Fairy Tail, Vol. 02 (Fairy Tail, #2) by Hiro Mashima

Fairy Tail, Vol. 02 (Fairy Tail, #2)

THE BOOK OF SECRETS Beautiful celestial wizard Lucy has teamed up with the crazy fire wizard Natsu and his bizarre flying cat, Happy. Their job: to steal a book from the notorious Duke Everlue. But the eccentric Everlue has killed wizards before, and Lucy’s team is walking right into his death trap!

Details Fairy Tail, Vol. 02 (Fairy Tail, #2)

TitleFairy Tail, Vol. 02 (Fairy Tail, #2)
Release DateMar 25th, 2008
PublisherDel Rey
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Magic, Comics, Graphic Novels

Reviews Fairy Tail, Vol. 02 (Fairy Tail, #2)

  • Roxana Chirilă
    Cute and fun second volume, with a bit of over-the-top silliness (what was up with Boyoyo?) and a few optimistic life lessons ("Your father loved you!!!"), as well as a bit of a beginning of a bigger arc about evil guilds, unless I'm mistaken.I'm enjoying the translation notes at the end - I'd love to be able to do that on the books I work on (maybe I should ask people to let me do it...), as well as the author's notes at the end, about how he ho...
  • ✶Rachelle✶
    Cheesy, but boy do I love these characters ❤❤😍😍 Cheesy, but boy do I love these characters ❤️❤️😍😍
  • Reddish
    Las risas que me pego con Natsu no me las quita nadie.
  • MC
    Fairy Tail takes place in a world that is a sort of schizo version of ours. It has a folks dressing in fashions from many different eras, trains exist, and other things so far that seem to place this at no specific era, but a purely fun, fantasy world.In this world we have our hero and heroine. Well, our main hero and heroine, as this manga starts with loads of characters, and it wouldn't surprise me if it just got worse from there. Anyways, intr...
  • Jessica Severs
    The first thing that struck me about “Fairy Tail” is its high-octane art style that serves up every comic expression like a bullet. Think “One Piece,” but with magic guilds, not pirates.Each page of this steampunk fantasy series bursts with life, and there’s rarely a lull in the action or comedy, which makes these two volumes fast-paced reads. The characters are either instantly likeable or intriguing.Lucy, a young wizard who’s not ba...
  • Elizabeth (Elzburg)
    Let's make like a certain YouTube gnome and get riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigt into the review! (Except it's not really a review it's mostly just my thoughts on a few things.)If you've caught up to Fairy Tail 2014 you might've caught up enough to get to an arc that introduces the existance of "treasure hunter" guilds. Normally this is pretty bad storytelling--to go hundreds of episodes without ever mentioning the fact that there are other kinds of gui...
  • Anusha Narasimhan
    Two Shonen stereotypes broken down by Fairy Tail:1. A strong female characterGirls in Shonen are typically weak, particularly at the beginning. Some girls grow strong as the story progresses. If there is a really strong female character, she will either be introduced half way through the series and/or she will be one of the bad guys. In Fairy Tail, Erza is the strongest and scariest woman of the guild and she is introduced as early as volume 2. S...
  • Connor
    A ton of fun. Fairy tail is very entertaining, and I love how weird all the characters are! I've watched the first season and a half before starting to read these, and this volume seemed significantly more disjointed than the corresponding episodes of the show. It was a little harder to follow, but still just flat out enjoyable all the way through. Can't wait to read volume 3 which my brother kindly bought for me!
  • Laura
    Such a fun, quick and easy read. Great artwork, some of the facial expressions are so funny. The characters are all so different, yet go perfectly together. Plus a magic book..... what more could you want.
  • Joy
    I laughed out loud at Lucy's horror when she realized what the villain had been up to, but was still frequently annoyed by the fan service. *sigh* If Mashima would just tone it down a little...
  • Nathalie
    C’est une saga que je découvre longtemps après son lancement, mais qu’importe, l’univers dans lequel l’auteur nous entraine n’est pas daté et finalement, on plonge dans ces pages pour justement oublier un peu les mauvais traits du quotidien.Passé l’enthousiasme de la découverte du premier volet, je m’attendais à être encore plus transportée dans le second tome. Ce ne fut pas le cas.Je ne peux pas dire que je n’ai pas appr...
  • Hailey (abookafterbook)
    🇫🇷 Un second tome plutôt sympa et une lecture rapide!🇬🇧 A second volume rather nice and a quick reading!•Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abookafterb...•Blog: https://abookafterbook.wordpress.com/
  • Abby
    Still getting used to the "cutesy" aspect manga entails, but I understand that it's part of the genre. This installment involves Natsu, Lucy, and Happy taking a job to steal and destroy a book for a high-paying client. We're also introduced to Ezra and a new guild of wizards. Plenty of action along with fun moments.
  • Soline
    Erza makes her first appearance in this volume. Such a badass entrance. But we have yet to see her use her incredible abilities !
  • Hilvia.r.luna (bazar de los libros olvidados )
    🖤🖤🖤 tengo mucho hype con este manga, voy a tramar a as prsonas de mi alrededor hablando de natsu y lucy
  • Riku
    I’m really curious to the magic of Erza.
  • Kanna Ogihara
    There were many funny scenes and Happy is also funny. I love it! Especially, the members of ugly mades were awesome lol.
  • R.C. Rejino
    4.5 out of 5 stars.This volume is another reread for me, and boy, does a lot of it really still hold up. This volume consists of Natsu and Lucy's first big mission together as they attempt to recover a novel from a rich guy's mansion to destroy it, only to discover everything is not as it seems. Once we finish that mission, Lucy gets to meet Fairy Tail's own Erza, who is one of the strongest wizards ever. Erza, however, needs to help of Grey and ...
  • Jay
    I didn't think I'd like this series when I first saw it and read the title of it. Just thought it was going to be boring to say the least. But I gave it a shot and now I can't wait to start reading volume 3. I see that there are over 40 volumes so I'm assuming it's an amazing series and that I'm in for an awesome adventurous ride!
  • Maggie
    Actual rating; 4,5 starsThe first one was so good, I just couldn't rate it the same as Volume 1. It probably deserved a 5 still soo... Whatever xDI have to be honest, the evil characters kind of creeped me out, NOT in a good way... Their designs were so weird, but I assume it was meant this way. Just really creepy tho o-oSo honestly, I didn't think I'd love this one... At all.The whole thing is about stealing and burning a book in this mansion wh...
  • Valentina SweetyReviews
    Nel secondo volume di Fairy Tail, Natsu chiede a Lucy di formare, insieme a lui ed Happy, il gatto volante, un gruppo ed accettare così uno degli incarichi proposti alla Gilda: rubare un libro intitolato Daybreak dalla villa del famoso Barone di Ebaloo.Fallito il tentativo di far infiltrare Lucy come cameriera, i tre decidono di entrare di nascosto, riuscendo così a rubare il famoso libro. Tuttavia, il Barone Ebaloo li scopre e manda loro contr...
  • Daken Howlett
    Secondo volume,finalmente abbiamo una visione dettagliata della gilda e del suo funzionamento,inoltre vengono introdotti personaggi fondamentali,sopratutto Erza Scarlet,il mio personaggio preferito della serie,e concetti importanti,come l'esistenza delle gilde oscure e la rivalità tra Natsu e Grey,il tutto ulteriormente arricchito dalla prima apparizione del "team più forte di Fairy Tail" e alcuni dettagli sul mago oscuro Zeref.Un numero molto ...
  • Belinda
    I saw these books recommended in a Goodreads review. It's similar to Full Metal Alchemist, but with a super pretty girly with long legs and a mini skirt as character No 1. She's accompanied by some bloke and a cat. It's a little bit Meowth from Pokemon except he says "Aye" all the time as if he's straight from Scotland.They go out to do missions. They're a little bit like Harry Potter, except these are fairies instead of wizards and witches. At t...
  • Fugo Feedback
    Otro tomo entretenido, bastante original, bien dibujado e ingenioso. Además, se suma la idea de los "gremios oscuros" y por primera vez hay una historia para tomar en serio. Si no le pongo una estrella más es porque mejor que el #1 no es, pero sin duda está cerca de merecérselo, igual que aquel. Cuando pueda me lanzo al #3.
  • David
    I love this book so much.This is so much cooler than I expected.It has a mix with romance action and comedy.I do recommend this book to people that likes cartoons,action,and comedy.I like the adventures that Natsu and Lucy and all the other people have.I really recommend this to people that love anime.
  • Natsu Dragneel
    I saw Fairy Tail in my brother's library when I was still staying with my mom. I saw this and thought "This look too boring..." BUT I WAS WRONG! Fairy Tail is the best series Anime or Manga, It doesn't matter! (See... when I forget the date I read Manga or any other book, I put the date that is today!)
  • Tariq Alferis
    ..هيرو ماشيما هل أنت متأكد أنك لاتعرف أودا.!!بعض المواقف والأحداث مألوفة، غباء بطل القصة مألوف جدًا…على الرغم من شخصية لوسي القوية وهي مفتاح القارئ أو المشاهد للقصة إلا أنها لم تُعجبني بعد.
  • Lukas
  • Vera Neves (Sinfonia dos Livros)
    Erzaaaaa :D