My Fair Gentleman by Nancy Campbell Allen

My Fair Gentleman

In this Regency twist of My Fair Lady, Jack would rather be at sea than fixing the mistakes of his grandfather, the late Earl of Stansworth. Instead, he finds that inheriting his grandfather's wealth and title—and securing the welfare of his sister and mother—means joining the ranks of high society and living with the aristocracy. Luckily, Ivy Carlisle, the granddaughter of a dear friend of Jack's late grandmother, is willing to teach him eti...

Details My Fair Gentleman

TitleMy Fair Gentleman
Release DateJan 5th, 2016
PublisherShadow Mountain
GenreRomance, Historical, Regency, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Clean Romance, Regency Romance, Fiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Adult

Reviews My Fair Gentleman

  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation
    This has been nominated for a 2016 Swoony Award. Share the love and vote for it here. When I found out one of my favorite authors was writing a new book in my favorite genre I may have done a little happy dance! I have really been looking forward to this one, and it did not disappoint. Lady Ivy Carlisle is everything that is proper, she lives her life conforming to societies strict rules and pretends to be happy about it. Every since her sister s...
  • ✨ Gramy ✨
    ..I enjoyed The Secret of the India Orchid by Nancy Campbell Allen so much that I decided to try another book by this author. And I am certainly glad that I did. This book is another great historical romance that entertains from page one all the way until the end, albeit with characters other than stuffy old societal types. I read these books out of order. Readers should begin with My Fair Gentleman first and then The Secret of the India Orchid....
  • Katie W
    I love a good Regency novel and when a twist on a classic favorite is added, I'm in heaven! Jack is a sailor who has no interest in becoming a part of the ton, but finds it more important to take care of his mother and sister, so he does just that. Lady Ivy's job is to teach him how to properly behave in society--which is not an easy task. Add a dash of mystery and some swoony moments and this story is the perfect recipe for a satisfying read. I ...
  • QNPoohBear
    Jack Elliot is soon to take command of his own ship when a messenger from his estranged grandfather, the Earl of Stansworth arrives with the news the old man is on his death bed and demands Jack's presence. Jack's first thought is to not go but he decides to go and thumb his nose in his grandfather's face. The old Earl names Jack as his heir and while Jack would love to refuse, the old Earl knows Jack's sister and mother are on the brink of ruin....
  • Julie
    Wow. There is a lot of love on goodreads for this book that sounded so fun (regency twist on My Fair Lady!!), but I struggled to finish it. I couldn't get past the whole premise. How anyone would send a young, unchaperoned girl who hadn't been presented at court to teach manners to a sailor-turned-earl and introduce him to society, when she wasn't out yet, but had apparently attended balls and danced with every other man in the book...??? The ten...
  • Kathy
    With a nod to My Fair Lady Nancy Allen has created a fun tale of a sailor transformed into a gentleman. This book was very well done with great characters. It's a quick read that left me smiling. Reread June 2018 - Enjoyed it as much as the first timeContent: CleanSource: Review copy
  • Anne Osterlund
    Jack Elliot is a sailor. He has too much pride to bemoan the inheritance he should have had. And he wants nothing to do with the man who disinherited his family. But upon his deathbed, the old Earl pronounces Jack his heir, and Jack has little choice—with his mother & sister’s livelihoods held hostage—but to accept.Enter Ivy Carlisle. Ivy’s job is to help ease the new Earl into society. It shouldn’t be a difficult calling. After all, Iv...
  • Julie Carpenter
    Fun regency romance and a great spin off of My Fair Lady. I enjoyed the characters a lot and the growth that they went through. I found myself smiling and cheering on the MCs throughout the book.Content: cleanMy own personal copy.Happy Reading!!!
  • Mela
    Nice reading, nice time.First part (it deserved four stars) was better than the second. I am not sure why it worsened.I liked Ivy and Jack. Their conversations were very charming and witty. I liked also Pug, Sophia, Blake and Nana of course.But then there were the plot lines (that occurred in the second part) which were interesting but not fully thought through, not used like it could have been used: a school for former prostitutes, attempts to k...
  • Lisa (Bookworm Lisa)
    **4.5 stars**This book is part of "A Proper Romance" line of books from Shadow Mountain Publishing. The writing and stories are excellent. This is a line of books that I will not pass on reading. I have loved all of them.This book is a take of "My Fair Lady". The difference is that the gender is reversed. Ivy Carlisle helps a sailor, who came into a recent inheritance, become a gentleman. It is pretty obvious from the start that Ivy and Jack will...
  • Melanie
    Jack Elliot is a seaman months away from captaining his own merchant vessel. His grandfather, the Earl of Stansworth, is on his deathbed and has requested to meet with Jack. When Jack's father married his mother, his grandfather disinherited him. Jack's family was left penniless with mounds of debt when his father passed away. His grandfather wants Jack to become his heir rather than have his nephew inherit everything. Jack isn't interested until...
  • Angie
    4.5 stars...I was lucky enough to spot this on the new shelf at the library last week, and I'm so glad! It is a regency romance (clean) written as a spin on My Fair Lady. I was drawn in almost as soon as I started reading and really liked the main characters of Jack (the Duke) and Lady Ivy. She attempts to school him out of his Sailor mind-set and into the ways of a Gentleman of the ton. In my opinion, this book is as much about friendship as it ...
  • Tandie
    3.5 stars. A fun, regency retelling of My Fair Lady. Miss Manners is roped into helping a sailor, suddenly become an earl, make a smooth transition into society. Our fair gentleman isn't happy about becoming a proper Earl, but submits for the sake of his family. His mother and sister have been elevated from poverty and he wants them accepted by polite society. Nana was my favorite character, I'd love to be just like her!
  • Yara
    My Fair Gentlemen is the first book in the Elliot family series by Nancy Campbell Allen. I had the please of reading book 2 (The Secret of The India Orchard) first and so already knew some of the characters that appear in this book. The story follows John “Jack” Elliot the grandson of the Earl of Stansworth. The Earl has disinherited his son for marrying outside his class and so Jack and his sister Sophia grow up in poverty with their mother,...
  • Tiffany
    What a clever book! I love my Fair Lady and I loved the concept of flipping it. It was well-written, engaging, the characters were fantastic. I'd recommend this book to anyone who loves a clean regency romance.
  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    I'm so, so happy to be a part of reading and reviewing the Proper Romance line from Shadow Mountain this year! There are some fantastic books coming and well, it just makes me happy. Nancy Campbell Allen starts this year off perfectly with her regency twist on My Fair Lady. In this story, the roles are reversed and Lady Ivy has embarked on a daring quest to help the new Earl of Stansworth adjust to his title and responsibilities. It is a daunting...
  • Mindy
    I absolutely adored this book. It was a joy from start to finish. I loved all of it. Nancy did an incredible job with writing her characters. All them stood out to me and I longed for each of them to be in the story more. I especially enjoyed how the story started and ended with the same character. (He was a very pleasant surprise.) It took me a chapter or two to appreciate Jack's character and how rough around the edges he was, but he was great ...
  • Melissa
    I love Nancy C Allen's writing and have read and loved all her books, I knew this one would be good and didn't even read it first before I went out and bought it! I never do that:} So I am a bit impartial, I loved it. She has never written a regency era book before but she has taken on pioneers, our day, civil war, time travel, Egypt and her next book is a fairy tale retelling! I love this author:} Ok so about this book. I loved the whole idea of...
  • Amy
    This book wasn't a knock out stunner of a book for me, however it was a enjoyable read - I have just read many more Regency era books that are written with a little more depth. I liked Jack's character, and Ivy also had a strong fun character. I found the chemistry was a little slow in development, and then the book seems to end quite quickly just as you are finally starting to get drawn in the good part of the story, finding out the person behin...
  • Jennifer
    I don't know why I keep doing this to myself. I browse the online library audiobooks and find one of these cheesy Proper Romance books and think, "This one might be good?....." No. They are mediocre at best, but if you need something to listen to while you do housework or run errands and it doesn't matter if you space out for a few chapters, then these are the books for you. Always far too contrived and extremely predictable, these books try to g...
  • Susan K
    Romance, clean.This was a clever retelling of My Fair Lady, set in an earlier period, and switching the person who needs a redo from female to male. The basic premise with the parents is switched, with the mother instead of the father, being one of the more important characters as well. Jack and Ivy's relationship grows and slowly develops as Jack realizes Ivy has a quick wit, and quick responses for what she sees as socially unfair and unkind be...
  • Marnie
    I will admit I was about halfway through the book before I realized it was a take on "My Fair Lady". (geesh). Entertaining enough, but there were a lot of liberties taken with the regency setting that just didn't ring true.
  • Christina
    I have been looking forward to reading this book for some time and it did not disappoint!!! What a great read- I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope there will be more in the future!!
  • Laura
    Great characters and an enjoyable story.
  • Melissa
    I am so happy I finally got the time to listen to My Fair Gentleman by Nancy Campbell Allen. I’ve had it on my To Read list for what seems like forever so I finally decided to try and listen to it on Audio. Audio is dicey for me because if I don’t like the narrator, it’s over. I liked this narrator and was able to just get lost in the story. Sweet bliss! I have recently found that I can do work around the house while listening to books. (Wh...
  • Alisa
    I loved this one! Jack Elliot is the first mate on a merchant ship dreaming of the day when he will own his own ship so he can take better care of his mother and sister. He receives word that his grandfather (who disinherited his father and ruined his family) has chosen him to be his heir. Jack doesn't want to inherit anything from the grandfather he hates, but his grandfather intends to ruin Jack's mother and sister if he doesn't accept.Ivy Carl...
  • Tori (Book Chick)
    I'll be honest. I accidentally ordered this book. I had it in my cart on Amazon so I could decide if I wanted it or not. Then when my daughter's birthday gift arrived in the mail, ,much to my surprise, so did this book. I'm SO glad I bought it accidentally!! Such a fun, sweet story. I loved the witty banter between Ivy and Jack. I loved how Ivy tried so hard to be proper, while Jack dared her to abandon what society expected. And I have a feeling...
  • Bonnie
    What a fun story. After the first chapter I was hooked. The characters are fun and easy to love. The storyline is fantastic as it's a twist on My Fair Lady. I admit I was skeptical at first but Nancy pulled it off. There were twisted I didn't see coming this time around. I couldn't put the book down. It's fun to watch the growth of Jack and Ivy. It's a wonderful, clean story that I would recommend to any and everyone with love for a good romance....
  • Janeal
    It was what I expected. I went into it wanting an easy, predictable read, and that's what I got. Nothing groundbreaking or original here.I gave it two stars instead of three (the rating I give books that meet my expectations) because:1) the ending was extremely anti-climactic. "Oh btw, this is who's been trying to kill you." "Lol k." I mean, we all knew who it was, but I'd like a little more than that.2) the run-on sentences! Dear god, the run on...
  • Kara
    I've only read 2 books from Nancy Allen, but I really love her. I especially love her use of dialogue. The interaction between the characters was the perfect mixture of sappy lovey-dovey and teasing quirkiness true to the character's personalities. I LOVE romance, especially when it's clean, but when things get too cheesy it takes away from it for me. This was a great balance and I loved the twist on the classic My Fair Lady story.