King of Thieves by Evan Currie

King of Thieves

Earth’s survivors face devastating new challenges in the wake of recovering from an alien conflict. Battered and mourning tremendous losses, the once fractious peoples of enemy nations must work together to rebuild their shattered world—and prevent the possibility of their attackers’ return. What they don’t know is that a new, deadlier enemy unlike anything they’ve ever faced will usher in the dawn of another war.Captain Morgan Passer c...

Details King of Thieves

TitleKing of Thieves
Release DateMar 31st, 2015
GenreScience Fiction, Space, Space Opera, Military Science Fiction, Fiction

Reviews King of Thieves

  • Bradley
    I'm really enjoying the universe and the setups now. There's something really nice about knowing the rules of the setting and getting to know new characters (or even enjoying old annoying ones like the Translator) and sympathizing with the new characters. :)I know that there's a new book coming out that brings back the old favorites, but I'll be honest. I really like this crew. I really like their old-school encounters with baddie aliens, lolarac...
  • Adah Udechukwu
    I was confused. Too many scientific mumbo jumbo.
  • Koeur
  • HBalikov
    I come to this book without any of the story that Currie covered in his Odyssey One series about humankinds contact with unfriendly aliens.King of Thieves is a rough translation of Autolycus, the name of a very special type of stealth spacecraft. This story seemingly sets the stage for a new series where the Autolycus will actually live up to its billing.In this adventure we have the ship on deep space patrol with some characters familiar to prev...
  • Nathaniel
    I have to guess about the dates for when I read this book, because I can't remember when I read it. What's more, at first I couldn't remember if I'd read it at all. So, that's obviously not a great mark of quality. Turns out I bought the book in the end of February, so sometime in March seems about right, but it's only May now which means I'd almost completely forgotten the book in just two months, and I can often remember plots for years. There ...
  • Linda Dobinson
    KING OF THIEVES is a fast-paced sci-fi adventure, well, fast-paced after a somewhat slow start.It is incredibly technical and by page 11 I considered abandoning it as most (ok, all) of the jargon went clean over my head. For example I never really understood what 'singularity core' (p5), 'transition technology' (p15), 'a standing gravity wave' (P47), and 'lens the entire electromagnetic spectrum' (p61) meant. I could add MANY more examples. Howev...
  • Andrew Timson
    King of Thieves starts a new series set in the universe of Evan C. Currie's earlier Odyssey One series (starting with Into the Black ). It's a return to the parent series' roots, a tale of science fiction exploration without the fantastical elements that crept into it along the way.The novel features the captain and crew of the destroyer Autolycus. In the wake of a massive attack on Earth by a race known as the Drasin, their task is to investig...
  • Michael Pang
    Evan Currie does both space-space and ground pounder space marine stories well. What I missed here was the space-space ship imploding combat. Nonetheless, an entertaining military scifi read.
  • Jen
    King of Thieves is a science fiction novel set in a future that finds the earth struggling after an alien invasion. The Drasin invasion forced the countries and cultures of earth to end their own wars as the survivors of different nations realized the necessity of uniting to defeat the alien threat.This is an action novel, not a character driven one. The characters form an ensemble cast--you learn to care about the various individuals involved, b...
  • Azaqui
    One-line review: the author watched the movie "Aliens" once too many.I have greatly enjoyed previous books of the author, but this one is not in the same league, by far. It reads like a breeze, but is awfully linear, no twists no surprises. I read SF looking for fresh ideas, this book had none. Not giving up on the author yet, though - hopefully next book will restore my slightly shaken faith.
  • John (JP)
    Autolycus a thief, the son of Hermes and Chione, and the grandfather of Odysseus. He possessed the power of changing the shape of whatever he stole and of making it and himself invisible. The King of Thieves in Greek mythology. The star ship Autolycus has the ability to change its shape and become invisible and is tasked with the mission of stealing secrets from the enemy who attacked the EarthKing of thieves Star Rogue takes place in same the un...
  • Doc
    Tough to get into a book like this with such shallow character development. Of course, the book was meant to be completely oriented toward action, but getting a bit into the minds of the characters would have been a nice companion to all the action.
  • Levent Kurnaz
    Not for the people who have a high anxiety and nyctophobia. I would have expected a more interesting ending after all of that stress through the book. Apparently, this book was to get you ready for the rest of the series. Why should I read the rest of the series if I did not enjoy the first one?
  • James Cox
    This was excellent sci fi and action!
  • Michael
    There is a lot of bad science fiction out there, and it was refreshing to read this science fiction story that had a great plot, good interaction and dialogue between the characters and most important (for me) believable situations and technology when you are trying to read a science fiction story.The action scenes are well laid-out and planned, with the author not rushing through it and explaining the tactics in advance, the "why" they are doing...
  • Tufty McTavish
    Really enjoyed this side-story in the series! It's a SciFi adventure: big guns, gadgets, alien tech, beasties - that's what you're going to get, know this going in. But I particularly liked how it's quite different from the other tales in the overall ongoing story. While that's mainly about the space battles, with a varying degree of ground combat interspersed, this one's mostly about exploring a strange new thing and the "Aliens" style action th...
  • Patrick
    Not what I was expecting, and not in a good way for me. This story provides a brief in-between Novella for the Odyssey universe, for those who know and like it. However, it's less science fiction than bog-standard horror that happens to not play out on Earth.(view spoiler)[If you're a fan of the classic Soldiers-stuck-with-monsters-in-dark-tunnels trope, you probably won't waste your time by reading this book. If, however, you're after space adve...
  • Brian
    Another entertaining military SF novel from Evan Currie, this one not featuring Eric Weston. The story is more Aliens than Master and Commander, with lots of scenes of marines in tunnels. I didn't find the characters particularly interesting, but plot developments kept me reading.As usual with these sorts of books, you'll want to suspend judgement and accept what the author gives you for technology and world building if you want to enjoy the stor...
  • Sky
    "Aliens" anyone?While the Odyssey series has been a solid one, this was a bit of a disappointment. If I'd never seen the movie "Aliens" I suppose I'd have little issue, but the similarity is significant, down to a hopeless Marine crying "game over!" Total plot copy. Taking that out, I'd still have problems with... let's say "incredulous" circumstances. Too bad.
  • Belinda Brooks-davis
    Immersive and captivatingWell written, smooth transitions from each storyline. Almost Clancy-like in pulling the threads of the story along to the conclusion. My third Currie book. Can't wait for the next one.
  • Eric
    Another solid entry by Mr. Currie. I liked the story (and hope we get more background/explanation re: it in the future), but I wish we'd gotten to know some of the characters a little better, particularly the engineering chiefs, scientists, and even the captain.
  • Here Cox
    Great read. Great story. Kept me enthralled. The way it started out so slow and calm and then started to build the tension and action was awesome. I look forward to reading more. ☺😃*****
  • SD Myers
    Good read I enjoyed the book. Well written. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys science fiction. I intend to read other books in this series. Job well done especially from an author who claims to only write as a hobby.
  • Jeffrey H.
    Must read for Odysesy One fansIf you don't read King of Thieves you'll be forever confused by references to Doohan in the series, and i certainly expect to hear from the heliobeam, again.
  • Derek Vice
    A fun easy reading military sci-fi adventure. The plot is straight forward. The characters are fitting, but show limited development or change. The style is easy with out too much military or sci-fi jargon. If you like spaceships, space marines and outlandish weapons you'll enjoy this one.
  • Aaron Byers
    Good setup for future books. Weak on characters. Strong on science. Pretty good action. If you're not familiar with the other books in his universe, this may be a bit dislocated.Overall, I enjoyed it but I don't think I'd recommend it to anyone but those who have read all his other work.
  • Elizabeth Bone
    I now think I will read Anything this man wtites!Great tie-in to the series! Really pushed the story forward. Excellent characters. Creep factor outstanding! Keep it up, Mr. Currie, Please!
  • Daniel L Hoffman
    #1 ? This has to be the first book of a rousing good story. I truly hope there will be more of this tale to follow!
  • Shawn Raiford
    This is such great read, I love these kinds of science fiction! Well done Evan Currie!
  • Matt Kramer
    Incredibly Frustrating Technical ProblemsImagine picking up an actual book made of paper. Now imagine that every other page or so has been ripped out. That was the experience reading this book. Every other page or so was blank. I was able to get the gist of the story but I hope I don't experience this again. I gave two stars because what I could read was innovative and entertaining.