Yesterday's Gone by Sean Platt

Yesterday's Gone

Time is running out. There are 11 alien vials left, and whoever has them holds the fate of humanity in their hands. Will the world succumb to The Darkness or be saved by The Light? Black Island Guardsmen are racing to save the world, but to do so they must put Paola in a danger unlike anything she’s ever faced. What lengths will The Guardsmen go through to get the vials? Can Mary protect her daughter from an insidious alien that has already des...

Details Yesterday's Gone

TitleYesterday's Gone
Release DateNov 18th, 2014
PublisherCollective Inkwell
GenreScience Fiction, Horror, Fiction

Reviews Yesterday's Gone

  • Susan Copple
    YG:Season Five ... another excellent installment!Season Five brings changes to the cast of characters we have grown to love. I won't give details, as spoilers are not needed. I will say that if you have not read the series, please do so! You will not regret it! Sean Platt and David Wright have proven themselves to be excellent storytellers. Even with a good story, it is essential to have characters you can love and despise at the same time. Belie...
  • James
    eh. its just getting sloppy. You die, you come back, you're paralyzed, you can walk, you die again - maybe for real, maybe not. Its dark, its light - and I don't really care. Can't wait for John Connor to show up and lead them to victory against the machines in episode 6...
  • Sarah
    Story still interesting but..Season Five continues to hold my attention and leaves me craving more action and looking forward to next unexpected twist that plague the unlucky (and sometimes lucky) characters. I did feel that I would have been satisfied with the series ending with Season Three, but the authors brought me back in with Season Four and Five.There are a few new characters introduced including, Marina, Arthur, and Acevedo. Marina suffe...
  • Christine Bishop
    Once again Platt and Wright put out another amazing story!!I have loved reading this series but each season seems to outdo the last. The world building is amazing, the characters are flawed, relatable, and you either love them or hate them. This book can have me laughing out loud at Boricio’s wit or pouring tears because a loved character has been consumed by darkness or died. I can’t wait to start the next season.
  • Jarkko Laine
    Five seasons in, the thriller series is not getting less complicated! But it's not getting less interesting either. At times, the book got me scratching my head, trying to remember what happened in the past and who did what and how that affects the present moment. But mostly in a good way. It's a complex story line and *a lot* has happened since the world changed in October 2011.What I've always loved most about the story is its characters and ho...
  • Blaine Moore
    It's been a while since I read the first 4 books in the series, so the prologue providing a quick recap of what has happened was appreciated if a bit overwhelming; thankfully, previous events were mentioned throughout the narrative to help tie everything together and keep it all from being a confusing mess.This book is the second to last in the series and provided a lot of action and advancement of the story. If you are expecting all of your favo...
  • Mario
    First three seasons of this series were fantastic. No. 4 was a bit of a let-down. Number 5 was OK till the middle, but towards the end the authors somehow lost themselves (and readers) in a pretty jumbled, chaotic and not very original plot. The ending seemed rushed and forced as if authors couldn't wait to present a cliffhanger leading to season 6. If you read (or watch) many serialized works you know that there are such lower than average seaso...
  • Michelle Leigh
    I would love to see someone pick this up and make it a television series! It's that good! It would ***HAVE TO*** stay true to the books though, because anything less would not be the same.Once again, I'm sucked in and living right there with the characters, stuck between The Light and The Darkness! I have never had so many WTF moments while reading a book or a series as I have had with this one. Talk about cliffhangers!! lolIf you haven't tried t...
  • Bluecobras09
    A non-stop adrenalin rush. Nothing else describes this series. The Darkness has managed to infiltrate more than anyone could possibly imagine. Those thought of as friends are a lie, and those that are, well they are getting killed or taken over.I am going to need a vacation after this. Just reading the story is like being in it. Can you make it through the series without a break? You must give it a try!!
  • Colette
    Yet another great book in this series. I'm excited for the final one, but also sad that it is going to end too. These are the first books that I've read from these authors and I can't praise them enough. The range of emotions I've gone through with each of the characters is something that I rarely experience when reading books, I usually either like or dislike a character but there are a couple of characters that my feelings change towards - usua...
  • Matt Browner
    Still Tremendously EntertainingWhile the first three seasons were my favorite, season five was still highly entertaining. Season four was my least favorite, although I would still give it four stars. I'm really looking forward to the sixth and final season, which I'm about to start right now.
  • Sue
    As with the previous seasons of Yesterday's Gone, I was thoroughly entertained. There were some areas where the story line seemed to get confusing but all in all, I still love this series and yes I will stick around for Season 6. I am one of the faction who is lobbying for a 7th & 8th season! 5 big stars!
  • Izabela
    Season Five is another fast-paced adventure from the Yesterday's Gone series. Ignoring some of the editorial errors, this is just as amazing as the previous four. It kept me reading, eager to find out what happens next. There were several surprises that I simply didn't see coming, leaving me slack-jawed at the end. Season Six, here I come!
  • kelly Titus
    Love this series can't wait for the next seasonThe seasons are heart wrenching but you can't put them down good guys are bad guys and bad are good guys you know which way is up keeps you glued to the page
  • john hoxie
    Not gone YETAnother great installment. I can not wait for the finish. This one did leave me wondering a bit. There are a few scenes in which someone dies but then somehow reappears. They are unexplained and confusing to the story.
  • Melissa Nichols
    This book was enjoyable to read. Not as good as some of the others in the series, but it was nice to have some finality and some answers to questions.
  • Carol
    At this point, I think I'm only finishing this series because I started it.
  • Robin Surface
    This is a great apocalyptic series. Wonderful characters - especially Borico. Just be sure you're not offended by foul language.
  • Tiera Johnson
    This book was a page turner!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to read the final book in this series.
  • Jennifer L
    Great SeasonIf you haven't read Yesterday's Gone, do yourself a favor and dive in. Great characters, lots of action, a very enjoyable read. Looking forward to next season.
  • Dani
    I love this series! Oh how you raise the bar with each season. Wish it was longer because the waiting is brutal. What a rush! Amazing!!
  • Mark
    This series is turning into a sci-fi horror soap opera with crazy plot turns and people coming back from the dead, never really resolving anything. It's starting to get on my nerves.
  • Marilyn
    This season kept me wondering where everything was headed! I love that none of these have been predictable at all! There were quite a few shocking moments, and I can't wait for the last season!
  • Kim A. Mann
    ExcellentA good story still. A bit confusing with all the movement of the characters but still entertaining. Can not wait for the next installment