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The Whole30

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TitleThe Whole30
Release DateApr 21st, 2015
PublisherHoughton Mifflin Harcourt
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Health, Nonfiction, Food, Cooking, Self Help

Reviews The Whole30

  • Denise
    For people who want to whole30, but don't necessarily want to read all of the science-y stuff of why a whole30 is good for them, this is a great book. It answers a lot of questions about the whole30, covers just the basics of why a whole30 is good (if you want more in-depth, read "It Starts With Food"), provides shopping lists, lots of great recipes and a wonderful collection of resources for support, shopping and additional reading. Very well do...
  • Kristie
    I didn't read this book in-depth. I started out reading, realized that I would never be able to maintain a diet this stringent, and started skimming over parts. There is a lot of information in this book, from the basics (How to roast a whole chicken) to the creative (how to cook eggplant or sweet potato to use in place of your burger bun). It also includes many delicious recipes. Many I will try...enough that I might be tempted to buy the book t...
  • Carol Evans
    I can't tell you if The Whole30 is a healthy choice, although the Hartwigs give plenty of reasons why it is. What I can tell you is that I'm glad I did the 30 days and will hopefully eat better having done them. My hsuband and I did it together which was definitely helpful.The Whole30 rules in the most basic form are easy to understand. YES: Eat meat, seafood, eggs, vegetable, fruit and natural fats. DO: Do not consume sugar, alcohol, grains, leg...
  • Donna
    I am drawn to nonfiction, health books in particular. I like reading them and I have read quite a few. First, I loved the voice of the author. It felt personal but pointed, which I appreciated. I liked that it felt she was sitting across the table.Overall, the diet aspect felt extreme. For normal healthy people, I don't see the need for this, (even after hearing the pitch). This book felt like it was geared more towards those who are experiencing...
  • Nikki
    I was on the fence with whether or not to get this book. I have been eating paleo-ish for about 2.5 years so I was familiar with many recipes and figured the recipe portion would not be helpful. However, I wanted the book for the FAQ and guidance as we went through this challenge. I have to say my assessment was correct. Having the guidance was really helpful, especially for the Whole30 rules that don't make as much sense on the surface. Honestly...
  • Jason Pettus
    To be clear, I really loved the two-page guide at the heart of Melissa and Dallas Hartwig's "Whole30" eating plan, which can be entirely and totally explained thusly: Spend 30 days eating nothing but meat, vegetables and fruit, in order to detox your body from all other edible items that exist, then one at a time slowly re-introduce things like legumes, grains, dairy and sugar back into your diet, paying very close attention to how your body reac...
  • Shelby P
    I'm on day eight of The Whole30 and so far so good. I've been grocery shopping more frequently than ever before. Breakfast is the hardest meal because I don't want to eat eggs without toast but I haven't cheated. I was tempted to add some regular butter to a bake potato the other day but I didn't!!I love the recipes in the book. I followed the recipe for a steak and it was the best steak I've ever eaten that I cooked. I'm eating more vegetables w...
  • Casey
    The Whole 30: The 30 Day-Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom is meant to be read after It Starts with Food. However, there's enough information in here that if you don't want to go through all the cited scientific "evidence" then this is a fine place to start if you are interested in doing a Whole 30. Roughly, the first quarter of the book gives you all the details about Whole 30 and a bunch of commonly asked questions and answers. The rest of...
  • Emily
    I have a coworker who loves this, so I decided to check it out. I read it out loud to my husband on a long road trip last spring, and we agreed to give it a try. It's an adjustment to change eating habits so drastically, but we've both experienced health benefits since we did it-weight loss for both of us, and a huge improvement in my breathing for me. I've had asthma since I was a kid, and in the past couple of years, it felt like it was getting...
  • Britany
    I loved and appreciated Melissa's sarcastic, tough, no-nonsense writing throughout this book. She has an answer for every question and if there's a website filled with a support system, resources, and even more recipes and answers.Whole30 is not a diet, it's a lifestyle- this mantra is repeated throughout the guidebook. She starts off with the rules, what you can eat, what you can't, how our bodies respond to change, what to expect day by day, an...
  • Amanda Abbate
    I have really enjoyed the recipes in this books so far. And also the brief explanation of the Whole30 concept. I have seen a lot of complaints about the book containing simple recipes like how to fry an egg, but when you are eating simple whole foods knowing how to prepare them well makes all the difference in the world! I know I will reference this book a lot for the large section on sauces, dips, and dressings. It's nice to be able to whip up h...
  • Lysistrata
    EDIT (11/17/16): Fixed minor grammar problems.The Whole30 is an extreme paleo diet that claims to improve everything from joint pain to AHDH to sleep apnea. Regardless of how truthful that is, the diet itself is deceptively simple: it’s the food version of a juice cleanse. The end-goal of the diet is to break addictions to unhealthy sugars, carbs, and dairy products by following a cold turkey regime. The Hartwigs have made great efforts to avoi...
  • Kimberly
    I pre-ordered this book in January and received an advance copy. After having read It Starts with Food last year and participating in the Januray 2015 Whole30, I was still left with some lingering questions. This book will answer any and all questions you may have about completing the Whole30. The FAQ sections are very informative and lengthy. The book is wonderfully written in Melissa's no nonsense style which I love.The second half of the book ...
  • Laura Gelinas
    Excited to start my first Round of Whole30 next week! I’ll be honest, I’d heard so many people talk about this lifestyle change for awhile now, but my preconceptions were that it was just another diet trend geared toward all the meat and vegetables. I didn’t realize the whole theory of breaking bad relationships with food along with the habits and strongholds that go with what you put in your body when you’re bored, anxious, stressed, etc...
  • Laura Leaney
    My five star rating is for content not literary merit. The authors have a wonderful clarity in providing the rationale for eating unprocessed food. I feel (momentarily) convinced. I believe I may try their 30 day plan - but I probably will not begin until late September because I've got engagements where the consumption of wine may be required in order to appear normal. In the meantime, I've donated a lot of crap food from my pantry and freezer t...
  • Leona
  • Burd
    I'm not usually interested in diet books. But the Whole30 is not a weight loss diet. It's not even a healthier way of eating. It's only meant to last for 30 days. You can repeat the diet if you want to. But the whole purpose of Whole30 is to eliminate a wide number of foods that cause digestive food sensitivity, and immune system problems in order to let the body reset. Then you gradually re-introduce these foods and pay attention to how they aff...
  • Reading in Black & White
    I rated this book a 4 purely based off the fact that I read every single word (with the exception of the chapters that didn't pertain to me: feeding your kids following Whole30, pregnancy/nursing guidelines, and if you have certain illnesses) and I've never done that with this type of book. The material is very easy to follow and the science is broken down in such a way that anyone can understand. I'll revisit my rating after I follow the plan fo...
  • Ginger
    It's safe to say that this has changed my life and my outlook on food and how I eat it.
  • Shawn
    I like the concept. I enjoy many of the recipes. I LOVE the results!
  • Colleen
    This review is more about the actual program than the book itself.I did the Whole30 (the 30 days I marked as reading this book was actually me doing the program). I didn't have the crash or withdraw, but did notice some of the improvements they claim - like better sleep, more energy, feeling leaner, etc. I did not have other improvements that I was looking for - like my skin and a few other TMI things.I did cook a lot and eat delicious food. Ther...
  • Alisa
    If you are like me, you will do the Whole30 (or something like it) more than once. If you are on your 3rd round (like me), you may not get much from this book. That said, it's well written and obscenely simplified and detailed and really targets those who have NOT done a Whole30 yet, or those who have tried and failed. The authors really said it well...this book is the equivalent of training wheels on your bike. It gives you all the support you n...
  • Ashley
    Wait, didn’t I just review this book?Nope.So just this week, the “It Starts with Food” authors released a slightly more and slightly less comprehensive guide to their elimination diet program. In this section they have less detail than their previous book, but they make for it with a fairly intensive FAQ section. And then, the best part …Cookbook! I am not a cook. I’m a baker, which really just means that I like sweets so much I want an...
  • Roseb612
    Hodnocení bude až tak za měsíc, až s manželem dokončíme naše Whole30. Jsem na to dost zvědavá. Jako celoživotní bojovník s atopickým ekzémem beru každé zlepšení :-)Update po měsíci a půl:Whole30 máme s manželem úspěšně za sebou, překvapivě to nebylo až tak náročné na vůli, jak jsem čekala (ve dvou se to vždycky lépe táhne). Musím přiznat, že ten program opravdu funguje - sice ne tak zázračně, jak auto...
  • Natalie Casper
    I read this book AFTER finishing my Whole30 (I made do with the web resources while I waited for the library!). This program quite literally changed the way I think about fueling my body and also helped me recognize all the ways I was sabotaging my former "healthy" lifestyle. From super clear skin to increased energy levels, this "diet" has permanently changed the way I eat. As someone with an athletic build and tough training regimen, I find it ...
  • Regina De Los Reyes
    Easy quick read, great ideas in theory but to eliminate all foods at once seems like a big set up for failure for me. I personally don't have an issue with dairy, legumes, or grains. My issue that I have is my issue with sugar. I'm a definite sugar addict. That is where I'll start but to commit entirely to the Whole 30 is something I know won't work for me. Especially legumes and grains, I don't overdue those but knowing I can't have them sets my...
  • Kristi
    The only reason I give it a four stars is because as a mom of three and Canadian I can see already how it could be tricky for me to get some of the cleaner meats or approved snacks that help make this reset more doable. Otherwise it's beautiful, well laid out, covered all its basis and has lots of delicious recipes to try.
  • Effie
    I felt like this program was good for me to try once. However, the promises outweighed the actual benefits for me and for my husband. I know that for others, it changed their lives. But for me, it was just neat to say that I had conquered that part of myself for a month. No lasting changes or benefits. I would not do it again but I am grateful that I tried it once.