John Lennon by Elizabeth Partridge

John Lennon

Award-winning biographer Elizabeth Partridge dives into Lennon’s life from the night he was born in 1940 during a World War II air raid on Liverpool, deftly taking us through his turbulent childhood and his rebellious rock’n’roll teens to his celebrated life writing, recording, and performing music with the Beatles. She sheds light on the years after the Beatles, with Yoko Ono, as he struggled to make sense of his own artistic life—one th...

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TitleJohn Lennon
Release DateOct 6th, 2005
PublisherViking Books for Young Readers
GenreBiography, Nonfiction, Music

Reviews John Lennon

  • Mariah
    NON-FICTION CATEGORYAll John Winston Ono Lennon wanted was the truth and that's what Elizabeth Partridge tries to deliver. She doesn't shy away from the ugly aspects of Lennon's life and character, but she doesn't neglect his triumphs and virtues. She writes a compelling biography that paints Lennon as paradox--someone who publicly advocates peace and privately beats his wife, someone who is fiercely independent and shockingly needy. He is the da...
  • Ryan
    John Lennon: All I Want Is The TruthElizabeth Partridge truly wrote a tremendous book in John Lennon: All I Want Is The Truth. This photographic style biography of the famous Beatle and political activist John Lennon is both entertaining and informative. Giving and insight into the legend's life in a way that most will have never seen before. As is the case with most biographies, perhaps the area of John Lennon's life where you learn the most ne...
  • Allison
    Allison FreemanAPA Citation:Partridge, E. (2005). John Lennon: All I want is the truth. New York: Viking Genre: BiographyFormat: PrintSelection Process: Johnson, S. (2008). John Lennon: All I want is the truth Florida Media Quarterly, 33(4), 18-19.Review:John Lennon was a fascinating, intelligent and troubled man. Elizabeth Partdridge expertly transports readers to Liverpool, England in 1940 for the birth of a legend and deftly describes the tran...
  • Beth
    This photographic biography of a music legend is carefully researched, engagingly written, and has great appeal to teen readers with its graphic heavy layout (a picture on every other page) and charismatic, idealistic subject. The moody cover showing half of a young Lennon's face, the other half in shadow, speaks volumes about a rebellious but brilliant teen who grew up to change the world.Don't worry - Partridge is not as fawning as I. She write...
  • Trisha
    When I put a hold on this at my local library, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It was for a book club so I thought I'd give the book a try.I have an ugly confession - I'm not a very big fan of the Beatles. Not my era? Not my genre? I don't know, I just know that I've never really listened to their music or gotten to know their band members. So, I went in to this book pretty fresh not really knowing much about the story. My only expe...
  • Andrea Talarico
    Andrea TalaricoBiographyI wasn’t sure what to expect from a Young-Adult-intended biography of John Lennon. Having, in the past, read some Lennon biographies for adults, I was wondering how they would handle Lennon’s issues: his depression, paranoia, Yoko, etc. I was surprised and impressed how Partridge navigated these choppy waters: she spoke of the problems in a direct manner without harping on them or making the whole biography about them ...
  • Richie Partington
    08 June 2005 JOHN LENNON: ALL I WANT IS THE TRUTH by Elizabeth Partridge, Penguin/Viking, October 2005, ISBN: 0-670-05954-4"For people and things that went beforeI know I'll often stop and think about them"--In My Life"In an interview with RKO radio network just six hours before his death, John spoke about the opening up that had occurred during the sixties. 'The thing the sixties did,' he said, 'was show us the possibility and responsibility tha...
  • Casandria
    This book is well-written and fascinating. The story of John Lennon's life is really sad, funny, crazy, and wierd. The writer does a great job of using quotes and stories to show how he was truly feeling through all the turmoil of being a Beatle, but more importantly, of being John Lennon.I gave it 3 stars for 2 reasons: it's a photo-biography and the photographs weren't the best. I'd give them a B-. And the fact that, honestly, Lennon bugs me. H...
  • Dbarriosperez4
    John Lennon was a kid with a very hard past. All he wanted in life was to express his feeling through music, but things go bad after a few years in the Beatles when music wasn't the same as it was in the beginning. Music wasn't the same when they made you write not when you wanted to write. So he quit the Beatles and took a break from the celebrity life. After a few years he decided to make his own music with his wife Yoko. John Lennon: All I Wan...
  • Jamie
    What I learned from this book: John Lennon was a real asshole.
  • Joanthan Madera
    I read John Lennon: All I Want is the Truth which is the incredible story about the Beatles lead singer, John Lennon. As readers walk down Abbey Road, they’ll read rare stories of John’s early life and uprising to fame; from a simple life growing up in Britain’s lower to middle-class life to becoming one of history’s most influential artist. This book does not skip a single beat, as every detail of John’s life is laid in front of your e...
  • Daniel Ziegelbauer
    A very clear but basic overview of the life of John Lennon and the people surrounding him...and absent from him. Since I read a biography of Elvis at the same time it became clear to me the struggles that musicians and probably all artist endure in their work. And that enjoyment and feeling of accomplishment comes from the journey in their art and not reaching a pinnacle that really never truly exists. A lesson in life for everyone to be sure and...
  • Anne
    This Printz Honor book was just what I needed to fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge of the Beatles, especially John. Well written and documented it is a credible source of information. Lots of photographs makes John's story come alive.
  • Amanda
    This was a well-written biography. What holds me back from rating it higher is that it is pitched as a photographic book, and the photos weren't great. Many of them are of people far outside of John's life. I feel a biography of an individual should mainly contain photos of that individual and their life. Second to that, there is a lot more text than I expected in this book.. hundreds of pages. That's great, I like reading. But the book's physica...
  • Laura
    A cautious note to readers: if you are a Beatles' fan, don't read this review.I have never listened to the Beatles. I don't know any of their songs and I'm not a cult fan. I had mainly ignored them because they were so popular and I automatically distrust what the masses uphold. I was right in this case. Reading through this biography, I determined that the Beatles were a bunch of drunk, drug-addict, adultering, sleaze bags. I have heard so many ...
  • Erin
    In her photographic biography, John Lennon: All I Want Is the Truth, Elizabeth Partridge tells the story of John Lennon’s life from birth to his untimely death, making it accessible to young adult readers. She offers an honest telling of Lennon’s life through his own words, filled with quotes from Lennon’s writings and interviews, along with quotes and stories from those who were significant players in his life. All I ever knew of Lennon wa...
  • Ashley
    Originally reviewed on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing.John Lennon: All I Want is the Truth, a Photobiography by Elizabeth Partridge is not a book I would have chosen to read on my own. I read it because I want to read every Printz Honor and Award, and this book won the Honor in 2006.I've never been interested in the personal lives of celebrities. I just don't care. So, I wasn't expecting to love this book. And I didn't. But, that w...
  • Krista
    An oversize coffee-table style book which presents a photo essay that attempts to cut away the glamour and mystique that surrounds the “legend” of John Lennon to reveal the man in all his raw talent, earnest beliefs, and deepest insecurities. Partridge’s research covers from Lennon’s birth – an interesting recollection of that night, during a German air raid over Liverpool – to his earliest days forming what would become The Beatles, ...
  • Brian Young
    John Lennon: All I Want is the Truth book review By Brian Young John Lennon is one of the greatest song writers of all time. Several million records sold, and a cemented place as the best selling artist of all time, he will likely have a legion of fans, and undoubtedly, TONS of biography's wrote about him. This book, is my favorite biography of him that ive read. Wrote in a almost fiction writing style, it starts off strong with Johns birth in Li...
  • Tammie Soccio
    Printz Honor Book ALA Best Book for Young AdultsHaving never been a big fan of the Beatles, I hesitated when my professor recommended this book as part of our young adult literature exploration. As it turned out, it was a fascinating look behind one of the most famous men in music history. Elizabeth Partridge did an amazing job with words and pictures to paint a picture of Lennon's journey.As it turns out, the peacenik persona that John adopted i...
  • Justin Cain
    The author really tied together the highs no pun intended and the lows of John's life through never before seen pictures,never before released interviews and quotes of John, it was like he put this book together not some author or a obsessive Beatles fan. This was said by the editor "For every photo, there's a story, for every story, there's a photo". Never before seen pictures of John as a little boy with his real mom were great. I think the aut...
  • Jon
    Through the first three quarters of the book, I found myself wondering why this photobiography was given a Printz Honor Award. Sure there is a lot of interesting information and wonderful pictures, but the text itself to that point is mostly summary, with only occasional insights into John’s psyche.Finally, around page 150, right after the Beatles break up, the book redeems itself a good bit. John’s flight from stardom and his ensuing series ...
  • Katherine Lewis
    This kind of broke my heart. As Jake put it when I complained to him, "Never meet your heroes. You'll be disappointed every time."I've always had a crush on John. I grew up listening to the Beatles and staring at their records, and it was nearly always his voice and his songs that I loved the most. When I watched the Anthologies documentary series in college, I found myself unable to pull my eyes away from John during any scene of all four musici...
  • Lorianna
    John Lennon, musician, artist, and leader of the Beatles, was one of the most iconic and influential figures in the history of popular culture. In Elizabeth Partridge’s photographic biography, she tells his life story with a tween and young adult audience in mind. From John’s childhood in Liverpool, to forming the Quarrymen (who later became The Beatles), to falling in love with artist Yoko Ono, this biography gives a complete look at Lennon...
  • Elena
    2.5 stars. I have to admit that I don't read biographies, so this was an adventure in reading for me. I was mostly pretty bored, and I'm not sure if that's because I don't like biography or because this was a particularly dry one. I found that the book was often, especially in the earlier chapters, a litany of facts--dates, names, places, etc.--and I found it extremely difficult to engage with the text on the level I'm used to. I was also somewha...
  • Susie
    The book was well written. In fact it was very good at being succinct and yet giving a well developed picture of who Lennon was throughout his life. Here's the problem: I love the "idea" of John Lennon, but the real guy? Kind of a d-bag. Seriously. (Probably like most artists and famous people) he was self absorbed, moody to the point of psychosis and so completely and utterly high maintenance that I wouldn't have wanted to know him for even a fe...
  • Jessica
    CATEGORY: NON-FICTIONJohn Lennon: All I Want is the Truth is a biography about the famous Beatle. It follows his life from his birth to his untimely murder at age 40. This photo-biography gives an accurate portrayal of Lennon from the different perspectives of his bandmates, his family, his ex-wife, and his wife. Partridge does a good job of showing the progression of John’s life and how that correlated to his music. It is easy to see that he f...