Vultures (Miriam Black, #6) by Chuck Wendig

Vultures (Miriam Black, #6)

In the sixth and final thriller of the “wildly entertaining” (Kirkus Reviews) Miriam Black series, Miriam tries to break the curse of her powers, but first she must face The Trespasser a final time. Still reeling from the events of The Raptor and the Wren, Miriam must confront two terrifying discoveries: the Trespasser now has the power to inhabit the living as well as the dead, and Miriam is pregnant. Miriam knows her baby is fated to die, b...

Details Vultures (Miriam Black, #6)

TitleVultures (Miriam Black, #6)
Release DateJan 1st, 2019
PublisherSAGA Press
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Fiction, Thriller

Reviews Vultures (Miriam Black, #6)

  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum so, it’s over. After six books, Miriam Black has her conclusion, and I’m trying to deal with a lot of different thoughts and feelings all competing for my attention. Obviously, there’s elation, because all in all, it was a good finale. And of course, there’s pain and sadness too, knowing that a favorite series of mine for years has finally come to an end. Howe...
  • Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror
    Sitting here in front of my laptop after just finishing the sixth and final book in the Miriam Black series and I'm experiencing a mixed bag of emotions.First, I've said this countless times all over social media but I'd like it to be officially on the record:The Miriam Black series is one of my top 3 book series.In no particular order: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin and this series by Chuck W...
  • Holly (The Grimdragon)
    "Miriam is bound to an exam table. She is clothed. Her feet are in stirrups, bound there with a cruel swaddling of duct tape, the ankles elevated above her head. Her hands are fixed to a set of bedrails, also with tape--so much tape, it bulges, like a nodule, a tumor. Her arm, where the bullet cut through her, is already starting to heal up.(And it itches something fierce. As if the injury is stuffed with crawling ants struggling to dig a colony ...
  • Josh
    "Everyone dies around me". Her very presence is like a taste of slow poison. She's radioactive; a walking, talking, singing, dancing slice of Chernobyl.Chuck Wendig sure knows how to mess with his readers emotions. The conclusion of the Miriam Black series is satisfying and loaded with tantalizingly tasty twists, especially as the curtain closes on Miriam Blacks' continually dark chapter.The Trespasser, Gabby, Louis/Not-Louis, Wren, Miriam's curs...
  • Steven
    While the previous entry wasn't my favorite of the series, this entry stepped back up to being more along the same lines as the rest of the series... which is good, because this is the very last one!Miriam Black's story has reached its conclusion, and honestly, I think Wendig did a great job tying up some loose ends. I'm still kind of bitter about a big loss from the last book, but at least this book provides some not-quite-as-good copy of what I...
  • Brandon
    With Vultures, Wendig takes the entirety of his six book saga and culminates it with a high-stakes chase against fate. We pick up with Miriam after the catastrophic events of The Raptor and The Wren. Newly pregnant and on the run, Miriam is getting ready for a final showdown with her tormentor, The Trespasser. However, it still has a few tricks up its sleeves, what with being able to possess people and making them do very bad things. Miriam needs...
  • Sjgomzi
    A spectacular and perfect ending to one of my favorite series. Chuck Wendig saved the best for last. I was on the edge of my seat till the very end, and a tear or two may have been shed. :) loved it!
  • Mindi
    I read the first book Blackbirds in the Miriam Black series in 2017. I was instantly in love with Miriam and hooked on her story. That book was originally published in 2012, so I was late to the party. My friend Sadie (@mother.horror) was absolutely raving about it, so I knew I needed to pick it up. Two years and six books later, Miriam's story has come to an end in Vultures. I was both sad and incredibly eager to read this book. And I'm so happy...
  • Skip
    For anyone who has not read the Miriam Black series, it's pretty wacky and wonderful, but don't start with Vultures as there are too many backstories to understand context. Miraculously, Miriam is pregnant despite a womb that was wrecked in a teenage miscarriage. But, her lover Louis is dead, killed by Wren, a rescued victim of a serial killer from an earlier book, who was possessed by the evil tormentor, The Trespasser. At the heart of the book ...
  • Emily
    "We're both as good as we can be, and as bad as we are."The Miriam Black series has ended. If you haven't read these books yet, you are seriously missing out. This series is so damn entertaining, and Chuck Wendig wrapped it up well. I was anxious and excited to get into this book, and I'm happy that I enjoyed it. Miriam is one of my favorite characters ever, I loved seeing her change and grow. I appreciate that Chuck was able to maintain her esse...
  • Steve
    Sad to get to the end of this series!
  • Soo
    *Need to ReviewNotes:Lots of great stuff about pregnancy.Lots of cool & bizarre events per normal.Floppy Ta Da? I'm not sure how I feel about the way it all comes down in the end. It's either a 3.5 or 4 star book.
  • Hacen
    Actual Rating: 4.5
  • Sheela
    Thank you sir for the wild ride that is Miriam Black. I was so nervous and excited going into this one, as the series can be so unpredictable. I do believe he wrapped it up well enough to satisfy everyone. I wouldn't say this was my absolute favorite of the series but it does it all justice, answering the questions and tying everything up fairly easily. I don't even want to say much to give anything away but as I think about it I'm happy to see a...
  • Amy
    Wow. I picked up and read the first in this series, Blackbirds, in 2014 and was immediately hooked. It had everything I liked in a book: horror, raunch, imaginatively profane language, blood, squick-inducing descriptions, a bad-ass, female anti-hero, and the promise of more to come.And, now, it's over. I'm both disappointed to part company with Ms. Black and blown away by the way Wendig ended it and how he tied up all the little loose ends.I got ...
  • Zen Bookworm
    I'm sorry to see this series end, but absolutely thankful I found it and got to enjoy every page. I'll be honest, this one was hard for me to read, given how Miriam has changed in this book (trying not to give spoilers). It makes things in her life much more complicated, but she is struggling to find a place for herself in this world while still protecting the ones she loves. Is that even possible for Miriam. She's come a long way since the begin...
  • Jennifer Wheeler
    This final book has a surprising amount of editing mistakes...but I throughly enjoyed the entire series, from start to finish. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again - Miriam is the perfect anti-hero: she’s foul-mouthed, irreverent, and often makes terribly selfish choices. This honestly wasn’t the ending I would have chosen for her (never in a million years would I have killed off Louis), but I’m still fairly satisfied with it. I w...
  • Drew
    Fate finds a way, as do so many of Miriam's last remaining enemies and allies. It's the endgame, the big showdown, the last hurrah, and it's a good one.
  • Bradley
    It's all over! 😭 Review to come!
  • Franklin
    What an ending it is!I'm not really sure how I stumbled across Miriam Black. A suggestion. An interesting cover on a book. Scrolling through Amazon. But I am a happy reader because of the discovery. The end brings sadness because it is over. There won't be another book to anxiously await and I will miss this character. There hasn't been anyone like her and I doubt anyone could replicate her. One of a f$@king kind (wink wink). The final book is a ...
  • Kevin Whitten
    Fast paced, enjoyable wrap-up to the Miriam Black series.
  • Erica
    An enjoyable ending to the Miriam Black series.
  • Beau North
    As good of an ending as I could have pictured for Miriam.
  • Susan
    The perfect ending to a brilliant series. I've loved these books from Chapter 1 of Book 1 and not once in six books felt disappointed in the story or in my book BFF, Miriam Black.
  • Amy Braun
    This was one of the wildest chapters in Miriam Black's history, and that is saying something. There was no shortage of violence and bloodshed (seriously, there was one point that will stick with me for a loooooong time), and the emotional journey Miriam went on was ultimately the biggest highlight for me. While she was still crass, fierce, and more prone to snapping than soothing, it's clear that she really has matured. The writing was quick, raz...
  • Jaye
    I discovered the Miriam Black series in 2013. It was gritty and grungy, a quality I have come to enjoy in my fantasy fiction. It works in really fantastical work like that of Joe Abercrombie and Richard K Morgan, so it stands to reason that it might work in a setting closer to real life. This series proves that assumption in spades.This book picks up a few short weeks after the events of the last book. Actually the timeline does jump around a bit...
  • Rachel Kunde
    Miriam has come a long way and all the parts we love about her are here in this book, but at the same time it just didn’t have the pace of the previous books. There was a lot of dragging things out up until about three quarters of the way through and then things felt rushed from there. Chuck’s writing this time around just didn’t get me into it’s usual frenzy though in saying that I did take my time to savour the last we were going to see...
  • Neil Bullock
    “I think I have a plan.” “Is it a motherfucking plan?” “I don’t . . . I don’t know what that means.”I admit, I kind of lost my way with this series. I thought the first three books were really good, but I read them back to back. Then I had to start waiting for new books in the series to be written and published, and I started to lose the plot. I still enjoyed them, but not as much.The final instalment, then. I was apprehensive. Bu...
  • Paul
    The final book in the Miriam Black series doesn't quite hold together as well as the previous entries but it does manage to stick the landing fairly well. The same basic pattern is here - Miriam is forced to chase a murderer and change the fate of the person she sees die - but it's really a side show. The heart of the book is Miriam's continued attempts to free herself of her curse and keep her soon-to-be-born baby alive. The Starfucker storyline...
  • Mimi Schweid
    I loved this book from start to finish. I will continue to treasure this fantastic series and make as many of my friends and strangers I come across read this fantastic fucking world that is the Miriam Black series. This book tied up everything SO WELL. I loved the themes and the way this ended. I will happily take more but this was just a beautiful way to end it. Miriam & Gabby deserve that ending, they’ve fought for it and I am so happy they ...