Worth the Wait (St. James, #1) by Jamie Beck

Worth the Wait (St. James, #1)

Thirteen years ago, Vivi LeBrun was sketching a rooster and eating Oreos when she first met—and fell for—her friend’s brother, David St. James. Since then, her love for David has only intensified thanks to years of friendship with his family, who rescued her from a lonely, tumultuous childhood. As she travels to Block Island to vacation with the St. James siblings, Vivi daydreams about reuniting with David, hoping he’ll finally see her as...

Details Worth the Wait (St. James, #1)

TitleWorth the Wait (St. James, #1)
Release DateMar 17th, 2015
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary

Reviews Worth the Wait (St. James, #1)

  • Geri Reads
    I am so torn with my rating for this book. On the one hand, I really enjoyed the author's writing style. On the other, I detested the subplot involving David's dad, his mother and another woman. So...3.5 stars? Worth the Wait is an unrequited-friends to lovers story which I love. Vivi has been in love with David the moment they met 13 years ago in his mother's kitchen. Vivi just lost her mother and brother in a car accident, which left her father...
  • Sondra
    Oh.My.GOSH!!!!!! 5 stars isn't enough!!!!!!!This is the first book I've read by Jamie Beck & it is a winner!! I'm not going to spoil a dang thing for you. I just highly recommend you reading this book. It is SO good!!
  • Ian
    When Vivi travels with her closest friend Cat to Block Island she's expecting a relaxing holiday and a chance to catch up with Cat's brother David, who she has loved since she was thirteen. But almost immediately she learns that David has a girlfriend and he's brought her along. She's determined to salvage her pride and make the most of her time on the island. But it's not so easy to brush off a decade of love and making matters worse, David is s...
  • Hazera
    It started out pretty good but then it got super slow. It took over half of the story for them to actually do anything. I really liked David even though it took him a while to catch up with his heart. I liked Vivi's strength when it came to refusing David's advance. I didn't like the way she blackmailed David to forgive his father though. In fact, I didn't like the whole father situation. David's father was banging another woman while his mother ...
  • Cheesecake
    Cat, Jackson, David and Vivi grew up together. Vivi was the girl their parents took under their wing when they realized what little she had at home with her drunken father. From the first time she met him, the light shone out of David's arse for Vivi. And everyone knew it, but David wasn't interested in anything more than friendship. A very close and binding friendship. The sibling's mother died and David's love for his father is shaken by an awf...
  • NMmomof4
    3 Star readStory type: Contemporary, Unrequeted love, Best friend's brotherStoryline: This is the story of Vivi and David. Vivi first meets David when she goes home with her friend Cat (because he is Cat's much older big brother) from middle school one day. The story takes off many many years later when they are all reunited at Cat's family beach house. Vivi has always been in love with David so it comes as a major shock to know that he is there ...
  • Mercedes
    3.5 StarsThis story was about David and Vivi. Vivi is best friends with David's younger sister Cat and she's always been around the family. Her and David have always had a close friendship but Vivi has always wanted more. David moves away after the death of his mother and practically cuts off all contact with his family and Vivi. They see each other again when Vivi accompanies Cat on a summer getaway to Cat's family's summer home. Vivi doesn't kn...
  • Lye
    First time reading something by this author and it was pretty good! I think it definitely helped that I took a sneaky little peak at everyone else's review before cracking this one open as it was *fairly* squeaky clean and I was in the mood for a nice beach read while at the beach, haha. I will say that I was very impressed by Miss Beck's ability to write such angsty goodness, you could just feel the want and genuine desire to be with one one fro...
  • Siv30
    לצערי אני לא יכולה לתת לספר הזה 3 כוכבים בלב שלם והניקוד שלו עומד על 2.5 כוכבים למרות שהוא לא סטנדרטי לז'אנר.ויוי מאוהבת בדייויד 13 שנים. מאז שאימא שלה ואחיה נהרגו בתאונת דרכים, אביה שקע באדי האלכוהול והיא מצאה נחמה בבית חברתה קאת.אימא של קאת ודייויד, גר...
  • Anna (Bobs Her Hair)
    Vivi LeBrun not only lost her brother and mother in a car crash. She lost her father too. His alcoholism adds a new responsibility and burden for young Vivi. She finds shelter within her best friend’s family. The St. James family is wealthy and down-to-earth. They are a loving family, and accept Vivi as one of their own. Yet there is one family member that she has long adored. Vivi is all grown up and ready for more than friendship with David S...
  • Taylor Freeman
    2.5 - 3 stars.It took a little over half the book for them to do anything physical with each other.It took al,oat the whole book to actually be together and when they were the book ended quickly.I didn't like David's dad and that whole situation. If there is another book with Cat or Jackson I hope something goes wrong with the dads situation. There really wasn't too much I liked about this book aside from the taboo best friends older brother stor...
  • LPJ
    A solid read, but the hero was rather dense in a bad way. You get a slow build to his realization that he loves the heroine, which can be nice, but here it was just too slow. I found myself skimming and not super engaged with the characters and the book felt long.
  • Shelly
    I hung in there and got through the book and must say if I was rating the book by the last few chapters it would probably be 4.5 Stars. However I am rating it overall at 3 stars which I think is quit generous due to the frustrations it caused me. The biggest thing for me was how everyone treated Vivy and the constant drama that was the same on and on. The author had very few grammatical errors and such it was just the story line, won't give up ju...
  • book_luv_r
    Kindle Unlimited. Glad I didn't pay for this one. Didn't feel the chemistry at all.
  • Alaina Meserole
    OMG my heart.I loved absolutely everything about Vivi and David. Seriously, since the beginning I was completely enamored and shipped the hell out of it. Worth the Wait is a dual POV, from David and Vivi, and it's definitely a second chance kind of romance. Now it doesn't exactly say it's a second chance but Vivi has basically pined for David since they first met. Throughout the book he constantly tells her they wouldn't be good couple because it...
  • Zarith dol
    ARC given by netgalley for an honest reviewI've read the first book by JA In the Cards, it was good but this book is a keeper. The book is written in third POV, but trust me you'll be living in the world of main characters as you read it. It is an emotional journey btw the heroine, Vivi love story and David. Love at first sight for Vivi in the kitchen of St. James's household as she met David that time the captain of lacrosse captain, as she sket...
  • Tami Carstensen
    Vivi, an artsy gal, falls for a friends older brother, David, in their teenage years. So begins the story of unrequited love. David's mother dies and many years pass where David and Vivi don't see each other. They all meet up again at Block Island for a vacation and the action takes off. David is aloof since the death of their mother many years earlier and no one can understand why, especially Vivi. He has brought a new girlfriend along who is th...
  • Suzanne Harrison
    I read Jamie Beck's first book "In the Cards" and loved it so couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. It doesn't disappoint -- the writing is so pure and engaging and the author's character development is supreme. I loved Vivi from the start and rooted for her all the way through. And David, well he has his issues but at his core he too is a likable character. Great read!!
  • Viviana
    Loved this book it was my first time reading this author. And I’m hooked!!!!
  • Gail Chianese
    I read the first thirty pages of this story a couple years back in a contest and loved the opening so much the author gave me an advanced copy. She did NOT ask me to review it in exchange, but as a thank you for my encouraging words.As soon as I opened the pages I was once again sucked back into the story, which is so much more than just a romance. As a person with a complicated family, I totally understand the characters. Siblings in real life v...
  • Jess
    Sooo.....I will give this 3.5 starsI will be honest, the writing was good-really good. The story however, was not. The sub plots were ridiculous. There was too much going on. Half of this book wasn't even necessary. The focus of the main characters, Vivi and David were shadowed by so much drama it wasn't even funny. Vivi, an artistic, eccentric, girl that has been "adopted" by the St-James family, is quirky and lovable. Her mother and brother die...
  • Jen | Jen Talks Audiobooks
    This was a nice idea but the story got a little bit busy with all the subplots. The angst was a bit forced and Vivi, the main character, suffered from "ok that's it I'm changing my character completely" syndrome. Apparently she was quirky but we didn't get much hint of that. Emotionally strong? I don't know many women who could enjoy a vacation with a group that includes a man she loves sleeping with another woman. And said vacation seemed to tak...
  • Dísir
    As a classic take on the brother's best friend story, I hadn't expected the sheer amount of drama that was strangely absorbing, as drawn out as it was - possibly unnecessarily. Familial treachery and loyalties lie at the heart of the book and there are parallels of it sketched out in most of the relationships highlighted in them. As much as I wanted David and Vivi together, there were some questionable behaviour traits that made me hesitate about...
  • Siri
    This is the second book by this author. The first book, which I loved, was "In the Cards". This book is a romance and set on Block Island, RI. The characters experience some very interesting conflicts, many of which we can all relate to. I couldn't put it down. Must read!
  • Roksana
    Review to come..
  • Cat
    4.5 Stars Quick and sweet
  • Jeff
    Excellent Romance. This is a hardcore romantic drama, quite different in that respect from my typical romance fare of late - and an excellent example of why I like the entire breadth of the genre. The author is a touch more realistic than some of her peers, and it shines here. Both leads are believable, and the supporting cast - most of which is destined to appear in future books as leads themselves - are fully fleshed out for purposes of this st...
  • Michael
    This novel actually was four stars in the beginning but then it got cheesy. I just did not buy Vivian love for David, she was thirteen years old when she fell for the guy. Not to say that it was not authentic but I felt that they relationship was forced. The romance was not the best when you consider the length of their relationship. It would be nice to have some build up, otherwise it seems pretty forced how they were so in love, even though the...
  • Clorie
    3.5 Great dialogue starsI really like how the author gives good dialogue between characters. They were open, straight forward and didn't shy away from the tough lines. The MCs didn't get away with much and I like that. My main issue is the repetitiveness. I need the MCs to stop the same internal monologues. Liking the other characters that will be featured in the next books. Looking forward to continuing the series reading with my ears and eyes.
  • Mel
    Could have been a cute story. I didn't finish it because of the language. 😕