Down Outback Roads (Outback Dust #2) by Alissa Callen

Down Outback Roads (Outback Dust #2)

Sometimes life offers a second chance . . . Kree Garrett’s younger brother Seth is all the family she has left, so when he goes missing while working in the Australian outback, she races from America to join in the search. To everyone’s relief, Seth is rescued by local volunteers and Kree finds, in an abandoned historic Cobb & Co Coach House, the opportunity to thank the community she’s fallen in love with. But it isn’t only the town of G...

Details Down Outback Roads (Outback Dust #2)

TitleDown Outback Roads (Outback Dust #2)
Release DateMay 1st, 2015
PublisherRandom House Australia
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Cultural, Australia, Contemporary

Reviews Down Outback Roads (Outback Dust #2)

  • Brenda
    As Ewan Mackenzie received the news they had all been waiting for, he breathed a sigh of relief. For the past two days he had been deeply involved in the search for a young man by the name of Seth Garrett who had gone missing in the Australian bush – Seth was a young American in Australia on his gap-year, and farm sitting Berridale, the property next to his. Kree, Seth’s older sister had flown immediately from her home in Colorado to help in ...
  • Rochelle
    4.5 stars. I loved this book. Rural romance is my favourite type of romance and this was a really good one. Ewan was my favourite type of hero – the tortured farmer with a heart of gold – and he’ll have you swooning in your cowgirl boots!Kree, our heroine, comes rushing over to Australia from America after her brother goes missing. She feels a spark between her and one of the volunteers looking for her brother, and decides, when her brother...
  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    This was a small town, feel good romance. I must confess, that’s one of my favorite story types! Kree and her brother, Seth traveled from America to a small town in the Australian outback, hoping to unravel their family's past. An accident involving Seth throws Kree together with the town, helping her forge relationships with its members. More specifically, with Ewan. Hoping to give back to this generous community, and to help it thrive once ag...
  • Brenda
    The romance was sweet but slow. I felt it could've done with a little bit of spice. Nevertheless, it was a nice, heartwarming book. The characters were all fab, including the pet dogs and the cute goat. Loved the various relationships in the book especially the brother-sister like relationship between Ewan and his widowed sister-in-law, Tish. I loved their relationship the best. In spite of being a city-girl and had the option of going back to he...
  • Summer
    American artist, Kree, extends her stay in Australia to thank a small town for rescuing her younger brother. One of the rescuers, Ewan, a rancher, has sworn off love, so his attraction to Kree tests his willpower, and his heart.This was a feel-good sort of read, full of kind people, and a strong sense of community and family, but the story dragged a little for me. I found myself wishing it had taken place while Kree’s brother was missing, rathe...
  • Sandra
    This book was a little slow to get started, but I enjoyed it once it did..... it was kind of predictable, but it was a nice easy Aussie story...
  • Sharon Keans
    another great book
  • Bridie Hall
    I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.Down Outback Roads starts off with intense scenes of rescue efforts to save Seth, Kree’s little brother who got lost in the Australian outback. Once he is returned to her, safe and sound, she is determined to repay the small rural community that helped her save him. She postpones returning back home to Colorado in order to find a way to express her gratitude. But Ewan,...
  • Dísir
    Ewan Mackenzie's bubble of guilt and self-recrimination threaten to burst upon meeting Kree Garrett when she joins in the search and rescue effort for her younger brother who got lost in the bush. In the meantime, Kree wishes to pay back the community that has helped save her brother by spearheading a restoration project that will put the dying town back on Australia's tourist map...and her in a lot of contact with Ewan. The attraction is mutual ...
  • Lisa
    A heartwarming story of loss, love, and loyalty and honor, and how if you are not careful, you run the risk of missing the best thing that could ever happen to you.Seth is all Kree has left in the world, having lost their parents years before, and she takes that very seriously. So seriously in fact that she has dropped everything and flown halfway round the world to help find her teenage brother that has gone missing during his year abroad.Ewan i...
  • Bianca
    3.5 Outback StarsI have received this book from Random House Australia, through Netgalley, for a honest review. I think this was the first "Australian outback" book I've ever read. To be honest, I didn't think I'd like it, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is a feel-good, heartwarming story, set in the central New South Whales, Australia. The male protagonist, Ewan Mackenzie, is a hard-working man, who's trying to save his farm and help his br...
  • Robyn Koshel
    There is no place like Glenalla….Thrown right into the middle of the action, this book hooks you in from the first line. Kree travels to Australia to find her brother who went missing while backpacking. She soon finds her brother and the beauty that is the Outback of NSW. While stepping into her brother shoes while he recuperated to full fill his commitments to a local family; she experience Glenalla first hand. Kree going to Glenalla was no mi...
  • Lauredhel
    Kree, an artist from USA, is distraught when her younger brother Seth goes missing in the Aussie bush. The community of Glenalla rallies around her and works tirelessly to rescue Seth alive and well. She is determined to find a way to thank this town who put it all on the line to help strangers; but how? Ewan Mackenzie, who threw himself into the rescue effort day and night, lives with grief - and a double helping of guilt. Thrown together with K...
  • A Reader's Heaven
    (I received a free copy from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)From the opening pages of Down Outback Roads, the love of the outback and small communities is very clear. Rural romance novels have been extremely popular over the last few years and this book proves why that is so.The plot is good: a young man (Seth) goes missing and his American sister (Kree) flies to Australia to help find him. When he has been rescued, Kree turns to th...
  • Michelle
    This is a country romance based in a drought affected town Glenalla in country New South Wales. The two main characters are torn between love, loss and loyalty - Ewan a young farmer lad who doesn't think he deserves to be happy and fall in love and Kree a young America girl who thinks taking care of her adventurous brother should overshadow her own happiness.I enjoyed the story of life on the farm but it wasn't really believable - leaving Kree to...
  • Aussie bookworm
    I really enjoyed this book, for a nice sweet outback Australian Romance, I really was drawn in. The Characters of Kree and Ewan are relatable and beautifully written. The Secondary Characters are just as involved and I would love to see them get their own stories as a continuation.The most exciting element of this novel is that part of the story was based where I use to live in Dubbo NSW, not the most spectacular place but the first book I have r...
  • JadeShea
    Received ARC from NetGalley. Down Outback Roads begins with Kree's brother missing so she's in Australia to help find him. Now she's decided to stay and help out some new friends she made by house sitting. But the problem is in her control freak world she's losing control when it comes to the local farmer Ewan. And Ewan who has a sister-in-law, and two nephews to hep take care of can't add falling in love on his plate.. Especially with his guilt...
  • Lorelle Mac ~ WattleTree Lane
    The opening few pages of Down Outback Roads sets the scene of the outback and the community that becomes involved when someone goes missing in the vast, lonely isolated areas of Australian Bush. Seth is found alive, has a few days in hospital then moves on to Sydney while Kree takes over the farm sitting job Seth had been booked to do. This places her on the farm right next door to Ewan. When a pump malfunctions Kree and the house animals move ne...
  • Lesley
    I loved this book and found it an exciting page turning read. It is the first book by Alissa Callen I have read and I will be on the look out for others. Thank you for the signed copy which I received through a Good reads giveaway.Set in the Australian outback the story revolves around a couple who fight against their love for one another because of perceived responsibilities to other family members. The story begins with a community coming toget...
  • Heather andrews
    Ewan that boy is attracted to Kree but the boy doesn't want to admit it, "sore might be an understatement, but I'll soon get used to riding again." She straightened and adjusted the dress strap that had slipped down her shoulder. "What a difference shoes make. Now I don't feel so much like a hobbit." But Ewan didn't respond. Instead he stared at the shoulder she had just returned the dress strap to." Sometimes Ewan does things so he won't be temp...
  • Talking Books
    A charming rural romance set in outback Australia where two characters are drawn together in an emotional, challenging situation that sets them on a course of attraction that neither character can ignore.Down Outback Roads by Alissa Callen was an impressive read with strong characters, community spirit and a story where the character's history clashes with the present bringing to surface shock and hope for Ewan and Kree's future. Each of the char...
  • Bec
    A moving story about a small Australian town that is down and almost out after years of drought, bad crops and too many young ones moving away but can a creative and caring big sister from America save this town like it saved her brother?And what makes the small town of Glenalla so important to Kree anyway?Alissa's moving story about guilt, missed changes and redemption will move you and her realistic characters and storyline will make you fall i...
  • Amanda Peake
    I loved this book. From the first line to the last I was hooked. Ms. Callen writes beautifully I felt like I was in the Australian outback. I liked that the characters were relateable and did not just fall head over heals with each other at first glance. Kree has a lot more to worry about than romance that's for sure. With her brother missing then healing she really doesn't have time nor want a relationship. I think the dynamics between Kree and ...
  • Dianne Sidebottom
    I liked how this story developed. Australian setting in outback NSW. Interesting how people perceive rural n city to live, leave, visit. How strong a "sense of duty" is put upon us or learnt. Finance, drought, failing industry all affect people n some go bankrupt, mental stress/suicide, support from community helps which this story tells.
  • Stacey Houllis
    This the second book of Alissa Callen I have read and I like say it was just a good as the first loved it would recommend this book to friends. It is just not about the Struggle of living on farm in country it is about helping each other and coming to terms of guilt over accidents that happened in the past for both Kree and Ewan. And the family and friends helping them give their love a chance.
  • Jennifer
    This is a good, romantic book. I like the rural setting and that the characters find a way to balance family obligations while still seeking out their own happiness. If you're looking for a good read on a rainy day, this is one to put on your list.
  • Emma Abbott
    Absolutely loveed this book - I didn't think Alissa could top Beneath Outback Skies but she did!!
  • Anita-maree
    Loved this book from start to finish...
  • Lyn
    Good solid story, very enjoyable.