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Need Us

They made us.They broke us.Now they'll save us.Need Us is the final book in the Make or Break series. Featuring POVs from Royal, Channing and Rachel.**Author's note: This book starts with a bang and not everyone is happy. I know this might throw some readers off but bare with me. People grow and they change. It wouldn't be a good book if they are all happy living in La La land. In saying that, this book has a very happy ending. I promise. I love ...

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TitleNeed Us
Release DateDec 3rd, 2014
GenreRomance, New Adult, Young Adult, Love

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  • NiCoLeTa E.
    That was the most wonderfull finale for our three couples....In the beginning this book was bittersweet but in the end the bitterness swept away and the sweetness stayed behind!!!Well, this three couples had been through a lot of stuff until finally ended up together...Now, after 5 years the problems keep going on their lives!!!Channing and Paisley are not together anymore... but their love for each other are still there! Now they have to found o...
  • Nasreen
    I hated what happened to Paisley and Channing, they were my favourite couple in this series, i don't give a fuck that they got back together in the end, the whole situation ruined it. Yeah I enjoyed reading about everyone's lives and especially Asher 's cute remarks but Paisley's and Channing's separation? No sorry i don't like that shit. I didn't like the fact everyone hated paisley, i didn't like the fact channing called her 'the bitch' and i r...
  • Diana
    This book was completely unnecessary in my opinion, the trilogy would have been fine without it. First of, what happened to Channing and Paisely was beyond fuckery and not even a decent excuse to make this book, it completely tainted my views on the first book. I fucking hated how everyone in the book loathed Paisley; even her lowkey bestfriend Rachel. The characters in this book were pieces of shits who were only good for one thing and that was ...
  • Gabriela
    Well i was a big fan of this series , and even as at first i wasnt convinced about reading it , i ended up just loving it (especially Pierce's story) BUUUUUUUTMm Mm... Yeah ... This book was just Ok to me ... why ?? because I was completly lost about the Ashley part of the story ( I later find out that there is another spin about that) I dont know what happened to Ashley and Victor but weren't they supposed to be and epic love story !!??I really ...
  • Steffi De Ceuster ♥
    Updated review:I enjoyed this Epilogue book it gave us closure to all. It also made me like this author even more!There are still a few things I didn't like, the over commenting about details the things we already knew. I get it, it's also for people to follow properly and know all of it. But it got a bit on my nerve from time to time. Because it were things I already knew.I love the second generation also because they are so alike! Old review:I ...
  • Lustful Literature
    ** JOSIE'S 4.5 STAR REVIEW ** I absolutely loved the Make or Break Series, as well as Amanda Heath’s writing. I have read every book from this author, but this series is by far my favorite. When I saw she was going to write a novella/epilogue I was so excited. This book is a short read and wraps up what happens to the couple over the years. We get POV’s from our favorite couples, Channing, Paisley, Wesley, Royal and Rachel and Courtney. Just...
  • Christabelle Zeinaty
  • Patricia
    Really enjoyed this book a perfect ending to a great series. The epilogue was like the sweetest icing on the cake
  • Bella
    WARNING! SPOILERS!I feel so conflicted over my thoughts about this story. I had been so excited to discover there was a fourth book, and that it was about all of my favourite couples! But honestly, I struggled to make it through this book, as short as it is. Everyone's older now, five years later, and only one couple is happy. One of the other couples have broken up (thankfully I had already read this in spoilers, so I was prepared or I would hav...
  • Pupuce
    I only read the first one of the series and this one. It's not a problem, but you won't feel attached the same way to all the characters. The beginning seems disappointing. Everything is not good, they don't have the HEA you thought they will. I did not like it at first. However, that's what makes this book a good closing book for the series. It's not boring with everybody happy and give just a glimpse of how happy they are. It shows that, as eve...
  • Mournfulbliss
    I hate when a series switches POV. I enjoyed book 1 A LOT. But honestly, could care less about the other minor characters. I read the reviews for this books and saw that it was lackluster and only finished part of the story. I only read the Channing parts, and honestly, with all the spelling and grammar mistakes from book 1, you would think that by book 5 they would be fixed. Nope. SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO SAVE THEMSELVESP leaves C at the a...
  • Victoria Cavill
    5 Courtney Stars...!!! I don't know what it is about this guy Courtney Pierce, but he gets my heart racing and wish for some witch power so I can make him mine... But alas I just have to make do with his holy awesomeness on paper...!!Love you Court..!!! Always...!!!!!
  • Madison
    Thought I was going to be mad at how life was turning out for them but I'm really happy with everything. Amanda Heath is realistic in writing imperfect situations into the lives of her characters. I loved the little touches she added in that connected back to each of the couples' original stories. I think that was the key in making this the perfect ending. Each of them has their battles to work through and it made it that much more interested to ...
  • Sharon Otero
    Solo por ver el desarrollo de los personajes vale la pena, pero en la historia hay situaciones poco creíbles y el uno de los conflictos principales se resuelve asi, sin mas problema, el epílogo para mi fue demasiado, un poco incestuoso jajaja pero en general si vale la leer esta novela, me encantan las relaciones de amistad entre los personajes y las parejas...
  • Brittany
    Do not read this book if you loved the first. The author paints a beautiful story of Channing and paisley and she tears it up in his book. It was so unnecessary and made me upset actually. I repeat do not read this book if you like the story between Channing and paisley.
  • LauraMichelle
    Wow what an ending !!! I was a little confused at the beginning but everything fell into place, I couldn't put it down and had emotions from one extreme to another ! I would recommend this series to everyone! <3
  • Savannah
    To be honest I just skimmed through Channing's POV because he was mainly getting high or mooning after Paisley (who made a total bitchy move and left him at the altar) and before they even cleared things up, they were ripping each other's clothes off because "that's how they deal". What? Talk about an unhealthy relationship. I had hoped they had matured some, but my hopes were dashed. Royal and Wesley were happily engaged and set to be married (Y...
  • Three Chicks
    4.5 Stellar Stars by Lisa KaneI don’t know what it is about Amanda Heath’s Make or Break series that is so addictive for mebut I loved it! Of the three couples; Channing and Paisley, Wesley and Royal andRachel and Pierce, Channing and Paisley own my heart. At the end of each of their stories,they were in a good place. Pierce and Rachel had a son, Asher, and are married. And the other two couples were in college, but very much together. Fast f...
  • Susi
    Recensione presente anche sul blog Bookish Advisor Us è il libro che chiude la serie YA/New Adult di Amanda Heath Make or Break.La serie chesi professava come un'interessantissima serie di romanzi companion dopo quello che doveva essere il quarto libro, poi diventato lo spin-off Sleepless Night, prende con questo libro una piega davvero insolita in senso negativo.Purtroppo questo romanzo si scopre essere un...
  • Chu
    The moment I read the book - it was like...Amanda Heath...I wanted to hate Amanda Heath. Like really, really hate her. But there's that little Author's Note I saw before I started reading this book *Thank Goodness* **Author's note: This book starts with a bang and not everyone is happy. I know this might throw some readers off but bare with me. People grow and they change. It wouldn't be a good book if they are all happy living in La La land. In ...
  • Amanda
    So by now EVERYONE should know I LOVE Amanda Heath! And I LOVE the Make or Break series, so when I found out we were getting MORE, I couldn't wait! I have loved every one of these characters and their love stories so to get a little more is AMAZING! Need Us is told from Royal, Channing, and Rachel's POV. And I will say within a few pages I was like WTF?!?! But all I can say is HOLD ON, because everything is so worth it. Amanda Heath never disappo...
  • Gemma Weir
    Check out more of my reviews on my blog http://gemmareadstoomuchforittomenorm...4.5 starsNeed us is the final book in the make or break series by Amanda Heath.I've loved all of the books in this series so I was a properly happy bunny when I was gifted a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.This book picks up about 5 years after the end of Rachel and Courts book.This book is told in Channing, Royal and Rachel's Pov's and even though s...
  • Extravagant Blog
    Review : 4.5 stars. Arc provided by the author for an honest review. I have to say loved the conclusion to their story. It is the conclusion to the Make Or Break us series. And was a incredible conclusion. I thought the whole series was addictive to read, and this was very addictive for me, that I finished it in one sitting. That rarely happens for me. I thought it was a good written book, and liked how it was numerous points of views, I thought...
  • Andrea Panganiban
    The first three books were great, all the characters followed through emotionally but this one was weird for me. It was nicely written like all the other books but it didn't feel like the couples followed through emotionally for me. I get that the purpose of this one was to show that it's not a happily ever after and that problems do arise, but some plotlines for characters just didn't seem fitting in my opinion. So some of stories I was surprise...
  • Evette
    4.5 StarsSooooo, I loved this book. Like a lot. A lot, a lot. It was exactly what I needed to end this addictive series. Having the tri POV was perfect, Channing, Rachel and Royal all giving insight into the drama that surrounds this incredible group.Five years after Asher is born finds Rachel and Pierce (Court) dealing with Donovan in a surprising and disgusting situation. Broke my heart from the get go I tell you. Annabella’s role was a surpr...
  • Heather andrews
    I love Amanda I really do and I'm so glad to see our favorite characters again and them get what they deserve but girl needed to slow it down some. Like for real, between where an event takes place, a month goes by and then nine months what were the characters doing in those months? I mainly focused on two couples because they were my favorites in the series Wes and Royal that boy really does have a soft spot for his woman, "I nuzzle against her ...
  • Kylie Campbell
    OMG What a book. We get to see the side of Channing, Royal and Rach. This book starts five years after Save Me ended. Our group of heroes have gone through a lot on the eve of Royal and Rach's wedding we have one couple who are no longer talking and another couple who are still their history come back to haunt them. I love the look into the future. We see our three couples go through a lot together and they have formed an ultimate bond that can n...
  • Candi-
    Holy crap this book had me hooked from page one!! Need Us is the final book in the Make or Break series and starts 5 years after Save Me ends (book 3) From chapter 1 my jaw was dropping!! These last 5 years have had alot of good times but apparently alot of bad as well. I absolutley loved Channing, Paisley, Royal, Wes, Pierce and Rachel. I loved that we get a little of everyones POV in this book as well. Be ready for alot of love, angst,drama, we...
  • Jennifer Shiels
    I loved the Make or Break Series and it was great to see how these relationships progressed and what happened to these couples. But this book was somewhat drawn out and maybe a little too dramatic. There is no such thing as happily ever after because life is not a fairy tale. Life and relationships take work and there are going to be ups and downs. Love and finding another person isn't going to let all your problems, baggage, or worries disappear...