Vultures (Miriam Black, #6) by Chuck Wendig

Vultures (Miriam Black, #6)

In the sixth and final thriller of the “wildly entertaining” (Kirkus Reviews) Miriam Black series, Miriam tries to break the curse of her powers, but first she must face The Trespasser a final time. Still reeling from the events of The Raptor and the Wren, Miriam must confront two terrifying discoveries: the Trespasser now has the power to inhabit the living as well as the dead, and Miriam is pregnant. Miriam knows her baby is fated to die, b...

Details Vultures (Miriam Black, #6)

TitleVultures (Miriam Black, #6)
Release DateJan 1st, 2019
PublisherSAGA Press
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Fiction, Paranormal

Reviews Vultures (Miriam Black, #6)

  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum so, it’s over. After six books, Miriam Black has her conclusion, and I’m trying to deal with a lot of different thoughts and feelings all competing for my attention. Obviously, there’s elation, because all in all, it was a good finale. And of course, there’s pain and sadness too, knowing that a favorite series of mine for years has finally come to an end. Howe...
  • Brandon
    With Vultures, Wendig takes the entirety of his six book saga and culminates it with a high-stakes chase against fate. We pick up with Miriam after the catastrophic events of The Raptor and The Wren. Newly pregnant and on the run, Miriam is getting ready for a final showdown with her tormentor, The Trespasser. However, it still has a few tricks up its sleeves, what with being able to possess people and making them do very bad things. Miriam needs...
  • Steven
    While the previous entry wasn't my favorite of the series, this entry stepped back up to being more along the same lines as the rest of the series... which is good, because this is the very last one!Miriam Black's story has reached its conclusion, and honestly, I think Wendig did a great job tying up some loose ends. I'm still kind of bitter about a big loss from the last book, but at least this book provides some not-quite-as-good copy of what I...
  • Sjgomzi
    A spectacular and perfect ending to one of my favorite series. Chuck Wendig saved the best for last. I was on the edge of my seat till the very end, and a tear or two may have been shed. :) loved it!
  • Skip
    For anyone who has not read the Miriam Black series, it's pretty wacky and wonderful, but don't start with Vultures as there are too many backstories to understand context. Miraculously, Miriam is pregnant despite a womb that was wrecked in a teenage miscarriage. But, her lover Louis is dead, killed by Wren, a rescued victim of a serial killer from an earlier book, who was possessed by the evil tormentor, The Trespasser. At the heart of the book ...
  • Steve
    Sad to get to the end of this series!
  • Emily
    "We're both as good as we can be, and as bad as we are."The Miriam Black series has ended. If you haven't read these books yet, you are seriously missing out. This series is so damn entertaining, and Chuck Wendig wrapped it up well. I was anxious and excited to get into this book, and I'm happy that I enjoyed it. Miriam is one of my favorite characters ever, I loved seeing her change and grow. I appreciate that Chuck was able to maintain her esse...
  • Hacen
    Actual Rating: 4.5
  • Sheela
    Thank you sir for the wild ride that is Miriam Black. I was so nervous and excited going into this one, as the series can be so unpredictable. I do believe he wrapped it up well enough to satisfy everyone. I wouldn't say this was my absolute favorite of the series but it does it all justice, answering the questions and tying everything up fairly easily. I don't even want to say much to give anything away but as I think about it I'm happy to see a...
  • Franklin
    What an ending it is!I'm not really sure how I stumbled across Miriam Black. A suggestion. An interesting cover on a book. Scrolling through Amazon. But I am a happy reader because of the discovery. The end brings sadness because it is over. There won't be another book to anxiously await and I will miss this character. There hasn't been anyone like her and I doubt anyone could replicate her. One of a f$@king kind (wink wink). The final book is a ...
  • Bradley
    It's all over! 😭 Review to come!
  • Susan
    The perfect ending to a brilliant series. I've loved these books from Chapter 1 of Book 1 and not once in six books felt disappointed in the story or in my book BFF, Miriam Black.
  • Amy Braun
    This was one of the wildest chapters in Miriam Black's history, and that is saying something. There was no shortage of violence and bloodshed (seriously, there was one point that will stick with me for a loooooong time), and the emotional journey Miriam went on was ultimately the biggest highlight for me. While she was still crass, fierce, and more prone to snapping than soothing, it's clear that she really has matured. The writing was quick, raz...
  • Jaye
    I discovered the Miriam Black series in 2013. It was gritty and grungy, a quality I have come to enjoy in my fantasy fiction. It works in really fantastical work like that of Joe Abercrombie and Richard K Morgan, so it stands to reason that it might work in a setting closer to real life. This series proves that assumption in spades.This book picks up a few short weeks after the events of the last book. Actually the timeline does jump around a bit...
  • Paul
    The final book in the Miriam Black series doesn't quite hold together as well as the previous entries but it does manage to stick the landing fairly well. The same basic pattern is here - Miriam is forced to chase a murderer and change the fate of the person she sees die - but it's really a side show. The heart of the book is Miriam's continued attempts to free herself of her curse and keep her soon-to-be-born baby alive. The Starfucker storyline...
  • Neil Bullock
    “I think I have a plan.” “Is it a motherfucking plan?” “I don’t . . . I don’t know what that means.”I admit, I kind of lost my way with this series. I thought the first three books were really good, but I read them back to back. Then I had to start waiting for new books in the series to be written and published, and I started to lose the plot. I still enjoyed them, but not as much.The final instalment, then. I was apprehensive. Bu...
  • Mimi Schweid
    I loved this book from start to finish. I will continue to treasure this fantastic series and make as many of my friends and strangers I come across read this fantastic fucking world that is the Miriam Black series. This book tied up everything SO WELL. I loved the themes and the way this ended. I will happily take more but this was just a beautiful way to end it. Miriam & Gabby deserve that ending, they’ve fought for it and I am so happy they ...
  • Angie
    "...inside is something best described as modern yet rustic, or rustic yet modern. Like somebody made a barn and skyscraper fuck and have a house-baby." Okay, there were way better quotes, but this one made me laugh. I gave this read 5 stars because 10 wasn't an option. This is a series I will read again. I have never, ever said that after reading six books in a row with the same character base. Witty, heartbreaking, funny...all the things. Incre...
  • Jeff Frane
    Chuck Wendig is weird a.f. I know this because I have read all six of the Miriam Black books and only someone that weird could create such a masterpiece of non-stop violence, insanity, sex, more violence, and heart-stopping action. He's also a terrific writer who knows how to set the hook better than just about anyone. One cliff hanger after another, yanking the reader back and forth in time and never giving Miriam a break. I'm sad to see the ser...
  • Ryan
    Thank You Chuck!I stumbled across blackbirds when it and book two were the only two in existence. Miriam Black has been a truly fun ride throughout the series and Vultures holds up the series just as well as the rest. This review from a humble English teacher in CO, who may or may not recommend Miriam’s foul mouthed anti-heroism on the down low to an occasional student or two is simply a thank you for a truly fun set of books. They have been wo...
  • Bethany McPherson
    "Vultures" is a fitting conclusion to the Miriam Black saga. The lessons she's learned from her previous adventures finally take hold, and Miriam is stronger for it. There are a few small things that are still worrying away at my mind hours after I've finished the book. Lose threads that demand to be pulled. Dropped plotlines that I was invested in. Other all, however, these books were about Miriam's journey, and as such they've more than done th...
  • Ron Dickie
    Book 6 of the Miriam Black series, VULTURES, is a fantastic send-off for one of the most fun, kickass, and memorable heroines in fiction. I wish this series didn't have to end, but at least it ends well. I'll probably re-read all six volumes back-to-back in the near future. So long Miriam, and thanks for all the thrills.
  • Dave
    Perfect ending to this lovely little series. Good writing, consistent character voices, intriguing plots along the way, and only a couple of annoying clichés (and some God in the machine stuff). Solidly recommend this if you enjoy foul-mouthed female protagonists, humor, and some seriously morbid shit.
  • Joy
    The wrap-up of the Miriam Black saga... Sad to see you go.Where will I go now for my off-color wise cracks? Face it. The main draw to these stories is the overutilization, continuous flow of epigrammatic lanquage (expressing something such as a feeling or idea in a short and clever or funny way.)Also the supernatural drama of Miriam's continually sad, violent and screwed up life.
  • Rich Rosell
    So sad to see this series conclude - Miriam Black is easily one of my favorite fictional characters of recent memory. Wendig delivers the goods - and then some - as everything from previous books swirls together in one big violent finale.If you have read the other Miriam books, this is a must-read.Thanks, Chuck! And thanks, Miriam....
  • Chris Mansell
    Vultures makes sense as an ending to this character and this series. It's not entirely satisfying, because endings rarely ever are. But it's not unsatisfying either. And with the previous book carrying much of the emotional heft, the ending here feels somehow logical. It makes sense.
  • Vanessa Ricci-Thode
    If you're a Miriam fan, this book will not disappoint you. It's got a Goldilocks ending -- JUST RIGHT! Endings are hard and I was afraid of it the whole way through but Wendig totally sticks the landing.
  • Michelle
    I'm sad that Miriam's story has ended but I'm happy that she got a satisfying ending.
  • Nicole Evelina
    4.5 rounded up.
  • Jess
    This was a very good conclusion to the series. True to the characters and satisfying.