Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles (Captain No Beard, #8) by Carole P. Roman

Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles (Captain No Beard, #8)

Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles is another great voyage into problem solving and friendship, as well as an adventurous trip into the imagination.Join Captain No Beard and his friends as they learn the value of sharing our troubles with others and that help is always there when we need it.

Details Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles (Captain No Beard, #8)

TitleFribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles (Captain No Beard, #8)
Release DateAug 7th, 2019
GenreChildrens, Adventure, Picture Books

Reviews Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles (Captain No Beard, #8)

  • Sarah
    This book is such fun. We love reading in all the different voices. Another lovely book in this series.
  • Melanie Adkins
    Things are changing in Fribbet's home. He's not sure what to do. He tells Captain No Beard and his crew about these new, strange animals are everywhere. They changed too. The animals were taking up all of Mom and Dad's time. They had no time for Fribbet. The crew explains these are Fribbet's brothers and sisters. Hallie has a new baby brother too. I adore these stories. They are colorful and exciting. Each one captures the imagination of your chi...
  • Laura Thomas
    It’s a rocky boat for the crew of the Flying Dragon and hard work for Captain No Beard. Cayla is getting bigger and that means getting into more trouble, And Fribbet the frog is crying puddle of green.The captain has his hands full with Cayla and the crew are wringing theirs over Fribbet. But No Beard and Fribbet come to realize that families will grow and that’s a good thing as they’ll never be alone.You’re children will be delighted to ...
  • Renee
    Captain No Beard and his crew are off on another adventure when they discover a crew mate is missing. Upon searching the ship high and low, they soon discover Fribbet the Frog huddled at the stern. With gentle urging from his friends, Fribbet confesses that he is frightened because some strange creatures have appeared in his home. Fribbet describes how the eggs hatched into some fish-like critters that eventually grew legs and become little frogl...
  • Jalynn Patterson
    Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles (A Captain No Beard Story)About the Book:Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles is another great voyage into problem solving and friendship, as well as an adventurous trip into the imagination. Join the Captain No Beard and his friends as they learn the value of sharing our troubles with others and that help is always there when we need it. About the Author:Award winning author Carole P. Roman has added Fribbet the Fr...
  • Patricia Kemp Blackmon
    GIVEAWAY 6/6 -6/17/20145 Winners will win copy of this book. A GRAND PRIZE WINNER will the win a whole set of this series. click here to enter on my blog only.Captain No Beard knows he can count on his crew to pull their weight but that does not necessarily mean it always goes smoothly. Especially for the newest member of the crew, cabin girl Cayla. While distracted watching the chaos growing on deck the Captain hears someone crying and immediat...
  • Marjorie
    Given To Me For An Honest ReviewFribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles: A Captain No Beard Story by Carole P. Roman is another winner. This book is geared towards preschool through early elementary school and to those kids who like pirates. It is a great read together or a read alone for early readers. The illustrations are fun and colorful. The wording is black on white background which makes it quite clear. This book teaches accepting changes in a f...
  • werejumpinbooks
    My children love all of Carole P. Roman books.I am never disappointed in her work, and my kids love going an adventure through her books.Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles was no different. I am amazed at how much Carole's books seem to be attached to my little ones. I wish these books could be an Accelerator Reading book. I think we would read these all the times, and write them in my daughter's reading log. These books are THAT good!We got to kn...
  • Stacie
    Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles is a fun filled adventure on the "high seas" where Captain No Beard and his crew must help their friend Fribbet embrace the changes that are on the horizon.Captain No Beard watches as the crew cleans the ship or rather makes a bigger mess of things when he realizes Fribbet was missing. The crew searches the ship and finally finds him upset and crying. Wanting to be good friends, they offer their support. Fribbet ...
  • Rayleigh
    This was such sweet book! The family values presented here as well as the learning experience and use of imagination definitely sold this book for me! The way the siblings talk to one another and the lesson learned at the end, is a fabulous way to bring youngsters together and learn from a good book. The frog's life-cycle was also nicely illustrated and explained so kiddos get to learn and see what frog's look like throughout their lives. I liked...
  • M.M. Hudson
    This darling book from the author's Captain No Beard series features Fribbet the Frog.Fribbett finds out that he has a lot of siblings now who mess with his stuff and just makes tons of messes and seemingly make his life miserable. He has a real problem but eventually tells his friends.This book is just about as much about friendship as it is growing family dynamics. Children come to learn that new siblings in the house does not mean they are any...
  • Ruth B
    Captain No Beard and his crew always bring great adventures and this time is no exception. A troubled crew member brings the oportunity of helping a friend and learning a thing or two.For a girl who loves frogs and considers tadpoles one of the best wonders of nature, this book is a dream come true. This book is remarkable because not only because it allows children to learn about the life cycle of this amphibian but also it shares an important l...
  • Sharon
    I would like to thank Bostick Communications and the author, Carole P. Roman, for giving me a copy of this book to read and review. Fribbet the Frog is crying because he is scared of things changing at home, with many tadpole brothers and sisters making a mess of his things. Captain No Beard comes to the rescue and helps Fribbet to understand that new members of the family might make a mess, but they are worth having around. Like the other advent...
  • N.N. Light
    “Problems can weigh you down like a heavy anchor. When you share your load with others, it’s never too heavy to carry.”Fribbet the Frog has a problem but he’s too scared to tell his friends. After much coaxing, he reveals that his lily pad is being invaded by many little tadpoles. * Laughs * A new baby in the family is always a scary thing for kids and it takes some getting used to, whether you’re a human, lion or frog. The crew helps F...
  • Autumn
    We received this book to give an honest review.Since we have started reading about Captain No Beard and his adventures K and I have fell in love with him and his friends. It is amazing all the adventures they go on right from Captain No Beards bedroom. What a big imagination. In this story Fribbet is scared and as we read on we learn why. He has a bunch of brothers and sisters!!! This is a book about siblings. Fribbet doesn't know what to do beca...
  • Brenda
    Carole P. Roman takes our imaginations on another adventure with Captain No Beard and the gang in Fribbet The Frog and the Tadpoles. Fribbet the frog is crying and scared, so Captain No Beard and the gang is determined to figure out why! Turns out things are changing at Fribbet's home and he isn't sure he is happy about it, but sharing his problems with his friends just might be the cure!Carol P. Roman always delivers a swashbuckling tale filled ...
  • Anne Rightler
    Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles, award-winning book by Carole P. Roman, is number eight in the Captain No Beard series for young children ages 4-8 years old. Fribbet the Frog is one of the crew on The Flying Dragon and he can't be found. As the rest of the crew search, they find him hiding and crying. His home is changing, there are all these little tadpoles around and Fribbet doesn't know what to do. The team works together again to help Fribb...
  • Becca
    I have had the pleasure to review many of Carole P. Roman's books. These books are so sweet, and always have a good message with them. The illustrations are magnificent, and so much fun for kids.In this book we learn how to share problems with friends, and the importance of family. I love these sweet books. I love that each one comes with some kind of lesson for kids. I love the imagination that goes on in Captain No Beard's head. If you have kid...
  • Gayle Pace
    REVIEW Ms. Roman is at it again. Writing another wonderful children's book, FRIBBET the FROG and the TADPOLES. Fribbet the Frog is missing! Oh my! It's up to Captain No Beard and the crew to search for the frog and where do they find him? Crying at the stern. Why would Fribbet be crying? It's up to the reader and the crew to find out why. As always there is a lesson to be learned with Ms. Roman's books. This lesson is the value of sharing and tha...
  • Shelly Itkin
    When Cabin girl Cayla spills a bucket of water Captain No Beard starts calling for Fribbet the frog to clean it up. When he does not answer the other members of the ship, Polly Parrot and Hallie are very concerned.They find Fribbet crying in the corner. The crew is concerned and want to help Fribbet as that is what friends do. By asking Fribbet what is wrong they are able to find out that he is upset about all the new frogs that are now living in...
  • Stacie
    The group of friends on board The Flying Dragon are back to help each other out again in the next Captain No Beard Story. Fribbet the Frog has gone off to be by himself because his is upset. After his friends finally find him and with some coaxing, Fribbet finally decides to share what is bothering him. He reveals that he is a bit frustrated having to share his toys and his parents with 21 new baby brothers and sisters.Once his friends realize Fr...
  • Chris Meads
    Captain No Beard and his crew are on another exciting adventure. Everyone is cleaning and getting the ship ready to go but where is Fribbet? He isn't among those that are helping. Polly finds him and asks why he is crying? He tells his story about what is going on at home. He finds a bunch of eggs that morph into tadpoles and then into frogs. And Fribbit is scared. Captain No Beard comes to the recue and explains to Fribbit about brothers and sis...
  • Dylena Menard
    I love the books from this series so much. They each have an important moral for a child to learn but this one is by far my favorite. This particular book told it’s moral through such an easy example and fun story line that it’s moral was easy to learn by young children and it’s story is one that a child can remember for a very long time. I loved everything about this book. The pictures were adorable, and the story line was great. The moral...
  • Sandra Stiles
    This is the next book in the Captain No Beard series. When Cayla drops a bucket of dirty water on deck, everyone realizes Fribbet the frog is missing. They find him and learn he is distressed. It seems Fribbet’s home is invaded by tadpoles. As a reader we learn about the changes a frog goes through from egg, to tadpole, to frogs. We learn how valuable a lesson it is to listen to others and help them through their problems. This invasion of sibl...
  • Kristi Bernard
    Captain No Beard and the crew are enjoying another adventure. Well, not quite everyone. Fribbet is having a little meltdown. His tadpole brothers and sisters are making so much noise he can’t hear himself think. Fribbet realized being a big brother is hard work. Will Captain No Beard help Fribbet understand the importance of having siblings and the responsibility of being a big brother? You’ll have to read the story to see.Author Carole P. Ro...
  • Tima
    When Fribbet goes missing the crew finds him crying. Captain No Beard and his crew must find out why Fribbet is so upset and help him solve the problem. They work together to help their friend.My children enjoyed this story. The illustrations are funny and colorful. The story is sweet and shows how working together can be helpful. The author also talks about accepting people and loving them for who they are. Since the story showcased siblings, my...
  • Cheryl
    Another winner in the Captain No Beard seriesMy 3 year-old twin grandchildren and I enjoyed this latest swashbuckling adventure of Captain No Beard. We've read all the other stories in the series. This is just the latest in author Roman's mild mannered adventure series with the Captain and his crew, which teach valuable lessons while being disguised as fun books.This time around Fribbet the Frog is the star of the story and the crew (and readers)...
  • Linda B
    In this Captain No Beard story my favorite character, Fribbet the Frog, has a problem. He is crying his eyes out, and he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. The rest of the crew tries to understand his problem and help him through it. Fribbet feels left out because Mom and Dad are busy with all of the new tadpoles, but the crew helps him learn all about being a big brother.The Captain No Beard stories are the imaginary adventures of Ale...
  • Victoria Brinius
    This is a great book for kids that love pirates. I really liked how Fribbet explained how the tadpoles changed over time. I recently learned that some tadpoles take two years to become frogs and they hibernate during the winter. I also LOVED Captain No Beard! He was too young to grow a beard! The story is about being a good sibling as a side plot to the frogs life cycle. I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy to review via bostick, howev...
  • April
    I loved this book. I think it teachs children that having siblings can be a little crazy and hard at times but you still need to love them. I loved the end of the book, when their back home in bed, and their Mom comes home with a little boy named, Zachary. Overall: I loved this book. It is a great book!!* Received for an honest review from the author**Cross-posted on My Book Addiction and More*Rating : 5Heat rating : N/AReviewed by : Baby Girl, c...