Followed by Frost by Charlie N. Holmberg

Followed by Frost

Seventeen-year-old Smitha has the wealth, status, and beauty that make her the envy of her town—until she rejects a strange man’s marriage proposal and disastrous consequences follow. Smitha becomes cursed, and frost begins to encompass everything she touches. Banished to the hills, hunted by villagers, and chilled to the very core of her soul, she finds companionship with Death, who longs to coax her into his isolated world. But Smitha’s d...

Details Followed by Frost

TitleFollowed by Frost
Release DateSep 22nd, 2015
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Romance, Fiction

Reviews Followed by Frost

  • Melissa (Mel’s Bookshelf)
    I cannot even express how much I loved this book. It has completely stuck with me in the 24 hours since I finished reading it. I keep going over and over it in my head! I have been extremely lucky finding good books this year, and this one is another one to add to the favourites list! I think the first thing that captured me was the cover. It is beautiful. And having finished and reflected on this book - the cover really captures it perfectly.I h...
  • Alisha-Dear Constant Reader
    Feminist Alert-A woman who has been asked out repeatedly by an acquaintance finally turns the guy down roughly. His response? He follows her home from a club the next week and stabs her on the sidewalk outside of her apartment. Should she have said yes? Should she have been more polite? Would it have mattered either way?In Followed by Frost, Smitha cruelly obliterates the advances of a young wizard who in his anger, curses her. Did Smitha's punis...
  • Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell
    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || Amazon || Pinterest***WARNING - SPOILERS AHEAD*** I think this is the first story involving a redemption ARC where I actually feel that the character in question didn't need to be punished. Hear me out: yes, Smitha is not a very nice person; yes, she's spoiled and selfish and doesn't help out her family as much as she should; yes, she's vain; yes, she turns down a strange man's proposal in a rather cruel way. S...
  • Cee (The Mistress Case)
    3.5 Stars!THIS. This is the book I've been waiting for.A book I want to stay up all night reading.A book I want to gush over as my chest burst with feelings.A book of vivid settings and rich storytelling.A book full of quirky and beautiful dialogs.A book that is predominantly romance but reserves its right as a fantasy book.Despite my high enjoyment level, if I look at this book from a critical view, I can't rate Followed by Frost more than four ...
  • Taffy
    Magic.Wizards.Ice heart.Love.All wrapped up in FOLLOWED BY FROST.I enjoyed this book! It was a different read than I've read in a long time. From the beginning I knew how the book would play out but I still liked reading it. Smitha is not a nice person. She's mean and selfish; she has a cold heart. And that's what gets her in trouble with a wizard in disguise. He curses her to always be as cold as her heart. She cries ice, her spit is ice, and ye...
  • BAM The Bibliomaniac
    AUDIO READ # 1My worst fucking nightmareCursed with a life of constant cold, the elements of snow and ice to comfort my icy soul. Smitha is cursed to roam the land in a blizzard of her own making for rejecting the love of a wizard. Death hounds her repeatedly and she mocks him. Finally she is welcomed by a country that sees rescue and healing in her powers. I admit I was a bit bummed with the relationship with Death. I mean if Death asks, don't y...
  • Bonnie Shores
    What a difference a chapter can make! I did NOT like this story at all in the very beginning. The protagonist, Smitha, was an unlikeable bitch (sorry, but that's the best way to describe her) with no heart and I was ready to throw this one in the DNF pile.But then......her curse ended up being her blessing. And I ended up LOVING "Followed by Frost". Live long and prosper, Charlie N. Holmberg.
  • Kogiopsis
    This book snuck up on me. I picked it up because Brandon Sanderson blurbed it, and anyone who knows my reading tastes will know that that's review enough for me. At first, I was feeling a little let down - the book starts slowly and a little unevenly - but by the end of the book, I found myself shying away from touching other people for fear I would freeze them. That's how far this book got into my head, and that in and of itself is a recommendat...
  • Lillian ☁ Cloud 9 Books ☁
    ***** 4 Stars *****I had a difficult time reading this book in the beginning. The story started with the main character being vain, selfish, and self-absorbed. But all this was necessary to explain how Smitha received her curse.Snow followed her, and everything she touched would frost. Eventually her curse kicked her out of her village, and her only choice was to live her days alone. For years, she thought about her actions in the past, and regre...
  • Johanna
    So, the last couple of days I felt pretty crappy. I felt lonely and depressed. Since I'm not the greatest at expressing my feelings to my friends and family, I occasionally need another outlet. So, I was looking for a book that would make me cry but have a happy ending. Since I had already read the Paper Magician Trilogy by the same author I decided on Followed by Frost and boy did it deliver!Followed by Frost is a first person narration by Smith...
  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    I really enjoyed this book! The main character, "Misa" went through such a transformation- in a positive way that it felt so redemptive in the end. I was literally on a journey with her. A very cold journey. It brought to mind so many valuable lessons- about having a purpose and being needed, forgiveness, sacrifice, facing your fears, kindness and love.I loved that this book ended. No next book to keep me waiting, no cliff hanger. Just a good, so...
  • mo
    Since this book is currently discounted and I'm nothing if not petty, I figured it was as good a time as any to bump up this old and very salty review of mine.I wish I had DNF'd this after reading the first 3 chapters. Doing so would've saved me a lot of anger. And time.Let's back up. Why did Followed by Frost piss me off so much? Why am I even channeling more effort and time into writing an overly-salty review of a book I hated? Doesn't this jus...
  • A
    This is the second Holmeberg novel I've unwittingly wandered into, fooled by Branden Sanderson blurbs, hoping for a fantasy and getting a full fledged romance novel. But a very very chaste one, because just like Sanderson Holmeberg is very obviously operating on LDS "let's not get too sexy in here" standards.This is fine for me with Sanderson who cannot write two characters with passable sexual chemistry for the life of him but manages deeply com...
  • Kim
    2015 Whitney Award Finalist for Speculative Young Adult Fiction.Why did I take so long to finally read this? This was one EPIC fable!!! There are many titles that I have rated 5 stars that I will probably never reread. This is one that I want to get a hardcopy of to put on my shelf that I will reread over and over again till it is worn down like the books the heroine in the novel has loved and read hundreds of times.The book description totally d...
  • rachel
    Holmberg proves herself as the master of imaginative and unique worlds over and over again. She writes some of the most crazily clever and awe-inspiring stories I have ever had the privilege of reading. I love that diving into her books means never knowing what is around the corner. She has a knack for keeping you on your toes while simultaneously engaging you so completely that it feel impossible to put her books down. I have no idea how she doe...
  • Jen (The Starry-Eyed Revue)
    Reminiscent of Frozen and The Snow Queen -- the book that that popular children's movie is loosely based upon -- and featuring Death personified, I knew I was going to enjoy this novel. And I did...just maybe not as much as her other series about magicians.This book kept me on the surface...I never felt the pull of the story. The characters and the romance were fine. It's basically the story of Smitha's redemption and it pretty much reminded me o...
  • Katie W
    I'm always curious as to how authors come up with different ways to spin such a beloved classic and in this case, it's Beauty and the Beast, but opposite. This story is definitely different and every enjoyable and I love that it has those few familiar components. Smitha is the one who is cursed and her curse of being as cold as her heart is placed on her by a spurned magician. Can you imagine? Of course, it takes some time to humble Smitha and he...
  • Tanna
    Sooooo good!!!I LOVED this book!!!!!! I love how it was different than all the other books I've read in a long time. I enjoyed all the characters and how they developed throughout the story. I laughed and cried reading this book and I can't wait to read more from this author.
    Thanks NetGally for the opportunity to early review this Book. Lately I got few of this opportunities from Netgally, and I really had good surprises. This Book is one of this surprises.The has this atmosphere of Folk legend - The Heroine - 17-year-old Smitha was very beautiful and too smart(for example, she had this talent for foreigner languages and even invented a hand sign one - this capability will be handy in the future) for her own good. In...
  •  Simply Sam ツ
    ***3.5 Stars***Heads up! There may be some teensy spoilers in this review. I think this could have been a solid 4 star read had it started a little differently, so let's get this part out of the way immediately. I had a hard time buying that a teenage girl refusing the attentions of a young man she barely spoke to was enough motive to warrant this curse. Yes Smitha was a brat, yes she could have been a little more compassionate, but seriously Mor...
  • Hayley Stone
    I had the pleasure of reading an early draft of this book a few years ago, but in reading it now, I'm even more blown away by how marvelous this story is. While not fast-paced by any means, Followed by Frost has the feeling of slowly falling under an enchantment. Fairytale aficionados will recognize many of the story's plot points, but nevertheless appreciate its fresh take on the nature of curses and true love. I'd also be remiss if I didn't men...
  • Mindy
    Followed by Frost is the fascinating story of Smitha, the girl with the cold heart. She is cursed by Mordan, the curse involves snow and frost, a lot of it. Smitha is essentially kicked out of her home and forced to retreat to the mountains where she wonders from place to place, trying not to leave too much snow in her wake. Death is her only companion, who relentlessly asks her to join him. At first, Smitha is a very hard character to care about...
  • Minnu
    I adored this book. This kept me up all night, especially when I reached the last couple of chapters! The protagonist Smitha is a spoiled brat, in the beginning, and it was predictable that her experiences would make her turn over a new leaf, but even then the book was an excellent read. I liked the love interest and how the relationship was developed. (view spoiler)[ I was rooting for the antagonist for some reason. He was infinitely more cool t...
  • Kirsty (Amethyst Bookwyrm)
    Thanks to Netgally and 47North for giving me this book to review.Followed by Frost is an enjoyable fantasy romance book. It is fast paced and well written but it is forgettable.I really did not like Smitha at the start of the book as she is self-centred and looks down on everyone, but I get the feeling we are not meant to like her. However, as the story continues you discover how lonely, brave and mature she has become but I also wished she had k...
  • Tanya Tate
    Five Stars!I don't even know I want to go back and read The Master Magician after this! This was honestly the author's best book she's written because it actually feels like YA and not middle grade. Also who can blend "The Ice Queen" and " Beauty and the Beast" together and make it believable? Also making Smitha from a cold, unlikeable,cruel,vain, and selfish girl who didn't give a damn about anyone into a warm, kind- hearted,thoughtful, and self...
  • Marzie
    A stirring classic fairy taleI particularly enjoyed the Arabic cultural influences depicted as Zareed and the message that good, kind hearts will always prevail. After having read so much wonderful fantasy by Intisar Khanani recently, this book fell much of the same vein. A good fantasy for dark times.
  • JoAnna
    From start to finish I really enjoyed this book! I enjoyed all the characters, even though I was disappointed in a certain some ones choice of action!!! (view spoiler)[ SADRIEL (hide spoiler)] I will most definitely be reading more by this author! I can't get enough!!!!:D
  • Hannah (fullybookedreviews)
    Unfortunately, I think it's time for this author and I to break up.As with her other books, while the ideas and concepts are fantastic, the execution really falls flat for me each time. My first issue with the book is more of a personal peeve, however - and it's what I like to call the Ye Olde English style of the writing. Now I know almost all fantasies are written this way, particularly the more historical ones, but some authors seem to get it ...
  • Liviania
    Charlie N. Holmberg's Paper Magician trilogy had an inventive magic. It was enough to get me to give her new book a glance, which sounded right up my alley. Beautiful and spoiled Smitha was cursed to be as cold as her heart by a man she rejected. Now she lives in a permanent blizzard; her only companion is Death. He wants her to come with him, but Smitha clings to life, even lonely.I thought FOLLOWED BY FROST was a beautiful book. I like that Hol...
  • Jackie
    I picked this book up as a palate cleanser while a Northeastern was raging outside. Turns out it was a quick read and very fitting for the weather. However, while I did quite enjoy the story I found myself waffling on how to rate the book because I have such mixed feelings. Part of me wants to give this book a 1 for the message in the beginning. Smitha is brains and beauty, but because of this she is rather vain and sort of despicable in her atti...