Sign of the Cross (Payne & Jones, #2) by Chris Kuzneski

Sign of the Cross (Payne & Jones, #2)

On a Danish shore, a Vatican priest is found—hanging on a cross. The next day, the same crime is repeated…this time in Asia and Africa. Meanwhile, deep in the legendary catacombs near Orvieto, Italy, an archeologist unearths a scroll dating back two thousand years, revealing secrets that could rock the foundations of Christianity. Its discovery makes him the most wanted criminal in all of Europe. But his most dangerous enemies operate outside...

Details Sign of the Cross (Payne & Jones, #2)

TitleSign of the Cross (Payne & Jones, #2)
Release DateSep 26th, 2006
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Adventure, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews Sign of the Cross (Payne & Jones, #2)

  • Amanda
    Have you ever had that experience that occurs when people find out that you're a reader and so the next time they see you, they're clutching a book in hand that they force upon you while insisting that you read it? And not when you can get around to it, oh, no, they want you to read it NOW. They look so damn hopeful that you, too, will love it that you just can't say no. That's how I came upon this little turd-nugget of a book. This is one of the...
  • Melissa
    This book was so bad, I am embarrassed for the publisher. (Come on, Penguin, did you run out of Jane Austen novels to reprint or something?) It appears to have been researched on Wikipedia over a couple of lattes at the local Starbucks. Laced with painfully dated pop-culture references, preposterous dialog, and demeaning stereotypes, this book reads more like Dan Brown fan fiction penned by the author's high school students. Students to whom he a...
  • Mariakok
    Μου θύμισε περισσότερο σενάριο περιπέτειας και όχι μυθιστόρημα. Άσε που νομίζω ότι προσπαθούσε να πιάσει τον Νταν Μπράουν...
  • Jasmine Darcy
    I am adding and reviewing this book two years later and so, can't go much into details.However,this book was a one of a kind.Not in a good way,but not in a bad either.The plot was a twisting, action-packed and thrilling journey with a diverse,humorous cast of characters.I have seen the criticisms for this book and nevertheless,I think it deserves at least a 3.5 stars/5. The only bad thing I can think of right now is that I wish the book had never...
  • Rosalyn
    enjoy the banter between the two main (hero's) characters and the fast paced all action story with good interesting story lines
  • Melie
    First of all I don't compare books with others books, because they ought to be reviewed based on the book alone. So yeah...I don't know how I ended up reading this, but I did which is awesome. I really enjoyed the suspense, the thrill, the mystery and the humor, especially.It had me gripping the book half the time, the thrill and the suspense it gave me. It had me going to bed really early, like 3 or 4 in the morning just to fulfill my desire to ...
  • ✿ Deni
    It could be an interesting story... if it would be properly written!. He tries too hard to give the two "main characters" a super-cool-cop personality which doesn't really work; gives hints what's going to happen next at the end of every chapter which I believe it's intended to keep the suspense, but does exactly the opposite! and keeps writing "anyway" and "anyhow" which does not make a good writing style, but feels more like some macho-wanna-be...
  • Lisa James
    If you enjoyed Dan Brown's DaVinci Code & Angels & Demons, you will like this book. It starts with some mysterious person crucifying Vatican priests on 3 different continents, & it goes from there on a thrill ride that includes secrets that could turn the Catholic church on it's ear. Great read, it hooks you from the first paragraph!
  • Tyson Adams
    Sometimes when I'm reading a book I'm not sure if I'm meant to be excited, enrapt, or cringing. It's taken me a few days to arrive at a decision and I've decided to cringe.Sign of the Cross is a fast paced action adventure novel in the vein of Steve Berry, James Rollins, or that guy who wrote the book that annoyed the Pope; what was his name? In the second instalment of Payne and Jones' adventures, the mercenaries are hired to hunt down two archa...
  • Christina
    Found this book in the effort of finding good-quality religious thrillers like Dan Brown's. Sign of the Cross is an okay book, pretty mainstream as in it's not Dan-Brown-good but it's not trash either. Everything's there: action, conspiracy, Christian leaders, cops--so it can't be too bad. The only downside to this is the believability in the details of the story. I find it so simplistic and lacking details at times, and the characters are unbeli...
  • Gary
    I have had this book sat on the shelf for a few years, having picked it up in a lovely second hand bookshop. I sometimes enjoy this sort of high-speed, page-turning thriller, with religious artefacts and mystery. And so, having read woefully little this past year, I picked this as my first read of 2017.Oh dear. It's truly painful. The writing is that of an over-excited 14 year old who has just finished reading The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail fo...
  • Eadie
    This story was fast-paced, full of action, mystery, history and a fun entertaining read. Payne and Jones are great characters and add a great deal to the story. Looking forward to my next adventure with these two wonderful characters.
  • Annette
    Extremely bad writing and plot. The most apalling book I've read all year.
  • Thushar Bhat
    After reading THE PLANTATION, I was very much impressed with the fast paced action- adventure. The second half of the book was intense and full of twists.Unlike this book. This book has a much more in-depth plot, but it sadly overtakes the much anticipated action. It has some suspense riding on it and don't get me wrong, it does have some action - but they come in bursts and are short lived. It probably doesn't even make up 20% of the book.Riding...
  • Kartikey Shandilya
  • Steve Pillinger
    This is a rather lame Dan Brown imitation: an ancient archaeological find threatens to destroy Christianity in general, and the Catholic church in particular. Instead, the book itself is destroyed by the central premise of its plot —which is utterly ludicrous to anyone who knows anything about the early church and/or Roman history in the 1st century AD. Kuzneski would have us believe that the resurrection of Christ was faked by the Roman Empero...
  • Tim Pendry
    Although, like so many of these thrillers, it falters towards the end as everything has to get tied up without too many loose ends, this is one of the better contributions to the conspiracy/thriller genre in terms of straight simple story telling. It precedes Sword of God as a Payne/Jones actioner and, although the second is better in writing, plotting and, dare one even contemplate the term, credibility, this is a good read, simply because Kuzne...
  • Christie
    "Sign of the Cross" proves that just because a book is published doesn't mean it's any good. The author, riding the popularity of the super-secret religious thriller wave (thanks, Dan Brown!), sets up a mystery involving Jesus that only a pair of wise-cracking cops can solve.I'm all for literary fluff - a good mindless read that requires the suspension of belief, but the writing here is simply atrocious. The plot is predictable, but most of the p...
  • Parwati Singari
    Sign of the crossAuthor Chris Kuzneski.Genre: thriller, Christian mythologyPublisherISBNAn interesting fictional thriller, narrated in a comfortable pace. The author takes us through the Christian lore, and the politically savvy Roman Empire. He has used the available roman historic factors and academic debates to weave a thriller from Boston to Beijing, from Denmark to Libya while the action is cantered at the intersection in the catacombs of Or...
  • Sougata
    Okay, I was actually disappointed reading it. It's almost like I'm reading a badly written Dan Brown! Firstly, the main plot was very weak, hardly any good concrete events and details and interesting turns in the main plot. If you're going up against Christ, better have a great story to tell.Writing is just mediocre at best! Very flat basic writing. No drama. The descriptions are very weak and they fail to draw a good imagination of the scenario ...
  • Giuseppe Ruotolo
    There's a WARNING in the author's notes at the end of this book which says some major plot twists will be spoiled if you read this note first. When I gave the book up on page 216 and I couldn't care I read the note and for the life of me I couldn't work out what twists have been spoiled. The problem with this book is it's all been said before: the Da Vinci, the First Apostle. Basically find some remote scroll Christianity is threatened blah blah....
  • Elaine
    I really enjoyed this book despite some questionable reviews. Each to their own, I guess! Anyhow, I thought there was an effective balance of action and suspense. Hints were given at the end of each chapter as a tease to what was coming. Some may see this as a poor cliff hanger but for me it just served to make me read on! The relationship between Jon and D.J was well drawn and a pleasure to read. Also, thanks to good background information and r...
  • Bansari
    Awesome and Mind-blowing Those who like Da Vinci Code must read this book. Payne & Jones are awesome. These characters are so amazing and funny. I can't begin to even describe how beautiful the story is. I promise you that you won't be able to distinguish between facts and fiction. It makes you second guess whether or not the story is true. Reading this book will take you on an adventure across the world. And all these places are so wonderful and...
  • Chinchilla_clouds
    Δεν με κράτησε. Ο συγγραφέας προσπαθεί πολύ παραπάνω απ' ότι θα έπρεπε να χτίσει τη δράση αλλά και ένα κάποιο χιούμορ χρησιμοποιώντας πολλά κλισέ και περιττές περιγραφές. Η ιδέα ότι κάποια στοιχεία θα μπορούσαν να καταστρέψουν τη βάση του χριστια...
  • Niklas Nylander
    I am sure the author did SOME research, had a nice little story to tell, characters he loved, etc. Too bad the book turned out to be nothing more than a mess of macho-dialogue, far-fetched plot "twists", crap writing, one-dimensional characters and loads of weird mistakes; The Scandinavian names are just completely wrong, for instance. Thats just a minor example.Just stay away from this book unless you feel that Dan Brown and Clive Cussler are to...
  • Jishnu
    The book has got 2 stars only for the concept he has presented. The structure of the book is really poor and I had laugh reading the epilogue where he mentioned that he had planned to write the book to more than 800 pages. Thank god he stopped at 600. Tried to do a Dan Brown but didn't quite work out. Just for the sake of reading it prove to be really good but it quite a tiring experience for me on a whole. POOR
  • Bryan Price
    Sign of the Cross was written by a high school kid after reading The Da Vinci Code. These same cliched plots have been done much better by the likes of Steve Berry. One of the few books I read at least 50% but did not finish. Would someone mind messaging what happens in the story? I couldn't find any details with a google search. Thanks.
  • Dawn
    I swear that was the laziest building of suspense I have ever read. By end, every block of text finished with a semi-spoiler for the next few pages. I swear, I heard a little chime in my head and the words, "Turn the page!" just like I was six again and Tinkerbell was giving me the Pavlov's dog treatment. And let's not even get into the awful, unnatural, self-conscious dialogue.....
  • Rachel
    Really, I would give this story 3.5 stars. It was what a religious thriller should be, exciting, action packed, informative. Interesting premise revolving around Christ, Tiberius and "the laughing man". A lot of characters, but all of the "shtick" seemed a little out of place and unnecessary.I just realized that this is the second book in a series. I would read the others.
  • Rowell Glabog
    It was a total waste of time.