Murder In the North End (Nell Sweeney Mysteries, #5) by P.B. Ryan

Murder In the North End (Nell Sweeney Mysteries, #5)

Librarian's Note: this is an alternate cover edition - ASIN: B004UNFYCW“It’s always a good day when a new Nell Sweeney book arrives.” —CA Reviews July 1870: Nell Sweeney’s position as governess for the venerable Hewitts of Boston affords her a unique perspective in an era of sharp class distinctions. Neither servant nor gentlewoman, she can fit in among the denizens of a waterfront tenement or the bluebloods of Colonnade Row. But there ...

Details Murder In the North End (Nell Sweeney Mysteries, #5)

TitleMurder In the North End (Nell Sweeney Mysteries, #5)
Release DateNov 19th, 2014
PublisherHawkley Books
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Fiction, Romance

Reviews Murder In the North End (Nell Sweeney Mysteries, #5)

  • Marla
    I liked this one slightly better than the last couple books. I again didn't feel like there was a lot of detective work, like the last several, mostly just talking to people till the truth came out. Though, I suppose one has to know who to talk to get to the truth. I liked this book slightly better because, while there were some almost too convenient/obvious conversations to nudge Nell towards her decision to pursue a divorce, it was still presen...
  • Allison
    I should not start these books halfway through the evening, since apparently I have to read them in one sitting. I stayed up way too late last night eating this up. A good mystery with a couple false paths and one of my favorite sleuth partnerships.
  • Sharanya
    It was definitely a treat to see Nell go back (in a way) to her Irish roots! The plot was well-constructed, though the pacing was a little slow, and the conclusion was satisfying. As with the previous books, what really shines is the interactions between Will and Nell, as they continue to dance around each other. I enjoyed this immensely, but if you're someone who gets frustrated with that sort of thing, take care! They also grow as individuals a...
  • Scilla
    This mystery takes place in Boston in the late 1800's. Nell Sweeney is a governess for a wealthy family, the Hewitts. Dr. Will Hewitt and Nell are in love, but she was secretly married several years earlier to a man who is now in prison. A friend, Detective Colin Cook is accused of killing a man in the North End, and Nell and Will attempt to find the real story to save their friend. This isn't the most exciting mystery I've read lately; the writi...
  • Judy Tolley
    Okay...this was pretty much same as the others...zzzzz but at the very end it picked up. I was thinking as I was reading this book how they could've just written a book of detective cases and left out the rest because there was so little about the main characters for page after page. And true to form misspelled words. One thing I picked up too was how some modern terminology was used that you know would never have been used in the 1800s. This sto...
  • Edward Beavers
    The end was quickthe Nell Sweeney series is a quick read and this one continues to be a read that takes you in one direction and at the last moment of the book you land in a different direction. Still a good book fore murder mystery enthusiasts!!
  • Li
    I liked that we got to spend more time with one of the peripheral characters who has been around since the earlier books, and Nell/Will’s relationship just works so well for me. But that ending! Let’s just say I was glad I had the next book to hand.
  • Barbara
    Loving these books. And glad to see that Colin is coming out on top.
  • Cheryl
    I have so enjoyed this series - I have jumped from one book into the next. I wish they were longer!
  • Atara
    2.5 stars. I was really disappointed with this book. The series started off amazing, but the last book was also lacking. The mystery took them two days to figure out and they barely did any detective work. In the end, they didn't even realize who the killer was, the killer admitted it. Also, I don't care what cover story they had, if people ask that many questions, especially in an illegal place, people get suspicious and don't talk.There's one m...
  • May
    Obviously, a quick, easy read. This murder mystery set in Boston’s North End in the 1870’s is rich in period details of the Boston Brahmins, the Irish and Boston with all her bright landmarks and dark corners.Although each book can be read alone, the pleasure is richer when the books have been read in order.3.5⭐ rounded up to 4⭐ Obviously, a quick, easy read. This murder mystery set in Boston’s North End in the 1870’s is rich in per...
  • Jeanne
    I read the entire series in just a few days. They are short and, if you enjoy one, you are going to want to read to the end. The mysteries are good enough, the romance (star-crossed lovers from different social classes) carries from one book to the next, the setting is well-described and one of the main characters has a major character flaw which adds a bit of interest. Read them in order.
  • Tara
    I really like Nell and after having missed a few books in the series, it felt like picking up with an old friend. Her and Will are “engaged” to make him hanging out with Gracie easier- but it is of course to see Nell. A police detective is blamed for murdering a drunk and abusive husband in the north end and she and will solve the crime.
  • Beth Wynne
    The final chapter may be my favorite passage ever.
  • Sandradine
    Very satisfying as the other books of these series. The escalating romantic/sensual tension between Nell and Will is almost as gripping as the mystery they have set out to solve.
  • Julia
    The author does a good job keeping Nell’s interest and involvement in cases organic and fresh.
  • Catherine Siemann
    Very enjoyable for character progression and the expansion of the world to meet the lowlife more directly. Convenient solution, however.
  • Julie
    A thin 4* - a bit like the mystery/overall plot; the characters were still strong though.
  • Jennifer
    4.25/5 stars.
  • Allison
    Great fifth book. The continuing storyline is just as good as the murder mystery.
  • mary ann oncale
    Love this seriesThis book is a good read for sure! The entire series is entertaining. The book keeps you going quickly through the pages.
  • Marilyn E. Hay
    Truly wonderful storytelling - but be careful. Once you start, you won't be able to stop reading.
  • Linda Palmstrom
    More engaging reading!Love the characters and their development over each book. Love exploring old haunts in Boston, Gloucester and Cape Cod through the unfolding of this adventuresome mystery!
  • Lisbeth
    Being in Mallorca my reading habits is slightly different. More like; you take what you have. I do have a small library here, but most of the books I have already read, but there are of course still some. It would not be me if there wasn’t a TBR shelf or two!Then there is the iPad where I save books for a day when no actual paper books are appealing. Being on a holiday it is nice with some easy going novels to spend the days in the sun. I subsc...
  • Stacie Haden
    This historical mystery series is well written, has a great sense of time and place, a likeable and respectable heroine and just a touch of a love story. Great series. I'll be sad to see it end.
  • Christina (AKA Babbling)
    Quoted from my review @ The Hewitts have gone to the Cape for their annual summer retreat, but Nell has remained in Boston to clear Detective Cook’s name. The odious, and disgraced, ex-detective Charles Skinner is sure that Nell is conspiring to keep him hidden, and he has threatened Nell. This doesn’t weaken her resolve to help her friend, but it puts her in danger. Before she gets far in the investigation, Will s...
  • Deborah Bowman
    Where do they go from here?Sweet Nell Sweeney, with a sordid and battered past, and Dr. Will Hewitt, the man despised and sent away as a child, not knowing he originated from his dear mother's only sin before her marriage. Both hiding secrets and hurts that would have destroyed lesser souls, but for the kindness of an aging physician who helped Nell in her time of need, and Nell herself who snatched aristocrat William Hewitt from the clutches of ...
  • Sally
    I cannot recall the last time the ending of a book brought me to tears, but so it was with Murder in the North End. Sitting at my table, reading the last ten pages or so, tears rolling down my cheeks, and when I was finished, there really was only one thing to do - go to Amazon and buy the next book!Nell Sweeney is visited one morning by a loathsome constable to deliver the news her dear friend, Detective Colin Cook is a wanted man for murder. Re...
  • Tina
    Penultimate book in the series. Suffers from the same strengths and weaknesses as the previous book. The detection piece and the finding out whodunit in the mystery didn't have the satisfying complexity of the first two books. Again a lot of conversations with people who were extremely forthcoming. Once again Nell and Will team up and go into the great underbelly of society to ferret out a murderer. This time Detective Cook who has been a seconda...
  • Bridgett
    Soooooo, here we are at the second to last book in the series up to date! It was slow going in the beginning, but once it picked up speed (towards the end of the book) you can't put it down! The research was superb, as we are used to from Mrs. Ryan! The mystery was not an easy one to crack and I did like the descriptions of the poor side of Boston. I loved what happened between Nell and Will in the end, although I did not like how Will handled it...