The Woods, Vol. 3 by James Tynion IV

The Woods, Vol. 3

The first year of the GLAAD nominated series concludes. The more the crew finds out about the woods, the deeper the mystery gets. With Clay and the Duke teaming up to try and force the school into servitude for the New London army, the kids need to think up a plan to save their peers, and fast. And with Adrian uncontrollable and on the loose, no one knows what his next move will be.

Details The Woods, Vol. 3

TitleThe Woods, Vol. 3
Release DateJan 19th, 2016
PublisherBOOM! Studios
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Horror

Reviews The Woods, Vol. 3

  • Chad
    I'm really digging this series. The beginning threw me a bit as they had just reached their kidnappers's city at the end of the last volume and now the kids are running around town like they have been there for a while. In this book, we get the history of New London, we finally get to see what the kids back at the school are up to, and things come to a head with Adrian. I have no idea where this series is headed, but I'm sure enjoying the ride th...
  • Shadowdenizen
    Though this new arc has taken a slightly different turn from the orginal premise of the series, I'm still digging it.This is one of the best (and gay-friendly) titles you're not reading.
  • ✩ Ashley ✩
    ✩ 3.5 Stars ✩ Blog ✧ Twitter ✧ Instagram
  • Jes Reads
    This is by far my favorite volume of the series so far. I loved this one. We're getting a lot more back story, which we all know is my very favorite. I think characters are so pivotal for a comic and I adore this group. So much more development for some of our gay characters (the rep in this is done flawlessly) and the story just keeps getting more and more interesting.
  • Skye Kilaen
    One word review: OUCH. Tynion just starts swinging at these characters (a.k.a my poor babies) and doesn’t let up. Calder isn’t mature enough to handle what’s (not) happening with him and Karen. Isaac’s heading down a dark road after his beloved Adrian’s departure and possible betrayal. Poor sweet Ben’s getting the nasty edge of Isaac’s resentment. With all the setup that had been done, it wasn’t a surprise that bad thing happened ...
  • Scott
    Third volume in the series and it seems like I always write the same review for these....great premise, good art and somewhere buried deep in the convoluted mess of a plot is a really really really good story, I just wish Tynion would find that story instead of what he gives us.So...I enjoyed it but this could be something great and it just comes off as something so mediocre. If this was a novel I'd say that he needs to fire his editor or find a ...
  • Vanessa ♛Queen Alchemy ϟ Novel Nerd Faction♛
    The third volume has a different feel from the first two volumes. Not a bad thing though. This volume does not start off exactly where the second left off. A bit of time went by between volume two and volume three, and I admit to being a little confused at first. There are new characters to get to know, and the plot thickens. The illustrations were a joy to look at. I just love the coloring in this. I'm really anxious about this new world. I want...
  • diegomarcapaginas
    Esto se está volviendo frenético. Acción y locura por todas partes. Tensión sexual no resuelta y mucha imaginación que me han mantenido pegado a sus páginas. Necesito saber como continua esta fantástica historia.
  • Cade Roach
    Getting kind of weird. Still a cool concept, and the art remains to be amazing, but this story wasn't as good as the first volume.
  • ashley (saidthestory)
    I am really really liking this series!
  • Laura Wattie
    Probably one of the most underated comic books series out there. But goddamit that ending was both heart-shattering and terrifying!!
  • Ryan Provstgaard
    World building on a mysterious world leaves one wanting so much more!The pacing in this series is really well done. Giving just enough balance between everyones story. I really like how it is beginning to dive into the world as we know it all while revealing more and more to be left wanting. The mystery in this is still there but so far it hasn't been annoying and the sole purpose of my desire to read this. Its been heavily focused on its charact...
  • Shelly
    Good volume, though I was a little lost at the beginning. I guess it's been too long since I've read the 2nd volume.
  • Annette Jordan
    EpicThe excellence continues in this third volume where we learn more about New London, the town created by earlier arrivals to the mysterious planet.
  • Katrina (trinareadsbooks)
    Awesome series so far that I just can't stop binge reading!
  • Sub_zero
    No ha sido este mi volumen favorito de The Woods, pero sin duda sigue conservando y, lo que es más importante, afianzando la personalidad de su premisa. Nuevos personajes, impactantes descubrimientos e interesantes posibilidades narrativas se suman al ya conocido ejército de criaturas que pueblan los bosques de este planeta y con las que nuestros protagonistas están aprendiendo a lidiar. Puede que no alcance los vertiginosos y frenéticos nive...
  • Sarah
    This all feels like the syfy version of Lord of the Flies on steroids but better cause there a women.
  • Bookishrealm
    This comic series is crazy!! If you haven't read it yet definitely check it out.
  • Fiebre Lectora
  • Sarah
    The more I read of this series, the more I fall in love with the character twists and depth. What started as a simple monster story has morphed into so much more.
  • Renee
  • Akke
    v nice
  • tony dillard jr
    In the first volume, a handful of students from Bay Point Prep decided to explore their new surroundings in hopes of finding a way of returning back to earth. Now those students find themselves guests of earlier inhabitants. Residing in a township called New London, some of these citizens can trace their lineage back hundreds of years. With over 400 young people newly arrived on this mysterious planet, the ruler of New London, The Duke, sees new ...
  • Jeff Raymond
    This review covers the first five volumes of the series What happens when a school in the Midwest is zapped onto another planet entirely? That’s the conceit behind The Woods which, over five volumes so far, gives a pretty solid take on the genre of a bunch of lost students having to make their way on an unfamiliar planet. We get a lot of how the individual personalities and social hierarchy impact the survival instincts of the teens on a new pl...
  • Diego López Ocón
    I'm surprised at how this series keeps giving more and more, and doesn't actually get stuck at some point. This just goes straight foward without looking back and I really like that, so far I haven't felt that the author is just filling volumes. Year one is over... So far I can tell you that this has been a pretty interesting series, and up to this point James Tynion IV has finally ended the setting up and from now I just want to know where all...
  • Frank
    More background on the alien world is revealed as we learn one group per century has been transported from Earth to the planet. This adds depth to the story. However, they keep talking about the secret power of the planet without ever revealing what it is. Even when characters ask they don't get a straight story. Classic plot avoidance, which when it becomes noticeable, is not a good thing. Countless sitcoms were built on this premise, the misund...
  • Angie
    So in the third volume of The Woods we are introduced to New London and the home of the hunters from the last volume. New London was populated by the group brought to this world 200 years ago. It seems the powers that be bring a group every hundred years to test them. The same things seem to happen. Someone becomes obsessed/possessed by the green light and the black city and everyone else bands together against them. 200 years ago it was Lydia th...
  • Scott Lee
    This volume really expands the universe we're dealing with. We begin to get a bit of perspective on the black stones, and find out a lot, about the humans the students encountered at the end of volume two. The students seem most likely to end up engaged with/allied with this group, but Tynion thankfully complicates things to keep the students primarily on their own side as we continue to learn what's happening here. I'm thoroughly enjoying all th...
  • Elizabeth (Miss Eliza)
    Interesting that the backstory in this collection was all about the settlers that were brought to this planet and forged a life for themseleves. I'll be interested to see what happens going forward with Adrian being dead as well as the Duke, there's an emotional catalyst combined with a power vacuum that could prove very dangerous.
  • Crystal Starr Light
    Bullet Review:This was okay - but hot dayum, this is yet another piece of evidence that I can't just read volumes years apart and hope to remember what the f@#$ was going on.This series is starting to get seriously WEIRD. And there just aren't that many answers to these questions - why did they get transported and how do they get back?And this teenaged drama - seriously, I'm over it.