Love Means... Endurance (Farm, #8) by Andrew Grey

Love Means... Endurance (Farm, #8)

A Love Means... Story Together for over ten years, Geoff and Eli built a fulfilling life. Their love and support helped raise their adopted son. Their hard work and dedication grew their farm from raising cattle and boarding horses to expanding into therapy riding sessions. Surrounded by a loving circle of friends, Geoff and Eli couldn’t ask for more. Until driven Eli loses his energy, and the doctor gives them the dire diagnosis of cancer. Cau...

Details Love Means... Endurance (Farm, #8)

TitleLove Means... Endurance (Farm, #8)
Release DateJan 16th, 2015
PublisherDreamspinner Press LLC
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Contemporary, Family

Reviews Love Means... Endurance (Farm, #8)

  • ☆ Todd
    So 14 years after Geoff caught Eli sleeping in his barn and 9 years after adopting their adorable son Jakey, their lives are turned upside down when Eli collapses one day in the barn.I truly, truly wish that I could say that this wasn't the beginning of a very dark and difficult period for the happy family, but that would be another story, entirely different from this one.Eli is diagnosed with cancer and the story spans the next 6 months or so su...
  • Fernanda Parente
    Amazing. A box of tissues is mandatory for this book
  • Love Bytes Reviews
    4.5 star review by VickiOh what a hard book to read! I LOVE Eli, and I HATED to see him sick… it just about broke my heart.Let’s do a quick recap in case someone reading this review isn’t familiar with the series. The first book, Love Means… No Shame, is about Geoff Laughton, the owner of Laughton Farms, and Eli Henninger, an Amish man Geoff finds sleeping in his barn. They fall in love, Eli gives up his family to stay with Geoff, and the...
  • Barb ~rede-2-read~
    Note: This book was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviews in exchange for an impartial review. Love means many things to many people and this story caps the wonderful “Farm” series with the title “Love Means Endurance”, but it’s evident when you read it that it also could be titled “Love Means Courage and Commitment and Strength and Caring and Concern and Comfort and ____”. Readers can fill in the blank. Bo...
  • Chris Jeffreys
    Love Means EnduranceAndrew Grey writes several continuing series, and the "Love Means" series has to be my favorite. The main characters, Geoff and Eli, are absolutely compelling and have been since their first book years ago. (It is also cool to know that Geoff Laughton, one of the main characters in this book, is Andrew's pseudonym when he writes young adult fiction.) These two men are a pair of the best characters that have ever been written i...
  • Tina
    Wow. This was my first introduction into the Farm series by Andrew Grey, and man did this book put me through the wringer emotionally. LoveMeans…Endurance, the eighth installment in the series is fine to be read on its own, however I think once you've delved into it, you'll want to check out the previous books. (I know that's what I'll be doing.)This author has a way of creating characters that I feel so connected to, and in this particular plo...
  • Becky Condit
    When a serious illness strikes it affects not only the person with the disease but the entire family.Eli has been ill and when the cause is diagnosed his partner of 14 years, Geoff, must cope with not only supporting Eli in his treatment regimen but also appearing strong and positive for their son Jakey and everyone else on the farm. This episode in the long-running Farm series brings out the fact that one can build one’s own family, even when ...
  • Aine Massie
    In the newest installment of the Love Means… series (one of my top faves, in case you didn’t know, lol) Eli is ill and when the diagnosis comes in, it leave Eli and Geoff reeling. Geoff lost his father to cancer in the very first Love Means… book, so this had him not only dealing with his fear for Eli—while trying to take care of their son, Jakey—but also dredged up all his past loss and pain from his father dying 14 years ago.Love Mean...
  • Neet
    This is the 8th book in the Love Means series.In this book we're back with the couple that started this wonderful series off,Geoff and Eli.This time our favorite couple is facing quite a dilemma in the form of cancer.Eli who has always has been strong and healthy has been feeling tired and has no appetite.Geoff thinks it's just a matter of Eli doing too much,with the classes,training,caring for their young son, Eli is just doing too much.It all c...
  • Lisa The Novel Approach
    Love Means… Endurance continues the story of Geoff and Eli. In this book, we get to catch up on how life has been treating them and their adopted son, Jake. It’s a great story about kindness, love and, as the title says, endurance.Grey gently reminds us that bad things–in this case, cancer–happen to good people, but with the help of others, the strength of family and the love we share, we can survive. This really is a story of strength an...
  • Sarah
    A solid conclusion to the series. It was a tough/darker story but fitting as it brought the series full circle in multiple ways. It also stayed true to reality in that life doesn’t always get a perfect happy everything. Happiness often comes at a price. The question of if that price is worth it is repeated throughout this book.
  • Katy Beth Mckee
    While in some ways this was a hard book to get through because Andrews Grey lets their fears and pain show through. Yet it is uplifting because they refuse to give up or give in to cancer. They find ways through and new ways to connect. This story doesn't sugar coat the process of moving through the treatment of cancer.
  • Lily
    One of my favorites of the series.
  • Robert Helms
    4.8⭐. 4.8⭐️.
  • Dawn
    Geoff and Eli have been together for ten years and between a thriving farm and raising their son, Jake, life has been good to them. Until Eli begins to feel tired, then collapses, Geoff is frantic to find the answer to Eli’s condition. But both are unprepared to hear the dreaded C word- cancer and with it, life as they knew it halts fast. Life becomes a series of treatments, never-ending doctor visits and with so many people depending on them, ...
  • Dani Elle Maas
    Wow ... It is no secret that I am a big fan of this series For me it is all a series needs to have and is supposed to bring With this latest installment I have to say Mister Andrew Grey took it another road an interesting very intense road.As said in the blurb this story takes us back to the first couple that started this series and who captured so many hearts.Geoff and Eli center in this one.Eli is sick and is a very big part of this story . Whe...
  • Tessi4M
    Geoff and Eli’s story, which started out this series, is one of my favorite Andrew Grey stories. These two men share a love and connection that makes me all fuzzy inside.After having been on the sideline throughout the other books in the series, the two of them now got one more story of their own. And while the deep love they share still shone through on every page, I could not really enjoy this book a whole lot. I want romance. I can deal with...
  • Bo
    Trust in GreyThis book requests your presence. You will learn how an author can take a series of books that evolve around the happenstance meetings of a wide variety of young men in the Michigan farmlands and turn them into a journey that builds an extended family of gay men with benefits, friends, and enriching lives that never seems to come to an end.Until now.This book closes the series as it opened--by concentrating on Geoff and Eli, this tim...
  • Inked Reads
    What an emotional book. Andrew Grey knows how to write. He really covered everything regarding getting a horrible diagnosis. Getting Cancer takes a toll on the whole family and friends, not just the sick person. This story covered it all, all aspects of emotions that the family goes through. But it reminds you that not all things turn out bad and with a little faith everything gets better.Geoff and Eli are one strong couple. I loved how they depe...
  • Kara
    Geoff and Eli have been together for ten years and have a adopted son together. Well overtime Eli finds himself getting more and more tired until he eventually falls over one day which sends him to the hospital where he finds out very bad news about his health. Now I loved this two men together! I felt so bad for everything Eli was going through trying to get better. Then there was Geoff who was there for Eli every step of the way worried but lov...
  • Lidia
    When I read the blurb I was happens at fond reader that thinks at characters of book as persons live. So I didn't prayed God but Mr Grey to not make die Eli. This last story of Geoff and Eli was very moving because so true and realistic...and if reading the books by Andrew Grey is like snuggling into a favorite blanket, happy and comforting ,He don't not spare we the hard reality. This makes his story more beautiful. It was nice re...
  • Brandilyn
    4.5 stars Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance I put off reading this installment of Andrew Grey's Farm series for quite some time. Why? Because I didn't want a beloved couple to face what so many families face daily (including my own). In short Cancer sucks. I didn't know what I would feel reading about a fictional account of cancer ravaging the body of one of the best men in fiction. If you have read the Farm series from Andrew Grey (also known a...
  • LeeAnn
    This story is such a wonderful mixture of sadness , pain, love, endurance like the title implies, healing and a family so strong, even though they are an extended family in love and friendship, that nothing cannot be overcome. I needed tissues a few times. Got angry on Eli's behalf several times and felt the love between he and Geoff through out the entire book. Jakey was a typical 9 year old yet in some ways wise beyond his years.Then he'd turn ...
  • Sheryl Howard
    OMG!!!! I cried all the way through this book. The story of the love Eli and Geoff have for one another is timeless. The battle and diagnosis of cancer brings forth so many doubts and insecurities. It is truly a test of the family they have built on the farm and everyone standing by them helping to get through the endless treatments and keep up with the chores. Can Eli finally let go of the family he left behind and live for the family he has cho...
  • Beacullen
    This series was the first books that I read by Andrew Grey, and I've loved them all. I was so excited to see there was more to read about the Farm guys. This one is sad though, Eli finds out he has cancer and it nearly pushes Geoff over the emotional edge. For months they both struggle with not only the illness but the effects of the treatment. I really liked this story, there is alot about Eli coming to terms for good that he can never be in his...
  • Lauri James
    i had the privilege of spending the summer with Andrew's cowboys the Range series. Spent the winter with his Farm series Love Means I love revisiting my favorite love storiesEli and Geoff, Eli a former resident of the local Amish Community and his beloved partner husband Geoff and meet their adopted son Jakey The life they have made together with each other and their loving extended family a friends is threatened by serious health issues. Cancer ...
  • Denise Dechene
    Definitely a 4.5 read - Being the caretaker of someone with any illness isn't easy. Thinking the person you love is going to die and wondering how you will cope is heart wrenching. In the newest installment of Love Means, Mr Grey takes the reader through a roller coaster of emotions. We get our HEA but not without a few tears along the way. I believe that this is supposed to be the last in this series. All I can say is Mr Grey knows how to write ...
  • Selina Durio
    Never before has a book made me cry from the first chapter on and I loved every minute of it! Andrew Grey has created a "follow-up" story, or sequel, to the life of Eli, Geoff and Jakey. This story was heart wrenching and heart warming at the same time. The infusion of the extended family members gave us a glimpse of how everyone from the other Love Means.... books are doing. I especially like the set up incl
  • Jack
    Although I enjoyed the entire farm series, I have to say that this was my least favorite. I was disappointed the direction the book took and almost didn't continue. I am glad I did and there were good parts to the book. Some comments on the series in general. The stories were good but somewhat repetitive and predictable. Also, "he kissed him hard" was way over used and ironically this book ended with that very phrase. Now... onto Andrew Grey's Ra...