The Pilo Traveling Show by Will Elliott

The Pilo Traveling Show

Jamie is rebuilding his life after his previous escape from the Pilo Family Circus, with no memories of the circus besides the clown outfit in his cupboard. Far below, as the circus stirs back to life, Jamie finds himself filled with urges to be a clown again (making inappropriate jokes at work, an urge to put on his clown outfit, etc.) He also finds that his friends and family do not trust him, because of that night he was found by police in a c...

Details The Pilo Traveling Show

TitleThe Pilo Traveling Show
Release DateSep 15th, 2015
PublisherUnderland Press
GenreHorror, Fantasy, Bizarro Fiction, Humor

Reviews The Pilo Traveling Show

  • Paul Nelson
    If you've not read the first novel The Pilo Family Circus and there's a slim chance you might one day in the future, then don't read this review as there may well be spoilers of story ruining proportion. In a calamitous finale the Clowns of the Pilo Family Circus suffered an ending to beat all endings when they were ripped apart as the boss, Kurt Pilo finally flipped, Gonko was carried off into the pits of hell and you would think there was no w...
  • Bill
    "It ain't slapstick without blood. We'll use real glass."Jamie forgot what his time at the Pilo Family Circus was like. Memories erased. Unfortunately for him, he is about to remember. He is about to go back and get reacquainted with the old gang.Send in the clowns.The boys are back in town and a major coup is about to take place. It will be Pilo against Pilo in this one and once again Jamie is right in the middle. The corn dogs and cotton candy ...
  • 11811 (Eleven)
    Better than the first book. Funnier at the very least. And I gave that one five stars, twice.This is brilliant comedy. Why are you still sitting there? Buy it. Read it. I'll wait here.
  • Kimberly
    Review to come!
  • John
    Overall - 4.5Narration - 5.0Story - 4.0It was good, but I feel that the narration adds a whole layer of craziness that one would lose just reading it.
  • Marc-Antoine
    The funniest and scariest bunch of clowns I've ever read about! Just as good, if not better than its predecessor.
  • Fuzzydice108
    3.5 stars. Psychotic, crazy, murderous clowns. A story of chaos. I like it.
  • Billie
    Ok, so I messed up and read this first. I actually think this mistake made me even more excited to read the first one. I was confused a bit, but nothing I couldn't get past.This is gruesome. And sick. And gory. And there are clowns. Scary, awful, demented clowns. Have a fear of them? Stay very, very far away from this book.Jamie was a clown in the Pilo Family Circus. He doesn't remember much about it and it's better. Most of the time. That is, un...
  • Tyler
    The Pilo Travelling Show is the sequel to the excellent Pilo Family Circus.It's a similar read to the first book; ordinary guy Jamie gets caught up in this strange underground circus that's run by a crazy, blackly funny and slightly evil group of clowns, headed by Gonko. I felt this book lost a bit of the charm of the original (similar stuff being done again) but still a wickedly fun read and the clowns have to be some of the most warped characte...
  • Astrea
    review coming!
  • Dustan Holland
    Really more of a 3.5. This book takes place right when the last one ends, and it is shorter so it feels like a continuation of the first book rather than a sequel. It treads a lot of the same territory, at times it felt like a retelling of the first story. However it was still a fun read and they expanded on the universe of the circus a good bit. I'd say the series as a whole is a 4.
  • Dawn Quixote
    Nasty business, clowning! Laughed out loud on several occasions and also fought back nausea on a few. Preferred this book to its predecessor (which one should really read beforehand or this one will make no sense at all). What a twisted mind Mr Elliott has, hope to read more from him in the future (and not to bump into him in a dark, sideshow alley....)
  • Felicia
    Meh. Didn't expect much, so not really disappointed. The first book makes you lol though, this one does not. I like the story in general, and I actually thought this ending was more satisfying than the first book's, so I'll give it 2 stars.
  • Davidhealey
    This book is a must read just as good as the first book. Such a good read gory as hell, full of laughs. Only disappointment is that there isn’t more books to the series. Sad when I was finished
  • David
    It was a nice way to wrap up the loose ends the original story had. You got to see what was really behind it all. It was a good read.
  • Karlie
    This book was disturbing, to say the least! I really enjoyed this series. If you want to have nightmares about a very dark circus, and it's very disgusting shows, then give it a go!!
  • Nelson Noven
    I never thought that Elliott would be able to top The Pilo Family Circus, but this book was AT LEAST just as good as the first one.
  • Tom Loock
    The Pilo Family Circus was one of the few horror/dark fantasy-novels I thoroughly enjoyed in recent years. Though I did not remember the details of the first novel's ending, I was quite surprised to learn of this sequel because I thought the story had been told - but I guess that Will Elliott had more to say.Firstly, PTS is a direct sequel and I wonder if one could enjoy it as much as a standalone-novel. Elliott seemed to have that thought in min...
  • Kim
    ONE STARRubbish. Absolute rubbish. The first book was like a cavalcade of crazy, a bit average on the pacing, but enjoyable enough. This one is like the psychiatrist's response to that, all order and straight lines, no daring, squared off characters. As well it's shallow everything, weak plot, and the same pacing issues as before. And then the end. What can I say about the ending? I gave up on it. (view spoiler)[If Will Elliot wanted to write a w...
  • Alicia Barry rosen
    I read this book waaaaaay too fucking fast! I was not ready for it to end! It's just as fun and insane! I freaking loved the clowns! Call me nuts but I love JJ! Can I say the baby Goshys!?!? I died! Lol I also enjoyed that we got to know about the other performers such as the MM, he intrigued me in the first book. I liked Jaimie as well but again heart belongs to JJ. The characters I didn't really enjoy was Dean and Jodie. I don't something about...
  • Hannah Stoutenburg
    I've never felt more sympathy for a flower pot than I did while reading this book. I could probably read a whole other series just about Goshy. Or about any of the veteran clowns, really -- how did they get this way? Who were they before? Who initiated them and what happened to those clowns? I'd also like to register a complaint that the stage production of The Pilo Family Circus isn't available on DVD. It looks awesome and I'd buy it.
  • Andy Downe
    The sequel to the Pilo Family Circus was another fun read. Knowing what to expect from reading the first did hinder the experience a bit, but it was great to hear from these characters again. These books are so weird and unique in a very good way. Once again this novel had plenty of humour ('Say, boss, don't take it wrong, but you're kind of paranoid. Remember five minutes ago when you pulled a gun on your own shadow?' Rufshod pointed at the bull...
  • Stephen Ormsby
    I love me a clown story - the more insane, the better. And this is where The Pilo Traveling Show fits in perfectly. This story is full of key ingredients, such as humour, weirdness, blood and gore, and many little creepy moments.The writing is tight and suspenseful, and moves at a great pace. It sucks in and keeps you there. Just remember to come up for air.I read this one, but have since found out that it is the second in a series. I have to go ...
  • Jessica Harmon
    Disappointing...I loved the first 3/4 of this book. I'm a huge fan of Pilo Family Circus, so I was very excited to read The Traveling Show. The plot was poorly constructed and ended with a whimper, not the bang I was hoping for. It felt like Mr Elliott rushed through the last 1/4 as fast as he could to meet a deadline... So, so disappointed!!!
  • Onelio Caraballo Jusino
    Hope there is a movie in the horizonThis is movie material. The characters all in their own and as part of the plot are the perfect formula for a thriller with a hint of dark (really dark) humor. This story can give chance to a performance as great as Ledger's Joker
  • Robert Rojo
    Really enjoyed revisiting the crazy characters that came into creation in the first book. I don't think this book had the depth of The Pilo Family Circus, but it was definitely fun, off putting and horrific at the same time.
  • James Maskell
    I just couldn't get into this nearly as much as its predecessor, The Pilo Family Circus. I found the characters less interesting and the narrative scattered when it didn't need to be. Once you introduce a character called "The Matter Manipulator" you've lost me.
  • Emma
    Crazy as hell!!!! Just like the last one.
  • Regis
    Not just scary, ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING! This sequel delivers in every way! I love it so much!