Ms. Marvel, Vol. 3 by G. Willow Wilson

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 3

Kamala faces a new, terrifying threat: Excessive feelings!Love is in the air in Jersey City as Valentine’s Day arrives! Kamala Khan may not be allowed to go to the school dance, but Ms. Marvel is! Well sort of--by crashing it in an attempt to capture Asgard’s most annoying trickster! Yup, it’s a special Valentine’s Day story featuring Marvel’s favorite charlatan, Loki! And when a mysterious stranger arrives in Jersey City, Ms. Marvel mu...

Details Ms. Marvel, Vol. 3

TitleMs. Marvel, Vol. 3
Release DateJun 23rd, 2015
PublisherMarvel Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Young Adult, Superheroes, Marvel, Graphic Novels Comics, Fiction

Reviews Ms. Marvel, Vol. 3

  • Jesse (JesseTheReader)
    THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN AHHHH. I love that it was valentine's day themed & I love that Loki is in this trade. ALSO that agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. bonus comic at the end has me wanting to try out that comic book series! Overall loads of fun. If you're not reading Ms. Marvel you're missing out. :D
  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    I love Ms. Marvel and she just keeps getting better and funnier. Kamala is so sweet and funny. She has a best friend named Bruno that likes her more than she knows. She's also trying to work through the rules of her family and being Ms. Marvel. Loki makes an appearance in this book =) How cool is that! And poor Kamala thinks she has found love but it just doesn't work out. Sigh....
  • Anne
    2.5I'm not sold on this title.Kamala is still a starry-eyed heroine, and I like that she's a genuinely nice girl, but...Her Pakistani background is supposed to help non white characters get some page time, and that's actually pretty fantastic. But, holy hell! This representation of a Muslim family is sort of...depressing. Swear to god, I feel so damn bad for this kid!She can't go out and walk around (in broad daylight) with a guy she likes, becau...
  • Nat
    Love is in the air, and Kamala Khan is the one most effected when an anonymous love letter arrives in her hands. Oh, right, speaking of a nice young doctor: Kamran, an old family friend, who’s grown quite a lot since he and Kamala last got together, comes to visits. They get talking and notice pretty quickly how similar their tastes are. By-the-bye, it was a great surprise for me to recognize a reference to a famous Bollywood actor!But before ...
  • HFK
    I really wished that Ms. Marvel would keep its shit together, but I am starting to be quite doubtful about that, unfortunately, after finishing the third volume that doesn't stay on the safer side of the three stars, but rather leans toward the two star rating.I still adore Kamala. She is not the perfectly resonating character, but she still has what it takes to keep me wanting to know how her story will eventually come together, I am just skepti...
  • Calista
    Wow! This story is getting better and better. I'm loving it. I can't wait to read Volume 4. It really is fun and epic. There are plenty of guest stars in this one. Hulk, The Thing, Loki, and Shield to name a few. It's a little strange to me that Marvel brings in all their stars for these newer comics. I guess it connects them into the larger world. In this one, Ms. Marvel gets her first crush and he's even Pakistani. Her parents even tried to set...
  • Kate (GirlReading)
    *shouts from rooftops*CAN EVERYONE READ MS MARVEL PLEASE AND THANK YOU. This series never fails to put a smile on my face. It is without a doubt my favourite comic/graphic novel I've read. It's funny, kickass, topical, political (in the best, yet subtle way), emotional and an all round classic superhero story. The art style is wonderful and the writing fantastic. It has some of the best dialogue and thus volume was no exception. I'm continuing to...
  • Sam Quixote
    I love this series - and I think I’m falling in love with Kamala Khan too! It’ll never work - she’s a drawing, I’m a sketchy character… The first issue in Ms Marvel, Volume 3: Crushed is a crossover with “hipster Viking” Loki who drops in on a Valentine’s Day dance at Kamala’s school looking for something magical for the All-Mother. It sets up the theme of this book: love, so get yer puke buckets out! Bruno, Kamala’s buddy who...
  • Shannon (leaninglights)
    This one was really entertaining but not quite as gripping as Vol. 2 - I look forward to seeing Ms. Marvel more in the future :)
  • emily
    I LOVE MS. MARVEL TOO MUCH. Ugh this one was so good but felt so short; I'm never going to be 300% happy until I have a volume that's 400 pages long. Because there can literally never be too much of Kamala Khan. That Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. issue in the back really makes me want to check out the Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. comics, which I wasn't fully aware existed (especially since there might be more Ms. Marvel in them). Nice marketing, Marvel. I mig...
  • Trina (Between Chapters)
    Whoa. I LOVED this volume! The first 2 volumes were lackluster for me but the story in this one was full of turns. Particularly issues 13-15. I also really loved Miyazawa's art style. I kind of hate that I didn't start enjoying this until a romance plot was introduced, but I don't think the romance was the reason I liked it. The Inventor is gone now too, and that plot line was mainly what I didn't like about the first volumes. We got to see more ...
  • Fafa's Book Corner
    GR Ultimate Summer Reading Challenge One and Done.
  • Erica
    I'm done with this series now.You'll note that I am the only person in the world who does not like this story. [Edit, 7/20/15: There are 3 of us here on GR who gave this 1 star. THREE. Talk about being all the way out in the minority]Yeah, well, I'm bringing balance. You're welcome, universe.I've got some pictures I may or may not get around to uploading, ones that help illustrate (ha ha) my ire, but, honestly, I doubt I'll take the time to deal ...
  • Victoria ♡
    Ugh this was great as always!! I can't believe Loki was in the first issue as well, I'm really loving all the character drop-ins like that!The plot for the rest of the volume was compelling and I love Kamala more each issue
  • Ashley
    I think Ms. Marvel might be my favorite ongoing comic. Wait, no, shit. I forgot about Saga for a second. Okay, so Ms. Marvel is probably my SECOND favorite comic, definitely my favorite superhero comic. I love Carol Danvers probably as much as I love Kamala Khan, but the last couple of Captain Marvel trades have fallen a little flat for me, and meanwhile G. Willow Wilson continues to absolutely KILL IT with Kamala.Volume 1 was Kamala's origin sto...
  • Crystal Starr Light
    Bullet Review:This was fun - but I don't feel like anything really new or unique was brought into Kamala Khan's story.First issue was a one-off featuring Loki. Funny, but nothing noteworthy. The rest are your standard "Girl Meets Boy, Goes Head-Over-Heels, then Realizes He Ain't All He's Cracked Up to Being". The last issue is actually a SHIELD issue about Kamala meeting Coulson and Jemma. Again - fun from a "crossover" view but adds little to he...
  • Sesana
    Every bit as good as the previous volumes. Wilson is really on a roll with Kamala, for my money the best new character in comics for years. The Loki guest stint does a great job at integrating the current version of the character into Kamala's world. She also does a fantastic job of sneaking in a sidebar on consent (disguised in superheroic terms, of course) in a natural way. This series just makes me so happy to read it, every time.
  • Colette
    Normally, graphic novels fall to the bottom of my to-read list. However, the Ms. Marvel series always skyrockets its way to the top! That said, this book didn't impress me as much as the rest of the series. The plot felt really choppy and undeveloped. Overall 3/5 stars; I hope the next books are better!
  • Terence
    When I got through the first volume of Ms. Marvel I thought it was nice, but just not for me. I just happened to read the next volume and I started thinking Kamala is a cool kid. This volume definitely cemented the fact that I like the new Ms. Marvel. She's fun and fresh in a comic world that has kept their characters the same age for 40+ years despite advances in technology in their respective worlds.In this volume Kamala meets a young man Kamra...
  • Red Panda
    Another strong volume of the new Ms. Marvel. Kamala has quickly become one of my favourite comicbook characters.Not much to add that isn't just repeating what I've already said in my reviews for previous volumes of this book so suffice it to say that I really hope Marvel don't bugger this book up post-Secret Wars...
  • Sarah
    3.5 Stars. I didn't like this as much as the first two volumes but I still love Kamala! She's just so funny and loveable! The story is just a bit too predictable and I wish they would do more with it but I'm going to keep reading anyway.
  • Sabriel
    To be reviewed. After exams. :(
  • Patty
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  • Rizwan
    Without a doubt, one of the best, most well-written, most thoughtfully characterized, unique modern Marvel series. Pakistani-American nerdy teenager Kamala Khan from a very conservative Muslim family who's also part-Inhuman superpowered superhero Ms. Marvel is quite possibly the most lovable, adorable and fascinating Marvel main character there currently is. Addictive, blissfully entertaining, laugh out loud hilarious. This series is such a breat...
  • Nikki
    Ms Marvel continues to be fun and cute, though I have to say this volume felt pretty fragmented. First there’s the Loki stuff, then a brief dodge back to the Inhumans plot, and then to an unrelated incident in Kamala’s school. Kamala’s geekiness and enthusiasm is still awesome, and the glimpses into her interactions with her family, but with the first bit dealing with Agent of Asgard stuff and the last dealing with SHIELD stuff (Coulson! <3...
  • Joana Veríssimo
    There was so much Kamala herself and it's always so GREAT!!! Because I really LOVE her as a character :) Kamala Khan is so much fun and cute, I really LIKED how they wrote her crush and her friendship with Bruno is 5* - also the following quote is GOLD!!! Everyone should know this!!! Friendship is not a zone, you idiot! Friendship is something real and good and anybody who doesn't understand that needs a dictionary. But also a bit confused on how...
  • Roy
    We get exposed to Loki and we learn a little more about the inhumans. Loki is great, just exactly what youd expect from Thors brother. The story is evolving nicely and its quickly becoming a great read, an addicting read. Would like to learn more about the inhumans as I really haven't read much about them.
  • James DeSantis
    Ms. Marvel has always been pretty enjoyable and this collection is no different. So this volume starts off with Loki up to no good. I mean is he really ever? No. Let's be real. Next arc is Kamala meeting another Inhuman, around the same age as her, and growing feelings for him. Of course it's cute and lovely but you know that shit ain't going to last. DOES IT EVER? We in High School people! Then the last arc is I guess a teaser to another series ...
  • Gavin
    I dunno...this just felt a little lacking after the rest of the series so far...The Loki issue was fun, hipster Viking magician indeed.Bruno is in love with Kamala and doesn't get to tell her, even though he gets friend zoned, he's still,there for her.The perfect man comes along, and he is so obviously evil it's was like I expected more from Wilson as a writer.That being said, the good quality stuff comes from the dealing with the inevitable heel...