Adventure Time (Adventure Time OGN, #6) by Kate Leth

Adventure Time (Adventure Time OGN, #6)

Adventure time is back with another wild Adventure in the land of Ooo!Jake and BMO are preparing for Masquerade Day, excited to see what everyone else dresses up as around the kingdom of Ooo. While going through the celebrations BMO discovers that their is a prankster crashing every party! Join BMO and Jake as they run across all of a Ooo in order to stop this trouble maker so that they can keep this party going. Based on the success of the Adve...

Details Adventure Time (Adventure Time OGN, #6)

TitleAdventure Time (Adventure Time OGN, #6)
Release DateDec 1st, 2015
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fantasy, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Adventure Time (Adventure Time OGN, #6)

  • Stacy Fetters
    What the hamsteaks?Its Masquerade day in the land of Ooo and someone has been pulling pranks. Detective Bmo is on the case. Bmo with a boss ass mustache makes this one of the greatest mysteries ever in the candy land.
  • Kate (infinitelynovel)
    I adored this! Although I may be a little bit biased since I love BMO...
  • Vanessa
    This one was so cute! BMO is so adorable and I love him so much! As always the illustrations are beautiful and vibrant. This one features Jake and BMO on a masquerade holiday.
  • Shaina
    Mostly a Jake and BMO adventure, and BMO is cute in this one. They go to all kinds of functions of masquerade day where everyone dresses up & BMO finds a case to solve due to a ruinous party prankster.
  • Ashley
    BMO stories are always cute as, and this one did not disappoint. A fun story that includes many favourite characters and even a bit of flirtatious Bubbline for the shippers.Recommended for fans of the series. A lot of words per page, but nothing too complex.
  • Karen
    Adventures of BMO.
  • Jennifer
    i love detective bmo.
  • Sera
    After reading two love based books why not sit back and enjoy some graphic novels? Adventure Time is definitely one of my guilty pleasures to watch when I actually go downstairs and watch TV. It also holds a lot of fond memories as it is a TV show that brings my other siblings downstairs and we actually spend sometime together in the same room. This graphic novel was just a cute little read with BMO as the main POV and he id trying to discover wh...
  • Stevie
    This is a great story, but for some reason there were little continuity errors that just kind of bugged me. Like, B-MO got a mustache! But the next page, B-MO's missing that 'stache in two scenes! B-MO should always have a mustache!! And when B-MO is talking to Ronnie at the end, one page shows B-MO with a medal, but the next page it's missing (for no reason, it shows up on the following pages). Still super cute, I just had to rank for a minute!
  • Canesgalactica
    This was a very cute Adventure Time story featuring BMO and Jake (Finn makes an appearance). Lots of characters abound, so it's going to have someone for everyone. Told in the style of the BMO detective stories from the series. :)
  • Harris
    Another awesome entry in the Original Adventure Time comics series, check out more on my blog, Reading Rainstorm!
  • Scott wachter
    detective BMO fo life.
  • Weronika
    Super cute story and my favorite characters. Only why the jakes and bmos costumes design changes through the book?
  • Helen Pugsley
    Read it all today. It was a lot of fun! I need to read more graphic novels!
  • Heather
    BMO was perfect in this! The numerous Sherlock Holmes references were also brilliant.
  • Hamster
    Not as funny as some of the earlier ones. But LSP was worth the extra star.