This Round I'm Yours (Play with Me, #2) by Marian Tee

This Round I'm Yours (Play with Me, #2)

It always starts with one little lie, and even two people in love can end up breaking each other's hearts. Life has changed so much for 19-year-old Lace Wyndham. Once, she was only in love with basketball. Now, it’s become her mistress, with her mind, body and soul belonging completely to the man who taught her about love, sex, and, well, the art of eating humble pie. 25-year-old billionaire Silver March can’t shake off the feeling his bad ...

Details This Round I'm Yours (Play with Me, #2)

TitleThis Round I'm Yours (Play with Me, #2)
Release DateFeb 4th, 2015
PublisherJaded Speck Publishing
GenreRomance, New Adult

Reviews This Round I'm Yours (Play with Me, #2)

  • Story_girl
    I need to get hold of more Marian Tee books....NOW!This rating only showcases Lace's sheer stupidity....but damn.....prepare to melt under his silvery voice and gaze.
  • Periwinklepsyche
    Much better that it's first book.
  • Melanie♥
    So.....when will there be a book 3? =)
  • Annmarie
    So frustrating that she didn't just tell Silver what was happening. But I loved how he got everyone to help her at the end. I love how much he cares about her.
  • Anne
    Rounded off from 4.5 starsTee starts off the story with the engine revving. And by that I mean brace yourselves for a steamy scene opening with a peek on Silver's bad boy past. I got the feeling that little tidbit will rear its ugly head, and it did (at the latter part of the story) although it wasn't as significant as I hoped it would. I actually thought the conflict would be a comeback of Silver's shady past, but as it turned out, Lace was the ...
  • Faye
    I changed my mind about how many stars I'll give. This Round I'm Yours is the continuation of Lace and Silver's story. Here you'll get to see that their relationship will be tested and the lies will just keep on building. I kind of hated Lace in this part. I understood her reasoning for not wanting to ask for help but it was overkill. What I do like about her was that in the end she understood that asking for help isn't bad and that she realized ...
  • Mauaqui
    A Little More Action Than Play With MeBlackmailed by an ex-boyfriend, Lace is supposed to lose the next basketball game or her nude pics will be released in social media. She does not want Silver to know so she lies to him about everything to try to solve the problem herself. She is in too deep and Silver is the only one who can rescue her. Fast read, interesting concept. Lace should have trusted Silver from the beginning.
  • Cristin Horton
    Soooooo goodI absolutely fell in love with these characters. I love how Lace is a smart Asus and Silver just sounds like sex on a stick. I really hope there's a book 3. marian tee is one of my favorite authors. The book didn't disappoint. I highly recommended this book to everyone.
  • C. Erani Kole
    This was a great way to turn the tables on Lace and Silver. I am glad he had her back.
  • Booked
    More please!
  • Bessie
    This book made me hate, cry and laugh. Marian Tee is soo good. Can't wait for her new books.
  • Anita
    I really enjoyed reading this book, it made me laugh several times and especially the ending made med laugh so hard.
  • Mary Birchfield
    This round I'm yours Wonderfully written enjoyable and entertaining can't wait for the next book. I hope there will be a next book soon!!-)
  • Tamikka
    Good read Waiting with so much anticipation for another installment of this series, every time I think this author can't get any better, she does.
  • Sharon Murphy
    Wonderful.I would absolutely get on my hands and knees and beg for a third book Marian you are the best author ever I just love you and your writing awesome awesome awesome
  • April ~ The Reading Belles
    I love you to the moon and back, Silver March. And damn you, Lace Wyndham. I couldn't hate you enough cos Silver loves you so much you don't know how much.
  • Jas
    4.5 stars
  • Jennifer
    I like how she stands up for herself eventually and I love that you gave her a job that only men usually work. Great job