Shakespeare Basics for Grown-Ups by E. Foley

Shakespeare Basics for Grown-Ups

An essential guide to Shakespeare, from the international bestselling authors of Homework for Grown-Ups The Bard was so incredibly prolific that even most Shakespeare scholars would welcome the occasional refresher course, and most of the rest of us haven’t even got a clue as to what a petard actually is. Fear not, the bestselling authors of Homework for Grown-Ups are here to help. For parents keen to help with their children’s homework, casu...

Details Shakespeare Basics for Grown-Ups

TitleShakespeare Basics for Grown-Ups
Release DateJun 16th, 2015
GenreNonfiction, History, Plays, Theatre, Classics

Reviews Shakespeare Basics for Grown-Ups

  • Jill
    Perhaps you are past your college years but still like to learn, and would prefer a book to tote around rather than sitting in front of your computer for a “MOOC” (massive open online course). Maybe your kids are studying Shakespeare in school and you want to participate. Or maybe you just love Shakespeare, as I do. For any of these reasons, this book has a lot to recommend it.The book is short but still includes summaries of all the key play...
  • Prima Seadiva
    Picked up on a whim at the library I enjoyed this book. While not unfamiliar with Shakespeare I'm not deeply knowledgeable. I really liked the chapters on language, style and form. I knew a little about how Elizabethan theater was structured and I learned more here too. This was a fairly quick read. Some of the play summaries (especially the Histories)I skimmed. My favorite plays are the Tragedies especially Macbeth, King Lear, Hamlet,and Othello...
  • Lesa
    E. Foley and B. Coates really have put together "Everything You Need to Know About the Bard". Shakespeare Basics for Grown-Ups isn't comprehensive, naturally, because it's the basics. But, the authors do an excellent job providing the background to the author and his writings.It is helpful to put Shakespeare's life and writings in the context of the times he lived in. And, the authors make it clear that the playwright did not need to give a great...
  • Amanda
    This is a great book for anyone that enjoys some of Shakespeare’s works, yet do not know much about him. The book talks about what we do know about Shakespeare and it also talks about the world Shakespeare grew up in. I found that very interesting and it gave me a better understanding of his world and what was going on outside of his works.Shakespeare Basics for Grown-ups is such a great idea and extremely helpful for anyone wanting to learn ab...
  • Woody
    Thoughtful & informative without being too academic, I certainly learned a lot. Only got 3 wrong on the 60-question quiz in the back!
  • Siobhan
    Tons of good information and well organized. I plan on hanging on to this reference at least until my teen is out of high school. Received as a free promotional giveaway on Goodreads.
  • Sarah - All The Book Blog Names Are Taken
    While I consider myself fairly well-read in terms of Shakespeare, a little refresher every now and then is necessary. While I knew much already of what this book contained, reading the summaries of the plays were like visiting with old friends. I also appreciated the authors and they work identifying themes, important scenes, etc. This works well both as a starting point for those who find Shakespeare overwhelming, and for those who know the Bard...
  • Anthony
    This is a book for Shakespeare nerds (like me!) or for others who like to learn more about Shakespeare. What I particularly loved about this book were the authors' overviews of Shakespeare's key Comedies, Tragedies and Histories. Their insight and information added to a deeper understanding of the plays. They also go into his sonnets in some detail, of which I am not too familiar with. Sometime it got a little too technical, especially in describ...