The Comfort of Favorite Things (Hope Springs #5) by Alison Kent

The Comfort of Favorite Things (Hope Springs #5)

No matter how many years Dakota Keller has spent trying, he can’t outrun his past, so when a private investigator tells him his sister needs him, he travels to the small Texas town of Hope Springs to start a new life with the support of his siblings. When he arrives to do a routine construction job at the town’s new espresso bar, he’s shocked to discover that the owner is Thea Clark—the girl he couldn’t resist in high school and whose m...

Details The Comfort of Favorite Things (Hope Springs #5)

TitleThe Comfort of Favorite Things (Hope Springs #5)
Release DateSep 15th, 2015
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Fiction

Reviews The Comfort of Favorite Things (Hope Springs #5)

  • Ian
    After escaping an abusive relationship Thea returned to her childhood home of Hope Springs with a suitcase full of money and ragtag group of women, other survivors of domestic violence. She immediately bought a decrepit old house and a shop with plans on turning the house into a shelter for women on the run from their abusers and the shop as a place to get them working and earning a few dollars. Then her boyfriend from high school walks in the do...
  • Janga
    This title was particularly apt for me since the story contained so many of my romance-novel favorite things: a small-town setting, connections to other books, and the reunion trope. Dakota Keller, who fled from his siblings when he was released from prison, has now reconnected with them, but unlike Tennessee and Indiana, he is not expecting to put down roots in Hope Springs. Still, while he is there waiting to decide where he will wander next, h...
  • Christi Snow
    My Review:I've only read one other book in this series, the one right before this one, and really liked it so when I saw this one come up for review, I grabbed it. While that one was all about chocolate, this one took place surrounding one of my other favorite is super-woman...she's just opened a pseudo-shelter for battered women, is in the process of renovating a storefront for her coffee, soup, and bread shop, and she's...
  • Darcy
    I went into this one expecting a fun romance and boy, was I quickly slapped in the face as this one had a bit of a dark side. The thing is, I found that I liked that part of the story. I think what made this work was that both Dakota and Thea had a dark past.I loved what Thea was working towards with Bread and Beans, loved that the business would be a safe place for a new start for so many. I loved it when some of those in town realized what Thea...
  • Jill
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this series but did not like this most recent installment as much. Too many relationships being developed and as some other reviewers have said, too much reiteration of what had originally caused the Keller siblings to be separated but never any REAL discussion or counseling or anything; just bringing it up again and again. At least Dakota and Thea had conversations about their pasts but even still at times it seemed lik...
  • Náyla Johnson
    Eh...I didn't like this story as much as the others in the series. I really wanted to know more about Dakota from the hints I got from the other books. But this didn't feel like enough. I'm still missing something and I didn't feel the connection between Dakota and Thea like I did with the couple's of the previous books which I really enjoyed. I liked the Becca character a lot. I wouldn't mind a story of just her and Manny but Ellie and Lena was ...
  • Isabel *IsaBooks*
    A sweet book that walks a little on the dark side. Nothing really happens until about 80% of the book. Just storytelling and a little insight to all the characters. It was still a good book, well deserving of a 3 star rating.ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***
  • Ann-marie
    I didn't enjoy as much as previous titles in the series. I felt it was a constant rehashing of the near rape of Indiana. Also as a previous reader says they are two other romance stories going on but not really because all three couple romance go at a very slow pace. With that said I do enjoy this series and am hoping that the author will give us Will's story next.
  • Anna
    there were too many people and too many stories in this one so you never felt like you got to know anyone and it all worked out easily and quickly for them, not the usual standard for this series.
  • Dotti Elrick
    Another great story added to the Hope Springs series.Dakota, the third Keller sibling finds his happily ever after. When I saw Thea was the heroine of Dakotas story, I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. But to be fair, I only saw her from the point of view of Dakotas fourteen year old sister. This story was about second chances. Dakota and Thea were high school sweethearts. Then a bad decision on Dakotas part sent him to prison for three years....
  • Alissa Cornell
    This books of the series was definitely my least favorite. There were too many story lines going on throughout this book. It was hard to fall in love with the characters when neither of them got to tell the full extent of their stories. The author could have definitely created a story for each one of them and still kept the audience's attention.
  • Kitten Peters
    Awesome bookThis book is about Dakota and The a. Will he break her heart again or will he stay. Can he find himself with family and friends or we he leave to be the lone wolf again?
  • Glenda
    Thea and DakotaIn book 5 we revisit Hope Springs. We delve further into the life of Dakota. Thea Clark emerges as a dominant character. Ms Kent manages to weave an interesting plot around believable characters.
  • Sonya
    Great book!
  • Jennifer Hill
    I liked learning more about Dakota and Thea, and the other ladies in the house. It was interesting, but in the end I didn't really feel like anything got resolved and it left me hanging.
  • Iluvbooks44
    I loved this series!!!I loved this book from start to finish.I love the characters and the story.
  • Cindy Check
    incredible ReadI only hope that there are a few more books to find out about the rest of the charactures.5 Star's
  • Marsha Spohn
    First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfI was so excited to finally have Dakota’s story. He has been within almost every story in the Hope Springs series. In The Comfort of Favorite Things we will get the chance to hear directly from Dakota, as he gives us his reasons for disappearing for so long and where his future will lie.This fifth novel of the series also touches on some very important and sensitive subjects with a realistic touch and compassio...
  • JG
    Recommended for: Readers who likes small town charms, slow plot, multilayered characters and great secondary characters. This book is part of the Hope Springs series but can standalone (however there are intersecting characters from previous books that are somewhat connected to the main characters)Triggers: Domestic and sexual abuse (experienced in the characters past)This book kind of took me by surprise. I was expecting second chance romance an...
  • Sarah
    Dakota is ready to move on again he just doesn't know when or where he will be moving onto next he just knows its time. He just never expected to walk into his past and then have to start 2nd guessing whats he's really been running from or more or less running too. Now is the time to decide does he stay or does he go and will his siblings really see this as a good thing? Thea she has secrets not just hers but 3 other women she has secrets she wan...
  • Deb
    5th and last book of series. Its about Dakota and Thea. Dakota was finally found and came back to Hope Springs the night Ten and Kaylie's daughter Georgia is born. He has stayed around about a year trying to reconnect with his bother and sister. Thea has just moved into town opening the Bread and Bean shop in town next to Cullum's Bliss candy shop. Dakota and Thea were together back as teens up until he was sent to prison. Thea left town after gr...
  • Anima
    While I always enjoy a great second chance romance this one offered a bit more than that. Thea and Dakota were high school lovers/sweethearts when their world was torn apart. After taking revenge for an act committed against his sister Indiana, Dakota went to prison. He came out a changed man, of course, but underneath the tough skin he was still her love. The women in this story have the same thing in common, victims of domestic abuse both physi...
  • Lynn
    This was a wonderful story, heartfelt, powerful in how the female characters all contributed to their relationships. There was battered wives, girlfriends, children... there was a hero with a criminal record and a heart of gold.There are mini stories of co-starring characters with diversity, there is a lesbian relationship, a black female soldier, a white battered on the run wife with children as well as the siblings of the hero (one of which is ...
  • Mignon Mykel
    Received a copy of the title in exchange for an honest review.In this heartwarming second chance love story, the most prominent thing we watch is a battered, broken woman finding her own and taking that horrid past and doing good with it. Kudos to Thea for finding a way to make a safe haven for other women who find themselves in the same situation she was in.I loved Thea's drive and her will for life. I loved her ambition and loved her sense of...
  • Melanie Simpson
    Love It!A great continuation of the Hope Spring series. This series is one of my very favorites. I loved the multiple story lines/ romances going on and that is usually not something I go for as it tends to dilute the main story. There was just enough of the secondary characters stories to make you understand and care and they all tied in perfectly. Alison nailed it. The domestic violence topic was handled well - seriously but tastefully, and the...
  • Psusan
    I love the name of the town, Hope Springs, as well as the town itself. And no one has needed hope more than the characters of The Comfort of Favorite Things (Hope Springs Novel 5) by Alison Kent. I have enjoyed all of the previous books in the series, as well as this one.Dakota and Thea have a second chance for love after surviving some serious struggles. I was rooting for them but could see how the past provided some difficult obstacles. It is n...
  • Ballerina60
    generally, this story was very good; however! 1) conflate/conflating -- show of hands, how many people had to look up that word? 2) the correct usage is NOT "try and", it is "try to". a good editor should absolutely know this. 3) the whole point of Thea's home was a women's shelter. it was hinted that her shelter had connections to others and to other co-ops. i would really have enjoyed a little more development of the storyline there. i also wou...
  • Marguerita
    I was really excited to read this book because I have enjoyed every book in the series so far, but less than halfway through this book my excitement turned to disappointment. For me this book went nowhere and really didn't add anything to the series. I found Becca and and Manny interactions more enjoyable than Thea and Dakota. About half way through, it became frustrating for me and I started skipping pages until I came to the talking because I f...
  • Dawn Myers
    Okay I'm not sure if this is the end of the Hope Springs Series, I certainly hope not. I see possibly more books. If it is the end of the series then I did not like the end. I did enjoy the Dakota and Thea story. We got to see all the characters from previous books. I always like when Alison Kent brings back characters. This book took a minute to get started, I think it had to do with all the new characters involved. This book made me laugh, cry ...
  • Rebecca Griffith
    A Hope Springs Complete Series of Novels 1-5I had read the first novel in this series along time ago. Then I saw that Alison added another novel to the series. Well, then much to my surprise I found that she added three more to the set! So being true to my nickname (bookie or Endlessreader) I started from the beginning and read all five novels this weekend. I was thoroughly entertained by every character and story as told by Alison Kent. I jotted...