGuire has created. For once it seems as if things just might be going October “Toby” Daye’s way. Nobody is trying to kill her, there’s no one who needs saving and all she needs to be doing is planning her we...
  • Steven
    The Brightest FellFirst and foremost, thank you to Netgalley and Berkley/DAW for approving me for an ARC in one of my absolute favorite series. I was given a copy of this book to read in exchange for nothing more than an honest review.Seanan McGuire is one of the best writers I've had the pleasure of reading. She knows how to set up the action, to build the plot to the explosive scenes you know are coming, but somehow seem to still usually subver...
  • Beth
    When I hear that Seanan McGuire wrote it, I know that I’m in for another perfect literary escape.Toby finds herself in a precarious situation and the people that she has learned to depend on the most have been taken. She must depend on her own wits while leaning on the one person she should never trust. And it all comes down to family…Amandine, Toby’s mother finally shows herself and for Toby this is not a good thing. To put it frankly, I c...
  • Emma
    I wanted to moan about the price of this book and the fact it is not available in kindle however the story was too good and all encompassing. Poor Toby. Can nothing ever go right for her for more than a day or two. I love her self made family and the relationship she has with Quentin, Jazz and May. In this story we meet more of her family and NOT in a good way. The story leaves Toby and her family in a vulnerable place. Enough so that, despite th...
  • Kira
    4.5 starsFinally Amandine made an appearance!!! I had been waiting so long for this. It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. Amandine is formidable woman. She makes the Luidaeg look sweet and sane, and she’s known as the sea witch. I have the feeling this book only showed one side of her personality. As someone who loves psychology, I’m curious to see what makes her tick and why exactly she feels the way she does about Toby. I think there...
  • Lindsay
    Pureblooded faerie are assholes. That's the premise of this one, with Amandine paying October a visit and charging her with an impossible task and taking a terrible collateral in the process.After Amandine assigns Toby her task, the author spends the rest of the book in dialogue with the premise as Ocotber is forced to take on Simon Torquill as her ally, a pureblooded faerie that has been an asshole to her in the past, but is a walking knot of co...
  • Susana
    Well this one started out with a bang, but towards the end I was fervently wishing for it to end asap.I've read all the previous books, probably all the shorts as well, so I'm familiar with this world. This means that having the same old things, the same old stories, the same old - character _ quirks thrown at me at infinitum became tiresome. And depressing...Why is it that when a series starts going downhill, the publisher decides to publish it ...
  • Bea Charmed
    "For once, everything in October “Toby” Daye’s life seems to be going right." - I knew that wasn't going to last. Poor Toby rarely catches a break. Besides, it would be a short book if there wasn't a conflict or catastrophe. :D The book opens with Toby's bachelorette party which was a hoot to read. But, In no time, Amandine shows up on Toby's doorstep and makes a request/demand. And oh boy, Amandine plays dirty. She is not nice. I didn't re...
  • Jessica ☕
    THIS SERIES IS SERIOUSLY ADDICTIVE.Read at your own peril.It's difficult, if not impossible, to describe the plot without releasing major spoilers concerning the earlier books, so I'll avoid it.A quick rundown of the series for the uninitiated: October is a half-human, half-fae woman who has lived her life awkwardly straddling the real world and the world of the fae. Her magic is related to blood, but her true strength is in her intelligence, com...
  • Ina
    "Sometimes the places that should be home aren't," Simon said. "Sometimes there's no one we can blame for that, and so we blame ourselves, because aren't we the easiest targets? It's not like anyone will come to our defense when all the loathing and finger-pointing is happening in the privacy of our own minds.""Aren't you supposed to be the bad guy here?" I asked."My apologies. I forgot my place for a moment."I love Simon so much. He is such a sw...
  • Pippa DaCosta
    So, so good. UPDATE: a kind book fairy reached out and offered me a copy on behalf of the author. Thank you! Ugh. I'm in the Uk. The only available format is hardcover at £17 /$20 and a two month delivery time? No kindle option and no paperback option. *sigh*
  • Maria Dimitrova
    Buddy read with my dear friends of the UF Group.Amandine needs to die. And her spoiled brat of a firstborn daughter too. In fact Toby should dial herself back to a more mortal body and learn to cast iron bullets for submachine gun and go on a rampage. I hate, hate, hate Amandine and August! My hate for them overshadowed my joy of being reunited with all my favorite characters of this series!The book started so well. In fact it started with some o...
  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    THE BRIGHTEST FELL is an entertaining mix of the comfort of an adventure between well established characters with the dissonance and uncertainty of new blood thrown into the mix. This deep into the series, October Daye's group of irregulars are beloved and entertaining, it is the unexpected appearance of her biological family that throws a wrench into the mix.The mysterious truth behind Toby's heritage has been the last minute magical save in man...
  • Wanda
    Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell.Here I am, eleven books into the October Daye series, still enjoying it immensely. This is one of the books which is tough on Toby—she learns that hard, hard lesson that we sometimes have to learn. Your family doesn’t always have your best interests at heart. Sometimes you have to lean on your friends, lean on them hard, and trust your own instincts and abilities. People can surprise you—Si...
  • ✘Tabby✘
    Worst October Daye in the series it needed more Tybalt
  • Devann
    Another amazing yet infuriating book in this series. I feel like I've been saying that about the last three books, but the villains are all so horrible and incredibly easy to hate lol. Amandine is the literal worst and it is entirely incomprehensible to me that she doesn't understand why Toby hates her, but I guess purebloods just be like that sometimes all the time. Also Seanan, how dare you make me fall in love with Simon???? What is this??? I ...
  • Ronda
    There is always something compelling about the October Daye series, something that draws my attention to every single chapter, every single page and each written word. Seanan McGuire writes this series with a magical imagination! The Brightest Fell is probably one of my favourites in the series, the emotions from reading this were not expected, Simon played a big part in this book and he drew me in, I did not expect my feelings to change beca...
  • Jen Davis
    The more things change in this series, the more they stay the same. And that make sense in a world that features characters who have lived hundreds of years if not more. Since the very first book in the series Toby has faced so much prejudice and disdain for being a changeling. We have seen the fae characters wrinkle their noses at any and all beings they considered lesser. In many ways, this precept stands above all other things. And it rings mo...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    All right, book 11 in a series is perhaps not the best book to start with. But, I "discovered" Seanan McGuire thanks to her Wayward Children series and thought I try this, the latest book to see if it's to my liking.Now, the book is perfectly all right, it was a lot to take in, a lot of characters to get to know, and a lot of history, but I enjoyed learning more about Toby, her friends, and family, etc. However, the story was a bit slow, with the...
  • Katie
    BUT NOW WHAT DO I READ?(view spoiler)[NEEDED MORE TYBALT COME ON NOWWWWW.Very good mix of paying off stuff and setting it up. (hide spoiler)]
  • Marta Cox
    Four and a halfAfter so many books the author has clearly decided to take things up a notch and I have to say this book just kept hammering away at any preconceived ideas about the characters within this world. I think I'm probably used to Toby having to bloody a few people up in order to save the day but this time it's going to take a lot more than nifty knife skills to solve her problems. Toby's mother isn't exactly the warm fuzzy type and I'm ...
  • Kitt
    I reserve the right to wait to rate this book until I've read the shorts I've missed and then read it again.
  • Cass
  • Lexxi Kitty
    I did not like this one. There's only so many stories I can read filled with . . . I can't think of the right words at the moment. All that I can think of seem wrong - bitter characters, whiny characters forced to do what they have the power to do but don't want to do, etc. Characters that react instead of act.Has Toby ever acted of her own accord? She seems to always be reacting. Like here - 1) sister-fetch May wants to hold a party for Toby's u...
  • Linda
    It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Seanan McGuire's writing. Despite her different series being very different styles, the world-building and characterizations are strong and creative. But it's her characters that really make me love her books, and I've grown to care very much for Toby and her chosen family in the October Daye series.Family, biological and chosen, is very much at the heart of this story. Toby's relationship with her mother Aman...
  • Jeffe Kennedy
    Wow - what a wrenching book. This one made me cry - a first for this series. Glomming this series has been a terrific ride. Just fantastic - in every sense of the word.
  • Danielle (Danniegurl)
    This is good, but also annoying. Number one reason it is annoying: Tybalt is barely in it. Yea yea I know there was a reason for it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I didn't have enough. Not nearly enough to satisfy my Toby Tybalt time. Nope.Still, it's a good and sad story...again.Amadine is demanding that Toby find her long lost sister, August. *sigh* Freaking Amadine. I don't like her, she's not even a bitch but maybe cruel? I dunno. ...