The Throne of Fire (The Kane Chronicles: The Graphic Novels, #2) by Orpheus Collar

The Throne of Fire (The Kane Chronicles: The Graphic Novels, #2)

In this exciting second installment of the three-book series, Carter and Sadie, offspring of the brilliant Egyptologist Dr. Julius Kane, embark on a worldwide search for the Book of Ra, but the House of Life and the gods of chaos are determined to stop them. This non-stop thrill ride is adapted and brought to life by Orpheus Collar, who developed the first Kane Chronicles graphic novel and worked on The Lightning Thief; The Graphic Novel; The Los...

Details The Throne of Fire (The Kane Chronicles: The Graphic Novels, #2)

TitleThe Throne of Fire (The Kane Chronicles: The Graphic Novels, #2)
Release DateOct 6th, 2015
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Mythology, Young Adult, Comics

Reviews The Throne of Fire (The Kane Chronicles: The Graphic Novels, #2)

  • Helen 2.0
    The art in this book was even better than in the Red Pyramid. The plot had a very similar structure as the last book, with conflicts arising and being solved rather conveniently. Nevertheless I was entertained the whole way through and laughing for most of the chapters.Here's one thing that really bothered me. The initiates Sadie and Carter gather up for magic training in Brooklyn are all very young, 9-15 years old. Where are these kids' parents?...
  • Montzalee Wittmann
    The Throne of Fire: The Graphic Novel by Orpheus Collar, Rick Riordan is another great graphic novel for kids. This follows Carter and Sadie on an adventure on their own, with a little side help. Exciting and fun to read. Kids will love this series. Great illustrations and lots of action. I got this book from the library.
  • chrissy
    2.5 starsBeing as I am not a graphic novel fan, I wasn't expecting to enjoy THE THRONE OF FIRE, therefore, I wasn't let down, but I also wasn't surprised it wasn't appealing to me. I have not read the original The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan, so I did not have any prior knowledge to base my opinions of this graphic novel on, however, I will say the following positives:-The characters were easily distinguishable-Each character had their own uni...
  • Ivy
    5 starsNice to see Sadie, Carter, Amos, and Bast again. Also nice to see the new characters including the initiates. Glad they were able to find Ra. Hope Bes will be better soon. Also hope Amos will do well as the new Chief Lector. RIP Michael Desjardin.Can't wait to read more graphic novels of Rick Riordan's books!!!!
  • Nancy The book junkie
    Rating: 3.75/5Review to come!
  • Kiran ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿
    This book was great especially since I read the whole series and I love to see it with pictures.
  • Nhu
    Carter is wearing a camp Jupiter t-shirt. I like this more than the first graphic novel.
  • Anna
    So good!!! I keep remembering why I loved Kane Chronicles so much!! I like the way these Graphic Novels have been made and they include everything necessary for the story to stay the same. Of course I miss the humorous parts like chocolate Lenin etc. This series woke my interest for Egyptian mythology and it never died after, so thank you! This is fast paced and action filled but also easy to keep up. I love the characters and just love the serie...
  • Dolly
    This is the second book in the graphic novel series adaptation of The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. The story is a condensed version of the novel and the illustrations are very boldly colorful, filled with dramatic scenes and scary-looking monsters. The narrative is comprised mainly of dialogue, and with so many characters, it is nice to be able to put a face to each one to help keep them all straight. Overall, it's a fast, entertaining read a...
  • Katie Kaste
    These stories have taken me longer to get into not because they aren’t good but because I have to work harder to remember or Google Egyptian mythology. I am loving that the graphic novels have come out, they are so helpful with the visuals of the story. The Egyptian mythology isn’t necessary to understand the story but it does help. I love learning new things and these books lead me down new paths. What a great story and wonderful examples of...
  • Grace
    I love this series even more than I did when I first read it last year! These characters are awesome and it's so fun to read! I loved every moment of it!The illustrations are great too! This is a book-to-graphic novel adaptation done very well!
  • Allie
    The writing felt a little more childish in this one and some of the art was a little weird, but I still really enjoyed this one! The ships are finally beginning to sail and it makes me happy. 😂 Really excited for the last one! It's nice being able to revisit this world!
  • Zohal
    I am just not a fan of the art and the story is something that I loved when I was younger but it does not have the same effect on me anymore unfortunately.
  • Dale
    Not a fan of the Egyptian gods as the Greek ones it looks like!
  • Sriya Mudumba
    I prefer the novel better
  • kim hannah
    Again - read it while I was reading the novel.
  • Derick
    This is a real good book from Rick but sadly rick riordon did not write this.
  • Devann
    This one was a bit shorter than the first volume in this series but I definitely think that overall the Kane Chronicle graphic novel adaptations were way better than the Percy Jackson ones and the added pages are definitely a part of that. As always I would recommend reading this after [or possibly while] you read the actual books but they are a nice addition to the series.
  • Kaylee
    The Throne of Fire by Orpheus Collar is a great book to learn about social studies in a different way. This book is in comic form and is very adventurous. This book is very fictional because it has flying monsters and powers. At first when you see the cover of the book it doesn't really look interesting but you can't judge aa book by it's cover literally. I recommend this book to readers that are interested in social studies and ficton comic book...
  • Sheila Beaumont
    This is an amazingly good graphic adaptation of the second book in Rick Riordan's "Kane Chronicles" trilogy, based on Egyptian mythology. In this installment, the young magicians Carter and Sadie Kane must revive the sun god, Ra, to prevent the Chaos snake, Apophis, from rising and destroying the world. The artwork in this graphic novel is outstanding. This isn't a substitute for the original novel, but it's a fun way of re-experiencing the story...
  • Alyssa the Reader
    Loved it ♡♥¤☆★♣♧ I love Egyptian mythology so much!!!
  • Amanda [Novel Addiction]
  • Kaylee
    The Throne of Fire, originally written by Rick Riordan, was a marvelous book with many informational details. I recently finished the graphic novel of this book adapted by Orpheus Collar. This adaptation is very similar. It describes the journey of the Kane siblings as they work hard to try to awaken Ra, the Egyptian sun god. They want to wake Ra to save the world, so that Apophis, the spirit of chaos, cannot take over and swallow the sun. To wak...
  • Ayra Pirante
    To be honest, I did enjoy the novel counterparts - The Kane Chronicles. It was not as good as the PJO world, but I knew for myself that I fell in love with Egyptian gods first before I found the love for Greek myth as a child. Nonetheless, I completely forgot the majority of the happenings in this series after I immersed myself in the world of Percy. So, I picked this up to refresh my memory in the fastest way possible - hoping that I'll read it ...
  • Gabriella
    I really loved the cover and the illustration in this novel. Though I understand that this is an adaptation to a much shorter graphic novel version on The Throne of Fire, I couldn't help but notice that two action scenes were left out (one dealing with Carter and Bes and one with Sadie and Walt) I won't specify them so that there are no spoilers but anyone who has read the book first will probably know which parts I am talking about considering (...
  • Alexandra Nae
    This was my first time reading a graphic novel and I really loved it! I do miss the detailed narration and the different in-depth perspectives of Carter and Sadie (along with Horus and Isis, of course), but the illustrations were really amazing! It was interesting to see how the illustrator sees the world that Rick Riordan built. All in all, it was really good!Now I'm craving for the other graphic novels of these series haha!
  • Kenna
    I read the first one of the graphic novel series and I really enjoyed it. So I picked up this next one and enjoyed it just as much. It is about the twins Carter and Sadie Kane, that are training other children who seem to also have god-like abilities. But, of course problems happen and the twins and their fellow trainees, are off on another adventure.
  • Jo
    I already read the chapter book by Rick Riordan and loved it. So, when I found the graphic novel, I had to see how the art would turn out. It was amazing! Everything that I pictured in the book was perfectly detailed in the novel. I hope that I can also get the first and third one in the series in the graphic novel print so that I can complete my collection.