The Hundred Gifts by Jennifer Scott

The Hundred Gifts

The national bestselling author of The Sister Season shares a new novel about a woman who discovers the spirit of the season is truly in the giving....With the holidays around the corner, empty-nester Bren Epperson realizes that for the first time in decades, she has no large family to cook for, no celebration to create.  So she starts teaching a holiday cooking class, and it’s a hit—until Virginia Mash, the old lady upstairs, bursts in com...

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TitleThe Hundred Gifts
Release DateOct 27th, 2015
GenreHoliday, Christmas, Fiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Food and Drink, Cooking

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  • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews
    An empty nest, a cooking class, an ornery neighbor, and fun-loving women who wanted to learn how to cook.Brenda had an empty nest, nothing to do to pass the time, and a husband that didn't pay attention to her.When Brenda happened upon Paula who was starting a business that was a cooking class, Brenda thought being a cooking teacher would be something good for her.Brenda got into more than she bargained for, though. The class burned food and had ...
  • Susan
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading THE HUNDRED GIFTS. It is funny and heart warming and filled with so many different emotions. There is so much going on in this story but Jennifer Scott does a wonderful job of weaving all the pieces together. All the characters are very real and believable as you are reading and they will have you feeling sad and then giggling on the same page. More than once, I wanted to be right there in their classroom, cooking and...
  • Pam Asberry
    From the back cover:"With the holidays around the corner, empty nester Bren Epperson realizes that for the first time in decades, she has no large family to cook for and no celebration to create. Her daughter has moved to Thailand, her son has ditched college to backpack around the world, and her husband has disappeared into the basement to indulge his midlife crisis."So Bren starts teaching a holiday cooking class, and it's a hit - until Virgini...
  • Debbie
    "The Hundred Gifts" is women's fiction. From the book description, I expected a feel-good story of a generous, loving Empty Nester finding new activities and friends to fill her life. Instead, Bren was very insecure, resentful, and judgmental. Even the gift idea was suggested by someone else, and Bren realized that she was doing it for selfish reasons. While the cooking class scenes were fun, the cooking-class-group scenes only took up about fift...
  • Ann
    What an extraordinary Christmas story. Virginia Marsh is a sad depressed ornery older woman who isn't happy that a cooking school is opening on the first floor of her apartment building. Bren has a husband who is busy and and empty nest with no children coming home for the holidays. Virginia tries her best to stop the classes from taking place but Bren and the ladies decide to "kill her with happiness" by giving her a hundred gifts instead of bei...
  • Sandra
    Took a bit to get into the book, but the last half was spectacular! It made me laugh, it made me cry! It made me want to volunteer & donate; this book will remind you about what I feel is our purpose, I think we were meant to help others while we struggle through life on Earth. Just a “feel good/I know I need to be a better person!” book!
  • Laurie Carlson
    Wow! I could relate to a lot in this book! The age of the main character, Bren. I could relate to everything about her and how she felt about her kids, and how her kids made her feel, her husband, and I could go on and on. Being the same age and being able to relate to the character so well, well . . . I enjoyed this one.Bren’s friends talked her into teaching a cooking class, and she was very busy with that, yet stressing, too, while trying to...
  • Mary
    Christmas will be different this year for Bren. Her newly married daughter has moved to Thailand and her son who decided at the last-minute not to go to college is wandering the world. Her husband seems to go through a hobby every few weeks – a recent one had the house smelling like the inside of a gasoline can. So Bren is finding her nest empty and not pleased with that. When she’s approached to teach a cooking class she decides to do it eve...
  • Kasey
    *I received this book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review *This book was incredibly sweet and just what I needed to read going into the Christmas holiday. This book is all about slowing down and enjoying your family because life is ever-changing and may change in ways you never saw coming.Bren was just a wonderfully kind person, I admit for most of this book I wanted to strangle her family for taking advantage of such a hard-working s...
  • Robin Benoit
    This is a step-up from the usual Christmas romances because it had some laugh-out-loud lines about being a middle-aged empty nester. That being said, it is not a book that is going to change your live, but is an enjoyable, light read.
  • Anne Marie
    I actually flipped to the beginning of this book to check the copyright because it felt like something written in the 80s. I'm only 5 years younger than the protagonist but I could not relate even a little bit. She apparently exists in a world without the internet or social media - how is she not following her kids on Instagram? - and has literally no interests. She's culturally illiterate, constantly confused about the countries her children are...
  • Joy
    If you are an empty nester, you might like this book. While I am an empty nester, I couldn’t relate to Bren’s circumstances. I encouraged my children to leave home and have new experiences. It wouldn’t freak me out if my daughter lived in Thailand or is she decided to travel the world.The characters in Bren’s cooking class are not well developed. I wanted to feel that I was a part of the cooking class but that involvement didn’t really ...
  • Mary Ellen
    I loved the idea behind this book, but the actual “hundred gifts” was such a small part of the story. I found the characters (except for Virginia and Chuy) to be one dimensional and Bren and Gary were downright annoying. Gary’s friends were all stereotypes - a midlife crisis, an older man with a hot young wife, and the divorced man hitting on his friend’s wife. The women in the Kitchen Classroom were more interesting, but never fully deve...
  • Ann Boytim
    When holidays approach and you are an empty nestor for the first time you wonder how you will cope. Bren Epperson is trying to manage her life with out her son and daughter who both live overseas. Bren husband is caught up in a midlife crisis and his latest craze is forming a band in their basement. Bren starts teaching a cooking class and its a hit (even though she is not a great teacher) until the woman who lives above the shop starts complaini...
  • Debbie
    I found my thoughts in Bren's wordI enjoyed the book. It was a quick read and I found some relief in realizing I feel and think like Bren at times. Not as extreme, but it can be there. Her main characters are described well and she reveals truth in behaviors. I hope she writes more books.
  • Arlene
    Bren's children have left the house and she is out of sorts being an empty nester. She takes on a job of cooking class and the story evolves around the community of the class and a difficult neighbor to the cooking school.
  • Cheryl
    This was a cute, quick read. Perfect for the holiday season. I really identified with Bren Epperson, the main character. Although I don’t have an empty nest myself, I understand the feeling of not being seen or feeling inadequate.
  • Bette
    I liked this story. It is a Christmas story. It is about hurt and healing. Parents making their way into the empty nest stage. It is about women's friendships. It is a redemptive story. Some of the situations were a little rough. There was unnecessary profanity. But all in all a happy ending.
  • Gail Keefe
    I found this on a sale table at Barnes and Noble, and I'm so glad I bought it. It is so funny and tragic and moving and lovely. So much of it rings true with me, and I simply loved it. I would definitely recommend this!
  • Jessica
    I loved this book! The characters drew me in and I couldn't wait to find out what actually happened to Virginia.
  • Carla
    I laughed out loud, I cried, it made me think about my life and other's lives in my world. Fantastic book!
  • Kellie
    Cute holiday story.
  • Karen
    I loved this story about one woman-of-a-certain-age, the group of women in her cooking class and the project that they take on.
  • Bess
    Cute story of mid-life empty nesters.
  • Hpreeder
    Sweet story of a lady trying to find her way after her kids have moved out. Empty nesters trying to figure out what’s next!
  • Sara Smith
    This book is a little too sweet sometimes, but it's a holiday story so it goes with the theme. Anyway, these ladies decide to return grumpiness with kindness and see where it goes. My NYE resolution the last 3 years has been "Be kind" so I enjoyed this story quite a bit.
    2015-12-24 Hundred GiftsBy Jennifer ScottISBN13: 9780451473240Author’s website: to you by OBS reviewer KaytSynopsis:The national bestselling author of The Sister Season shares a new novel about a woman who discovers the spirit of the season is truly in the giving….With the holidays around the corner, empty-nester Bren Epperson realizes that for the first time in decad...
  • Christy
    Empty nester Brenda “Bren” Epperson is struggling with how to fill her time over the holidays. Her daughter now has her own life halfway across the world in a foreign country and her son has decided to backpack across the world rather than get a college education. With so much time on her hands, she finds herself caught off guard with an offer from Paula - owner of a new business in town, The Kitchen Classroom. When Paula tells Bren that she ...
  • Ashley Connolly
    Silly and slow, but ultimately sweetly sentimental.
  • Mystica
    I identified with Bren very much (being an empty nester myself) but I do not think that I had the withdrawal symptoms as badly as she has. She feels isolated and alone and on top of losing her children - daughter in Thailand and blissfully happy unfortunately, her eighteen year old son has also deserted her with a girl friend whom he "maybe" married to. I think any mother could be forgiven for irrational behaviour if your son is "maybe married" a...