#famous by Jilly Gagnon


In this modern-day love story, Girl likes Boy, Girl takes photo of Boy and posts it online, Boy becomes accidentally insta-famous. And what starts out as an innocent joke spirals into a whirlwind adventure that could change both their lives—and their hearts—forever. But are fame and love worth the price?Told in alternating points of view, #famous captures the out-of-control thrill ride of falling for someone in front of everyone.

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Release DateFeb 14th, 2017
PublisherKatherine Tegen Books
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary

Reviews #famous

  • Jilly Gagnon
    I MIGHT be biased, but this is absolutely my favorite YA debut I have EVER written. I mean, I finished not only paragraphs and chapters, but whole PAGES of writing. Hundreds of them! I, for one, am pretty impressed with myself. Also, there are lots of cupcakes, french fries, and bowling in it, three of the best things.
  • Cait • A Page with a View
    This is basically the story of Alex from Target except it includes the POV of the girl who tweeted a picture of him working and caused his overnight fame. It all unfolds pretty much the same way, except twitter is changed to "flit," the Ellen Show with Grumpy Cat is now the Laura Show with Melodramatic Husky (and the talk show stuff gets dragged out a bit more than it did in real life). The plot had potential to be cute and I liked both character...
  • Joshee Kun (조수아)
    You know exactly what you want. Exactly who you are. You don't care what anyone thinks about you. —KyleI was so excited to get my hands on this book when it came out. I literally hunted for it in my local bookstores. The catalyst behind my excitement was most likely the cute cover. Plus, I was in the mood for a fluffy yet meaningful YA contemporary.#famous primarily explores how love can blossom in a typical high school setting wherein populari...
  • abby
    This is a smart romantic comedy that explores the consequences that come with social media instafame.When Rachel sneaks a picture of her crush, Kyle, while he's working his shift at the Burger Barn, she doesn't think anything of uploading it to social media. She only has a handful of followers and only expects her best friend, Mo, to see it.Everyone sees it. Kyle becomes an instant sensation, the new heartthrob catching the eye of phone-addicted ...
  • Sarah
    (I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.) “@Mo_than_you_know I’m digging what they’re serving up at Burger Barn today. #idlikefrieswithTHAT” This was a YA contemporary romance story, about a girl who accidentally made a boy famous on social media.Rachel and Kyle were both okay characters, and I felt really sorry for Rachel when people were so mean to her after the photograph she took beca...
  • Kate (GirlReading)
    3.5* This was essentially a novelisation of the 'Alex from Target' story but it was a cute little contemporary nonetheless. I enjoyed the main two characters and reading from their perspectives. Rachel was a fun, witty character, who's humour I really enjoyed. I also liked the fact that she wasn't your classic, cookie cutter protagonist but I would have appreciated it a lot more, had it not been one of her main defining characteristics. It would ...
  • Anna Priemaza
    Okay, this book is completely adorkable. The main characters, Rachel and Kyle, are ridiculously loveable, their banter is hilarious, and I spent a huge portion of the book like this:Though I also spent some of it like this:#famous is an extremely fast read--both because the writing is just so smooth and the story so fast-paced, and because it's extremely addictive and practically impossible to put down once you start!Stretch your face muscles bef...
  • Khadidja
  • rachel
    • A sweet story with a unique premise but it lacked heart• The writing style was a tad too simplistic• I liked Rachel, the protagonist, and that Gagnon gave her authentic teen voice• The plus-sized rep. was also fantastic; it is always heart-warming to see body positivity in ya• I was less of a Kyle fan• His voice was incredibly bland and I... well, I honestly just disliked him on every level. • He thought he was funny and a ‘nice...
  • Chelsea Sedoti
    I’m going to slip into Kyle-speak for a second here. This book: awesome. Or maybe I should be more Rachel-esque and make a #FAMOUS pros and cons list.Pro: Everything.Con: Nothing. This book was absolutely hilarious. I was laughing out loud from the very first page. How could I not, with gems like this: Usually her style tended toward neutral-colored sacks, but if she really wanted to dress like a vampire, I wasn’t going to tell her no. Beside...
  • Scrill
    "Besides, who cares about people so devastatingly shallow that they spend their free time trolling strangers over the internet? Or mean-girl stunts so cliché I wouldn’t even put them in a play? I’d never cared what people thought of me before, why start now?”“Emma was pissed, Rachel was getting attacked, and Ollie thought I was a tool. Being famous was supposed to be fun. Or at least less stressful.” Guys this book! The feels! The rela...
  • Chelsea
    So the ending resolved everything wayyyyyyyyyyy to quickly. Poor Rachel got bullied way too much, and Kyle was definitely King of the derps, but it was a fun read and I did enjoy getting to meet these characters and go on this journey with them.
  • Meli
    ¡Me encantó! Una lectura bien de verano, amena, SÚPER DIVERTIDA y romanticona pero no cursi, sino que de una forma entretenida, natural y muy torpe y tierna.
  •  Megan • Reading Books Like a Boss (book blog)
    Debut author Jilly Gagnon's young adult novel is a teen romance with a modern flair. Told in alternating perspectives, Kyle and Rachel's story is the result of what happens in the age of viral videos and photos mixes with teenage crushes. While the premise was cute, the writing quality and the characterization was not up to snuff and I wanted more depth and eloquence.Rachel has had a crush on Kyle for quite a long time. When she surreptitiously s...
  • Cale Dietrich
    I just found my new favourite romantic comedy.According to Google, there are five things a romantic comedy needs, so I thought I’d test this book against those categories.1) Chemistry: This book has this in SPADES. Even better: both sides of this romantic pairing get their own POV, so we get to witness their chemistry FROM BOTH POINTS OF VIEW!! Which is the best thing to read ever, as their feelings for each other develop in different ways, whi...
  • Bee
    Quite The Novel Idea ~ Words from the CloudsWell I am a giant puddle of disappointment over here. On one hand, I could have expected it?? But on the other hand, also not?? Because there was a lot of potential here and it could've been supercute and adorable. And it was a tiny bit? But it was also predictable in a bad way? So now I am sad because I wanted fluff and cute but I didn't get it and I feel like sulking. But I suppose I should tell you w...
  • Carlie Sorosiak
    A summary of my reactions to #famous: I honestly believe that readers who appreciate Rainbow Rowell and Stephanie Perkins would be hard-pressed not to love #famous, and here’s why:Rachel and Kyle are equally adorable yet distinct people. It’s incredibly difficult to write dual POV that feels nuanced, but the MCs in #famous both have such vibrant personalities. I fell in love with them both in totally separate ways. Plus, they are super rela...
  • Megan Morris
    (SPOILERS AHEAD):I know what you're probably thinking: It took me way too long to read a contemporary, fast read. But let me just say that this book gave me so many emotions that I could only process them a little at a time. I won't go into the synopsis, mostly because it can not only be found by clicking the link above, but those who are reading this have likely already read this themselves. I want to start off by saying that this book gave an i...
  • Meisa
    This book was pure fluff. It was adorable to watch these two awkward characters grow. It did a great job handling the effects of social media and cyber bullying. Overall, it was an entertaining read.
  • Kayla
    This was very cute and quick paced but definitely not my contemporary favrouite book ever.
  • ✨Gayatri ✨
    Ok. Best book I've read in October. It was AMAZING. I honestly don't know what to say. It made my heart all melty, i know that for sure.
  • Deniz
    3.5Stars. #famous is your classic cute & fluffy with every wonderful romcom cliche thrown in and I happily gobbled it all up.Two reasons for this: 1. I love the writing style. 2. The character building was done really well. Now, we all know if those two things are in place, I will forgive shortcomings of any kind. The good news there aren't many. It's fluffy and there isn't a lot of substance to it somehow. But that's it and frankly I enjoy a swo...
  • Bree Barton
    OMFG. Those are the best words I have for this book, and they're not even words. OMFG.When you are already snort-laughing 10 pages into a novel, I'd say it's a very good sign that the novel is goddamn funny. And #famous did not disappoint. I devoured it in a day, it was that tasty. This book is charming and brilliant and hilarious—JESUS FUCK, it's hilarious—but it's also tender, touching, and sweet. It's a ten-course meal of #AllTheThings, bo...
  • Jennifer
    3.5/5 stars#famous is a YA contemporary. It is a standalone.The story takes place in Apple Prairie Minnesota. The book alternates chapters between Rachel (who is a junior in high school) and Kyle (who is an 18 year old senior in high school).The premise of this story is very similar to the story of Alex from Target (he became an overnight sensation when his picture was retweeted).Rachel is best friends with Monique/Mo. They play this funny game w...
  • KT
    I absolutely adored and devoured this book! #famous is everything I want in a rom-com: funny, dual POV, plenty of romantic tension, and protagonists you can't help but root for. Gagnon gets into both characters' heads so effortlessly that I rarely needed to know whose head I was in--the writing styles just felt unique to Rachel and Kyle. And speaking of Rachel and Kyle, the author does an amazing job showing why they're so right for each other an...
  • Caroline
    I was so thrilled to get to read an advanced copy of #famous because I had already laughed my way through Jilly Gagnon’s adult book, CHOOSE YOUR OWN MISERY: THE OFFICE ADVENTURE.So I knew it would be #funny, but what I did not expect was to be #angry or end up in #tears (okay, enough with the hashtags!). Gagnon used every bit of her comic brilliance to fill this book with scenes to make you laugh out loud on a bus, as well as loads of cracking ...
  • falling asleep reading
    3.5 stars. Incase you couldn't tell from the synopsis, this book is based on the Alex from Target meme. Instead of Alex from Target here we have Kyle from Burger Barn. Rachel takes a photo of him while he's working and posts it on Flit (Twitter). Kyle becomes a celebrity overnight and even gets flown out to LA to make an appearance on the Laura (Ellen) show. This book was entertaining overall though I found that for a YA book it read a bit young....
  • Kristin
    Think Alex from Target only instead of a cute guy in a red shirt and khakis, you have Kyle. Kyle from Creative Writing Kyle. Kyle from Burger Barn, wearing his greasy orange uniform, waiting on an old couple, and holding a piping hot bouquet of french fries Kyle. Kyle: most definitely Rachel's crush. But: out of her league.Or is he? Gagnon's YA debut is filled with humor, heart, and plenty of hand-wringing. You'll worry over Kyle and Rachel, root...
  • Breeana Shields
    This book was adorable! Laugh-out-loud funny, heartfelt and swoon worthy from beginning to end. I loved both Rachel and Kyle. Gagnon does a beautiful job of giving them each their own unique voice, and the dual perspective adds so much depth and charm to their story. I'm completely won over. Fans of Stephanie Perkins should add #famous to their TBR piles immediately.