The Impressionist by Tim Clinton

The Impressionist

Middle aged, disappointed and self-loathing, Adam Camp is anything but the picture of a successful man. With his wife threatening to leave him and their son addicted to drugs, Adam teeters on the verge of absolute despair—questioning his own existence and purpose for living. After an explosive argument with his wife, Adam searches for an escape as he sets out on a journey that will dramatically recolor his world. While walking through the city ...

Details The Impressionist

TitleThe Impressionist
Release DateSep 16th, 2014
PublisherDestiny Image
GenreChristian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Drama, Christian Non Fiction

Reviews The Impressionist

  • Bethany Marks
    “And He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers” Malachi 3:6 is the gift of The Impressionist.We all —long— to be fathered. The Impressionist draws the generations together with a grandfather, a father and a son who desperately need strength beyond their own abilities. The gift was layered and different than expected but rich and life changing. It revealed options with the choice...
  • Sherry White-pillars
    This book is really amazing. It has blessed me so much and opened my eyes to see things differently.
  • Lejean Maurer
    IntenseThis was so intense. Made myself do soul searching. It ended all to soon. Share God's love in your actions.
  • Christine
    Message for the wearyThis book was a call to a weary. This book made God so understandable in the way He forgives us. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the struggle of just everyday life, that we don’t take the time to listen to what God is saying to us. This book, The Impressionist, is believable and applicable in today’s world. Struggles with faith, distance in our closest relationships, addiction, and the inability to forgive is addressed ...
  • David Bergsland
    Though the book contains a lot of truth, it comes across as a bit sparse on reality. I know this will be life-changing for some, and it’s a good word. But it focuses on the desperate needing answers. The answers show a gentle richness.
  • Marcelle Scott
    Good Read.This story held me captive. I couldn't put it down. It is full of spiritual truths as well as entertaining. Everyone should read this book.
  • Barbara Gore
    Great storyI had set my mind that I would not enjoy this book. What a surprise I got, I wanted to read as fast as I could. So much faith in God and love! Just a terrific story!
  • Karen Adair
    Let go... Let GodAn inspiring story about fighting evil as a warrior for God, like David. Becoming the person that God means for you to be.
  • Richard Kuhn
    When I was a young writer and Family Network still existed, I was taken under the wing of an experienced, successful writer whose job was to to basically rip everything I wrote to shreds. It was a tough experience but a very much needed one. The first thing Jason looked for was what he called Basement Christian stuff-automatic reject. Basement Christian Stuff, BCS as we came to identify it, is run of the mill how I got saved with a little story i...
  • Lanita
    After the first three or four chapters, I felt that I was alternately reading a sermon and then a history of civil rights actions and causes. The Christian message was OK, but I expected more action and less teaching. I felt the message of the book was that a couple of miraculous interactions were needed for a person to change his ways, with which I disagree. And there was only resolution in one of the main character's relationships, leaving the ...
  • Kris
    Great book! The subtitle is Becoming the Masterpiece You Were Created To Be which is very apt! It also has great lessons for improving your marriage.Adam has just had a huge fight with his wife Paige. They have gotten weary in their marriage and this time they have actually talked about divorce. Adam leaves the house and goes to a park where an old man says he’d like to paint Adam’s portrait. As he paints, Jim Ed challenges Adam to be the man...
  • Ron
    Disappointing.Two stars is a gift. I almost quit after fifty pages. It got better, but not much.It reads like a Sunday school attempt to render a counseling transcript as a three-act play. The writing is unrealistic. The punctuation is terrible. The use of script and Italic fonts for many pages impairs readability. The references to painting watercolor indicate neither author paints nor knows much about art history.Books like this are why Christi...
  • Nancy A Heaps
    WowI'd like to thank the author for writing this book and especially thank Yahweh for having me read it at this time. Yahweh continues to use triangulation to get my attention and to teach me. I truly am in awe of Him. Thank You Jesus.
  • Virginia Winfield
    This book really makes you think. Is the artist a regular human or is he an angel in disguise. It is really left up for you to decide. I am glad I got to read this story. This is one you need Kleenex for. I received this book from for a fair and honest opinion.
  • Grace
    This was a free book so I gave it a try. (sigh) It carried many of the pitfalls of Christian Fiction. Resolution came, for some of the story, way too quickly. An important part was not resolved at all. The story I wanted to hear, and kept me reading until the end, never got any closure. I wanted to see how Adam resolved his dissolving marriage with Paige and how he worked through his rocky relationship with his son, Josh. The former never was tre...
  • Ruth A Calvin
    I love this book and will read it again and again. If you wonder why the title is The Impressionist PLEASE go to the dictionary and read about impressionism. (someone did ask a question about it) You will have a more beautiful understanding of the story. The author knew what he was writing about because he has all the credentials for the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of human beings and what they go through. I see why the wife had pro...
  • Debbie West
    An awesome, well written, true to life book!I cried because my husband died 2 months ago of cancer, & he had been my soulmate for 29 years. I could empathize with John Ed. I hated that the ending wasn't as complete as I would have liked, but it gave me hope for Adam & Josh. Everything that Jim Ed said, I totally agreed with, as I have always known that God's always been there for me, unlike the other characters in this book. This book would be in...
  • Sheryl Robert
    this is a great story. I understand some do not think it is all that great,but for a new Christian, it is a wonderfully written story about life. Many families struggle with problems such as written in this book,the way it is written is for us to see that not only are we at fault,but there are ways out of the issues if only you have faith in GOD and all that he can do to help you from a bad situation. Change is good. The Impressionist is an older...
  • Alana Maitland
    Light from darknessThis book was worth my time reading it. It addresses common problems everyone faces: self worth, depression, dysfunctional marriage and family. The main character struggles with his failures and regrets. He wants change but has no idea how to begin.The book ends with answers, healing and hope.
  • Judy Brown
    Renewed My Desire To Always Walk in FaithNo one goes through life without challenges. This story is about one man's challenges and how an encounter with someone can be encouraging and life changing. Each one of us has the ability to give our testimony and help our fellow human being out when things appear hopeless.
  • Beth Kaminske
    AdamI liked most of the book, just not the ending. It was to undeveloped and way to short. Made it t unbelievable. Especially Josh's turn around. And I wish the ending had included Adam opening up to Eric and Eric admitting his failures. Not naming them just admitting he had them. It was just to incomplete and to nice.
  • Sharon Broaster
    Spiritually uplifting Was intrigued by the foreword,then I got i to the story. This could be at a point I. All out lives . The Impressionist is thought provoking , and encouraging. I would love to be a Jim Ed for someone and I take need for myself the message given to Adam. Did not matter that I'm female and this is from a male point of view
  • Lynn Weldon
    Adam, who is in his worst moment meets Jim Ed who shows Adam who he is meant to be in Christ. Through forgiveness, God’s Word, God’s love, all things are possible. Jim Ed shares with Adam the gifts that God Blessed Him with. I would recommend this book to everyone who is searching, doubting, hoping.
  • Mary Jane
    Remarkable story.This is a true message of how we live our lives. The life God gave each of us. The choices we make and the path we follow. The only true path is throne God has for us. This is a story worth reading more than once. It will make you think if you are not afraid to do so.
  • Andrea anetzley
    Loved The Impressionist!This book was short, but packed a lot in. It addresses the hard things of life and the promises of God. It was an encouragement to me to not get weary, but continue fighting the good fight.
  • Walter Jones
    Life is ...There's little action, lots of talking and the story sucks you in like a whirlpool. I couldn't put this down. There is so much joy and sadness in this book that it keeps hitting. I'm going to be reading this one again.
  • Jennifer Riaz
    Couldn’t even finish it. Couldn’t get past the first paragraph. As soon as I read the question “What cha got?” I put the book down in disgust. Poor, unimaginative writing slapped me in the face. Cha is not a word.
  • Mary Mead
    Slow start but worth it This book has a powerful message! It’s a little unrealistic at times but I know that God can do anything! It made me cry and made my heart eager to know and serve our beautiful Savior more!
  • Margaret Williams
    Amazingly moving.Makes one really think. Beautiful love story of the battles we all face, the unfairness and disgrace of prejudices, and how with the love of Christ, we can overcome. God bless you Tim for sharing such a beautiful testimony.
  • Linda Frye
    GrippingI usually read cozy mysteries, just something to do. I had downloaded this as a free book and decided to read it today. Loved it. Great read, especially if you are struggling in life. A reminder that we are never alone, and we don't have to do life alone.