For Love or Money (Main Street Merchants #2) by Paige Timothy

For Love or Money (Main Street Merchants #2)

Cynical Morgan has just about decided that no one could possibly fall in love with her - all the good guys want perfect girls, and she's anything but perfect. But then along comes the guy who falls head-over-heels in love with her just as she is and helps her find the bright side of life again.

Details For Love or Money (Main Street Merchants #2)

TitleFor Love or Money (Main Street Merchants #2)
Release DateSep 29th, 2014
PublisherTrifecta Books
GenreContemporary, Romance

Reviews For Love or Money (Main Street Merchants #2)

  • Kathy
    I ended up loving this one. I honestly wasn't sure during the first couple of chapters if I would and here is why... This book begins at the exact same point the first book in this series starts. I was expecting it to start where the first book ended but instead I was seeing some of the same things happen from someone else's perspective. I already knew who Morgan was in love with because we were told in the first book so it kinda took away the an...
  • Liz
    This one is about Morgan, who works in a bank with Rory, her best male friend. She meets hottie Max when he comes in to open a checking account and agrees to go on a date with him.... but in the middle of the date she realizes she's in love with Rory... who has left town because his grandma died.Max -- WHO NEEDS HIS OWN HEA -- agrees to take Morgan to see him in South Dakota on his motorcycle (which is just plain weird). Rory's having issues with...
  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    This is the second book in the Main Street Merchant series. There were a couple cross over scenes from the first book told from a different perspective. It was interesting to see the same scene through the eyes of a different character. We meet Morgan in the first book but only get a glimpse into who she really is. Morgan and Rory are the best of friends. They work together too. Rory has to be the most patient man alive. I loved that they were fr...
  • Vibliophile
    So sweet! Morgan was a little harder to connect with than Laurie, but once the story got rolling (on Max's motorcycle, lol), it was really good. By the time I reached the end, I had this big grin that just won't quit, and it's still going strong. I'm loving this series!
  • Jeri Smith
    Review of For Love or Money This was a very cute story and I will recommend her books to anyone who loves romance novels. She keeps you involved from page one until the end.
  • Melissa
    MSM 2This is a nice friends to lovers sweet romance. Morgan works with her best friend at the bank and doesn't realize he is her true love until she almost loses him to another
  • Marybeth
    When I read romance books there are several things that really make me enjoy the book, they are: clean, good chemistry between the main characters, believable dialogue, and good characters.For Love or Money was book 2 of the Main Street Merchants series by Paige Timothy. It is a novella, about 100 pages in length. It is about Morgan (roommate to Laurie the main character from book 1) and her journey in discovering love. Does she go for the hot ne...
  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation
    This one was just okay for me. I enjoy this series and it was seeing the characters and returning to this fun town. It's hard to explain my rating without spoilers, so read at your own risk. (view spoiler)[I just felt that for a novella there was way too much going on and very little focus on the romantic relationship, which is what I was looking for in this kind of book. We have Morgan, her mom and brother drama, and two love interests and some ...
  • Christine Jensen
    I really enjoyed this sweet romance. I have not yet read book one in the Main Street Merchants series (although I will definitely be grabbing an ecopy soon to read), so I did not have any fore knowledge of characters in the series. I did not feel at all hampered by this, the story felt completely readable, independent from the series.The main characters are fun, and likable and their romance develops naturally, even if they recognize it at differ...
  • Lisa Foster
    MY REVIEW (4 stars/5)Another book by Paige Timothy for the Main Street Merchants. This story utilizes characters before as Laurie's roommate, Morgan is the focus of this story and she works in the bank with Rory, a co-teller at the bank. Morgan has been having weekly lunches with Rory and still dating others; thinking Rory was a great friend. However, Rory gets called away back home and she realizes she does care for him. Now, she is worried he d...
  • Katie W
    I enjoyed this book even more than the first! Morgan, one of Laurie's roommates, decides that she's just not good enough for all of the good guys. When Max comes into the bank where she works and comes through her line, she's surprised that he shows interest in her. Could he be the one she's been waiting for?I really enjoyed Morgan and Rory's best friendship and relationship. Rory works with Morgan and is the nicest guy. Morgan is really confiden...
  • Tifferz
    This story made me so happy. I thought Ms. Timothy did a brilliant job of connecting Laurie's and Morgan's stories. They matched up seamlessly. Morgan has a best friend Rory that she has yet to realize she is in love with but when she does figure it out it blindsides her and she can't wait to tell him. The thing is she is out on a date with the ever hottie Max. Oh and Rory is 8 hrs away for a family emergency. Morgan learns so much about letting ...
  • KyBunnies
    Originally posted at Bunny's ReviewMorgan sees herself as someone that is totally different that the world sees her. To this reader it shows how we think we look to the world and how we actually look. We all need the lesson that Morgan learned, no matter what forgive ourselves, move on and forget the past.I recommend this book to any who enjoy clean romance and especially to teenagers.The bunnies and I give this book carrotsI was given this book...
  • Shauna
    COULD NOT PUT THIS ONE DOWN!Morgan is a bank teller and a roommate with Laurie...While she loves hearing all about Laurie and her escapades in love she is hoping for a love interest of her own.And then HE walks in...Max Grayson has just moved to Apen Ridge and needs a new bank account set up.Easy enough...Morgan almost feels guilty as she quickly asks the questions she would love to know personally:* Where do you live?* Where do you work?* What i...
  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews
    this is the 2nd novella by Paige and this time it features Morgan, Laurie's friend that works at the bank. In the first book it is revealed that Morgan is in love with her coworker Rory and this is their story.This was just as clean and sweet as the first book and the only thing I'm not sure if I liked was because it runs concurrently to Laurie's story some of the conversations are repeated, but from a different slightly different....
  • Alisa
    Morgan and Rory are best friends who work together at the bank and eat lunch together on Tuesdays. Max is a new ski instructor in town who meets Morgan when he comes into the bank to open a new account.Morgan comes from a very dysfunctional family and so she has a lot of walls up. When the walls come crashing down, she is surprised at her strong feelings. She just needs to get through a few hurdles to be able to let the lucky guy know how she fee...
  • Cathy
    This was a really fun one too. I loved Morgan and the bank. I really loved just how clueless she really was about love and being in it. She thought all she had to do was see the right person and bang! What she didn't realize was that sometimes you need to open your eyes and look around. I thought that it was really fun how you saw some of the same things that happened in Laurie's story here, just through Morgan's eyes this time. I really enjoyed ...
  • Gayle
    This was a sweet shorter story that focuses on another of the roommates introduced in "And Something Blue." Part of the story overlaps with that one, so the first part wasn't very suspenseful since I already knew several details. But I liked where the story went from there!
  • Laura
    Fun quick read. I am really loving the people in this town:)
  • Sami
  • Cici
    love this series!This is such a fun series. All of the merchants and their stories are unique. The character development is good. The romance is clean and good!
  • Teya Peck
    Oh My Heck, I can't believe I waited so long to read these! How fun and finding love. I loved all the characters and wanted them all happy. Yep I know I'm a sap at heart.
  • Kristin
    good quick and easy