Boundary Crossed (Boundary Magic, #1) by Melissa F. Olson

Boundary Crossed (Boundary Magic, #1)

After her twin sister’s brutal murder, former US Army Sergeant Allison “Lex” Luther vowed to protect her niece, Charlie. So when two vampires try to kidnap the baby, it quickly turns into a fight to the death—Lex’s death, that is.She wakes up to two shocking discoveries: she has miraculously survived the fight, and baby Charlie is a “null,” gifted with the ability to weaken supernatural forces...and a target for creatures who want t...

Details Boundary Crossed (Boundary Magic, #1)

TitleBoundary Crossed (Boundary Magic, #1)
Release DateMay 1st, 2015
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires, Magic

Reviews Boundary Crossed (Boundary Magic, #1)

  • Ellen Gail
    4 & 1/2 beautiful exciting paranormal stars!Do you see that woman on the cover? The hot chick in the leather jacket, wind blowing through her hair? That's not Lex. Allison Luther aka Lex, an Army vet who served in Iraq, is a massive animal lover with a herd of rescue pets. She works nights at a convenience store, babysits her baby niece Charlie, and lives a fairly normal life.Until she dies.Boundary Crossed is a super fun and inventive paranormal...
  • Ian
    While saving her niece from a kidnapping attempt Lex is stabbed multiple times. She shouldn't be alive. Her heart stopped on the operating table. Then just as the doctor is about to call time of death, it starts beating again. That's Lex's introduction into the supernatural world of vampires and witches. As a boundary witch, a witch who has power over life and death she has never received any training and the leader of the local coven wants to ke...
  •  Simply Sam ツ
    ***3.5 Stars***I liked this one. Maybe it's because I listened to the audio? I don't know. Whatever the reason, I was never bored and I was genuinely interested in the story. Granted, it's really not the most exciting of books. It introduces the reader to the "Old World" of vampires and witches (there are werewolves too, just not in this book) but on a really mundane level, if that makes sense. We learn a little bit about the vampires, a little b...
  • Mara
    3 1/2It seems to me Melisa Olson will never be an author with too much appeal (for me). I liked (a couple of) her books enough, but I end up picking at them. Boundary Crossed is set in the same world of Dead Spot, simply in an other city. Again I found plot and world-building interesting, but had a problem with some characters. Or facets of them. Lex could have been way more interesting, still it's a female character I can root for (even with som...
  • Runningrabbit
    Crossing OverKU 3.5I struggled between giving this a three or four star rating, so have settled on 3.5.I would have appreciated a faster pace on this and am hoping, now that a lot of background has been established, that the next novel will ramp it up. The plotline could have been more complex to make the story more intriguing and maybe a bit of a touch of humour(?) to lift portions of the tone.I am looking forward to see where the following book...
  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    I won this is a GoodReads first reads giveaway! A few mild *SPOILERS*I really enjoyed this book. I loved the character Lex. She is a former US Army Sergeant and a boundary witch. She has no idea she is a witch until she is attacked by a couple of vampires that are trying to kidnap her little niece. This attack led her to be in the hospital where she meets another witch and a vampire who start filling her in on what she is, of course blowing her a...
  • Jeanny
    I keep going from a 3.5 rating to a four star rating for this book. I'm not sure what I'll decide & being I round up my GR stars I guess it hardly matters. What I am sure of is I'll be reading book 2 in this series.
  • Coyora Dokusho
    It was fabulous, really, really, really fabulous. There were feels and action and AMAZINGNESS. The world-building was great. The plot was absorbing. The characters made places for themselves inside my heart. I loved it.
  • Ami
    I enjoyed Olson's previous urban fantasy series, Scarlett Bernard, so when I saw her releasing a new one I jumped on it. But of course I forgot about it, piled it up under so many to-read books. Until yesterday when on a whim (plus I was in my urban fantasy mood) I decided to finally pick this up. Well, Olson surely knew how to begin the first chapter, that's for sure... The third time I died was early on a Monday morning, a week after Labor Day....
  • Kathleen (QueenKatieMae)
    THERE ARE GOOD WITCHES THERE ARE BAD WITCHESBUT MY FAVORITE ARE THE KICKASS WITCHES US Army Sargeant Allison "Lex" Luther was honorably discharged after almost dying in the field in Iraq. Anger management issues, possible PTSD issues, and family tragedy turned Lex into a hermit living in a cabin in the Colorado wilderness with her horde of rescue animals and working nights at the Flatiron Depot. A boring night at the Depot and a fortuitous incide...
  • Anita
    YAY! Finally a fantasy book I'm able to enjoy! That is mainly because of its strong lead character. Unlike the usual trope for this kind of books, the female lead character (Lex) isn't a wide-eyed teenager or a slightly older young woman with a bitter look on life. Lex is a 30 y.o. well adjusted and mainly happy except for a tragic episode in her recent past. And... gasp! She's not alone in the world either! She has a nice loving family that care...
  • Melindeeloo
    3.5 stars- I enjoyed this foray to another corner of the Old World of Olson's Scarlet Bernard series, with Boundaries Crossed we get to see a bit more of the witchy part of that world and meet a new set of characters. I liked the army vet leading lady, Lex, who discovers her magic along with the hidden Old World filled with witches, were's and vamps, when she foils her toddler niece's kidnapping. The story moves along well as Lex commits her serv...
  • Rob Blackwell
    "The third time I died was early on a Monday morning, a week after Labor Day."So begins another terrific urban fantasy novel by Melissa Olson, whose Scarlett Bernard books I've also greatly enjoyed. It's a great opener and the book never slows down from there. It's an origin story of Allison "Lex" Luthor, who discovers she's unable to die because she's a witch. Olson has explored witches before in her other books, but what makes this one special ...
  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    Quick review:Cover: Fitting Rating: PG-13 Thumbs Up: 3.5Overall: Pretty GoodCharacters: Well Written Plot: Saving her niece the nullPage Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Yes Recommend: YesBook Boyfriend: QuinnSUMMARY (50 words or less)I went in with an open mind and I’ll continue with the series. I can’t say I was jumping up and down for joy, but I did find the book entertaining.For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at:http://www.mybo...
  • R&R Express
    Very unique I loved this story. It's very unique in terms of using a female veteran as the hero in a paranormal book. This story doesn't seem to pull from other books, it's unique and creative. I'm happy to see the potential for a little romance, too, but the suspense is enough to drag you in completely. Lots of unanswered questions here and I hate having to wait for the next book!
  • Krissy
    Good start to the series
  • Aisling Zena
    4.5 stars
  • Sarah
    Book one of the "An Old World Novel" series by Melissa F. Olson narrated by Kate Rudd. Lex is an ex army sergeant honourably discharged and working at supermarket trying to get over losing her twin sister less then a year ago and PTSD from been only surviving member of her unit. One night a couple come into the shop looking for nappy but when Lex looks at the baby she realises it her niece and try's to stop her abduction. While unsuccessfully try...
  • Ina
    Quinn grinned. "We hate each other, of course.""Of course," Simon said with a straight face. "Bloodsucking scum.""Devil-worshipping mama's boy," Quinn retorted cheerfully. 4.5 starsI'll admit it right here and now - I really didn't expect to like this as much as I did, especially after finishing Olson's other series set in the same world - Scarlett Bernard. Generally, I liked the other series, I liked the world building and most of the characters...
  • Caitlin
    For more reviews like this check out Weezled.“The third time I died was early on a Monday morning, a week after Labor Day.”The opening line of Boundary Crossed is, by far, the high point of the novel. Olson does a great job of capturing your attention in the first chapter, but I found my interest waning in chapter two. From there it plateaus into a flawed but easy read, allowing you to relax and enjoy the Benny Hill sketch that is Boundary Cr...
  • A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)
    4.5*Book source ~ Kindle FirstThere’s something strange about Allison “Lex” Luther. She has a difficult time dying. Ok, the dying part isn’t so difficult. It’s the staying dead that’s giving her problems. For some reason she can’t stay dead. Not necessarily a bad thing, but most definitely strange and it’s the reason why she suddenly ends up over her head in a magical world she never knew existed when she dies yet again while prot...
  • Jean W. Phillips
    Great fun to read!I will definitely read the next book in this series. I really enjoyed the characters and the story line. The writing was perfectly placed and descriptions of people and places were well drawn.
  • Maggie
    I've been reading quite a few of the cozy witch stories of late , and they're .. fine .. a pleasant enough diversion .. so I was actually caught off guard by how good this book is. I found everyone believable, their actions made sense, no one behaved with the emotional maturity of an 11 year old. It was a refreshingly good book. Not a cozy witch mystery/story, but an urban fantasy right up there with my other favorites.
  • Melissa
    When am I going to learn that these kinds of books just aren't for me? When a friend suggests that I read something labeled "urban fantasy," I need to back away slowly. I've been friends with this person for ages and know that she loves everything Kim Harrison and Charlaine Harris. That should've been my first clue. "Kindle Unlimited" should've been my second. (90% of the books on there line the digital birdcage.) However, the clue that I didn't ...
  • AE
    It wasn't until almost half way through that I realized this was the author of Dead Spots and that just explained a lot of my feelings on the matter. In that book, her concept was interesting but just didn't pan out for me. I just lost interest, when it was an interesting concept because it was a bland read--2 star, "okay" quality. I had no desire to ever read the next book, and I can't even remember the ending or the main plot line. And that's j...
  • Boundless Book Reviews
    One day, I was browsing on my Kindle. I have a lot of books I could read but nothing I really felt like I was really just whole heartedly getting into. This book caught my eye. I loved the cover and didn't really read much of the Synopsis. I kinda like doing that, not really knowing what the book is about. Well.. Let me just say I'm glad I browsed that day for whatever was calling me. The beginning of this book, just pulls you in. It was fast pac...
  • Lianne Pheno
    Relecture 2018, nouvel avis :'avais déjà lu ce livre lors de sa sortie en 2015 et je l'avais bien apprécié malgré son manque d'originalité. Mais je m'étais ensuite aperçu que ce n'était pas vraiment le début et qu'il y avait une autre trilogie se passant dans le même univers publié avant. Du coup nous y voila, 3 ans après, j'ai enfin terminé la précédente trilogie et je peux relire celui c...