僕のヒーローアカデミア 2 [Boku No Hero Academia 2] (My Hero Academia, #2) by Kohei Horikoshi

僕のヒーローアカデミア 2 [Boku No Hero Academia 2] (My Hero Academia, #2)

ついに始まります「戦闘訓練」。やっぱ緊張するけど、皆に負けない様に頑張ろ…って、えっ、訓練の相手ってかっちゃん! 強いのは知ってる。でも僕も昔のままじゃないんだ! 勝つ為に全力で! “Plus Ultra”!!

Details 僕のヒーローアカデミア 2 [Boku No Hero Academia 2] (My Hero Academia, #2)

Title僕のヒーローアカデミア 2 [Boku No Hero Academia 2] (My Hero Academia, #2)
Release DateJan 5th, 2015
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Comics, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Superheroes

Reviews 僕のヒーローアカデミア 2 [Boku No Hero Academia 2] (My Hero Academia, #2)

  • Daniel
    Previse borbe na ustrb price. A sobzirom da su tek brucosi mislim da su nekako previse mocni ili sposobni.Sigh. Al ne odustajem, probacemo jos volume ili dva posto je ipak zabvno na momente.
  • Artemy
    I was on the fence about My Hero Academia after reading the first volume — it's an enjoyable series, but I found the premise to be a bit too derivative (X-Men+Top 10 much?), and the storytelling sometimes felt muddled. But I liked the characters and the overall tone and feel of the book enough to give the second volume a try, and I'm glad I did, because it did improve. The characters are the main pull of the series, and this volume adds a bunch...
  • Shannon
    Wooow I was not expecting this to be so dark, especially so early on. Sure, they have someone with a quirk that can heal bodies but I didn't expect people to get their bones crushed and faces smashed in. Or the villains possibly murdering children.Dang, man. I'm here for this. 😅
  • Solseit
    What's there not to love about the story of sheer will power and quirks (special abilities)?The story is well designed, it keeps the audience connected and interested. This volume also introduces a lot of new characters and they are unique not only with their powers but also in their appearance. I cannot stress enough how interesting it is to read the author's comments on design and decisions regarding how to create the characters. Manga is its o...
  • Maria
    confession time: I haven’t as much read this manga as I run my eyes over it while simultaneously watching the anime adaptation (season one covers chapters 1-22) and I was quite surprised to find out that 0% of the scenes from the manga got cut out and everything was done so awesomely that I feel no hesitation giving out rating to volumes 1 and 2 right here and now. I’M SO HYPED UP FOR MORE
  • Victoria ♡
    I am a Todoroki stan confirmed. He doesn't even have to do anything and I die he just omg. I'm like this with the show too! I really need to read more!
  • Justin
    There's a sentiment that's been bugging me for awhile in the "big two" (Marvel & DC) of Western comics: namely, that "new characters don't sell." Without fail, whenever one of these companies reboots their lines, they'll start new series starring lesser-known characters, and cancel them within a year, because they aren't selling as many issues as Spider-Man or Batman. They then use this as evidence that "nobody wants to read about anyone but the ...
  • Sylwia (Wish Fulfillment)
    I tried so hard to get through this because I promised a friend that I would read it and I just couldn't. I found even the first chapter of this volume to be so long and boring that I couldn't force myself through it, even with days of trying.
  • Maggie
    3.75 stars
  • Julie
    The beginning of Bakugo's and Kirishima's beautiful friendship. :') I love anything that involves the kids working together. I love them all so much.
  • Elizabeth (Elzburg)
    This series. It is so good. So, so, good. I don't know what else I can tell you. It is gold. It is love. I love this series so much, yet I've only read two volumes. Heck, I loved it since at least the first volume, but I don't know exactly when because I started reading the chapters first before I bought the volumes. So I had already read the first three chapters in this volume, but the rest was all new.Hey, I guess it would be a good idea to may...
  • Will Robinson Jr.
    An incredibly enjoyable manga series. I have heard many manga fans say that this series could be the next Naruto or even Dragonball when it comes to popularity. The fans may not be wrong. The characters that Kohei has created are interesting and likeable. The best part about this series has been discovering how each character's superpowers or quirks work. This volume of the series finds our hero Deku and his hero academy classmates on a field tri...
  • Ella
    New favorite.
  • Pinkerton
    Già in questo secondo volume abbiamo un assaggio niente male di quella che è la sfida in My Hero Academia, fra protagonista: il Deku che si impegna VS la sua nemesi: Kacchan imbestialitoNella seconda parte arrivano i villain, i cattivi… quelli veri. E proprio questo mi ha portato ad una valutazione di 3 che è ‘bassa’ per gli standard di questa serie ma, pur non negando il pathos e la drammatica percezione della realtà che appare qui per...
  • Aechey
  • Sulhan Habibi
    Seru.Tapi masih ingin tahu lebih banyak kemampuan siswa lainnya.3.5 bintang
  • Aneta
    To je prostě boží!
  • Sjors
    I love this series! incredible characters and an awesome story!
  • Jasmine
    2.5 stars So this was disappointing. It started off okay but there were just too many characters in this and I wasn't that invested. I'm not a fan of the action and I know that I would have enjoyed this more in a novel format but it just didn't work for me here. I might continue but am not desperate too. I;d still recommend it...I feel this book just wasn't for me but others might enjoy it especially if they like this format.
  • Arabella
  • Natalie
    So once again, amazing volume and I loved every moment of it! In this volume, we get to see some of the training that our future heroes go through such as simulated battles where a "hero" team faces off against a "villain" team in a controlled environment. There was also meant to be some simulations as far as rescue missions go but thanks to some villains crashing the party in an attempt to kill All Might, that one's not really going according to...
  • MC
    Volume two of the manga deals with three plots or parts of the story. First, we are given more in-depth characterization of the characters, second, we deal with the rivalry (and background to it) between Midoriya and the boy who bullied him, and third, we see the kids come face to face with real danger and super-villains instead of just classroom set-ups.All of this fleshed out the story nicely. We learned more of the characters and how they oper...
  • alex ♡
    The highlight of this volume was Jirou blushing at topless Momo
  • Paulina
    [3,5]En este tomo los estudiantes forman parejas para combatir contra ellos mismos en un entrenamiento de "héroes contra villanos", además después de acabar esa clase, se van hacia un centro con distintos ambientes para llevar a cabo más ejercicios, sin embargo, son atacados por los villanos.Me gusta bastante cómo es que los dibujos se ven tan dinámicos y casi es posible ver cuáles fueron los movimientos; otro punto para Horikoshi. Tambié...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    Things heat up at UA, with Midoriya and Bakugo facing off in the first training exercise, while All Might continues to try and hide his weaknesses from the students. And to make matters worse, the League Of Villains make their move, targeting All Might during a routine rescue exercise that puts Midoriya's entire class in danger.Now we're getting somewhere. With all the pieces in place, we can get underway and learn some more about the other chara...
  • 78sunny
    Die Reihe gefällt mir sehr gut. Vor allem weil man wirklich länger daran liest und weil der junge Held einfach mega sympathisch ist. Hier geht es um junge Superhelden, die an einer Schule lernen sollen ihre unterschiedlichen Kräfte gezielt und effektiv einzusetzen, ohne dabei andere oder sich selbst zu gefährden. Izuku, der Hauptcharakter, hat seine Kraft durch einen anderen Superhelden erhalten und muss erst lernen, damit umzugehen. Außerde...
  • cindy
    Memasuki kelas baru di UA, Izuku bertemu lagi dengan Bakugou Katsuki, teman masa kecil hingga smp yg hobi banget ngebully-nya dan lagi super jengkel karena Izuku ikutan diterima di UA. Selain itu deretan teman-teman sekelasnya semua memiliki super power yg gak main-main. Izuku harus cepat menyesuaikan kekuatan dirinya dan mengontrolnya.Di lain pihak, para villain bersatu untuk menyerang All Might yg skrg jadi guru di UA. Para murid yg terpisah-pi...
  • Ale-Hoku
    Estoy consciente de lo popular del manga pero yo no puedo decir que es perfecto. Me gusto el tomo, fue agradable y emosionante en las peleas pero lo sentí muy rápido, tal cez el autor no se lleve rodeos cuabdo se trata de seguir una trama y al ser diferente de lo que normalmente leo en Shonen me sorprendió.También esta todo lo relacionado con los personajes cada vez me gustan más y son tan interesantes ¡Los amo! Y claro aun es tamprano para...
  • Gustavo
    Este manga está muy bien, si bien el shonen en general me parece repetitivo, son los detalles lo que hacen que alguno se destaque por sobre el otro, y también los personajes. Supongo que es medio obvio que no se puede hacer una buena historia sin buenos personajes, pero cuando son tantos como en este caso se suele caer en el problema de la falta de profundidad, o en la repetición. En este caso, Kohei Horikoshi hace un buen trabajo presentando ...