Adam (Riding Hard, #1) by Jennifer Ashley

Adam (Riding Hard, #1)

Stuntman Adam Campbell returns home to Riverbend, Texas, after being seriously injured in a movie stunt gone wrong. He settles in to heal at his family's ranch, where his four brothers, famous trick riders, train horses.Adam is stunned to find Bailey Farrell working there—she was the shy girl who'd helped Adam graduate high school so he could run off to Hollywood. Except the budding Bailey, with whom Adam had a brief but intense affair, has blo...

Details Adam (Riding Hard, #1)

TitleAdam (Riding Hard, #1)
Release DateMar 10th, 2015
PublisherJA / AG Publishing
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary, Westerns

Reviews Adam (Riding Hard, #1)

  • Stacey is Sassy
    5 brothers that enjoy falling off horses...their poor mother.***3.5 Stars***This was Jennifer Ashley's first foray into contemporary romance and it wasn't bad. Adam is the eldest of 5 brothers and is a stuntman. While working with his best mate and fellow stuntman, the stunt goes horribly wrong. His best mate dies and he is left nearly dead himself, while also physically scarred and mentally broken. This story is about Adam's recovery and him rec...
  • Jen
    I decided to give Jennifer Ashley 's first attempt at Contemporary Romance a try. I have always loved her historical ( mainly her beloved character Ian Mackenzie!) So I thought I couldn't go wrong! I did enjoy this western like story, and I am eager to see what else the Cambell brother's will bring to the table. There is also another family that is introduced,and they are the Malory's. ( There are two chunky brothers in this family as well! So we...
  • Carvanz
    Great fast read with low angst. Plenty of alphas, horses and strong women. I really enjoyed this. Wasn’t sure how this couple would be able to find a happy ending but when they did it was perfect. If you like cowboys and horses and a stuntman who is damaged, you will love this book.
  • Jennifer
    I love Jennifer Ashley. She knows how to write about Scottish Lairds, Shifters, Pirates and now Cowboys. Stunt cowboys at that.This was a great start to a new series. Adam was yummy. I really wish we could have met his friend, Dawson. Bailey was just perfect for him since high school. Shame on him from walking away from her, even if she told him too. Can't wait to read the rest of the brother's HEA and even Kyle's. Job well done, Ms. Ashley.
  • Beanbag Love
    I'm giving it four stars even though it was probably more like a 3.5. It's the first book in a series and the first contemporary romance Jennifer Ashley's written so it was bound to be a bit clunky. I did like the family a lot. A bunch of brothers, their mother and a young girl who's the daughter of one of the men. They're very close and they're alphas. Yeehaw. As a rule I like cowboys and the working man/woman ethic that puts them on common grou...
  • Lover of Romance
    Review-Adam This was a novella, so I will just do a short review on this one.Adam is the first book in a new series by Jennifer Ashley, and after having reading this, I am beyond impressed with this authors abilitiy to transfer between genres. Its very awe inspiring when you see such talent from a favorite author. Most of the time I can’t stand it when authors transition between genres, because it usually means that some of those books won’t ...
  • Dee
    I liked this well enough, I just didn't love it !
  • Jasmin Jace
    A good starter to what seems to be a good series. :)
  • Darcy
    I feel like I should have liked this one better. I like this author, love her Shifter series, but this one fell flat for me. I didn't really get how Adam and Bailey could do the instant fall in love thing when they hadn't seen each other for 10 years and lead separate lives, where it didn't seem like they thought about each other in the meantime. I did like how Bailey stood up to Adam on the stunt aspects of the book.I found the feud between Adam...
  • Debbie
    Adam Riding HardJennifer AshleyAdam is the first book in bestselling author Jennifer Ashley’s contemporary Riding Hard series set in the Texas Hill Country. It’s a spicy and sweet second chance romance starring Adam Campbell and Bailey Farrell, who are genuine and likeable, have amazing chemistry and their romance is as sizzling as a hot Texas summer. With a fast paced narrative, action packed scenes and an engaging storyline plus some fabulo...
  • Pam Nelson
    Adam was hurt on the job which left him scarred, and back home where his old flame Bailey is and their spark ignites again. Bailey is confused by the men in her life, Kyle and Adam she knows she has to choose but Kyle isn’t having her answer at all oh no he isn’t. I loved how Bailey helped Adam overcome some of his fears from his accident. It was unique and sweet. Overall a good book. I love love, Eric G. Dove’s voice he always makes me enj...
  • Sharyn
    AshleyI prefer Ashley's other books, especially her McKenzie series and her Shifters. I am not a big fan of contemporaries, but I read all of her books because I like her as an author. I found the topic of this book, stunt riders interesting because I knew nothing about the topic.
  • Carolyn
    I love Jennifer Ashley's work. I have all of her books and thought I would give her foray into contemporary romance a shot. It was a bit predictable, but I will continue with the series because it IS Jennifer Ashley!3.5
  • Katrina
    Firmly in "Nice " category - liked it, but didn't love it.
  • Ann Lorz
    I love Jennifer Ashley but it took me a second or two to get into this. I think part of the problem was I was waiting for a lion or wolf to show up. I love her shifters! Unfortunately none did. At first I had a little issue remembering that. But I soon got into the story and found myself really enjoying it. As with all her books I enjoyed the characters. She does a wonderful job of layer their emotions and making me was to dig for more! I was a l...
  • Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures)
    Adam was a sweet second chance romance in Jennifer Ashley’s, Riding Hard series. It’s a fast read, with plenty of alphas, horses, and strong women. I enjoyed meeting the Campbell family, each brother is unique. I loved the strong family bonds portrayed and the loyalty they have for one another. I also had a fun with the family and their business of being trick riders. Adam was yummy and Bailey was perfect for him. The romance is sweet and you...
  • Linda
    Adam returns home to recover after a disaster at work, where he suffered a broken bone and burns and the death of his co-worker. He used to be a daredevil but this accident is making him rethink the stunt work. Back at home his childhood love has taken up work at his familys ranch. Can they resist each other, and can Bailey keep her heart out of it, since hes soon gone again?Contemporary romance, smutty fluff and horses in a great combo. Cant wai...
  • Dee
    wanted to like it because its JA, but she def. does historical/UF better than contemporary
  • [[ Frankie ]]
    I’m having a really hard time with my decision on a final rating for Adam. Part of me feels as though it should be bumped up to three stars. Then another part of me starts screaming, “Nooo!!! Don’t do it, Frankie!”Here’s why . . .To me, dialogue & character development are important pieces to the puzzles we call “stories”. Without good dialogue & character development, I find that it’s harder for me to become fully invested in a s...
  • Linda
    Can someone tell me how I let a Jennifer Ashley book sit in my kindle for so long?Okay well, I am a huge fan of her McKenzie's, but I admit I have been distracted with other authors and genre, and I admit for me when I think Jennifer Ashley , I think hot sexy Highland men, not Cowboys, but I do now! So here is to a New Year! Serioisly ,how can you not be pulled in when a book starts of like this; "Adam heard himself flatline. The machine shrilled...
  • Nancy Brady
    In this contemporary second chance romance, Adam Campbell has returned home to Riverbend, Texas after a horrendous accident that nearly killed him, leaving him scarred (inside and out) and killing his best friend, Dawson. Now, this Hollywood stuntman is undergoing physical therapy to recover strength and functionality, but what about the internal scars...the PTSD?Home brings him back into the orbit of Bailey, the young woman who once meant so muc...
  • Eleanore June
    For most of this book I was leaning to 3 stars, but I liked the last 40%. I also started reading it as a 0.5 instead of a book 1. There was so much explaining of people and relationships in the start of this book. Too much, and not very gracefully at that. That was disappointing to me because I k ow how beautifuly Jennifer Ashley can introduce a sexy band of brothers. I couldn't help but compare this to The Madness of Ian McKenzie, the first book...
  • Eleanore June
    For most of this book I was leaning to 3 stars, but I liked the last 40%. I also started reading it as a 0.5 instead of a book 1. There was so much explaining of people and relationships in the start of this book. Too much, and not very gracefully at that. That was disappointing to me because I k ow how beautifuly Jennifer Ashley can introduce a sexy band of brothers. I couldn't help but compare this to The Madness of Ian McKenzie, the first book...
  • Eve
    I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this one. As much as I liked it, I didn’t actually feel like Adam and Bailey’s relationship existed. By this I mean that everything between them felt as though it was majorly based on their past relationship. Because of this, there was no ‘getting to know you’ stage so it felt unnatural. I did like the fact that Bailey helped him in his recovery but other than that, there wasn’t much to it. Not t...
  • Liberty Blake
    Jennifer Ashley never fails to create strong characters and give her readers a satisfying Happily Ever After. She has become one of my "go-to" authors when I desperately need a good read.
  • Ringo
    DNF, not enough character development...