Tuna on Toast, Sister Clotildis, UFOs and Other Things I Survived by Sherri Bobzien

Tuna on Toast, Sister Clotildis, UFOs and Other Things I Survived

Whether or not you grew up in the 1970s, you’ll find plenty to identify with (and plenty to laugh at) in Tuna on Toast. From the surreal TV shows, to the meanest nun at Catholic school, to making your own fun (outside!), Sherri Bobzien’s first book captures the hilarity, the awkwardness, the heartache and the occasional magic of childhood in a quasi-functional family. Everything Sherri survived—princess pageants, a parent’s alcoholism, di...

Details Tuna on Toast, Sister Clotildis, UFOs and Other Things I Survived

TitleTuna on Toast, Sister Clotildis, UFOs and Other Things I Survived
Release DateOct 20th, 2015
PublisherMill City Press
GenreAutobiography, Memoir

Reviews Tuna on Toast, Sister Clotildis, UFOs and Other Things I Survived

  • Diane
    I am reading this thanks to the Goodreads Giveaway program!This is such a fun book to read! Even if you didn't grow up in the 70's, you'll enjoy the fast pace of each chapter and the hilarious escapades of this family! Having taught at a Catholic school (as a protestant) I can relate to the chapters about Sister Clotildis and Sister Alphonsine, Father Pasquel and Catholic Mass. I'm sure Sister Clotildis had never heard of Tourette's Syndrome and ...
  • Lizzie Harwood
    I loved this memoir of growing up in a family of seven kids in Portland, Oregon during the 1970s. The author, Sherri Bobzien's dry wit and sly asides cracked me up several times and the terrible antics of some of her siblings made me cringe/laugh. It was very relatable and well-told. My sole sadness was the swift ending, I felt like it could have been tied up in a more measured way. This is well worth your time - I couldn't stop reading it as soo...
  • Darren Mitton
    I received a promotional readers' copy via the website goodreads.com -Like a child's acid-trip through a pop-culture pair of sunglasses through the '70s media-blitz. Both quite humorous & quietly disturbing.
  • Julie Haigh
    Warm, amusing, well-observed-a great read!Thank heaven for Joe, the author’s brother I think-apparently he made her write it as she says in the credits in the book! He was right to have encouraged her to write as she’s certainly made a great job of it! This is a warm, humorous family story with many chuckles; I love her brand of humour. Sherri Bobzien was part of a quickly growing large family. The kids were near together, all single births a...
  • Peggy
    I really enjoyed this little book about a large Catholic family of 7 kids (one of her best photo captions was 'Let's hear it for the Rhythm Method!')A dysfunctional family, I should say, because the father was an alcoholic. There is much fighting and shouting involved, including the throwing of things (a package of thawing meat thru a window) and some physical abuse.And there wasn't much money to go around - I'm wondering how much of the grocery ...
  • Rebecca
    Tuna ToastWhat a wonderful warm and witty memoir. Sherri Bobzien was one of a family of seven and grew up in Portland Oregon during the 70’s. She may not have had the easiest of childhoods as they were brought up to be independent and certainly there wasn’t much money to go round. There are anecdotes which will make you laugh out loud – the mustard eating incident! There are some which will bring a lump to your throat or a tear to your eye....
  • Kristina Aziz
    This book was better than I thought it would be. I originally got this book from a goodreads giveaway, and thought the title was too long and too forgettable to be good.But you know what they say about judgments and covers. This book was actually nice. Not quite laugh out loud funny but it left a good feeling as I read it. It felt at once nostalgic and sarcastic, blending the experience of a young girl and the reminiscence of a woman perfectly.I ...
  • Alecia
    I loved this memoir about growing up in a large, lower-income, Catholic family in the 70's. It was very readable,wryly amusing, and at times, laugh-out-loud funny. The author's keen observations of her parents and siblings, told from her grade-school point of view, are wise and knowing. This was a well-written, fun read.
  • Rita
    What a great book. Anyone who grew up during the '70s; or had a large family; had a lower-end income level; was raised Catholic; actually, anybody at all, should read this book. Funny, funny, funny. Poignant. Realistic. Read it!!
  • Asif Ahmed
    FineThis is nice book. Enjoted reading it on kindle. Eoukd suggeszt the book to all users. Pice was very reas