Money Management Skills by Michael Finke

Money Management Skills

6 hours 9 minsMoney management can be intimidating, but the good news is that the newest research into the human brain can help us understand why we make mistakes and how we can create an effective plan to meet our financial goals. Learning to navigate complex financial markets and create good financial habits is essential to the all-important goal of gaining control over our financial future.Money management requires knowledge of financial produ...

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TitleMoney Management Skills
Release DateDec 12th, 2014
PublisherThe Teaching Company
GenreNonfiction, Economics, Finance, Audiobook, Business

Reviews Money Management Skills

  • Thomas
    Most of the information here is pretty basic, common-sense level advice and instruction that I have already managed to gather over the years, though I did learn a few new things. The financial power of a pension, for one. I would recommend this lecture series to any young person though, particularly because Finke is reasonable about how people, especially young people, spend money. He doesn't advise a 25 year-old person to save every spare dime b...
  • Trung Nguyen Dang
    A very basic course on personal finance which covers almost all relevant topics including tax, and estate management. The tax portion is US-centric though. The new thing I learn, but do not necessarily agree with, is the life-cycle theory. The theory advocates for smoothing out consumption over time. In addition, the theory is also based on the decreasing marginal utility of money, which means a dollar when you're young and poor is worth a lot mo...
  • Kristopher Kerwin
    Very good advice on many different aspects of personal finances. Beware if you don't live in the U.S. however. You'll want to skip a couple chapters which are very country specific.
  • Mahmoud Ghoz
    The course is very basic and has good insights. Highly recommend for youth who has just finished their school before deciding the college. There are a lot of things related to the American law which made me feel uncomfortable.
  • Phoenix
    Incredibly helpful. Definitely in my top 3 from the Great Courses.
  • Aditya Y.
    Bad math, bad advice. Early in the book, he says something like: an average person makes $2.5 million over the course of a lifetime, which means $40k/yr. So if you're making $40k/yr or less, you shouldn't save, because you will presumably make more than this some year, and the goal is to even out the amount of money you make every year.Except this doesn't take inflation into account. $40k/yr in 2010 is very different from $40k/yr in 2050. Account...
  • Yulia
    This provides a very good introduction to personal financial planning for the general public in the US. Actually, the target audience is not the average American making the median household income. The course is of most relevance to those in the upper middle class who can afford to live where they do, have no trouble paying off credit card balances at the end of each month, and are not so stressed by their financial situation that they can make l...
  • Jay
    Great overview of personal finance. My only criticism is that I suspect that the life-cycle finance theory espoused in these lectures, although logically consistent, might get a lot of people in trouble. The idea is smooth consumption over a lifetime, so one could or maybe should transfer money from their older selves to their younger selves by borrowing money when they're young and presumably broke, then paying it back and saving in when they're...
  • Dejon
    Money management is the process of budgeting, saving, investing, spending or otherwise overseeing the capital usage of an individual or group. Money management can also be used to have financial stability in your life. This book taught me to not just to save money but to invest it into your daily life, one of the main points that really stuck to me was when Michael finke said if you buy something make sure you can buy it 3 and 4 times before you ...
  • Anton Nikolov
    The book was very nice and informative. I especially liked the life-cycle theory regarding the investment. There is one downside to the book/course. If you're not in USA a lot of the info won't be that good since the author is referencing a lot of different taxes, insurances etc. Of course, you could potentially translate them to your local equivalent but it will take a bit more thinking to do that. Anyway, this was a quick book which is capable ...
  • Lori
    I have read quite a number of books on finances and money management, but this may be the most level headed one I've read. So often, money books are all about saving as much as you can so you can retire with as much as you can. I appreciated the author's concept of evening out your spending over your lifetime. He also covers everything from taxes and estate planning to college and buying a home. Pretty comprehensive set of lectures.
  • Angela
    I can see myself coming back to this course throughout my life whenever making big financial changes. The book is divided up into many different lectures on money management ie stocks, savings, retirement, home buying, etc... which makes it a universally good reference for financial advice. The lectures are thorough and cover a range of situations so that everyone, regardless of where you are in your financial endeavors, can learn how to take con...
  • Jesse Miller
    I was expecting something like a Dave Ramsey style day to day guide to money, but it ended up being about investing and audits and marginal utility and 502c and why a variable annuity is bad while a fixed annuity is good. In short, almost nothing relevant to me right now. Although the chapters on education and home buying were good.
  • Vanessa
    This was a digestible overview of personal finance, one I think I will share with my kids when they're a bit older and starting to make their own financial decisions. As always, it's nice to see some behavioral economics in action and it got me thinking about how I can default option my way into saving more.
  • Steve
    Really basic overview of basic personal finance management. This book would be perfect for high school students that are beginning the career, but probably nothing new for working professionals. However, there was still a few new things I took away, like the life cycle theory for financial planning, which I wasn't aware of and found compelling.
  • Jeff
    Great introduction to personal finance. Michael covers all of the important topics in personal finance. He gives just the right amount of information to describe the concepts so we can get started. He avoids most of the tedious details that generally make this kind of topic painful.
  • Dylan Shays
    Not a whole lot of great insight in this book for me. I didn't agree with the authors views on several items, but the book was a good refresher on basic finances. The best section for me was probably the mortgage section.
  • Manish Bangia
    Fantastic Book for Money Management and Financial Planning for future. Author has discussed in detail about the various age factors, time and how to invest and how much to do that with progression.Covered Insurance topic in detail which gave me different insight related to various type of insurances available in the market.Financial planning for buying house is well explained, explaining whether to buy house or rent it out, and how much u must sa...
  • Becca
    3.5 stars. This had a lot of what sounded like really great advice--unfortunately, you already need a working knowledge of some basic financial terms to understand the complexity of his thesis (which I don't have). After some self education, I'll have to return to this.
  • Pravin
    I was expecting more general information but it has a lot of specifics which may be useful to Americans but not much to people living elsewhere.
  • Robert
    Mostly review of things I already know and do. I don't agree with his model of borrowing a lot of money when you're young because you'll make more later in life.
  • Dave Pusey
    Great - easy to understand. And a little different then the usual "You have to start now saving for retirement" kind of advice. The advice felt very human and easy to follow.
  • Lisa
    This is the most helpful money management advice and I would recommend to everyone to listen!
  • Khoa
    Not very useful for people outside US
  • Saša
    Course was ok. But most of it is geared only for the US citizens so it was not that much useful for me.
  • Kevin Hanks
    Basic recap of financial skills. Need to re-read in earnest one day.
  • Zaid Mansuri
    Solid, basic level material. Recommended for HS/College Students or anyone who is a novice in the subject.
  • Kyle Burris
    An excellent book for any young professional looking to hone personal finance skills. Highly recommend, and the life cycle of money was a very intriguing concept!
  • Francisco
    Very informative. I suggest reading in order to learn more about stocks and how to manage finances for a future.
  • Rui
    A college course actually. But it's more appropriate for Americans other than a Chinese like me.